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Passed Macroeconomics with a 70 with less than a week of studying!

I have never taken an economics course in my entire life so I hope this is an encouraging story for anyone who needs to pass this particular CLEP and is nervous about how difficult it might be and doesn't know how to prepare for it.
I used Modern States to get the free CLEP voucher but I didn't learn any macroeconomics through their Macro course. Past their first unit I realized there were sooo many looong and boring videos and I felt like I would never get through this course! So I made it a point to just get the voucher.. I skipped their videos, went straight to the exercise questions, and found the answers for those questions using google searches and quizlet(mostly quizlet). I finished their course in a day doing this and got the voucher a few days later.
I wanted to get this test over with before my school's add-drop registration period ended so I only gave myself 5-6 days studying starting on Saturday and going until Thursday(the day of my test). The secret to my success was all thanks to Jacob Clifford's Ultimate Review Packet! I covered at least 1 unit a day, and spent a little bit more time wrapping my head around Unit 3 because those short-run and long-run curves with aggregate supply and demand are confusing man. I'm still very confused by what happened in that unit tbh. I filled out the study guides, answered the practice videos(watched in 1.25x speed), watched the summary videos(watched in 2x speed), and answered the practice sheets. If I messed up a question in the practice questions sections of any unit, I made it a point to write down the explanation to the right answer every time in order to ingrain the concept in my head.
By Thursday, I just finished Unit 6 and just had enough time to take the two practice exams. I got 42/60 on the first practice exam and got a 40/60 on the second exam. I also found 12 free sample macro clep questions online and got an 8/12. These scores seemed low to me but I figured since the course was geared toward the supposedly harder AP exam and I only needed a 50/80, then I'd probably be fine. Worst case scenario I'd take a boring class this semester.
if you get bored taking the practice exams btw and just want to know if you got an answer wrong after you answer it, it's totally okay to do that. When I took the 2nd exam, I took it 5 questions at a time and then checked where I went wrong. I felt like I learned better that way.
While I was taking the exam at a testing center, I felt like I was not gonna pass. Though there were some easy definition questions, and I felt confident with appreciation/depreciation, comparative advantage, multipliers, expansionary/contractionary fiscal policies, and monetary policy, I felt like I was blowing it on the questions that asked me how a long run or short run aggregate demand and supply curve would shift. I had 6 minutes left over to review my answers but I didn't change anything. I was betting for a score in the solid 50s so I was shocked when I saw that I got a 70! I guess my educated guessing wasn't so far off and I understood more than I gave myself credit for?
So my two cents is that as long as you get through Jacob Clifford's Ultimate Review Packet, you're most likely going to get above a 50 on the macro exam even if you cram it in and have no prior economics experience! The review packet does cost about $17 but it is well worth it to save time and money you would otherwise lose out on in a 3 credit college course. I also encourage use of your testing center's scrap paper to get your macro reasoning out on paper for some of the questions. Good luck!
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Paytm Fires Back at Google for Removing its App From the Play Store

In a surprise move, Google removed popular payments app Paytm from the Play Store on Friday. While the app got reinstated on the same day, Paytm published a blog post this weekend explaining its version of the whole app takedown situation.
In its blog post, Paytm says the company was forced to comply with Google’s order to remove UPI cashback offer and scratch cards to be back on the Play Store. The company went on to say that all Indian internet companies will be familiar with such situations due to ‘similar arm-twisting’ and ‘fear of Google’s dominance’.
According to Paytm, the incident started on September 11 when it launched a campaign dubbed ‘Paytm Cricket League’. Paytm Cricket League lets users collect stickers and scratch cards for earning UPI cashback. The company alleges that Google de-listed Paytm without even offering the company a chance to respond.
Paytm claims to have received an email on September 18 at 11:30 AM informing the takedown. “Your app contains content that doesn’t comply with the Gambling policy as it offers games with “loyalty” (e.g. engagement or activity) points that (1) are accrued or accelerated via real-money purchases which (2) can be exchanged for items or prizes of real-world monetary value,” reads the email.
Paytm believes its UPI cashback & scratch cards campaign doesn’t violate Google’s guidelines. The company mentions that driving traffic or promoting fantasy sports is not gambling. Moreover, the firm points out that Google runs similar campaigns such as ‘Tez Shots’ on Google Pay.
Google has responded to this blog post saying cashback and vouchers don’t result in a ban. “Offering cashbacks and vouchers alone do not constitute a violation of our Google Play gambling policies. Last week we reiterated our Play Store gambling policies. Our policies don’t allow online casinos or support any unregulated gambling apps that facilitate sports betting, including daily fantasy sports in India,” said a Google spokesperson.
Paytm blog
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The timeshare presentations in Nevada are getting out of control

“...and walk away with a trip to beautiful Las Vegas Nevada! Enjoy a complimentary 5 day 4 night stay at any MGM casino resort all on us! No nonsense, no gimmicks. Just a bit of your precious time! Call today!”
Yes. A vacation extravaganza all on the arm. Courtesy of the Hibou Timeshare Corporation. All it cost was your time and cooperation for a timeshare presentation. Simple enough yes? I wish I would have realized how much better a couple of overtimes would have served me, than taking myself to that horrid building.
I was living in Phoenix AZ with my parents. Still half way bullshitting my final semester at college. I’ve got to be honest, I was checked out. It was summer..I was going to graduate and I had these final two classes in the bag. I could have failed my finals and still walked out with a C. Yes but that kind of luxury came at a price. My social life was the casualty in all of this. While I did have a tight knit of pals, my attendance to social gatherings were...well..less than punctual. I was usually doing work for one of my advanced classes. If not that, then I was pulling a shift at either of my jobs. could say I gave up the glamour of late night pizzas, puking in my friends car and hooking up with a random ASU frat sluts for a heavier wallet...except I was paying everything out of my own pocket. My gas, insurance, cell, college. I wasn't exactly hiding cash in the walls. My parents worked hard but..never did make a living to give me and my siblings an extravagant lifestyle. We were grateful though.
So when I heard that AD of how I could get a long needed vacation to party central Las Vegas, all for watching some BS timeshare I knew I wasn’t going to buy into, you bet your ass off I made that call. The phone only rang once before I got an answer,
“Thank you for calling the Hibou Timeshare Corporation, how can we help you?” a voice rang through the phone. The voice sounded shrill and sickly.
“Hi, I'm calling about the vacation in Vegas? Says that you need people for a presen..”
“Yeessss.” the voice interrupted “The timeshare presentation, well...we would be so honored to have you”
“Uhh..yeah...anyway I’d like to sign up? Is there a form online or do you take the information here?” I feeling a bit tense.
“Well I'll tell you what...pack your things for the vacation. When we are finished presenting..we can send you on our way to Vegas. We just need..a bit of your time.”
That was that. He gave me the address, date and time of the meeting. The area was in a place called Amargosa Valley in Nevada. Luckily it was just about an hour away from Vegas. Before we parted ways on the phone, the operator said something...he said something that should have been a MAJOR red flag.
“Okay then, you’re all set...we will see you July 28th at 4:30pm. Not a moment later” he laughed
“ more thing, if you have some more specimens like yourself that might be interested in the free vacation...bring them along. They’ll all receive the same prize and you will receive $100 cash for every person you bring. We look forward to presenting you, Austin. Good day.”
I never gave him my name.
Still, my young dumb brain didn’t hear anything past $100 dollars. So I rounded up a few of my best pals and we were set to meet the reps over at the timeshare. The days leading up to the trip I couldn't get a hold of myself. It was so exciting. My first real vacation in...i couldn't remember how long. I longed for this type of adventure with my friends. We packed a truck full and set off to Amargosa Valley.
I brought Luke, Larry and Adam. We’d been friends since the 3rd grade. We all moved to AZ from different parts of the country that summer, so being new kids we naturally ganged up together. Luke was from Texas..we called him Tex. Real big guy. Loved to work out but definitely was a bit of a boozebag. Larry was from Ohio. Quiet in public but probably the loudest of us all. Always had some political conspiracy to talk about. Then Adam..Adam was interesting. He was from Florida...or Georgia...or Nebraska. Adam never could keep it straight about where he was from. He always had some sort of story and backtrack about where he’d come from. I personally thought he was probably from another part of AZ and just wanted to fit we humor him and let him be the nomad of our group. I myself was originally from California...things got pricey so we made the move to blistering AZ.
That was my crew. No matter how long it had been, we were always as tight as ever. The ride was filled with laughing and gags. Stops at fast food joints and all around bullshitting. Yes it was an amazing time just driving there, we couldn't wait to get on with the meeting and head down to Boozeville USA. As we approached our destination...something felt off. Amargosa Valley had been a bit of a ghost town the whole drive. A gas station here. A small outlet there...but otherwise unpopulated. When we hit our destination we were met by a Chrome building. Smack center in the middle of the highway. As we parked at the only stall..we all took a look at each other.
“Well this is...odd.” Luke said plainly.
“Yeah man...are we really going there?” Adam shook out. Barely containing his fear.
“Look guys, I know it looks weird. This place is really clean and bright in the middle of a dusty desert but c’mon. It's like hour of our time? Within 2 hours we’ll be on our way to the dopest guys trip ever.” I said...selfishly.
The guys all agreed. We got out, locked the car up and walked in through the sliding glass doors. The cool air hit us like a wave. Each of us breathing in the refreshingly cold air. The inside of this lobby..was also immaculate. Chrome everywhere. Right down to the sofas and chairs. A woman came from around the front desk.
“You must be here to be presented. I see you brought more specimens! What a joy! Will you gentlemen please follow me?” She said.
Specimens. Ugh. Her tone. That word still makes me shutter.
Me and the boys looked at each other..all with the same should we do it look on our faces. Maybe it was the cold air enticing our sweaty brows. We’d been a poorly AC’D truck for a couple hours. Or maybe it was the ice cold drinks she presented in front of us. Whatever the case we followed her through a door behind the front desk and were met with a grand auditorium. It looked as if it could hold maybe 50 people. And all they had was me and my knucklehead friends. As we sat down, sucking down sodas and waters, a mans voice came over the intercom.
“Welcome my friends to the Hibou Timeshare Corporation presentation. Today you will be examining the lifetime of these vessels. Determine whether or not you think they are a smart investment and make a choice if you would like to partake!” I recognized the voice. It was the same shrill tone that I set up the appointment with.
“Now my dear friends, it's time to sit back with your favorite drink...and listen..”
With that, a large projector screen came down from the celine. An old timey countdown began winding down.
From what I can remember, I heard the screams of something...unnatural. A scream so high tone that I felt as if my ears would burst with blood. I tried clasping my hands over my ears but to no avail. The screams were too overpowering. As soon as it started, I passed out.
I awoke looking at the lights on the celine. Unable to sit up. I could tell I was bareass naked on a metal table. I moved my head, the little that i could to see Adam next to me on another table. Naked as the day we were born. He was encased in what looked like a light purple energy field. Looking more in depth, I too had this field in front of me. Before I could speak the tables raised up. Bringing me upright. Bringing me face to face with Tex. To the left of me..Larry. “My friends, I present to you: Terramite 99-0 specimens.” a voice rang out. The same voice from the auditorium.
“They are..of the male species. Strong. Cunning and above all loyal...if raised properly.”
“HEY, you bastards. WTF is this! LET US GO!” Tex cried out. Before he could continue, the energy field tightened around him. Tex let out a scream that will haunt me for the rest of my life. The smell of burned flesh and hair filled the area. I would have puked had the horror of seeing my best friend being burned alive wasn't keeping my attention away from the smell. When the field lifted, Tex was stripped down to the muscle fibers. Hair burned down to the scalp. Tex convulsed until he finally relaxed into a hanging position on the table.
“Now see..specimen is now sedated. Relaxed into a weaker position. With the energy field keeping him contained and the Auto-Reversal Time Warp engaging, we can have this specimen back into working shape immediately.”
There was an electrical hum in the air. As before my eyes, Tex’s skin began to heal. His hair growing back. And all burns subsiding. It was as if nothing had happened to him. He still hung in limbo, but we could see the breath return to his chest.The rest of us let out bits of gasps of horror and astonishment.
I could see Adam crying a bit in the corner of my eyes.
A figure appeared from behind me. A tentacle graced my shoulder, not even phased by the force field. I caught sight of the creature. It stood around 7foot tall. Skin that looked human but a head that was elongated. No nose. And eyes that were black as coal. It had two tentacles for hands. I could not see its feet, as it was covered by a long gown.
Larry screamed in anger. “Your...your...a...a…” he managed to get out before the creature silenced him.
“Shhhh….I am...a salesman is all. Now my friends I will demonstrate the life cycle of the Terramite 99-0’s.”
With that, Larry's forcefield began to hum. Right before my eyes Larry began to get...smaller. Not in stature necessarily, no, but in age. He went from being a young a that kid i met in 3rd an infant. His cries were extremely loud. Unaware of the horrors around him. At that moment I could hear Adam's field begin to hum.
“Please no! Please!” Adam begged.
“If you will direct your attention to our third pod:”
Adam then began to scream as he went from a young middle aged retirement age and a decrepit old man. Hair as white as snow. Wrinkled beyond recognition. Each breath looking to nearly be his last.
“From birth to the declining ages of 70 to 100 Terran years…the Auto-Reversal Time Warp pods are the perfect tool to use when training your armys, your children, your slaves. Imagine...never having to replace workers. Never worrying if your training methods or punishments might go too far. Never losing a prisoner to death.” The creature said. Full of glee in his dead eyes.
Between the crying of baby larry and incoherent babbling of old man adam, the room felt like it was spinning. Just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger, the rest of the lights came to life. The room we were in were surrounded by seats, similar to the ones we sat in. However, sitting in these seats were ghastly creatures of different varieties. Some looked like the salesman creature. Others were ogreish. Large bodied creatures covered in a film of slime. Some of them even looked human. It was the eyes though...their eyes were a teal color with white pupils. Many many creatures looked up me and my friends. All of them began clapping their hands in unison. The claps were deafening. The cries of the baby felt as if a baseball bat was connecting with my head every second. Adams babbling was terrifyingly disturbing. And Tex...hanging there. Eyes rolled back into his skull. I couldnt imagine the hell he began to feel. At this point I wondered what awaited my fate. The clapping stopped abruptly.
“Oh...Austin...yes, well if you want to know what fate awaits you just shut your eyes. Shut your eyes and quietly count back from 3.” the creature said...was he reading my mind?
Suddenly the urge to close my eyes overtook me. Almost as if I had no choice, I began counting down. 3….2….1….
Everything went black. I wasn't sure if i was alive or dead...or somewhere in between. I saw nothing but black for what felt like a lifetime. And in an instant...I heard that same shrill scream. Only this time I could not cover my ears. I couldn’t feel my body but I felt an unimaginable amount of pain. As the scream grew to its peak, I slammed my eyes open. Trying to catch my breath.
I was back in the car...we were all back in the car. The engine was on. Shitty ac blasting. The others were still out. I sat up in my seat. Not wanting to move too suddenly. The sun was beating down on us. I looked over at the time on the dash…July 28th 4:34 pm. I reached into my shirt pocket and I found several vouchers for the MGM hotels in Vegas along with $300 dollars. I also found a card that simply read “Hibou Timeshare Corp. would like to thank you for a bit of your time”
The boys came too. All feeling rather groggy.
“We all fell asleep huh?” Adam laughed. “We here?”
They didn't remember a thing. Not one thing. Not going in...not the reception area...not the freaky timeshare presentation...not one bit. I lied...i told them that while they were sound asleep, we arrived a little earlier than expected. The presenter had an emergency and left our vouchers at the front desk and apologized profusely.
“Wow, what a gentleman!” Tex laughed. “We definitely owe it to him to sit through another timeshare, probono.” Larry added.
I think it's safe to say that I will not be returning to this or any other timeshare. As I drove away I could see the building disappear in the rear view mirror.
So if you’re traveling deep within the southwest of the United States and hear an ad for a free vacation that's too good to be yourself a favor..turn off the radio, call into work and ask for some overtime..because nothing is ever given for free.
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A test of mental fortitude. Passed at 100 questions.

Hi all, I've been lurking here for half a year. I've read almost every post and decided to share my experience to help the wonderful community as I think it is slightly different than most and my intent is in hopes that it might help you feel better if you are feeling unsure/alone/negative at any point before and during your exam. Know that it is part of the rollercoaster of a journey, that's what makes it exciting.
A little background for context as always.
Formal Education (3 relevant years, not much remembered):
I had some technical education in IT in my teens but I furthered on with a degree in something totally unrelated, but life throws you opportunities when you least expect and back into the industry I went.
Work experience (4 years) Tldr (Not much to help):
Unlike most of the posters here, I have very little work experience in this field. I have 2 years doing Ops governance in a project (telling the technical guys what I want) providing 2FA services, it was not a technical role and my focus was mostly on ensuring things were up and running by tossing SLAs at people. The only experience I felt I gained was what the 5 types of authentication are when brought over to the context of CISSP lol.
Another 2 years I swapped roles as a Cybersecurity Engineer, this was a technical role and since I was involved from the Implementation phase onwards, I had some idea on the SDLC processes and NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001 due to project certification requirements, but I was really lacking in relevant experience on a higher level since I was running through checklists more so than understanding the broader picture of the intents for these documents as I was more of a Data Custodian and SecAdmin. CISSP was a semi-requirement for the project and I was encouraged to take it by my superior, which to some of my peers was an undertaking beyond my ability as I lacked the depth and experience and they felt that I should be taking a less challenging Security cert.
The only other cert I hold is ITILv3.
My Prep:
I took 4 months to prepare, I spent about 2 hours each day (Maybe 2-3 times a week), and 3-4 on weekends (every weekend). I will not rate my study sources, as I did not use many compared to most other posts, so to me, these are all great and sufficient to pass.
1st Month: CISSP Official Study Guide (8th Ed)
I had to read this cover to cover, I lacked the experience and every page had concepts and words new to me. Took me 1.5 months to complete it. I had an excel where I'd dump anything alien into it so that I could research it on days I didn't feel like reading.
I also did the MCQ test questions and tried to understand why I got them wrong. I scored around 85% before moving on. I did not touch the open-ended questions at the end of the chapters.
2nd to 3rd Month: Boson Test (95% on average by exam date)
From all the recommendations, decided to try it (Had discount voucher). I actually spent quite a fair bit of time in Boson, I'd copy out the explanations for concepts I could not grasp into that same growing excel sheet. Questions are more technical than the exam. As others said, it has MOST, BEST etc which is similar to the exam but I don't think that mattered to me. I'll explain more later.
3rd to 4th Month: CISSP Official Practice Tests (2nd Edition) (92% on average by exam date)
I bought this with the official guide so I decided to use it since I didn't rely on many other sources to find out what my weaker domains were. Questions are very straight forward unlike the actual exam. It is purely to test your memory of the concepts. Be careful :) don't get complacent with just remembering.
I watched Kelly's why you will pass video and Larry's Spock and Kirk video since everyone was talking about it. I only watched them once at the start and that set the stage for how I would prep my understanding of the material I encountered.
Last week before Exam: 11th Hour by Eric Conrad.
I ran out of fresh material so I got this book. It is more palatable compared to the official study guide, things are worded in a more "why did they do this" manner and simplified to the essence of it. Maybe in hindsight, I would have read this first to get a high-level understanding before reading the official study guide. I speed-read through it only to stop on concepts that I still could not fully appreciate.
Glanced through the various NIST documents. Please briefly read them so at least when some terms come up from inside, you will not feel lost as you may not have seen it before...... ;) ;) ;)
This video by Tom Mangiacapre helped me understand Kerberos better than any others did:
Materials I discarded
There is a quiz that is from the Shon Harris (mhprofessionalresources website) book online that others have shared. I felt it was too deep and didn't do it after trying a few quizzes.
Sunflower pdf did not work for me. There were some things which I had not come across even till the last day of my exam. I decided I was gonna consider those out of my scope because I didn't see them in both Eric Conrad and Official guide.
I decided to trust the 2 books and 2 question banks would be all I needed.
1 excel with 100 items which I could finally understand the terms nearing exam date.
2 pages of handwritten notes squeezed in small writing on blank sheets.
No flashcards, no 100 pages notes, no colorful mindmaps
My struggles (Struggling, I've been through it! You're not alone):
Many of you preparing for the exam may have this issue, and I struggled weekly with this.
Did I study too deep? What is inch deep and mile wide?? How deep is deep enough? How wide is wide enough? Should I memorize all the bits and keys lengths of all the crypto algorithms?
How well do I need to memorize the NIST or is recognizing what 800-34, 800-37, 800-53, 800-64 etc sufficient?
Is knowing what is on the 7 layers of OSI enough? Do I need to know how each protocol works individually? TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP probably, what about the structure of the packets they're made up of? How about RPC? What is that? Do I want to divert my time to that?
Is being able to list the SDLC sufficient? I understand what they are on each stage but in what way can they question me when it comes to security? -ponder ponder-
Cloud is popular now, do I need to know more beyond knowing what is IDaaS, BaaS, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?
TCSEC/ITSEC replaced with Common criteria, do I need to memorise what is A1, B1, B2, B3 etc still?
How many information flow models must I memorize?? There's so many!
SLIP, PPP, L2TP, L2F, IPSEC it's getting technical here for me, is knowing which triad in CIA they provide sufficiently deep??
Some nights I lost sleep reading through people's posts feeling like I didn't go deep enough. Some nights I felt like I went too deep. It was a struggle. Everyday. And it weighed heavily at the back of my head. I decided the depth I wanted to focus on eventually without driving myself crazy, and I told myself "Know the gist of old technical concepts, memorize the details for in-trend technical concepts, and understand all the processes IN YOUR OWN WORDS"
Exam day:
I did not touch my notes 1 day before the exam. I knew I was going to be nervous if I tried to study and nothing would help. At this point, I knew relaxing was the best prep. No alcohol of course. Wokeup, had breakfast (Its 3 hours, you will get hungry, it will distract you, eat), drove to the test center listening to chillout tracks in the morning empty-handed, and went straight for the exam. Did all the pre-exam stuff and got seated promptly for the exam. Took a deep breath. clicked start.
I took 50 minutes for the first 20 and felt like I was never on earth going to pass, I remember others have mentioned the same about how they felt throughout the test and I told myself that I would continue to push through. I hit 40+ questions in 80+ minutes. By then I was worried. Definitely not enough time for 150 questions. Maybe I'll just fail at 100 anyway? No push on. 95 minutes at 60+ questions. Oh it seems to be getting slightly easier. Did I do so badly till it's giving me freebies? 120 mins at 85+ questions. Hey it seems to be even easier and my pace is picking up, but I'm so gonna fail at 100! 135 mins at question number 100. Oh boy. 40 minutes for 50 more questions? I'm so dead I KNOW I'VE FAILED.
Submit. Blank screen. Exam ended.
Went out, took the slip of paper, and walked out without looking. Took a peep. Holy cow! IS THAT A TYPO?! :)
Afterthoughts and tips if I went back in time to meet myself:
Exam guidances? Any for you? Sure. You read this far didn't you? Aside from those that are sprinkled in the content above.. hmm let's see..
Think like a manageconsultant? Yes.. I sure as hell was going to pick the technical answer sometimes, I was tempted, but I didn't. Of course, there are times when it's all technical choices, then yeah sure go ahead.
Did any questions from quizzes I did appear? Yes and no. What do I mean? It's a well-written test, just not copy-pasted from your textbooks. If you memorized word for word, you're not going to see those words. You have to understand it. The majority of the questions felt unfamiliar, which is why everybody says it's difficult. It is not trying to trick you, it is testing your internalized understanding. You have to whittle it down to its essence to understand the options given to you.
Yes, human safety is important, I've read that a hundred times but there are other things that are important too, don't ignore those! You wouldn't have a job if the humans are safe but other critical components of the business are lost!
Inference and deduction are critical when reading the questions. What is the end goal the question is trying to achieve? Don't be distracted by distractors!
If you consumed the book word for word without understanding what this exam is trying to gauge, you would still struggle to pass without internalizing core concepts and processes. MOST and BEST are normal things you face day to day even picking the BEST route to work with the LEAST amount of traffic, I never felt it to be something that had to be practiced thus my mention of its irrelevancy to me in Boson (Still a good test engine, especially the advanced options). More importantly, if you can't internalize the processes, MOST and BEST would be useless because you'd realized the answer choices would be impossible to compare since you have no idea what they are to make a proper comparison.
You need to know the concepts to answer the questions in the exam, but the exam may not necessarily be trying to test those concepts. E.g. You need to know that a Steering wheel belongs to a car and it allows you to change the direction of a car, but not necessarily that the question is going to ask you "What is the steering wheel for". However if you never knew that the steering wheel is for a car, you would lose the ability to infer that the question was referring to a Car and not a Bike.
I felt the strain of breathing through the mask during the exam (due to the stress I bet, since I never do have problems with it normally) and had to adjust it multiple times to steal a few 'breathers'. Maybe get something more comfortable or try to get used to it. When you are just sitting there in the silence
Alright! with all that said, I wouldn't want to take it again. My brain hurts :) To those of you that come across my post however many years down the road it may be, I hope it helps soothe the uncertainty a little during prep, and I hope what I shared today runs through your mind when you feel like giving up in the middle of the exam and helps you to pass. Remember you are not alone, I experienced it too and I passed with what little experience I had, and what few materials I used. I didn't spend 2k on a crash course, I didn't sign up to anything for training, I didn't sit and listen to video lectures for hours. It is with this community that shared their experience that helped me pass, and with this post, I hope I can pay it forward to the community. We all have different ways of learning, and this is what worked for me. Thank you everyone for making me feel like I wasn't on this journey alone throughout.
If this post ever helps you, do drop a note however many years down the road that you read this. It will make me very happy to know it helped you.

edits to add in more points
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Metrix Coin - The Fundamentals Gem

Welcome all,
Let me tell you a story about a project that has some of the best fundamentals in this crypto space with very little recognition.
The project we will discuss today is Metrix Coin

History of Innovative Product Development

Metrixcoin’s head developer is David Grunge who, with a team of developers, created mystakingwallet (MSW).
Mystakingwallet was the very first mobile staking wallet and it was also the first to be available on the Google Play and Apple stores for purchase. It allows people to stake and perform coin control straight from their mobile devices. MSW is non-custodial and users are the only ones with access to their wallet’s private keys as they are all hosted on virtual private servers. Additionally, the app allows users to turn their mobile devices into masternode-ready devices with the click of a button, simplifying the process of masternode creation and making it more accessible to people. They went on to create partnerships with over a dozen other projects that harbor staking and masternode capabilities to take advantage of the one-click, turnkey masternode solutions.

Grudge Match Gaming (GMG)

GMG is an online gaming platform where users can compete against one another for Metrixcoin (MRX). There are no online gaming platforms that I am aware of that allow people to wager cryptocurrency on who is playing the game and also bet in a match against other players. It features many of the top games, and will continue to add new releases as they come out. Competitive Esports is a rapidly growing industry and has the potential, with the right execution, to become very popular. Whilst GMG is currently in beta testing phase, the team is currently working on a new partnership with BA Consult as outlined below.

Partnership with BA Consult

Metrix has recently partnered with BA Consult, an IT and systems integration company using their Cashinow machines. Their core business is automated payment management systems and are operating nationally throughout Italy. Some of their customers include casinos, large retailers, public transit systems like Trenitalia, and much more.
BA Consult is looking to implement blockchain as a scalable solution for their business clients. They have selected Metrixcoin. The current plan is to use API integration to allow clients to market buy and sell Metrixcoin when needed. Customers and players will be rewarded for using Metrixcoin instead of Euros with each application.
The proposed plan is that consumers (i.e. people in the grocery store buying milk) will provide payments as either cash or credit card for purchase and will have the option to pay using conventional methods of payment or MRX. If they choose to pay with MRX, they participate in a Loyalty Program where they may either benefit from reward points or a discount. The grocery store may then choose to hold their MRX in a wallet, or may choose to sell at market price instantly through the payment system. Clients that hold Metrixcoin may benefit from staking rewards at 10% interest annually, and other perks that have not been released to the public yet.
Another example would be at the casino - using MRX instead of Euros would lead to reward points similar to existing reward structures for casino players. Alternatively, they may offer 5 bonus games for free or vouchers if they select MRX for payment. The players do not need to have any existing knowledge of cryptocurrency. Everything is handled by BA Consult and their business clients.

Upcoming Hard Fork

For all of this to become a reality, Metrix has an upcoming hard fork which will decrease staking rewards significantly (down to 10% initially) and will also allow for Governance. A Governor must hold 7.5 M of MRX to have voting privileges. Essentially, anyone can submit a proposal to the Governors for a fee, and the Governors will vote to determine whether or not a proposal would pass.
The new chain will also facilitate up to 10,000 transactions per second, and will have extremely low fees (roughly 2 MRX per standard transaction) which, in today’s prices, is roughly 0.000512 USD. It also features both UTXO and EVM functionality which gives Metrixcoin more flexibility to be able to create smart-contracts and deploy dApps or MRC20 tokens.
The team has already started development on ledger apps and chrome extensions to facilitate holding MRX on hardware wallets. They are also looking to implement offline staking which would require delegation of coins to an online node. Users could delegate and get rewards without needing to be active on the network and be accomplished in a secure way.
This Medium post outlines some of the changes (there have been some further changes to specific numbers, but this summarizes the main points very well) -

Recent Increased Activity and Renewed Enthusiasm

Recently, Metrix has seen a significant increase in activity and enthusiasm surrounding the project. With the addition of Trent now on-board & in charge of business development & partnerships, things have been moving quickly and the project has been gaining traction on its current exchanges. (with up to 4 more planned to list Metrixcoin). With this new exciting partnership, Metrix will have a significant use case and a strong potential for exponential growth and adoption.
Thank you for taking the time to review the background about this project, please leave your comments below!
Coin Statistics
Price - $0.000256 (2.5 sats) Market Cap - $4,478,953 USD Supply - 17,521,976,984 / 30,000,000,000 Current ROI - 50% (New chain 10%) Discord - 3,486 members Twitter - 16.6k follower Block Time - 90 Seconds (current)
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Betworld Casino 10 no deposit free spins bonus code

Betworld Casino 10 no deposit free spins bonus code

Betworld Casino Free Spins and No Deposit Bonus
First, register your account with BetWorld Casino via the special link (here) and get 10 NO DEPOSIT FREE SPINS to play your favourite slots!
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Welcome to the Betworld Online Casino! More than 1,000 casino games are waiting for you here. Starting with slots, blackjack, roulette, poker up to scratch cards and strategy games we cater for every taste! Use our exclusive welcome bonus and find out for yourself!
Betworld’s first gift is a 100% Welcome Bonus for the casino up to €200! Register simply, make a deposit and with €200 extra in your pocket, you’ll challenge our croupiers in the live casino, explode our jackpots, and secure even more money with slots and scratchers!
As soon as your second deposit reaches €25, you are automatically getting a €5 free bet and up to 50 free spins for Aztec Gold.
As a loyal customer, you’ll profit from our 100% up to €250 loyalty bonus every month and a half! This will bring you a maximum of €250 profit on your account and even more gaming fun with our entire offer!


License(s): Curacao
Established: 2013
Currencies: EUR, GBP, CHF, TRY, XOF
Languages: English, French, Czech, German, Greek, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish
Min Deposit: €10 EUR
Mobile App/Optimized:
Mobile Games (QTY): 800
Desktop Games (QTY): 1000
Game Verticals: Sports, Live Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Vegas, Virtuals, eSports
Betting Verticals: Champions League, European Top Leagues, TOP Basketball, Sports Betting, Live Betting, Last Minute, Odds under 2,00, Virtuals and eSports
Sports : Football, Tennis, Basketball, Formula 1, Ice Hockey, American Football, Australian Rules Football, Baseball, Rugby, Cricket, Boxing and many more
Casino Games: Slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and others
Live Casino Games: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat and others
Game Providers: Netent, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, ISoftbet, ELK, Pariplay, 1x2Gaming, Ainsworth, Booming Games, and Evolution
Top GEOs: Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand
Restricted Countries: USA, UK, Hungary, France (and French territories), Netherlands, Czech Republic
No Deposit Bonus: 10 Free Spins (bonus code: FREESPINS)
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Additional Bonuses: Monthly deposit bonuses on sport and casino are available each month. Examples here: where promo content updates regularly.
Play-Through: "Sport Bonus: 5x (The minimum odds are 1.7)
Casino Bonus: 30x"
Support Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Support Telephone: Exclusive FS NDB available upon request
Live Chat: Web form:
Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, ecoPayz and Betworld Betting Voucher
Withdrawal Method: Visa, Mastercard, Neosurf, Neteller, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, ecoPayz and Betworld Betting Voucher
Withdrawal Times: Varies per transaction
Withdrawal Limit: €30 minimum withdrawal. No max withdrawal limits
>> Claim 10 Free Spins ND Bonus <<
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100x Potential Moonshot ( VRA ) Verasity Extremely Low MC 1.5 Mill !!!

This thread will explore why Verasity tech AND their IMPRESSIVE FIVE star team IS the real deal AND at $1.5M MC IMO one of the best ROI investments in 2020
Verasity must not be ignored. Verasity is an attention-based video platform of which its SDK can be integrated into 95%+ video players online. Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura and Video.js.
It takes less than 30 mins for the SDK to be integrated into any of the above video platforms Publishers are struggling to monetize. Viewers BLOCK ADS, while YT + FB take larger shares of publisher revenue.
Publishers need a mechanism that increases revenue + engagement WITHOUT changing viewer habits. This requires higher engagement, ad fill + click through rates, Video constitutes >90% internet traffic + ad revenue is $300B+. W/ Verasity tech stack, viewers rewarded $VRA for watching adsThey can hold/sell or exchange for vouchers for brand products, convert to Amazon + McDonald vouchers, exchange for game subscriptions/products
Verasity Game Store Q1 2020, Partnership GameZBoost Over 550+ game publishers w/ 100M+ monthly views will have Verasity tech stack integrated. This provides gamers with $VRA / $VRAB tokens as rewards to increase engagement + improve monetization
Verasity and JUN ( JUNcapital ), entered an agreement focused on accelerating the awareness + adoption of Verasity product into the Asian market.
"Verasity screams quality at the highest level possible. This is ALREADY at the top of the list structurally." Verasity team consists of serial entrepreneurs. I see them driven to new heights in terms of adoption + marketcap in 2020.
I did my own research and discovered they are big players w big money backing them. Clearly, their ambitions are higher than $1.5M MC.
Chris Gale Co-Founder
launched and ran Dingit TV delivered video to 30M+ users. Did 1.1B ads monthly, 5th largest ad network in the world. Sold Odyssey for stock worth at the time of public offering of Phunware $50M
David Rowe Team/Advisor
Founded Easynet, the largest ISP in Europe. Sold to SKY for $200M + became a managing board member. responsible for roll out + integration Sky Broadband network + all B2B activities (SkyBetting, Gaming, Sky Business)
R J Mark - Co-Founder
Provided new ways to broadcast and stream video-content. Prev companies inc. OVEX Ltd, Liquidstream, DataGard. Involved in building large streaming platforms w ad stacks scaling to billions of ad impressions 🔥
John Rankin - Exec Team
Talking Tom and Friends was a media franchise created and owned by Outfit 7 which John was Managing Director of. Talking Tom app received 7 BILLION which John played a pivotal role in
“Video is a powerful tool to educate, engage + entertain. Verasity video player solution offers the perfect vehicle for viewers, publishers + content creators to benefit from utility of blockchain. Binance + Verasity leading the charge globally”
CZ Binance said about Verasity.
2 of the ESPORTS games $vra $vrab will be integrating within are CSGO & League of legends. As of 2019...
League of legends has 67 million monthly players, 27m daily players 💥
Cs:go has sold 25 million units surpassing minecraft sales making it the best seller of the STEAM era 💥 Check out medium article on it 👇🏼
Check out the website for more info: Verasity .io
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Something for the Weekend: How I've Earned £1200 in 2020 (so far)

Hi All
I just wanted to provide an update to my previous post about my January earnings with how I've managed to increase my BeerMoney. As I said in that post I started looking at ways of earning some money in the evenings whilst my wife is on maternity leave in the hope of earning enough for more than just beer. I just wanted to share how I've been able to earn just over £1200 in 2020 to date using links shared on Reddit, my way of giving back to a community that has helped me so much. I've also added some new sites/methods from my previous post.
Tl; Dr. Had baby. Got poor. Reddit helped. Returning the favour for someone else in need.
Breakdown of Income
As you can see below my income has been split across a variety of methods, the main earners definitely being matched betting, Clickworker and Rebatest (not strictly Beermoney but certainly worthwhile). I've also done bank switching (£175 from HSBC) but won't cover that here, however there are some good offers knocking about for that.
Trading212 offer a free share worth up to £100 if signing up to their service using a referral link from an existing user. I can't remember the Reddit user who's link I followed but I managed to get them (and myself) a free share in Ford. I've shared this link with a few places now and managed to get the full 20 referrals (my best was a share worth approximately £40 in AMD). There's no chance you're going to get a £100 share (from my experience and research) but certainly worth doing. You just need to deposit if following my referral link (although I've maxed out my benefits, you still get the free share). You can sell your share pretty much straight away, however you won't be able to withdraw the cash for 30 days (it can be reinvested though). I'd recommend waiting for the Coronavirus crash to recover before selling to maximise your earnings (no requirement to do so though).
I was looking at getting into share dealing anyway and Trading212 has been really easy (even made a small profit on some shares I bought).
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Matched Betting
I won't go into too much detail on this other than to say if you have any reservations about this don't worry. I've made nearly £180 so far. I signed up with HeadsandHeads, but there are other sites that walk you through it and really helps talk you through the offers and the process (I'm still learning myself but the more you do the more confident you get). I've also used TopCashBack (see below) to double up on some of the offers so always check there if they have anything that you can make the most of (BetFair in particular offered £15). There are a lot of guides on Reddit for Matched Betting. It's also a great time to start up with Cheltenham starting next week and loads of offers about.
On this, Paddy Power have a great referral offer and I'd appreciate if you could use this link, they're certainly a good bookie for offers and worthwhile signing up. I get £20 if you sign up and bet £10 with this (which you can easily turn into £7+ profit) using a matched betting guide, as well as there normal bonus offers: Referral Link Non-Referral Link
Just be careful, follow the instructions, and money is guaranteed. I've kept any liabilities relatively low so you don't need much available money to get started with this. Total BeerMoney £180.
Hopefully you all know about TopCashBack (TCB) by now but if you don't it's free money for everyday shopping. Always check it before you buy anything and you get cashback on your purchase (usually as a percentage of the purchase price). My winners recently have been from following the advice on Reddit on using Monzo, Ratesetter and Worldremit, and looking at some other free cashback offers. I've had TCB for about 8 years now and I've earned over £1200. The referrals are also constantly updated and you can offer get vouchers yourself when you sign up EDIT: There's a new offer at the minute where if you sign up using my referral you also get a £5 M&S voucher.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Clickworker is a website I have been signed up to for years from my time when I was a student. I dusted off my old account and found that the UHRS can be pretty lucrative if you get on at the right time and they have available jobs. I've earned a fair bit by just doing some tasks at ¢5 a time but they quickly rack up. There are other ways to earn through surveys, app downloads and recording videos. Withdrawals can be made when the job is payable (this is job dependent). I've earned £130 so far (with another £150 waiting to be paid)
There is a clickworker referral scheme if it helps you to get set up. Total BeerMoney so far £130 (+£150 pending).
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Rebatest is an Amazon rebate website where you can buy things, leave a review and get 100% cashback on them. So far I've had 17 things from this website totalling £340 (minus small fees to withdraw). Highlights for me so far with this are a lightstrip (think Philips Hue) (£39.99), some Bluetooth headphones (£23.99), a humidifier for my baby's bedroom (£49.99), child's toys (£15.99, £15.99, £20.99), handheld vacuum cleaner (£33.99), car boot liner (£25.99). I've sold a few bits but most of the items I've kept.
Withdrawal to PayPal has no minimum (although there is a small fee). The item availability is limited and needs checking regularly but can be great. Also good for satisfying the need to buy new things knowing that they'll be free.
If you use my referral code you also get £5 added straight to your account which can be withdrawn after you've successfully reviewed an item. I understand from Reddit that there is some reluctance on this but I've found it to be great/ Total BeerMoney (kind of) so far £340.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
HoneyGain is an app that pays you for using unused network capacity. It's a slow burner but I tend to earn about 50¢-1$ a day. Withdrawal can be made to PayPal once your account has reached $20. This is a true passive earner that I have set up on my PC. This PC is on all the time anyway as a media server so I don't worry about leaving something on and its impact on electricity bills (I'm using HoneyGain to try and offset the use of the media server). You can also set this up on mobile phones. Even if you only use your phone, laptop or PC occasionally it's worth having on as it has no impact on usage.
Using this link you can get a $5 head start. Income varies daily but it is a good earner and from looking on Reddit there's a strong need for more UK users. Total BeerMoney to date £31.50.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
(In a similar idea I also used FluidStack to earn about £7 but they've updated the way they work and don't use Windows anymore. If you have a Linux system and a recent graphics card though you can still earn good (better than previous) money: Referral Non-Referral)
EDIT: *NEW* Ratesetter
This is another website that gives you a bonus upon signing up that I've realised has a quicker bonus than the TopCashBack route I followed. If you follow my referral then you get £20 credited to your account within 30 days if you sign up and deposit £10 (very good offer and free money which can be withdrawn once you get it credited). Alternatively there are some good offers for this on TopCashBack but you need to invest more for longer so not great for quick earning (wish I'd realised this!).
Total BeerMoney £20.
*NEW* QuickThoughts
I really like QuickThoughts to earn Amazon giftcards via an app available on Google Play Store (I assume an Apple version is also available). This is a survey app that you can use as much or as little as you want. So far I've earned £30 in Amazon giftcards. The survey availability is pretty good and they always pay 50p. They give you an approximate time for each survey (some are only 1-2 minutes), and I tend to only do surveys taking less than 10 minutes, however if you have the spare time you can earn quite a bit from this. I reckon there's at least 3-5 surveys available at any one time. Accrued surveys can be exchanged for a voucher once you've reached £10. A couple of times I've been glitched out of a survey near the end but this is rare.
Total BeerMoney (Amazon voucher) to date £30.
*NEW* London and Country
London and Country offer a free £5 Amazon voucher if you use my referral code below (I also get £5 for referring you) for using there online product finder for mortgages (or re-mortgages). I'm currently in the process of re-mortgaging so this was a very useful find as I was filling in a lot of these forms anyway. If you're in this position as well I certainly recommend it as a way of getting a free £5 (or if you're not you can still fill it in and just get the voucher). Once the form is submitted I got an email about a week later with the voucher.
I've had good experience with London and Country previously as they offer good, free advice. Total BeerMoney (Amazon voucher) £5.
*NEW* Qmee
Qmee is another survey website but also offers an interesting twist if you install it on your browser. Occasionally when searching you will get sponsored links appear and when following these you earn money. I've had this going for about 3 months and cashed out £9 so far. They also have a good selection of surveys, although from my experience they don't pay as well as QuickThoughts and the selection criteria is a little harder to meet. Still worthwhile signing up though.
Total BeerMoney £9.

It really has been quite enjoyable searching for ways to earn and certainly helped to lighten the financial burden of having a wife on maternity and having a new little person to look after.
I'm aiming to earn at least £150 a month every month this year so if you have any other suggestions please let me know. I'll happily use any referral codes for good earners and try and keep you updated on my progress and guidance throughout 2020. Next month I'm hoping to find the time to try Appen and SerpClix as these seem to be good earners. I've also tried Prolific in the past but I've never had an invite so not sure what I'm doing there despite having a full profile (if anyone has any advice let me know).
Thanks for reading
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A year of going cashless - and where it hasn't worked

I set myself a resolution last year - go 12 months without using physical cash. No coins, no notes, no gold bullion, no cheques. I attempted to do all my spending on credit card, Direct Debit, and bank transfer (BACS).
It worked! Mostly... Here's where it didn't work, and what I learned from it.
(This is a shameless copy & paste from my blog)

Foreign Cash

Went to Hong Kong and withdrew £100 in local currency. Was completely unnecessary. Everywhere took card / contactless. We didn't stray away from the tourist trail, which may have helped. Carrying cash had a mixed effect on my anxiety. I was slightly nervous about getting mugged, but that was offset by knowing we could jump into a cab if we encountered any local difficulties.
Similarly, we went to Australia and took out the same amount of cash. We were driving in some fairly rural locations - although not the outback! - and wanted a small safety net. Again, completely unnecessary. Everything from parking meters to tiny ice-cream stands took contactless.
Spoke at a conference in Denmark. Was only a quick visit, so didn't take cash. Tried to buy a chocolate bar and drink in the train station, but was told my card wouldn't be accepted. I wasn't sure if it was the small sum, a foreign card, or something else. Bit weird, but the rest of the trip was fine.
Countless trips to the EU. I already had some € coins and notes. The first few times I took them - but they were never needed. Even in small bakeries my card or phone were accepted.

Emergency Cash

This was a horrific situation. I was due in hospital to undergo a surgical procedure and the minicab driver was screaming at me to pay him in cash. We'd booked the night before and paid in the cab firm's app. What we hadn't realised is that they'd outsourced the job to a different firm, who'd outsourced it to yet another firm. Somewhere along the way, the driver wasn't told it was a pre-paid fare.
We couldn't get hold of any of the firms so, reluctantly, we had to take cash out of an ATM using our credit card. We didn't have a debit card with us - because we never use it.
The cab firm eventually gave us a refund, and the credit card company agreed not to charge us their usual extortionate interest rates for cash withdrawal.
Lesson learned - always take a taxi which is required to accept card, or confirm with the driver before travelling.


Most of the lunch stalls near my work take card. The ones that refuse don't get my custom.
Except for this amazing salad bar round the corner. I took out a couple of fivers to pay for a massive box of salad. I did ask the owner a few times if he'd consider taking card. He said the only way he could keep the price low was with minimal overheads. Considering how long the queue was to pay - which often prevented people entering the venue - I think it'd pay back quickly. But it's not my position to tell him how to run his business.


LOL! I haven't paid with a cheque in years. Annoyingly, a few companies decided to send me refunds via cheque. My bank account doesn't have any local branches. So I either had to post them off, or use my backup bank. I think I'll start having to charge a cheque-processing-fee for old-fashioned companies.
I suspect that companies send out refunds by cheque because they know it's a pain. I bet lots of them go uncashed.

Odds and Sods

Our local off-licence tried to charge us an illegal card-fee. So I walked out and left the bottles on the counter. Then reported them to Trading Standards.
Similarly, a few places have insisted on a minimum transaction amount - this is against the terms of most providers. I've either picked up some sticks of gum, or bought elsewhere.
I received a few paper vouchers for a department store. They all had redemption codes, so I could use them online.
All of the plumbers and electricians I dealt with either accepted card or gave me their BACS details. A couple of clicks later and they were paid.
For group events at work, no-one wanted to deal with cash. We either transferred the money directly to whoever was organising things, or each paid separately.

Things I wasn't able to do

The UK doesn't have much of a tipping culture. I used to round up the bill, or add a fiver, if I was paying cash. These days, most places have a button on the credit card terminal with a suggested gratuity amount, or a free-form entry. I resent being forced to tip, so this seems like a sensible solution. Perhaps my tips don't go directly to the staff? That's not really my problem. Does that make me an arse?
No cash-in-hand discounts. Again, there's not much of a haggling culture in the UK. Occasionally I've been able to say "What's the best price you can do" but no money off for undeclared income.
Donating to charity. I don't give to people in the street, and I don't put coins in buckets. The majority of my charitable spend goes via Payroll Giving for tax purposes. But, most charities take contactless now.


Oh no! Someone can track my spending!!! I literally don't care. Middle-aged bloke spends too much on beer and electronic gadgets. Shock. I catch the same train to work each day. Scandal!
Perhaps I'm being naïve. I'm not involved in anything revolutionary or seditious. I'm not buying illicit pharmaceuticals or private entertainment services. Maybe I'm complicit in bringing forth a dystopia - but I place a high value on convenience.
Please argue in the comments about why I'm wrong.


In the UK, if you live in a city and have a credit card, it is absolutely possible to live without cash. I'm lucky that the public transport options where I've lived are modern and accept contactless.
With the exception of an angry taxi-driver, no one has been upset that I didn't want to use cash.
The vast majority of my transactions were via Google Pay. I waved my phone near the terminal, and the rail barriers open as if by magic.
Foreign travel was painless - but we weren't exactly going off the beaten track.
Tracking my own spending using Money Dashboard became much easier. We can look at our household budget and quickly see where we're wasting money.
So, could you go cashless for 2020? If not, what's stopping you?
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Something for the Weekend: How I've Earned £1500 in 2020 (so far)

Hi All
I just wanted to provide an update to my previous posts about my BeerMoney earnings with how I've managed to increase my BeerMoney earnings for 2020. As I said in that post I started looking at ways of earning some money in the evenings whilst my wife is on maternity leave in the hope of earning enough for more than just beer. She's now gone back to work but I'm keen to keep this going, particularly now my earnings have been hit by Covid-19. I just wanted to share how I've been able to earn around £1500 in 2020 to date using links shared on Reddit, my way of giving back to a community that has helped me so much.
Tl; Dr. Had baby. Got poor. Reddit helped. Covid-19 happened. Carried on earning. Returning the favour for someone else in need.
Breakdown of Income
As you can see below my income has been split across a variety of methods, the main earners definitely being matched betting, Clickworker and Rebatest (not strictly Beermoney but certainly worthwhile). I've also done bank switching (£175 from HSBC) but won't cover that here, however there are some offers knocking about for that. I've also looked at my bank accounts to make sure I'm maximising their various offers and this helps earn an extra £20 or so each month (think rewards for spending, direct debits etc).
Matched Betting
I won't go into too much detail on this other than to say if you have any reservations about this don't worry. I've made nearly £260 so far. I signed up with HeadsandHeads, but there are other sites that walk you through it and really helps talk you through the offers and the process (I'm still learning myself but the more you do the more confident you get). I've also used TopCashBack (see below) to double up on some of the offers so always check there if they have anything that you can make the most of (BetFair in particular offered £15). There are a lot of guides on Reddit for Matched Betting.
Just be careful, follow the instructions, and money is guaranteed. I've kept any liabilities relatively low so you don't need much available money to get started with this. Total BeerMoney £260.
Hopefully you all know about TopCashBack (TCB) by now but if you don't it's free money for everyday shopping. Always check it before you buy anything and you get cashback on your purchase (usually as a percentage of the purchase price). My winners recently have been from following the advice on Reddit on using Monzo, Ratesetter and Worldremit, and looking at some other free cashback offers. I've had TCB for about 8 years now and I've earned over £1200. I've recently taken out a new broadband contract and got about £80 from that. The referrals are also constantly updated and you can often get vouchers yourself when you sign up. Just keep checking.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Clickworker is a website I have been signed up to for years from my time when I was a student. I dusted off my old account and found that the UHRS can be pretty lucrative if you get on at the right time and they have available jobs. I've earned a fair bit by just doing some tasks at ¢5 a time but they quickly rack up. There are other ways to earn through surveys, app downloads and recording videos. Withdrawals can be made when the job is payable (this is job dependent). I've earned £130 so far (with another £150 waiting to be paid)
There is a clickworker referral scheme if it helps you to get set up. Total BeerMoney so far £280 (+£15 pending).
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
Rebatest is an Amazon rebate website where you can buy things, leave a review and get 100% cashback on them. So far I've had 22 things from this website totalling over £400 (minus small fees to withdraw). Highlights for me so far with this are a lightstrip (think Philips Hue) (£39.99), some Bluetooth headphones (£23.99, £49.99), a humidifier for my baby's bedroom (£49.99), child's toys (£15.99, £15.99, £20.99, £24.99), dog bed (£24.99), handheld vacuum cleaner (£33.99), car boot liner (£25.99). I've sold a few bits but most of the items I've kept.
Withdrawal to PayPal has no minimum (although there is a small fee). The item availability is limited and needs checking regularly but can be great. Also good for satisfying the need to buy new things knowing that they'll be free.
If you use my referral code you also get £5 added straight to your account which can be withdrawn after you've successfully reviewed an item. I understand from Reddit that there is some reluctance on this but I've found it to be great. Total BeerMoney (kind of) so far £400+.
Referral Link
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HoneyGain is an app that pays you for using unused network capacity. It's a slow burner but I tend to earn about 30¢-1$ a day. Withdrawal can be made to PayPal once your account has reached $20. This is a true passive earner that I have set up on my PC and mobiles. My PC is on all the time anyway as a media server so I don't worry about leaving something on and its impact on electricity bills (I'm using HoneyGain to try and offset the use of the media server). Even if you only use your phone, laptop or PC occasionally it's worth having on as it has no impact on usage.
Using this link you can get a $5 head start. Income varies daily but it is a good earner and from looking on Reddit there's a strong need for more UK users. Total BeerMoney to date £52.80.
Referral Link
Non-Referral Link
I really like QuickThoughts to earn Amazon giftcards via an app available on Google Play Store (I assume an Apple version is also available). This is a survey app that you can use as much or as little as you want. So far I've earned £30 in Amazon giftcards. The survey availability is pretty good and they always pay 50p. They give you an approximate time for each survey (some are only 1-2 minutes), and I tend to only do surveys taking less than 10 minutes, however if you have the spare time you can earn quite a bit from this. I reckon there's at least 3-5 surveys available at any one time. Accrued surveys can be exchanged for a voucher once you've reached £10. A couple of times I've been glitched out of a survey near the end but this is rare.
Total BeerMoney (Amazon vouchers) to date £40.
London and Country
London and Country offer a free £5 Amazon voucher if you use my referral code below (I also get £5 for referring you) for using there online product finder for mortgages (or re-mortgages). I'm currently in the process of re-mortgaging so this was a very useful find as I was filling in a lot of these forms anyway. If you're in this position as well I certainly recommend it as a way of getting a free £5 (or if you're not you can still fill it in and just get the voucher). Once the form is submitted I got an email about a week later with the voucher.
I've had good experience with London and Country previously as they offer good, free advice. Total BeerMoney (Amazon voucher) £5.
Qmee is another survey website but also offers an interesting twist if you install it on your browser. Occasionally when searching you will get sponsored links appear and when following these you earn money. I've had this going for about 4 months and cashed out £14 so far. They also have a good selection of surveys, although from my experience they don't pay as well as QuickThoughts and the selection criteria is a little harder to meet. Still worthwhile signing up though.
Using my referral link you'll get 50p (as will I) extra when you make your first PayPal withdrawal.
Total BeerMoney £14.
BONUS: PiNetwork
This is very new to me as I've only been doing this a couple of days. Pi Network basically uses your phone (PC app to come shortly) to mine cryptocurrency. This works on both Android and Apple phones (I use Android). This app allows you to earn Pi without affecting your phone battery or performance. Pi's value will change so this isn't strictly BeerMoney right now, however has good potential to develop into something when Pi is listed for sale on crypto currency exchanges. The earlier you get in on this the more coins you earn. It's an opportunity to be involved in a project which could earn you something. All you need to do is login on the app and confirm that you are still active once per day.
If you wish to get involved use my username (NicePrettyPanda) to get set up. If you use this then we both earn 25% more Pi when we're both operating. Overall I do not think that anyone stands to lose anything from downloading the app and trying it out.
Non-Referral Link
It really has been quite enjoyable searching for ways to earn and certainly helped to lighten the financial burden currently looming over me from losing some wages. I've found that things seem to have slowed down a bit with BeerMoney (lack of sport hinders one big earner) but hopefully this list will allow you to keep things ticking over.
I'm aiming to earn at least £150 a month every month this year so if you have any other suggestions please let me know. I'll happily use any referral codes for good earners and try and keep you updated on my progress and guidance throughout 2020.
Thanks for reading
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I hope Sony will stop ripping off EU customers when PS5 comes out.

My main issues with PSN:
  1. Account region lock. Once an account is registered, the account is locked to the country of registration. E.g. I moved from Austria to NL and I have to keep my Austrian account (and an Austrian credit card) because otherwise I would lose my PS+ games. If I want to switch to the NL store, I would need a NL credit card + all content on the store would be in Dutch language.
  2. Possibility to buy digital voucher codes outside PSN store like in other countries (e.g. USA). The EU seems to not understand that Sony is basically exercising a monopoly in European countries.
  3. Transfer of digital games like it's possible with physical copies. Technically this could be done by requiring people to be online for starting the transfer. Means when someone transfers the game to a buyer, the game gets deleted and invalidated from harddisc. This would additionally require a online check when someone restores a backup. I bet everybody would be fine with having to be online for being able to sell digital copies.
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Warning on online test: you're risking it

I bet the PMP exam with Pearson is super-buggy, and if you opt for the online version, you risk not completing it and having to wait A WEEK to do the exam again, at which you may run into the same problem again.
I've posted before about my problem with taking the PMP exam online with Pearson: TLDR: ran into a bug at the halfway point, and couldn't take the exam again for a week+1 day while they sorted out the problem.
While taking my exam today, one other guy in the waiting room who was also there for PMP told me he had a problem even starting the exam and also had to wait a week too.
AND it's painful waiting a week. You were all ready to take the exam, and now the knowledge is dissipating, wasting away. And also bad: you have to be waiting on the phone to both Pearson (to get the ticket#) and with PMI (to log the ticket) before they can issue you a voucher to take the exam again and wipe out the fail result.
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2019 net worth/income & expenses wrap: NW ↑ $534,000 | 88.5% savings rate

2019 net worth/income & expenses wrap: NW ↑ $534,000 | 88.5% savings rate
The following are our Q4 2019 net worth and income and expense posts from our blog, wrapping up the quarter and the year.
TL;DR: Net worth went up $534,000 for the year. Our Q4 savings rate was 80%, and 88.5% for the year. Fell short of our 90% savings rate goal.

Quarter 4 2019 – Net worth update: Up $534,000 for 2019

Wow, I cannot believe the year went by that fast. I hope you’ve all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year period.
As we said in our New Year birthday post, we had a busy quarter on the work front. It’s been getting really bad. Work stress is a very real concern for both my wife Ellie and I, and it seems only fitting that we want to FIRE.
It’s still very far away, but we started 2018 with a goal of retiring in 10 years, and a year has passed. Given the rapid passage of time, 10% time progress is nothing to be sneezed at.
However, in October I wrote a post on how our progress seems to be accelerating, following the rapid progress we made to a $1 million share portfolio. But the numbers in that post were quickly superseded with some big news.
Financially speaking, the quarter started out with a bang when Ellie received a $100,000 inheritance and the mixed emotions that came with it. It was a huge win for our finances, but it came at the expense of a familial loss.
While that was the headline event this quarter, let’s take a look at the full picture and see how we ended the year.

Our financial goals

Here are our early retirement goals. Essentially we want to retire early before the age of 45, with the following in assets:
  • $2,000,000 in shares
  • $600,000 in two investment properties
  • $700,000 in superannuation
  • $1 million house as our primarily place of residence
  • Total asset goal = $4,300,000.
Between those shares giving us dividends and rent from the investment properties, we want to have a gross passive income of about AU$150,000 per annum (pre-tax), to fund a nice early retirement where money isn’t a concern. You can also track our net worth growth in our previous posts.
So how did we go in October-December to finish up the year? As always, let’s start with shares.

October-December: Shares

After finding out that we were going to receive the inheritance, our thoughts turned to where we could invest it.
That ended up being in a pair of long-term, hopefully safe and stable Listed Investment Companies (LICs). They’ll provide us with around a 6% gross dividend return. With $50,000 thrown into each, they should see our gross passive dividend income increase by around $6,000 annually.
That’s around 4% of our entire FIRE income right there, and we’re incredibly lucky and grateful to have received this.
Otherwise, after that explosive start to the quarter, the remainder was actually very quite on the buying front.
We had a big tax bill to pay, as well as another big expense for 2020 – holidays – that we put a down payment on. But you’ll have to wait for our Q4 income and expense report (coming up next) to hear more about that. However, that did mean that we lost the best part of a month of our salaries to those expenses.
While we bought big, our portfolios were also hit by the (seemingly endless) banking scandals that have hit the sector. Given that we’re heavy in financials, that side underperformed – all the more reason to add extra diversity to our portfolio!
So how did it all go with the value of our shares?
Our share portfolio was started the year on $725,000, was $819,000 at the end of Q1 2019, $931,000 in Q2 2019, and broke the $1 million mark at the end of Q3 at $1,023,000.
The ASX started October on 6688.30 points and ended the year on 6,684.10 – down 0.1% for the quarter.
We ended 2019 with a value of $1,120,000. Given how much many of our stocks were beaten down, we were actually very happy to end up with that – it could have been a lot worse. We’ve noticed that LICs generally show a lot of resilience during downturns, so they could have cushioned the blow for our balances.
Regardless, we ended the quarter up $97,000 (9.5%). In total on 31 December 2019 our share portfolio was up $395,000 compared to 31 December 2018 – an increase of 54.5%, which is just mind-blowing to us. Even without the inheritance, our portfolio would have gone up by around 40%.
What a crazy year on the share front, in so many ways.

October-December: Superannuation

Next up is our superannuation accounts – or compulsory retirement savings.
During the quarter there were all sorts of ruminations about the Australian retirement system.
Someday a future government is going to have to bite hard on the retirement age bullet and raise it, because it’s just not going to end up well for the economy otherwise if they keep it as it is. But that unpopular can of worms will still get kicked down further the road for a few years longer.
Thankfully we plan to avoid a lot of the hoopla around government pensions (or lack thereof) in our old age by being self-funded early retirees.
That said, for as long as we continue working, we receive employer-funded contributions into our retirement funds. We don’t make extra superannuation contributions because we can’t access these under current laws until we’re at least 60 years old (wait for that number to eventually rise as well). We’ll do a post about that in the next few weeks.
So how did things go for our superannuation balances?
As a reminder, we started 2019 with $335,000 in super, $368,000 by 31 March, $393,000 by 30 June, and $409,000 at 30 September.
Three months later we’re now on $428,000 – an increase of $19,000 or 4.6%. It’s also an annual rise of $93,000 or 27.7%, which is a staggering amount.

October-December: Primary place of residence

Last quarter the dial on the value of our house price moved for first time, and there seems to be some corroborating evidence for that.
House prices stagnated here in Brisbane over the last year, while southern Australian house prices took a dive of 10-15%, However, now news comes of a change in sentiment, and house prices are forecast to rebound by as much as 17% in 2020… Unfortunately it’s only meant to be between 3-7% in Brisbane. But we can live with that.
However, despite the change in the national property market’s sentiment, has anything changed with the value of our home in the last three months?
Last quarter in Q3 said it was $710,000 (up from $705,000 in Q2), and ANZ bank said it was worth $720,000 (up from $655,000).
We didn’t trust the actual numbers, but we went with the number ANZ gave back in Q2 – $655,000, a $5,000 increase.
We haven’t seen as much real estate action in our neighbourhood this quarter, so this will be interesting.
At the end of December gave us a valuation of $735,000 – up $25,000. Once again, seems to be a bit too optimistic (but we’d certainly take it!), while ANZ is a bit closer to the mark. That said, compared to Q3 when ANZ it was $720,000, in Q4 it now said it’s worth $668,000.
Huh? ANZ certainly likes to bounce around.
So once again, I’m a bit conflicted with how to value things. While one valuation goes up $25,000, the other plummets by $52,000, and they give different figures.
The ANZ report is certainly closer to the mark in any case in my opinion – and it’s still higher than the valuation we settled on last quarter ($655,000), so hopefully we’re just conservative.
But I’m going to play it slightly safe and hold the valuation at $655,000. If both valuations move in the same direction (either up or down) as they did last quarter, we’ll move things.
Our future retirement home will cost around $1 million to buy, so we’ll have a shortfall that we’ll need to make up once our passive income goals are finalised. However, we’ve paid off the property, so all the capital is ours and counts towards our net wealth.
But our primary place of residence isn’t the only skin we’ve got in the real estate game.

October-December: Investment properties

Righty-o – Last quarter things moved up by $5,000 to a combined value of $605,000, with an extra $3,000 paid off our two investment properties.
This quarter, things only paid themselves off by a barely noticeable $1,000 with a total debt of $374,000.
On the valuation side, this was the state of play in Q4 via and ANZ property reports:
  • – combined value $680,000 ($695,000 in Q3).
  • ANZ – combined value $619,000 ($605,000 in Q3).
So just like with our primary place of residence, it’s conflicting data. However, this time it’s reversed, with dropping a little bit (by $15,000), and ANZ increasing (by $14,000).
Between the two, things have apparently dropped by $500 per property – which is just splitting hairs.
Given they were both pulling in practically opposite directions, we’ll call this flat again at $605,000, and claim the $1,000 mortgage repayment.
ANZ seems to once again be the more accurate measure, and we’ll once again play it conservative and retain their $605,000 total value.
Deducting our debt of $374,000 gives us total equity of $231,000. That’s a tiny increase of 0.4%.
So in total, a very unremarkable quarter on the property front!

Financial state of the union

Looking back to the start of the year, we began with a net worth of $1,900,000, increasing to $2,057,000 in Q1, sitting on $2,196,000 in Q2, and reaching $2,317,000 in Q3.
So here’s how things look at the end of 2019:
Asset Value
Shares $1,120,000
Superannuation $428,000
Investment properties value $605,000
Investment properties debt -$374,000
Primary place of residence $655,000
Total $2,434,000
That’s another nice increase of $117,000 for the quarter – a 5% lift.
For the whole year, it’s a quite extraordinary increase of $534,000, or 28.1%. Taking out the inheritance Ellie received, it’s still a momentous lift of $434,000 – which would have been 10% of our entire net worth goal: a ridiculous number, really.
Given the ~18% market rally in 2019, ridiculous really should be the word of the year.
It would be crazy to expect the same in 2020. But given that much of 2019 was mired by Brexit and the US-China trade war (which is now partially agreed), 2020 might be another year with rocket under it now that Brexit is also almost sorted (did I just jinx it?). That said, Iran, North Korea, and any number of other surprises will await us as well.
Domestically in Australia, talk of further interest rate cuts might drive even more money into shares, and the housing market is apparently rebounding. If it wasn’t for the underlying shaky fundamentals, you’d bet that 2020 will be another solid year… But we’ll see.
In the end all I know is that our net worth has increased – and it’s now 56.6% of our total target – progress towards FIRE of 12.4%. What a year!
Next up is our income and expenses report for Q4 2019, so stay tuned for that and our quest to save 90% for the year. Will we reach it?
Blog link:

2019 income and expenses: We saved $189,718 – 88.5% savings rate

The big question we’ve been asking ourselves is whether we reached our goal of saving 90% of our income over the course of the entire year.
Our running total for the first nine months of 2019 was an income of $151,400, with expenses of just $12,710. That’s a huge running savings rate of 91.6%.
But the first nine months don’t tell the full story by any means.
We still had our eye watering tax bill to include this quarter. Plus a surprise expense: we’re going on holidays in Q1 2020, and in November we pre-paid a decent chunk of it!
So can we keep our heads above the 90% threshold across the whole year as we aim for financial independence and early retirement before age 45? Let’s find out!

October-December: Income and side hustles

Let’s start with our salaried work and effort-related ‘active’ income (aka: side hustles).
For starters, this quarter had a profitable seven pay cycles within it for salaries, giving us $43,314.18 after tax. That’s $6,187.74 more than last quarter which only had six pay days. Wouldn’t it be nice if every quarter had seven pay cycles…
We haven’t had any big wins on the side-hustle front to finish the year. But here are other small income streams.
Our bottle collection numbers were $147.70, compared to $235 last quarter. That brings us up to $1015.20 for the year. Not bad for some tax-free cash. However, this side of things has certainly slowed down for us recently. We just haven’t had the time to go on walks after work like we did earlier in the year, so these numbers are decreasing. And the streets actually seem cleaner as well, which is awesome.
This blog made $119.04, compared to $119.26 last quarter. In total the blog earned us $369.76 for the year. In late 2018 the site cost about $521 to set-up with 6 years of hosting, two years domain registration, and a paid theme. So the way things are going, next quarter things will have more or less paid for themselves, which was the core goal of monetising the site. Thanks everyone for your support here!
Next up, doing online surveys were another tidy earner. This quarter we earned $190. In Q1 we earned $170 from surveys, $100 in Q2, and $285 in Q3. That brings us to $645 for the year. When you get these in the form of e-gift vouchers, they’re tax free. Cha-ching!
We also had $110 in rewards program redemptions for October-December. It’s really not even a blip on the radar, but we’ll take it nevertheless. In total we had $240 of rewards redemptions for the year.
Lastly, it’s not really an ‘active’ income source, but Christmas rolled around, and our parents gave us cash in lieu of physical presents. Good thing they gave us money, too, because we have everything else we need – aside from early retirement! This year we received $1,000 in cash, which is greatly appreciated – thanks mums and dads!
That brings our side hustles to a total of $566.74, plus $1,000 in presents. Added together with our salaries, that gives us a grand total of $44,880.92, compared to $37,765.44 last quarter.

October-December: Dividends

Let’s turn our sights to our ‘passive’ income: share dividends.
We had a nice year of buying and reinvesting shares, so as always – we really want to see our numbers increase. It would be rather disheartening to see a year of progress reveal no progress at all.
So how do our numbers compare to last year:
Q4 2018 Q4 2019
DRP/DSSP reinvested/Direct debit (excluding franking credits) $12,694.50 $15,256.82
The numbers above are ‘somewhat net‘ – for the purposes of calculating our savings rate. It excludes franking credits, which are pre-paid tax.
Looking at the numbers above, our dividend income has increased year-on-year by $2,562.32 or 20.2%, which is quite nice.
For reference, this is the full picture for 2019, versus 2018:

DRP/DSSP reinvested/Direct debit (excluding franking credits) 2018 2019
Q4 $12,694.50 $15,256.82
Q3 $15,465.78 $16,439.23
Q2 $4,488.78 $9,728.34
Q1 $5,611.49 $6,739.82
Total $38,260.55 $48,164.21
In total, that’s an increase of $9,903.66 or 25.9% – which is just terrific.
Short of a market crash, things are looking great to improve once again in 2020, with over a quarter of a million dollars in shares purchased and dividend reinvested across 2019 – plus anything extra we purchase throughout 2020.

October-December: Expenses

Alright, drum-roll time. Let’s look at our expenses for the final quarter of the year:
Important to note: the “TOTAL” columns are for the entire year – this table now includes expenses for the last four years: 2016-2019.
For October-December we had total expenses of $11,983.96. That dwarfs our 2018 expenses for the same period (which were $7,760.86) – so an increase of $4,223.1 or 54.4%. Gimme a O, U, C, H!
That figure is also almost as much as our expenses for quarters 1, 2 and 3 combined. What on earth happened?!?
Well, that blowout is entirely down to two items: our tax bill – which doubled on last year – as well as down-payments on a holiday we’re taking to New Zealand in Q1 2020. Our total holiday cost will come in at around $5,000 so we still have around $3,000 coming our way in Q1 next year, so that’ll be an expensive time. However, we hope our tax bill to drop a little bit in 2020 by maybe $1,500 – so that’ll help.
It was another largely our bills were mostly around the same – but not all.
Firstly, there were some notable savings. The biggest step we took was downgrading one of Ellie’s professional memberships, resulting in a saving of almost $400. Across the whole year this downgrade will save us about $750 each year, which is nothing to be sneezed at. In November 2018 we also had a big expense with setting up the blog, which wasn’t replicated this year.
Compared to last year our grocery bill has gone up a little bit, but not as much as we expected given the severe drought.
If we take out tax from our “living expenses”, across all of 2019 we only spent $18,256 compared to $17,891 in 2018. That’s an increase of 2%, which is pretty much in line with inflation.
All up our goal was to cut spending for the year, which we failed at. But given what some of those increases were, ultimately we’re pretty happy with our expenses. Yeah, some things have gone up, but others have dropped.
We could have saved more if the goal was to save money at any cost, but we’re pretty comfortable with life at the moment and what we spend money on.
We have a holiday to look forward to, while 2021 will be a staycation most likely ahead of another international trip in 2022. And sure, our tax bill went up, but that’s because we had a higher income – so we don’t have any right to complain there.
2019 was another year of managing to dodge big expenses for items like broken appliances or home maintenance, which will eventually bite us. Until that happens though, we’ll keep saving and investing. But speaking of saving, how did we go for the quarter, as well as the whole year?

How are we tracking? Q4 savings rate

Now let’s throw together some numbers and see what comes out. First up we’ll look at the savings rate for the quarter:

Q4 Value
Income $44,880.92
Share dividends $15,256.82
Expenses -$11,983.96
Total savings $48,153.78
Savings rate 80.0%
Oooof! 80% is easily our lowest savings rate of any quarter of the year (Q1 was 89.7%, Q2 was 93.2%, and Q3 was 92.1%), but we always knew and said that Q4 with that big fat tax bill was what would hurt us.
So that’s not really a surprise, and in the grand scheme 80% is still pretty good. But forget Q4. What did all of 2019 look like? It’s a number I’ve been waiting all year to see…

2019 annual savings rate

So, did we reach our goal of a 90% savings rate for all of 2019?

2019 Value
Income $166,249
Share dividends $48,164
Expenses -$24,695
Total savings $189,718
Savings rate 88.5%
Darn. 88.5%. So close, and yet so, so far.
Feeling an instant level of guilt, I ran a calculation to see what would have happened if we we didn’t pre-pay part of our upcoming holiday, and it was 89.3% – still short. That makes me feel a bit better.
The next big savings rate killer was the tax. With the way we do our calculations, having some $4,800 of taxable side-hustle income for 2018-19 meant almost $1,800 in extra tax. The impact of that extra tax and holidays combined would have just about got us over the line to 90%.
We tried and ultimately failed! Sorry, folks!
In any case, saving almost $190,000 between income and reinvested dividends is something we’re really thrilled about. It’s all going into shares now, and will continue to do so until we hit our share income goals. Combined with the increases to our net worth in 2019, our goal of early retirement has never been closer and feels like it’s accelerating.
We’ll be posting our 2020 goals next week, so stay tuned for that.
Thanks for reading and good luck with your income and expense goals for the year ahead!
Blog link:
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Best Website Builder | Recommendations

This guide contains an in-depth review of each website builder service, the best website builders for certain scenarios, and our methodology for choosing the best website builder for you.
Launching a new business website is no small feat – there are a lot of moving parts that go into it.One of the big business decisions you need to make is choosing a right website builder to build your website. With so many website builder services available online, it can be hard to pick one.That is why I’ve compiled a list of 3 Best website builder providers that we think are best for small to medium-sized businesses.We'll also look into other details, such as what makes a website builder good for small businesses and users' options in the market, in the latter part of this post.

Wix Best Overall, Recommended
SITE123 Wix Alternative
HostGator Lowest Price,Best For Small Business

1. Wix - Best Website Builder

Since launching in 2006, Wix has swiftly established itself as the market’s leading website builder. Wix the most popular website builders in the world. Granted, they’re not the cheapest, but in terms of what you get for your money, they’re the best. You’ll see them frequently recommended by popular bloggers and website owners the world over!
Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create a professional website – without having to know a line of code! With hundreds of templates and great tools Wix lets you build and sell through your site. Beginner-friendly and scalable, Wix is suitable for anything from personal online portfolios to small business websites.
Wix is a classic template website builder and an AI platform rolled into one. You can choose from over 500 industry-specific templates and make use of its incredible drag-and-drop editor. Or if you’d prefer, use Wix ADI and let Wix design a website for you!
Wix also has a whole host of amazing business features – like subscription forms, appointment bookings and email marketing – and an app market bursting with amazing add-ons.
I’d recommend Wix to anyone looking to build either a small business, eCommerce or personal website. For businesses, Wix has brilliant templates, SEO and marketing tools, and tons of apps to help you scale. For personal sites, you have everything you need for blogging, portfolios or CVs at your fingertips. It's the Apple of website builders: intuitive, curated and thoughtfully designed. I highly recommend it.

2. Site123 - Best Wix Alternative

Site123 is a website builder at the forefront of innovation, making it easier and quicker than ever to create a website.Their templates are well-designed, apps easy to integrate, and they offer you the ability to sell products through your website.If that wasn’t enough, their help and support features are some of the best around, preventing you getting stuck on anything from the get-go. SITE123 gives everyone who buys an annual plan a free domain name for 1 year!
SITE123 makes website building very easy, even for beginners. A user-friendly interface, helpful tips and tutorials, and 24/7 live chat are there to guide you through the entire process. The mobile-responsive templates and e-commerce features will be more than sufficient for some users. However, if you’re planning on building a complex site, or if you’re looking for more design freedom, Wix is the best solutions for website builder.

3. HostGator - Gator Website Builder

HostGator's drag and drop website builder Gator is designed to be easy, eCommerce-friendly, and perfect for your new business. Gator is a drag and drop, visual website builder— and it's excellent. This website builder also comes with everything you need to start your website including free hosting and a free domain name during your first term. They also offer an eCommerce plan that allows you to create an online store with built-in shopping cart functionality.
All Gator Website Builder plans include free Domain name, Drag and drop builder, Customizable templates, Website analytics, Free SSL certificate, 24/7/365 support.

What is the best website builder? That’s a good question. By now you know the answer depends on your needs. If you need to create a simple website for your small business, then Site123 or Gator may do the job. If you’re an avid photographer who wants to showcase your work, you’re better off going with Wix. If you want the best of everything, then Wix is your best bet.
Do you have a question about our website builder recommendations that aren’t included here? Want to know something more specific or something we didn’t already cover about one of these builders? Leave a comment below.
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I know, we are all getting tired and cranky. Some of us have been coop inside for over a week. The stress of not being in control is getting to us. However, please do not come to the subreddit to complain.
There are were two stickies (which are linked in this post) that have both PearsonVue's and CompTIA's responses on how they are handling Exams. I am trying to keep tabs on what CompTIA and PearsonVue releases and update according. Please try to keep all questions concerning remote testing, vouchers expiration, test taking, COVID-19, etc. limited to that thread.
If you have questions about your vouchers, your best bet is to contact CompTIA or PearsonVue Directly.
We are all in this together! Will get through this! Till then, just keep studying.
UPDATE #1 - This doesn't pertain to CompTIA, but it might be something we can look forward to in the near future. Cisco has extended all current/active CERTIFICATION expiration by six months. You can read more here
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You can easily get Champion Discount Code

You can easily get Champion Discount Code
It is widely believed that the kind of clothes we wear to portray our feelings and emotions. If you are under the weather, your clothes would be of boring colours and designs while ecstatic emotions will have the polar opposite effect.
Keeping all this in mind, great minds came together and created an excellent online clothing store by the name of Champion. You can bet that this brand has, over the years, championed in the art of dressing people in chic and colourful designs. So, grab the Champion Promo Code and enjoy amazing deals on all your purchases here.
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Spinit Casino 200 free spins bonus and $1000 free cash promotion

Spinit Casino 200 free spins bonus and $1000 free cash promotion

Spinit Casino Free Spins Bonus
Join and claim 200 gratis spins and $1000 free bonus! This is exclusive offer for new players. Deposit now, use special code and enjoy extra chips! Have fun!
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Spinit Casino Full Review

General Facts:

There is a ‘new kid on the block’, and the first impression is a strong one. The site looks fresh, cool and modern. A lot of note-worthy features for this relatively new online casino group (established 2014 and licensed in both Malta and UK),. Their new brand boasts an ultramodern design supporting several languages and advanced back-end technology, developed with the mobile user as the core focus; personalised promotions and VIP program; and 5-star customer service which includes several support channels and a useful easy-to-resolve tips (FAQ) feature.
Spinit has been built by a group of gaming casino pros and this new brand has given them the chance to showcase their many combined years of experience in igaming through launching a new online casino slots lovers that is ultra mobile friendly.
The inspiration behind this online casino takes an obvious leap into the future, as they start with the most advanced technology from day 1. Many of the tried and true online casinos out there may be long-established, however their ‘old school’ relationship with outdated technologies can put a damper on the experience. Spinit puts technology first in terms of how they can provide the best experience; sharp, fast and to the point.
Playing on their site, whether it be desktop or mobile, is exactly how they intended - smooth and fast. To maintain such high quality over time, as the technology inevitably improves, Spinit uses a team of specialized UI and UX designers to provide 100% modern, quality gameplay to those who appreciate the mantra: “Spin it to win it!”. Sure thing!
What about the game selection? They don’t fall short in supply there, either. With 1200+ games currently on offer (with a constant increase), you’ll find a slot, table or live game suitable for whichever ‘mood’ you’re in; boredom simply isn’t an option. Given their brand, ‘Spinit’, you could guess there’s an obvious focus on slots (and slot-specific bonuses), so chances are, if there’s an amazing hit slot (or a hidden gem), you’ll find it playing here. A notable point to mention, being that Spinit holds such high importance on the innovation factor, you’ll find a wide range of games available on mobile - 200 mobile games and climbing (fast!).
To summarize the technicalities, like banking options and customer service, we could find no faults - the banking options are vast and convenient, while the support was friendly, helpful, with an ease in the overall process. With 10+ languages available and counting, it’s a cause that serves everyone.

Bonuses & Promotions:

Obviously one of the defining factors on whether to sign up to a casino (or not), is the bonuses. What most gamers look out for when on the bonus hunt, is the regularity of bonuses - bonuses on a consistent basis that are both fun and engaging. Whilst reviewing Spinit, it appears they truly stepped up the game in this arena: Spinit offers personalized bonuses to their players. What does that mean, exactly? Basically, Spinit uses specialized technology via advanced tools to analyze player habits, in turn offering a bonus that is 100% personalized to your playing preferences. Liberally, giving you the bonus you want! The future is fast approaching at Spinit, there’s no denying it.
It really took some time to process (and appreciate) the fact that this brand has such intriguing technology behind their products, and once we came back down to earth, there was more bonus discovery to be fulfilled. As already mentioned, there an obvious focus on ‘spinning’, or slots, with Spinit, which makes it more than appropriate that their most enticing bonuses are often their free spins on slots specials. Since they are always introducing new games, a free spins offer is a fair counterpart!
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Fun and games, with some wins along the way, describe the motive behind most avid gamers, however what else makes a player ‘tick’? Jackpots! Spinit doesn’t fall short if you want to win big, offering a vast, tempting selection of jackpots from both NetEnt and Microgaming - 2 of the biggest in terms of jackpot offerings! Just take a look at the Spinit website and you’ll see which jackpot looks the most promising - if you’re lucky!

What About Games & Providers?

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The long list of providers under their belt show an enriching combination of both long-time game brands, such as Microgaming and Play’N Go, with the above-all innovators, such as NetEnt and NYX, along with the the top runner in live casino, Evolution Gaming; quite the impressive list, indeed!
With an overall count of 1200+ games (200 available on mobile), there’s not much missing when it comes to bonus-fueled games of mass variety! Table games like various version of Blackjack, Roulette, among others, with slots in mass abundance, paired with Live versions of all of your favorites - what more can you ask for? In combination with the rewarding (and personalized!) bonus offers, you’ll likely be one of the first to try the new titles if you sign up, a definite plus.

VIP Offers & Loyalty:

With Spinit, your loyalty to the brand, quite literally, pays off - in more ways than one. The folks at Spinit are known for being pros in the game, so they know what kind of rewards players want; they understand your needs because, in a sense, keeping you happy is their business. Without sounding ‘too poetic’, the brand works because those who make it what it is, have only one aim and that is to please: You!
The VIP/loyalty program at Spinit is called the Spinit VIP Plan, it does not work in terms of levels or points, but rather you’re awarded based on your time and money spent playing with them. As expected, you’ll encounter rewards which make you feel like a VIP; including exclusive offers, gifts, personalized customer service, you name it, they have it.
Here is a full list of their VIP benefits:
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Banking Options:

There is seemingly no limit to the amount of banking options with Spinit. Ewallets, localized payment options, e-vouchers, prepaid cards, they’ve got almost every option available, making your banking process a complete breeze - very convenient.
The most common options available are the trusted Visa and Mastercard, Euteller, Trustly, or Neteller, with the minimum amount for deposit being €10.
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Withdrawals are processed according to the specific payments processing option selected, however should be completed within 48 hours. Bank transfers take 3 – 5 days to process.
Main Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, ZAR. CAD, AUD (+ 20 others)

Customer Support:

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Hours: Monday-Sunday, 8.00 – 22.00 GMT
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● Call back option available
● Support available on Mobile
  • Austria 00-43- 720228284
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You can see we’re clearly set on the experience at Spinit; we’re proudly part of the Spin Crowd. This brand seems to be pushing on all the right buttons of players all around the world, and with all of the tools to back them up, it’s clear to see this casino is going places. We’re happy to be along for the ride, and excited to see what’s next to come> So, if you want to get in on the action, now’s the time - Take advantage of their ever-giving $1000 Welcome package + 200 free spins and take this brand for a spin!
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The Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….

With the Saratoga season quickly approaching, I’ve had my arm twisted enough by the Discord team to write a primer on the track. I live about 20-minutes east of Saratoga and it’s my home track; my first real memory of a horse race was betting on Forty Niner in the ’88 Travers……I was 6…… During the 40-day meet, I do most of my wagering for the year and consistently show a nice positive ROI.
What is Saratoga: The Saratoga Racecourse is the oldest continually operating sporting venue in the United States. The town of Saratoga was founded around dozens of natural mineral springs which were turned into bath houses at the end of the 19th Century. Those fighting conditions like Polio sought out the healing properties of the springs; FDR was a regular visitor. The town is about a 3-hour drive north of NYC, so it’s a major summer retreat for those looking to escape. During most of the year, Saratoga is a sleepy town of 25k; on a major race weekend that number will be 5x that.
Why is it Important: The 40-day long meet has 76 stakes with $20.8 million in purse, 40 of those being Graded. Most tracks best day of racing for the entire season is a regular Saratoga Thursday afternoon, the field size and quality here is just unmatched. The feature of the meet is the Travers stakes which will see 3yr old’s coming from the Triple Crown trail facing off against later blooming horses who are setting up for a late season run targeting the Breeders Cup. Saratoga also sees a huge number of very talented maiden races where you will often see next year’s Triple Crown contenders get their start. Owners and Trainers want to show off their very best and a win at Saratoga means massive bragging rights for most. Due to its northern latitude and numerous training tracks, Saratoga is a massive training track that sees horse shippers from around the country even if they have no intent on running there. For the month of July and August, Saratoga really is the focus of all horse racing east of the Mississippi.
What you should know before going:
· New this year, the meet runs from July 11th through Labor Day Weekend with Monday and Tuesday being dark days. First post is normally 1pm except for major Saturday’s like Alabama and Travers Day.
· General/Grandstand admission is $7 with clubhouse being $10; on Travers day General/Grandstand is $15 with Clubhouse being $25. Clubhouse admission does not provide a seat, only entry to the Clubhouse areas.
· Track has a 50k capacity and it WILL sell out for Travers day a solid month in advance. If you show up at the gate for Travers without a ticket, you will be turned away.
· Reserved seating is available through Ticketmaster. If you’re someone who wants to just show up and watch the races, this is a nice easy option. Just remember that although these are covered, many of the lower seats are in the sun, so dress accordingly.
· Most regulars will sit in the Picnic Areas behind the Grandstand. Bring a camp chair and watch the races on the copious big screens. A number of these areas (specifically right behind the Carousel) have a walking path that goes through them so you can watch the horses before they hit the paddock and tree cover keeps you out of the sun.
· If you want to sit in the Picnic Area and have a Picnic Table, you have two options. The first is to reserve one of these through Ticketmaster, but the reserved area is behind the paddock and really sucks. The other is to be at the gates for 6am, wear running shoes (I’m serious) and sprint for a table. Place a tablecloth on the table and tape it down then come back for the races. Moving a tablecloth is a massive Toga foul and you will get tossed if you’re caught.
· Outside food and drink are totally fine in the picnic area, the only real rule is no glass of any kind.
· No formal dress code exists for most of the track, although pants are required for men in the paddock and “appropriate dress” is required in Clubhouse and Box Seating areas. You’ll see everything at the track from picnic area regulars in shorts and a t-shirt, those in 3-piece Armani suits, to some wearing vintage Linen or Seersucker.
· If you’re looking to stay in Saratoga, its not cheap, with rooms often going from $300-600 a night with houses in walking distance to the track going for upwards of 10k a week. Best options are to stay in Clifton Park, Albany or Lake George which are all about a 30-minute commute. Some good AirBnB options exist about 15-minutes east of town along the Hudson river as well.
· If you’re bringing people not into horse racing, tons of options exist for them. Six Flags has a theme park in Lake George with a full water park. A 30-minute drive north puts you in the Adirondack park which has amazing hiking, biking, canoeing and camping. Just east is the Battenkill river which has amazing trout fishing and is the home river of Orvis. For the history buff’s, both the Saratoga Battlefield and Grant Cottage are close by. SPAC in the Saratoga State Park is a summer location for the NYC Ballet, Philadelphia Orchestra and sees major national touring acts. The Spa Park also is a great running, biking or picnic spot that is super close to town.
· Saratoga also has the highest number of bars per capita in the US, tons of options exist Caroline street during the Summer. Restaurant wise you have a lot of world class food along Broadway and around Saratoga Lake. Many people who vacation during the summer have no interest in horse racing, so people watching at the bars can be an amazingly fun evening adventure.
· Although many people prefer paying to park (no idea why), NYRA does offer free parking off from Henning Road which is your first right after getting off the Northway with buses taking you from the parking lot to the track. Although not Glamorous, its a good way to save a few bucks and you get a nice scenic tour of the barns.
· Breakfast with the horses is an absolute MUST if you're a first timer. Get there from 7-9:30am and sit in the Clubhouse Porch and eat the Buffet (I think its $15) while watching morning works. You can park right at the track and they refund your parking on the way out. They also normally have a caller so you'll get names of major horses who might be working, its really an amazing scene.
Angles to Consider:
· Having good friends is a massive benefit here. Fields are deep and competitive, so having a 2nd or 3rd set of eyes looking at PP’s is huge. A group of us Handicap a couple of days before each card, so hop on Discord and go through the races as a team, it will substantially boost your ROI.
· Saratoga is the land of Maidens, so Workout Reports are key. All the major east coast trainers will bring the best of their best 2yr old’s to Saratoga as winning a race there is massive. The only true way to gauge these horses is with workout reports. Always remember that PP’s are rearward biased; you care about the horse today, not when it last ran a month ago. Due to the time of the Saratoga meet, it’s very common to have improving 2 or 3yr old’s take a massive step up here.
· Best way to make money at Saratoga is to pay attention to track biases and to make out your own odds. Track tends to be very speed favoring one day and then it’s all closers the next; watch not just what horse is winning but how and adjust accordingly. Saratoga also sees a lot of "dead money", people with no clue who are betting names, colors, jockeys, trainers...etc. These people LOVE to chase favorites and they are very often overlay’s more here than any place else in the country. If you handicap with no ML and have a horse's fair value at 3-1 its often common to see it drift to 10-1 because a Pletcher firster is 1-9 when it should also be 3-1.... etc....
· Saratoga is also the land of crazy weather. It’s not abnormal to have half the card be 80 and Sunny then a pop-up Thunderstorm rolls through and you have mud with off-turf. The public has no ideas how to manage this and will still bet a turf horse who hates running on the dirt. This leads to some massive overlay’s if you’re prepared.
· NYRA Bets always runs a bet $200 get $200 promo for new signups, it’s well worth your time if you don't already have it. They sometimes will run additional promos on top as well for new members on-track during the meet. This lets you use Mutel terminals if you like tickets without a voucher or you can do everything online which is WAY more efficient.
· In any Saratoga Dirt/Mellon/Inner Turf race between 5 and 6.5f, always toss the 1 horse. Over the past 3 years the 1 post is something like 5 for 450 at those distances. This is partially due to those distances seeing younger horses, but also due to the shape of the inner rail entering the far turn.
· Fade horses in the 8 path and beyond in 2-turn routes, they have terrible statistics even when accounting for field size. The most problematic races are 1 mile on the Mellon turf where early positional speed is huge. 9 & 10 furlong races on the main track also favor the inside as a shorter runup into the first turn can leave outside horses stranded.
· Irad ran away with the 2018 Jockey title, but it’s always super competitive. Saratoga has one of the best jockey colonies in the country so it’s not a chase for a good jock but pay attention to what mounts they choose. If you saw that JJ was on three horses last out but choose one of those this time over the others, it’s likely that horse is very live…. etc.
· Chad Brown also dominate the Trainer title in 2018, with it not even being a contest. His entire barn points for the meet so if it’s a CB horse, its live, just deal with it.
· With all the CB love at Saratoga, certain trainers also have TERRIBLE statistics and should be faded or avoided. Those trainers who have solid numbers of starters and do well at other tracks but suck at SAR are: Amoss, Arnold, Keneally, McPeek, Moquette, Rivelli, Romans, Stall, Stewart and Wilkes. You’ll notice a KY trend there; yes, it is real….
· Pay attention to “well meant shippers” meaning oddball ships and weird drops. Look for horses coming out of smaller tracks like a Penn, FL, GP West, OP... etc... who are trained by small time trainers who have limited starts. Betting public tends to feel a lot more comfortable backing a Pletcher horse than a guy who sees 25 starts a year from a 5-horse stable. You'll often see a horse who ran in a couple MSW races at a Penn for 12k, took a two month break with little work pattern, then shows up at Saratoga in an MCL 45k and wins. Also, huge class drops are less of a concern at Saratoga as traineowner title are so important, hell just winning a race is huge so often people will be OK being claimed away to say, "My horse won at Saratoga". You also tend to see a lot of horses who have one or two not very impressive starts, go on the bench for a month or two and then appear at Saratoga and win from a no-name trainer and connections, things often don't pass the sniff test and are often live in doing so.
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Its 00.03 AM [16-05-2020] I guess day 51 of lockdown 😅 [which pretty sure has deprived people of their Dopamine , Serotonin 0and Endorphin releases - HAPPINESS].

P.S: This is my first blog ever , it's definitely pretty long [But please don't leave it half read since ive devoted about 6 hours recalling the memories and writing this .. I love Real and General quizzing so much so I wanted you all to see how It is] and Kindly ignore grammatical errors [don't be grammar nozzys] , Quizzers accept phonetically right answers and Please do tell me your comments! And I was in a hurry so Didn't proofread !!


ALSO WONDER WHY A SUDDEN THRUST? SAW A COUPLE OF FELLOW QUIZZERS (SCHOOL BOYS) GET INTO A FIGHT FOR THE SECOND PLACE IN AN ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ !🙃 That isn't how Quizzing works (One Guy started flexing about working with Stanford professor and all .. and the Other Called him *Inferior being* without having any kindness 😔)
  • Here I'm Waiting for the answers of the last Tie-Breaker question of the last quiz of "LOCKDOWN PE QUIZ" by Chai Pe Quiz . Wish lockdown could extend for these amazing quizzes sake .
  • LOL 😂 Also I'm Reading about a Conspiracy theory on WIND OF CHANGE by SCORPIONS'
  • Also Listening To a Rock Version of SUBRAHMANYENA RAKSHITOHAM [ Suddha Dhanyasi Ragam , ADI talam & Written by Muthuswamy Dhikshitar] I know these things are weird combos but still my personal stuff 😊
\The podcast about the Album/


My Love with quizzing began in primary school . I participated in a Intrabatch GK quiz in 1st standard .. I tried the prelims in 3rd , 4th standards .. still no chances .
Finally in 5th standard I qualified again (this time it was a real and fun quiz) Me and My BestFriend were the team .. [Even "JODI SUPEREHH" Song was played for some other dance practice but we interpreted it was for us 😛] . We went on to win the QUIZ .
Also I had found that Science was my home and always craved for More and More knowledge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Which still continues since there's no end.
Then me and my friend used to be constant partners in attempting the TIME AQUA REGIA QUIZ every year and get qualified for the inter-school rounds .. we never made into the stage but the amount of science knowledge and facts gained were completely amazing [Just imagine knowing about Manhattan project and ROBERT OPPENHEIMER in 6th grade]
I remember a challenge on finding information about NAPOLEON BONAPARTE and telling the facts to my friend in 6th standard.
I started attending Interschool quizzes .. from The ones conducted by The State government as a part of Art and Literary Fest , By Private colleges and Science Forum .... To Youngworld , Times of India ,Etc.
Yeah you read that right! *We participated* Never won any big quiz during the early years 😄.
Intra-school quizzes were real fun , with the motive being going there cool .. Showing your monopoly dominance and winning! The best quiz was By the Son of our biology teacher , who has now represented his school , college in TCS IT WIZ , TATA CRUCIBLE National finals and studying in IITM currently]
6th and 7th Standard Was Full of Participation only ! Also our school didn't have a quiz club !
An Interesting event- 7th Standard!! Quarterly Holidays .. A high school Economics Teacher had called my dad and informed I had to report to school the next morning! I was kinda terrified and also eager to know 😂 // This was an initial stage where I felt Dopaminergic surges when She told me I was selected to represent our school in the Art and Literary competition. I had to Study for the whole day with two Amazing seniors from 10th standard ! With huge load if books from library.. including current affairs stuff like Competition Success and all .. It was definitely a Hectic day !
The quiz was conducted in our school ... but we didn't do well 🙃! "Happens at times" .
8th Standard Was a Booster to my Quizzing experience!
We made upto Divisional level in a Science quiz, The Day when Aniruddha (he was in 10th lol) met the Stranger 😂 / I Hope you read this and also remember that girl / They lost the district round but he didn't bother.. He was feeling butterflies 🦋!
Me and Dinu won 2nd place in the Science quiz at KPR! Two days of fun and enjoyment .
From 6th to 12th I've participated in almost all the Intraschool quizzes and Finished in the podium in almost all !
I also started reading newspapers since I was in 5th or 6th !
Then Entering into 9th standard also the beautiful years of Teenage and School life , came responsibilities and Duties! [2015-2016]
We tried creating a quiz club and Used to discuss interesting stuff from the Newspaper and all ! But it was like searching for a pin lost in the sea 🏝
I'll 💯% agree with the Fact that 9th standard was the Epitome of my School quizzing career! We did lose many quizzes .. but found where we did lag and Started enjoying the funda and gaining knowledge from Finals of quizzes !
Its the year when I met amazing people from coimbatore .. many Senior quizzers from CQC ! Got contacts with amazing Bro's Who still help me with so many things.
We got to know about the meetings after a quiz at CMS . Damn that were good and standard quizzes one for college and another for school.
In the first Meeting I did good in the beginners and learnt a lot in the main quiz , from Metallica beetle to Akira Kurosowa and Rashomon.
Best part about informal meetings is that you'll really enjoy without any kind of pressure , But I regret a quiz which was full of "PUT FUNDA" .... Imagine attending 25 dries [as a team of 8-10 people ; yeah you get to know them better , like how they connect things , read stuff and all] with most of em having just putfunda .. ParleG girl and all was there !
I also started participating actively in Quizzing groups on FB like Otto Von besmirch , K- Circle ... Grasping the funda from the high level questions was a challenge (is a) but that gave huge levels of satisfaction and Happy hormones in the Brain !!
Talking About 9th standard .. The Last week of January always has been The Most promising week thereafter .. {feeling really sad writing this line 😕but Okayys!}
Aniruddha , Basu & Rahul were the constants!
The year seriously started off with a good Quiz .. Me and Ani Finishing 5th [Lol yeah we made it onto the stage with seriously brilliant and Hardcore Quizzers as other teams]
I still there was a Picture of a young age Atalji and Ani helped me with movie kostins!
That was of the typical SREC Quiz Club quiz ... the first of few that I attended.
I had huge amounts of Endorphins released when I first saw our team's name in the List.
Next a Sad one , but with a good lesson . It was during quarterly holidays and The FOREST COLLEGE would conduct their annual fest for school students , Me and Aniruddha being deputed for quiz team and Basu for Drawing ( Im acknowledging your skills 😊) . The university campus is in Cowley Brown Road in RS PURAM , but what the legend Ani did was he went to the campus in Mettupalayam
The organisers were so strict about having a team ! I tried asking Basu to join me.. but he went for drawing!
I had to sit in the audience seat for the whole quiz which I could've won as a LoneWolf ! I had read books on Animals and Birds by the NATIONAL BOOK TRUST , Went through stuff related to national parks , sanctuaries and stuff..
Me , Basu and Kaushik Went to Art and literary fest quiz at Vasavi Vidyalaya . It was an amazing quiz by Rangarajan sir and we finished 3rd . I learnt about Apollo 11 and stuff from Siva Dharshan anna's Lighting answer {Standard Sugar patient da Naanu Dialogue applies}
I took TCS IT WIZ seriously at those days and started preparing daily just to realize I wasn't really interested in Computer or Tech . Me and Dinu/Rahul made 2-3 points close to the cutoff everytime!
Also The Battle of Brains experience made me more attracted towards quizzing! Attending MEGAWHATTS/Magister by KQA became a part of the Religion! .. We scored 10/100 .. still a Decent score!
I used [many of us] to be a fan of Sumanth Raman sir's BSNL Sports quiz on every sunday Night 9-10 PM .. Damnn I seriously miss those days! Me and Rahul were fond of travelling to places. Usual teenager thrills only . Also being in 9th standard we were offered so much freedom .. So we would give names for any contest/ fest and Enjoyed them to the core . The school never asked why we never won any prizes . They definitely encouraged participation and understood that it was the most essential!
YoungWorld Quiz 2016
  • Then it was January 🦋🦋 , The day after Republic day .. we had worked our Arses off for the past month for the "BEST QUIZ EVER " of Our life . Worth the 200 we paid for registration!
  • Also That day had a huge Adrenaline Rush "Literally rush".
  • We managed to find Many answers [12\20] in the prelims including KRYPTON ❤ And were really Anxious af about getting into the prelims.
  • We were the last team to get drafted into the stage .. But it wasn't so smooth.
ME & Dinu : Dei canteen la snacks theendhuduchu , pasikuthu , veliya poi saptutu varalaam!
* Sneaks out without even noting the time and roams around, finds no shops nearby in the Nava India Road .. Wish Akshayam was there at that time 😋 except a small potti kadai*
Me: Kurkure thaan iruku paravaala vaangikalam.
Dinu: [to shopkeeper] Anna ithellam fresh uh? expiry date eppo?
Shopkeeper: Nee vaanagve venam thambi , Edatha gaali pannu!
Me: Pacifies them and Returns , Kina quick because it was kinda late!
ENTERS THE SNR AUDITORIUM BLOCK .. Dinu: Dei avasara velaiya mudichutu polaam!
Me: *with half a packet of kurkure in hand* Illa da nee poitu va , Time aachu !
* Literally a hell lot of anxiety and Norepi burst off *
Runs faster covering the whole length and gets onto stage
RAHUL: Enga da poi tholancheenga , naan bayanthe poiten.
Me: Kurkure saapada ponom , Padhi packet iruku Aprom Saapadalaam 😂😂.
We finished Third , in the first huge quiz of my life [450 teams of 2 people each from 5-8 districts] and with Huge Outbursts of Dopamine , Serotonin and Norepi , I just felt the Oxytocin connect towards quizzing!
Return Home Journey was awesome with Sakkarai pongal from school temple [It was in a huge vessel] and Fun Talks with Palani Baba in the Winger van ! He is a man of amazing human qualities and Kindness .. He always smiles and makes jokes to keep us happy and entertained . Hearing to his teenage life story while he's driving was always our favourite passtime during travels. I've travelled so many days and times with him! I MISS THOSE DAYS.
My kinda sundays were always about quizzing , Attending CQC meets at PSGIM and Eating CHOCOCREME BUN & TULASI TEA at the Bakery 💖
Met People Like Praneeth 😆
Then we entered 10th standard , we got serious in studying [I did my whole schooling under the Tamilnadu stateboard , but seriously our highschool PCMB books were really awesome 💥]
I missed the INDIA Quiz at KCT due to a Exam at PSGTECH .. But that was a risk worth taking! Since it had amazing question on science and GK I ended up loving the paper and Scoring the Top score in Coimbatore district [Being at a decent rank while competing against CBSE schools like Bodhi is definitely good!]
We went to quizzes , limited ones but never missed the important ones like BoB , TCS IT WIZ , MKQ [Put in a lot of efforts since COIMBATORE never failed to fascinate me , Lost the stage due to few silly mistakes .. Heartbroken because Kovai quotient never returned]
One good quiz to mention is The one By SRPC ! Prelims was bad with math , science and social science [ Team of 4 . Arunachalam and Mukesh helped us !]
Finals was only for 2 people .. Me and Rahul went , Did well .. ENDED UP AT 3RD PLACE AND WITH A SUM OF 3K [This is the only real cash prize i've ever received at a quiz]
Also during the holidays I attended The AQC [Asia Quizzing Championship] in June at Brookfields Banquet Hall .. Ended up with about 18/100 but I cracked IGOR KURCHATOV .. The name kurchatovium(Russians) was put forth as a name for Atomic.NO:104 Currently Rutherfordium(Americans) Which was kinda unique answer and I had known good amounts of science and conspiracies 😎 .. Mahnn that moment felt seriously happy with lots of Hormones secreting and Butterflies in stomach {Yeah SCIENCE has been my only Love since my childhood I'm pretty sure that it'll remain the same}
I had my friend shouting at me for not joining him for a movie at The Cinemas :/
Done well with 10th standard and 11th was meant to be "FUN" since our school used to take the whole syllabus and leave us free .. but the govt came up with a plan for public egjam!
Plans kinda shattered but little I did know about The goodness it'll do to my Life !
Life was kinda heavily packed 8-5 school [MON-SAT] and Evening classes at Aakash on sat and again 8-5 on Sunday at Aakash ! *If you guys find this blog good i'll keep writing about other stuff like highschool life also !*
I attended Very few Quizzes , TCS IT WIZ moved out of Coimbatore , No MKQ , No time to attend quizzes on Sundays - Life definitely had a hard turn.
In 11th standard we managed to get into the state level of a Science quiz [We ended up as 3rd] , That was a pretty bad quiz finals because we neither had buzzers nor Pounce!?
Also a quiz in SREC .. We finished 4th , also bragging vouchers for the creative team name - JILLUNU KAATHU JANNALA SAATHU . Me and Rahul were just making fun of the name in the morning at school🤣 . And also as per certain good traditions quizzes attended with rahul without him getting scoldings from principal sir never ended well .. We got em before YWQ , Science quiz and Srec quizzes!
I started attending Open quizzes whenever I found time . 12th standard also same story! Worse news was that Quiz was Scrapped from Art and Literary fest by the Government 😐.
Passed 12th . Had entrances .. so couldn't attend any quiz until June 1st weekend!
Started downloading KQA old quizzes to quench the thirst for Quizzing.. That time period is a Dry-time for open quizzes . Started following many quizclub pages on instagram and Felt really happy after reading the fundae...
I also attended the Cricket quiz with Basu , The day I met the AGR vro in real life! The guy who was with us in YWQ had made into the quiz [Lol that guy's a Cricket Buff ! I seriously felt happy that we did'nt have the tiebreaker with that team at YWQ .. Which was about the First Century for INDIA in ODI
Also I was invited as a Volunteer for the GRM Memorial quiz by Siva Anna and really ahd fun on the day by helping them conduct the quiz smoothly and also having nostalgic memories about how was I as a school quizzer and Realizing how i've entered the General quizzing world [Open quizzes are for everyone .. Anyone from any age group can participate]
[Logged off by 01AM 17/05.. Back at 22.30 ! PALINCHU KAMAKSHI By MANDOLIN.U.SRINIVAS in the background]
Then shifted to chennai for college life , I had a month full of foundation course which never had any academic activites so I was free to roam around the city on weekends.
The first quiz here at Chennai was QFI Open [I partnered with a Dad and a 6th std son Duo] And I did enjoy the prelims and we had a decent score of about 8/25 . It was definitely a quiz for the elite quizzers , but All open quizzes are Open to the Audience to Enjoy the quiz and Cherish happy moments answering them [That's what we quiz for 😇] . It was a 2 day quiz fest but since I had some work and also not so good at sports , entertainment I attended only the Final General Quiz!
Answering Halloween and Jack-O-Lantern , Vikram lander were all fun! I did get a chance to witness how fast and knowledegble were the Elites from Various parts of the country . Mind=Blown 👏..
Then I started attending Fortnightly informal quizzing sessions by QFI .. Their Signature QF1 and a Special quiz of the day . I would attend only one quiz per month owing to tight schedules for IA and stuff .. Also I had to travel 10Kms Up and Down ! They were really refreshing for the mind after a whole week full of Tiring lectures . I used to score 13-15/30 . Also since you'd get drafted into the teams randomly so you'll meet new people every single time!
They asked for a team from our batch , I signed up with two non-quizzers since my friend was reluctant thinking it would be some academic quiz ! Conducted for CMCHIS at the Omandurar Estate .. I seriously regret for not taking my friend with me 😭 .. Mahnn we could've done better! But teams from our college performed well and won a Prize ! The quiz was hosted by the Crown prince of Nawab of Arcot .. with a live music round ! Performed by two amazing singers.
September and Oktober were really Awesome ! Me and My new Fraand Dhinesh attended a Quiz at a Gaming centre cum Bistro and made into the finals ! Not to mention the Poor white creme pasta we bought for redeeming the 200 rupee entry fee ! The environment was really different .. Groups cutting cakes for birthdays at one side , while you're thinking whether to Pounce or Not!
And we Made another awesome trip Shankara Nethralaya .. Ofc Getting OD . It was a quiz by famous QM DR.Sumanth Raman sir . After an amazing Plate of snacks .. Dhokla , Kaala Jamun and Samosa 💚 💣 ...
Co-Ordinator {An aged Man} Guys eat well
[We all were smiling , and wondering why he was telling that specifically to Us [MEDICOS] while many college students were there]
Sir: You all are gonna save people in the future , It's true so don't laugh ..
I felt happy and Kinda Shy/ embarrassed.
We scored 6.5 in prelims , Knew few answers like Tea was declared as the National drink of India and all .. But missed by a Point! Bad times do exist!! I was pretty exicted because it was the first time I saw Sir in real life , after years of seeing on TV and Missing him badly over the past months because he was removed from the quiz 😔
There was a question about "GERONTOPHOBIA" and we were sitting thinking what could be the answer .. and QM was like "What's this Ra .. Medicos should definitely know! .. Don't disappoint me saying you don't know "... We managed to guess the Fear of Becoming old / Old age.
The finals were really interesting and we did answer sitting in as the Audience! 2 teams from our college did really well.
Months passed .. With very few/ no quizzes attended . But I did'nt stop the Instagram quizzes , which used to be daily questions and weekly quizzes by few college quiz clubs .
I missed a quiz at a Medical college due to some IA on the next day , That was held with the help of QFI!!
Then it was December an Winter Vacation {Should aptly call Cold and Rainy} at Coimbatore .. There was Mr.Avinash Mudaliar one of the best QM's and quizzers in the country all the way from Mumbai to witness the Great Solar Eclipse with his Family . He planned to conduct a quiz on the day of Christmas . I attended it with AGR vro {It had rained heavily from vadavalli to brookfields ... and hence the coat was drenched} and accidentally my old Other school friend also joined us.
It was teams of 4 .. I seriously enjoyed a standard quiz at my hometown after being away ! We answered questions from Ajith acting in a Hawai chappal advertisement to Viscera {The noun meaning the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen, e.g. the intestines. But could'nt get GUTTED , the QM quickly understood I was a Medico 😂}
After the quiz Had time to Talk to AGR vro .. after crossing the water logged Kikani Underpass all the way to Delhiwala💛 .. We had argued about getting a Parcel Bhel last week from Agarwal 😋😋 ,. Ate stomach full of Shahi Paneer , Aloo matar ,Naan and Basundhi 💥 and He was generous enough to drop me in his RE!
Then came Pongal holidays and Saarang at IITM.. Me , dhinesh and his old friend attended the India Quiz conducted by two Vadaks in Kurtha Pyjama! We knew we wouldn't get selected for finals so decided to roam around . Literally from 11-3 PM After Dozing off Taco I [atleast he] had to chose between a Standup By Rahul Subramaniam or The Iconic Lonewolf Quiz prelims [40 written kostins]
We went to the Quiz prelims .. In the dilemma of wheter to stay for the overnight Finals in thr OAT after the Proshows or Go home . I was struck .. Also I had plans of meeting few college friends who were there for the proshow .. But I had to leave since I had very little energy and Money left . My college friends had amazing plans , spending time with their school fraands who are now in IITM at the proshow and then leave for Hometown ..
For others SAARANG was for Roaming with friends and enjoying by partying .. But as Quizzers ours was to Attend Quizzes and Enjoy from the Knowledge we get .. I still remember The "THEY HAD US IN THE FIRST HALF , NOT GONNA LIE" question was there . Since the quiz was set by 4-5 students It was really amazing with huge diversity! I also met my old Quizzer friends from coimbatore.
Then came Lockdown starting my STAYHOME on 16th March .. Its been 2 months and It has given me so much happiness wrt to Quizzing and knowledge , New Online quizzes Popped up and I'm seriously enjoying with atleast A single Full-fledged quiz and so many QOTD format quizzes on Various topics rangine from General,sports,entertainment,India,Gaming,Comics,Science,Medicine,Business,MELAS,SPENT,etc..
I also got an amazing opportunity to my first and my all time dream quiz .. A general quiz with some science flavor .. this time it was medicine flavor 😀 There were about 40 participants amd definitely everyone enjoyed it!
The link for my quiz!
Quizzing has taken a whole new form involving whatsapp groups for discussions , Apps like ZOOM , CISCO WEBEX , Even DISCORD {Used for gaming} and Kahoot!
Various College quiz clubs , school quiz clubs , Quizzers , Companies created for organising quizzes and Quizzing enthusiasts are keeping this lockdown interesting for us!
A special mention to a particular college quiz club who have been conducting weekly quizzes on various topics including a Madras quiz ! No matter how many quizzes I [we] attend we all are gonna find new questions in the Board and are gonna take wild Guesses .. It's never about winning , It's about learning everyday !
One guy actually suggested them to collect entry fee and give prizes. We all just reminded him that we quiz since its our passion and favorite passtime and it's not business as how few people perceive it!
Quizzers do Binge reading from internet for hours , From wikipedia , from articles , from old quizzes uploaded in Slideshare ... But real ones a humble and kind enough , unlike few people who have huge head-weights and Flexx a lot at quizzes!
Organisers of quizzes are kind enough and take good care of the audience with good audience questions .
Also being a medico the Near-Exclusive med questions brings even more fun and Happy hormones ..
I knew It was Tragus the moment I read the question .. BOOM A huge burst of Happy hoemones , And only 3 spectators and 2/18 teams with top-level quizzers got it right [EVEN MORE HAPPINESS]
And you can't define how a question could be .. anything from a song , a movie scene , a meme ,a tweet , a logo , a food item ,a map , a historical event and countless possible stuff even Adult [pure 18+] stuff will be there .SO NEW QUIZZERS BRACE YOURSELF TO ATTEND THE UNEXPECTED .
I don't know how to end it , I guess an apt one would be a question and a answer .





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