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Date: 2014-01-07
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What would you say to an English Real Ale drinker who has been told all their life that beer from the US is of a lower quality than British and German beer? I'd tell them they are wrong. Seriously, the US scene has gone full blown experimental and produced some amazing products. European countries are really culturally stuck in their traditional beers. Go to Germany, good luck finding a Double IPA, go to Belgium, find something that's not fruity (from the yeast, not actual fruit)... not gonna happen. I love Belgians and hefeweizens and real ale, but the U.S. is expanding the beer scene and doing an amazing job at it.
As a German, what is a 'Double IPA'? (never heard of the shortcut) It's an extremely hoppy beer with very high alcohol, think 8% abv up to 10 or 11%
As someone from Belgium I must disagree, there are plenty of non 'fruity' beers you just got to know them. I feel like any beer that uses a belgian yeast strain has some sort of fruity property. I've been to Belgium beer hunting a few times. I'd love to learn some examples of non fruity beers though if you can give me some.
Are you as offended as I am that Redd's Apple Ale is allowed to call themselves an Ale? Yes, possibly more.
Which is more offensive to you, the Apple Ale or Strawberry Ale? I'm a sucker for Abita Strawberry Lager. No apple beer has ever impressed me.
I would have echoed this until my brewery ended up with 140 gallons of cider a couple months ago and the brewer incorporated some into a berlinerweiss. Shit was mad tasty. Now that sounds awesome.
Do you pass judgement on the man who orders a Bud Light? Nope, as long as he doesn't pass judgement on me for ordering a coffee stout.
Also, your top 5 favourite US breweries? Every beer I've had from Brewdog I've really enjoyed. I like their style.
Ballast Point.
Lost Abbey.
Southern Tier.
Wicked Weed.
No Cisco. Disappointing. I was hoping you'd rep the NE. ;) Edit: founders breakfast stout and backyard bastard are as good as sex. As good as sex with a last call hog, but I won't claim any beer is as good as sex with the right woman!
Woo, Founders is awesome! Do you have a favorite from them? If you ever find yourself in Michigan, we have an amazing craft beer scene. I had the chance to drink their canadian breakfast stout... blew my mind.
Are you being snarky, or is Blue Moon not "real beer"? Serious question. A bit snarky, but its full of flavoring agents and such instead of like real craft beer: grain, hops, yeast and possibly some spices but they are real spices.
Do you prefer ales or lagers? Both, lagers in summer, ales in spring/wintefall.
What do you think about all the drama going on with BeerAdvocate? (people getting banned for using other websites, how they're the go-to for giving beer ratings that are being used in menus and in stores, how the bros have been acting a bit childish as of later, etc.) I don't go to beeradvocate, sounds like homebrewtalk drama though which I despise so started my own site years ago they charge too much for mediocre beer.
Doctor, help! I was on my way to a big meeting and my pants split because I've been drinking too much beer and outgrew them. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!?? Lmfao, go fuck yourself is what you should BL.
What's your opinion on Irish stouts? Is there anywhere else creating similar types of drink? My most popular homebrewing recipe online is my irish stout recipe. I LOVE the style when the weather is 70 or below. Sadly, since moving to Florida and being stuck here for now I don't get the proper irish stout weather anymore very often.
There are plenty of American breweries producing irish stouts. I'm not a huge fan of Magic Hat but their seasonal stout is very similar to an irish stout.
One thing people don't realize. Guinness is one of the lowest calorie, dryest and least alcohol beers on the market. It's bone dry but since they carb with beer gas (nitrogen/co2 mixture) it has a thick mouthfeel that tricks you. It's a very light beer technically.
I actually knew that about Guinness. No one here in Ireland believes me when I tell them that :) I'll look up that homebrew recipe, thanks for doing the ama! God I love Ireland, need to get back asap. Best live music experience of my life was in a dank little pub in Dingle.
As someone who knows nothing about beer can you explain some of the different types of beers and what makes them different? Beer is basically malted barley, hops, water and yeast. The yeast eats the malted barley sugars and breaks it down into CO2 and alcohol.
Malted barley can be kilned to caramelize the sugars and depending how long and temperatures and moisture in the barley and many factors the kilning process can produce hundreds of different varieties of malted barley. Some will produce chocolate flavors, some caramel, some toffee, some like raisins, some like honey and on and on. You can also do this to wheat, rye, oats and so on. This provides the brewer with almost limitless potential for flavor. Add in the hundred+ types of hops that have a ridiculous variety of flavors and then all the strains of yeast that produce different flavors at different temperatures, the potential beer you can make is ridiculously varietal.
So you have dark stouts that are chocolaty and roasty, you have dry IPAs that are crisp, refreshing and intensly bitter with resiny, citrusy and/or piney tons. You have brown ales that are simple and inviting with hints of toast or muffins. There is so much out there I really can't list them all.
Isn't there a large contribution from the yeast itself to the flavor profile? If I make the same recipe with drastically different yeast types, say a Belgian yeast and an English Ale yeast, wouldn't the beers come out very differently? Way different. English yeast and american east are usually very subtle if adding anything to the flavor profile. Belgian yeast defines the beer. Also temperature of fermentation effects what flavors the yeast impart big time. Hefeweizen yeast at cooler temps... all clove, warmer temps... all banana.
What differs an IPA from just a pale ale, both in taste and brewing process? More hops.
It's going to be more bitter and often times it has more hop profile overall, so more citrus/floral/pine in the nose and flavor. Also, it will have a bit more alcohol in it.
Wait which one has more hops, the IPA or pale ale? IPA.
Do you agree that Monkeynaut is both the best named beer as well as the best can ever??? The label: Link to i.imgur.com. That's an alabama brewery right?
Yes. Hunstville. Also opinions on Avondale? Their sour brown, stout, tripel are all good imo. I grew up in Auburn, I thought I remembered seeing that beer when I was there.
I just want a cheap good bear. What are my options? Yuengling is fine, in a can. Green bottles let light through.
I'm a fan of New Belgium shift lagers in a can too. I think you can find it for $12/half case. I get a discount at my bar so not sure of price. I'm a BIG supporter of the new craft beer in a can thing.
Ok - has no one asked yet? What is your opinion on heady topper by the alchemist. Possibly best IPA on the market right now, sad I can't get it in Florida.
Is the first step into becoming a great brewmaster growing a huge beard? Do you have a large beard? I had a massive beard until a week ago. My girlfriend pitched a hissy fit when she walked in on my trimming it down.
Check out that sucker! Was in November: image
So its safe to assume beard = good beer. Assume away!
What are your favorite beers from Michigan (shoutout to /michiganbeer) that are NOT IPA's? Founders breakfast stout.
What do you think is the best beer by country? I'm specifically interested in those out of Belgium, The Netherlands, The USA, The UK and Germany. Belgium: Trappist brews, specifically Westmalle Triple, Rochefort 10, Westvleteren 12 and a big fan of Achouffe Brewery.
Netherlands: Koningshoeven/La Trappe.
Germany: Schlenkerla smoked beers.
UK: Samual Smith Oatmeal Stout mmm.
US: Ballast Point Sculpin IPA.
Sculpin is the best IPA in rotation today, maybe second only to Pliny! San Diegan checking in, good to see that it is getting around. Can't wait til we get cans of it.
Thanks a lot! Time to drink some beer. Also what do you think about La Trappe Quadrupel and beer's with >10% alcohol in general. If done right, I love big, high ABV beers but often times they have too much alcohol heat/taste and it ruins the beer. La Trappe Quad is a work of art.
See I've always thought this was funny. Westy 12 is labeled "the best beer in the world" but no love for St B's abt 12 which is the same recipe and they brewed it for the Westverleteren abbey for years. Exactly.
Are you an actual doctor? A beer doctor, perhaps? The username is a reference to the movie "What About Bob?"
DR. MARVIN, I'M SAILING! Just let the boat do the work.
Do you have an irrational disgust for anything Anheuser-Busch before it even touches your lips like every other craft beer aficionado? No, I'm not a fan of any of their products but if they put out something new that's supposed to be crafty I'll go in with an open mind. Nothing has impressed me, that said, when they released the Budweiser American Ale it was not bad and had a noticible hop presence. Their main line of beers use tons of rice and/or corn in place of barley to make it lighter and flavorless, so if it's a new thing like bud platinum I won't even try it.
Why did you elect to teach instead of working as a contractor to revamp various barestaurants selections? I would imagine the money, and hours, would be better... I don't do it for the money, the money is shit but I do get a great discount since I'm technically an employee. I'm an internet developer and own my own marketing business as a full time job.
In your explorations of beer, what snacks or light foods tend to go with what beers? I accidentally found out that I like salted cucumber slices with Spaten Optimator. The flavor combination is particularly nice. Big fan of cheese & beer pairings. A big IPA with a dank blue cheese is so so good. I like stouts with almonds/cashews and dark dried fruits (raisins, figs).
Up here (Boston) we have beer summits quarterly where you can go, sample shit and mingle with prospective distributors, breweries. Do you have/attend anything like that down in Sarasota? Personally, I love it. I used to all the time, not so much anymore. I love them too! The challenge was figuring out the travel situation as I do not drive after a couple beers.
I love beer myself, but mostly IPA's. I do the occasional stout or bock, but mainly stay the hoppy route. So my main question is, what would your favorite commercially available IPA be, and what would be the worst for you? (think larger chain grocers, etc.) I love the blend of belgian and IPA, check out Houblon Chouffe and Stone's Cali-Belgique.
Worst: Saranac IPA comes to mind.
I know you've had a lot of Cigar City being close to the Brewery, what is your favorite? White Oak Jai Alai is definitely my staple favorite. I do love the Tocobaga out of a can a LOT. All their beers are amazing, never been let down.
I'm a huge fan of Dunkelweizens but have so much trouble finding them! Heffes are a bit too light for my tastes. Are there any Dunkels you'd recommend I try to hunt down? The easiest to find is probably Franziskaner Dunkel. Most big beer stores will carry it and its fantastic.
What sort of things do you teach at beer school? As in, why would I need to take your class? We do pairings.
We do style's classes, pick a style and sample different options that range to different extremes of that style, learn about the nuances that make it what it is and so on.
We have beer nerd show & tell where people bring in something unique and we all sample it while they talk about it, if they don't know anything about it I do my best to help break down what we are tasting and what the style is.
We do private beer schools where a group of 6 can reserve a two hour class where I make up a menu, usually with a theme of some sort and teach them about what we are drinking and why the theme works. Last one I did pairs. Stout & a porter together what makes the styles different. IPA and a Belgian IPA, see what the yeast does to the style by comparing and so on.
Recommend me a craft that I might like please. I hate the hoppy beers, bitter after taste and hate almost anything dark. I have tried close to 10 craft beers (which isnt much) and have given up. I am no beer expert but I think 312 was the only one I somewhat enjoyed. I am a yuengling drinker. Also why do all the hipster craft drinking kids think they are the shit for drinking only crafts? Do you find it ok to drink Busch light or Natty when you are drinking for quantity not quality? Example, if you are playing 20 games of Beer pong and Flip cup are you still drinking crafts? Try a nice amber ale or brown ale. Where do you live? If in Florida, I bet you'd like the Cigar City Madura. Yes, its brown and kind of dark, but it doesn't taste that way. Hipsters are hipsters weather its craft beer, pbr, vinyl or whatever. They take something that's really cool and act like they are the shit for being into it.
I've been big on the cask aged beers lately, despite their high prices. Founders, Bourbon County by Goose Island come to mind as current favorites. Any others you can think of that are worth giving a go? Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is so damn good and they have a few bourbon barrel brews in their line up.
What's the best beer to pair with Mouth Rape Jerky? Link to www.youtube.com A das boot of habenero IPA.
Suggestion for a good Trappist ale that's not chimay or duvel? Rochefort 10 is pretty gettable in the states and super good. St bernardus 12 is not a Trappist but it split off from the most amazing brewery in the world that is Trappist, st sixtus.
As someone who is a huge craft beer nerd and would like to start homebrewing, do you have a recommendation on a kit to purchase? Just for the record, from Chicago and love that Lagunitas is opening up here soon. Little Sumpin Sumpin changed how I look at beer! Link to www.hopsshack.com
Have you tried any Vermont beers? I moved here from CA and I was gobsmacked by the diversity and quality of the beers. Beers like the Hill Farmstead selections, Heady Topper, and Switchback. I think many aren't well known simply because the breweries keep the beer mostly in Vermont. Heady topper could be the best IPA ont eh market right now.
My question to you is what are some other beers that are very simple, but very well made?
It's seems in my region that an IPA is the signature beer of the brewery. If I were to open a brewery would you suggest a different style of beer or try to one up the others? Any up and coming breweries I should watch for in the NW region? IPA is the American staple craft beer right now. If you open a brewery, you must have an IPA. That said, some breweries are getting away with having a big stout as their staple, but only in colder climates. Novelty beers can be a good staple as well such as a barrel aged this or that with coco and chilis addedd and so on.
Do you have any qualifications like BJCP, Cicerone, Siebel etc, and what do you think of those programs? Nope. I think they are cool but ask try submitting a beer to a homebrew comp. Every single BJCP judge will give you feedback that is different from the others. It's such a trivial thing I never submit to comps anymore.
My favorite is Flying Dog's Imperial Porter. What else should I try? If you can get your hands on a baltic porter do it, they are big porters that are lagered, very interesting style. Baltic Thunder by Victory Brewing Company should be accessible.
I recently enjoyed a Goose Island Bourbon County Stout on tap. Delicious, spectacular aroma, but at an in-your-face14.2% ABV, I was only able to tolerate small sips, and in the end, I was unable to finish it. No worries though, I donated it to the drunks at the next table, who gleefully chugged it! My wife was amazed to see me "defeated" by a beer. What are your thoughts about this amazing stout? I love it but can only drink a snifters worth if I'm trying to be a human the following day.
What do you see the next evolution in beer being? It's happening right now, everyone is switching to cans for craft beer. It's amazing and I love it.
Used to live by Blue Point Brewing on Long Island, any thoughts on Blue Point? Really like their toasted lager and hoptical illusion. Both of those beers are regulars in my drinking line up.
I'm a complete beer noob/casual drinker but was looking for advice from someone who knows what's up because I want to get into beers. I mainly drink hefeweizens (Weihenstephaner, Franziskaner), though I do like some other beers like the not-so-respected Blue Moon types. There's much more to try out there though. Try some belgian ales, they are a step up in complexity from hefeweizens but similar.
Forgive me if I'm using the wrong terms, but I've REALLY tried to get into this IPA craze but the taste when it hits my tongue is just...unpleasant. I've probably tried like 40 different IPAs at beer festivals. Is it hops that I don't like? You won't like any IPAs if you don't enjoy the bitterness. My ex-wife said they all tasted like soap.
Deer professor... What do you think about homebrew wine??? I make applehooch all the time!
Homebrew question for you then, I just started my first batch (a bock) a couple weeks ago and then had to leave unexpectedly, I'm bottling it wednesday but was never able to move it from the primary fermenter to the Carboy. At this point it's sat in the primary fermenter longer than I'd have had it split between the two (little over 2 weeks), what are the odds the batch is salvageable? I never use a secondary, its really not necessary unless you are going for a super clear beer. I know about 10 homebrewers are going to read this and curse me for saying that. Come over to my forum and we can give you the full rundown Link to www.homebrewchatter.com
Favorite beer from the New England area? Kegging.
Do you prefer bottling or kegging? Better bottle.
Glass carboy or plastic better bottle? Heady Topper from Vermont.
Ever have any funny stories of homebrews getting infected or failing? I've had multiple spots on my ceilings from beers fermenting and blowing off the airlock and shooting foam up.
How many times have you brewed the Vanilla caramel cream Ale and which is your favorite variation? 23 times and I prefer the mixture of 5 different aged variations I had blended together and sucked up through my butthole.
I personally prefer to add a sprinkle of cheese to each of my batches. I also ferment each batch in a dirty pothole, its as close as possible to the founders true recipe. I agree completely.
I bought a kit to homebrew from www.Brewcrate.com. Do you know anything about them? It should be arriving in the next few days and my boyfriend and I are going to try our hand at home brewing. Have an specific tips when using a kit? Never used that site. you will want to join a homebrewing community to get answers to your questions cause there will be a lot. I own Link to www.homebrewchatter.com
Opinion on lambics? Personally I can't stomach them. They are definitely an acquired taste in my experience... Love them, best way to ease into them is to start with Lindemann's Framboise. It's backsweetened and has almost none of the tart/sour that a true Lambic has. Next go to Boon, then if you can get into that dive into some of the crazy sours and lambics out there.
Could you offer any advice on someone young who is interested in getting into the craft beer scene as a career? Start bartending at a beer pub. You need experience. I was offered a job with a craft distributor just because they got to know me well at the pub I worked at.
How do you feel about shipyard's pumpkinhead or smashed pumpkin? My favorite Halloween seasonal being the later... Pumpkinhead is good, smashed pumpkin is fucking awesome, smashed blueberry is over the top good.
What, in your professional opinion, are the top 5 beer towns in America? What do you think makes these towns great beer towns? Oregon.
San Diego.
The type of people that live there and the culture that's been there since before craft beer.
Is that true drinking beer from plastic cup is unhleathy (alcohol doesn't affect to plastic)? I doubt it, but I've never done any research on the topic. That said, beer is best drunk from glass or I even like craft beer right out of the can.
What regions in the US do you think are producing great craft beer right now? Any areas that you think have promise? PNW and Cali, although new england is catching up and thanks to Cigar City there is huge growth in Florida right now.
What's your opinion on Spotted Cow and the rest of the New Glarus beers? Link to www.newglarusbrewing.com. Dig em all.
What is your favorite imperial ipa? I tried hopsickle the other day and was quite impressed. Thoughts? Sixpoint Resin comes to mind.
This is a really awesome AMA, thanks for doing this! I'm a college student and as such mostly drink cheaper beer from the big name breweries to save money but I do enjoy craft beer when I decide to spend a little more. Thing is, I don't know anything about the differences between ales, lagers, stouts, etc. Do you know of a good place for me to start to learn more about the basics of the different types of beers in an easy to understand format? Link to www.bjcp.org
Beer drinker on a budget, what's your low cost preference? Shift lager in a can from new belgium.
This may come down to individual taste bud differences, but a craft-beer loving buddy and myself share this annoyance, and I thought I'd ask! We encounter, in some craft beers, what we have come to describe as a "buttery" flavor that is unpleasant. It's a bit chemically, to me. That may not be enough to nail it down, but it's the best I can offer! Can you think of anything that could cause that? Buttery comes from the chemical diacetyl. It's a natural chemical found in barley but is usually boiled off during the brewing process. Some beers are supposed to have a touch of it as part of the style, specifically certain craft lagers. Some say it tastes like creamed corn.
Hey, I'm a huge fan of the Belgian strong ales and have gone well out of my way to try some of the ones that are harder to get. I loved the Westvleteren XII, and IMO it was worth what I had to pay to get it. Not discounting any of the other great beers (Scaldis Prestige De Nuits was absolutely worth the price to me as well), do you think the Westy XII lives up to it's hype? Depends on the year, but yes. The collectors edition ones that came out weren't that amazing but they may be after age, 3 years is its best time to try.
2007 west 12 drunk in 2011 was the absolute best beer I've ever had in my life.
My favorite beers are hoppy in flavor (without too much mouth pucker) but fairly lite in body. These beers are plentiful on the west coast. What east coast beer would you recommend that fits this flavor profile? That's tough since East Coast style IPAs are about having some body under the hops. I prefer west coast style as well. Southern Tier's IPA lines out of NY are pretty close to WC style though.
How much did you have to publish to earn tenure? I did used to right beer articles for the bar when I first started hanging out there that were published in our local newspaper.
Darklord...worth the hype that the brewery builds around it? Not worth the hype, that said, three floyds beers are all fantastic. Huge fan of gumballhead.
I'm in Tampa. Can you please pull some strings and get anything Tröegs shipped down here? Goddamn I wish, the old owner of my pub used to get some shipped down here on occasion.
My 21st is coming up this year and I want my first beer to be an Irish one. Any suggestions? Guinness.
Had some guys at my bar drinking all sorts of crazy rare shit and one of them declared, "I'm so over Cantillon" I dunno.. beer hipsters? Unfortunately every subculture has shit like this. Over cnatillion? lmao, retards.
Doing so would make us hypocrites. We've all been there... There is a beer nerd scene right now that makes me sick to my stomach. Pompous, dicks passing judgement on everyone, looking down their nose at people that don't understand the difference in an ale and a lager. They bring a bad vibe to lots of craft beer pubs.
I love how the person with the most right to be a "beer snob" speaks out against this. They're just so damn irritating!
The wine market would be much healthier without such people. It'll be a shame if the beer market ends up in the same boat. Agreed.
What is a popular craft beer that you just can't stand. This won't be a popular replly. Dogfish head anything. I like their 60 minute, that's about it. A couple others are palettable but their beers are over the top and way too boozy. I think people who are really into them, like praise everything they put out, are more into it for the novelty more than anything. The 120 minute is just hard to drink.
That said, I highly respect Sam Caliogne (spelling?). He's a good dude and is willing to try some crazy stuff for the art of beer.
Edit: I do really like their Theobrama (chili/chocolate beer)
You're just not off-centered enough to enjoy it. ;-) Seriously, though, I tend to agree with you about DFH, except for their Indian Brown Ale. Man, that's stuff's good. IBA is a solid beer, good call.
90min is my utility ipa. 60 is too hoppy, 120 has the consistency of cough syrup. 90 is a solid middle ground... 90 is solid, but its a bigtime east coast style IPA and I'm a west coast IPA fan myself. I like the dryness in west coast style that really pushes the hoppyness and bitterness to an extreme.
I'd like to point out, as someone who has sampled quite a few of his beers, the Professor is a very talented homebrewer and deeply knowledgeable on that subject also. Well thank you sir! I believe I need to pick up a growler from you still :)
Give me your best recipe for homebrewers. This my most popular: Link to www.homebrewchatter.com
Difference in alcohol content Presence of roasted malt Partigyle (big beer as stout, small beer as porter) Stout uses unmalted roasted barely, is usually simple in flavor profile and pushes the roasted almost burnt flavors to the front. Porter has more wiggle room and has lest burnt/roast and more toast/toffee/chocolate. Traditionally does not use roasted unmalted barley.
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