Quinella Box Bet - How Quiniela Box Wagering Works

ELI5: Betting on a 9 horse race, why does a quinella box of 4 horses pay out less than a quinella box of 5 horses?

They have effectively the same chance of happening, do they not? In one scenario you are betting on the four horses that will finish strongest and in the other scenario you are betting on the four horses that will finish weakest.
What am I missing here?
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Why no love for Quinella/Swinger bets in the USA?

US player that dabbles in Euro/Aus racing. I love to bet the $1 3 horse quinella box bet and also have known to throw a few swinger bets down (pick 2 horses, one has to win the other just has to hit the board).
Also - NYRA has a grand slam pick 4.. the first 3 picks just have to hit the board and the last runner has to win.
Personally, I’d like to see more opportunities to win a smaller amount rather than the $1 super high 5 wager which seems more like a lottery ticket than anything else.
Any thoughts?
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How to bet on Horse Racing

How to bet on Horse Racing

Growing up, I never went to a steed track or saw a solitary steed race.

That all changed when I met Kate and wedded into a stallion race-cherishing family. Rick Surwilo, my dad in-law, had begun heading off to the circuit as a youngster with his family. This was a period before lotteries and club, and steed hustling was the main authoritative document of betting, so it was something truly diverse to go and do. His family lived in Connecticut yet had purchased somewhat home in Woodford, Vermont, and Rick's father wanted to take the spouse and children to the Green Mountain Race Track in Pownal, only a little routes south of there. They'd set up their grass seats by the completion line, and Grandpa Surwilo would take everybody's requests and go hand-off the wagers to the tellers.
When I began dating Kate, one of our to start with, and most sentimental, dates was the point at which she took me to the course here in Tulsa. We had an awesome time wagering on a couple horse races while cuddling in the cheap seats as an electrical storm came in.
After Kate and I got hitched, her folks would take us to the stallion races each other summer or somewhere in the vicinity, and even gave us poor love birds a little scratch to wager with. Rick's dad had since a long time ago passed away, however Gram Surwilo–every inch the cliché feisty Italian grandma–still wanted to go and wager on the horses, pretty much as she had in the days of yore in Vermont.
I truly delighted in these excursions with my more distant family, and putting down a couple wagers myself, yet I in fact had no clue what I was doing. I generally just picked the steeds with the names I enjoyed best.
So I seized the chance America's Best Racing offered me a few months prior to come see one of the six pre-Kentucky Derby races—the Spiral Stakes—at Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky, and get a few lessons on the most proficient method to wager on the horses. Kate and I had an extraordinary time there and took in a ton. Wagering on stallions is significantly more convoluted than I had envisioned, yet it's truly a lot of fun.
Today, I'll share a portion of the fundamentals of what I realized, so that the stallion dashing amateur can exploit this superb spring climate and go down to their neighborhood course (or the Kentucky Derby!) feeling like they recognize what they're doing.

Why Go to a Horse Race?

Before we get into the specialty of wagering, we should discuss why you'd need to visit a stallion circuit in any case. Maybe you're considering, "That is something my grandpa jumped at the chance to do, however I'm not intrigued."
Watching horse dashing at the more elevated amounts of the game is a superb ordeal. I'm truly very little for whatever other types of betting, and by and by don't see the enjoyment in losing my shorts in some dim, smoky gambling club. In any case, horse hustling I like; it feels like amusement, an ordeal, a trip. I like that I'm outside. I like that there's a great deal of history and convention behind it. All things considered, whether I win or lose cash, regardless I have an incredible time.
Nowadays in the event that you need to take the family to an ace ball or football game, the tickets and sustenance can without much of a stretch run you $400. Admission to a course is regularly free, the base wager on every stallion race is just $2, and you can infrequently bring your own nourishment and beverages. You get the chance to spend throughout the evening and night outside, viewing lovely creatures perform at their top capacity. And this can run you not exactly a trek to the motion pictures.
Furthermore, in case you're searching for a moderate, remarkable date, where you won't come up short on things to discuss, look no further!
Sorts of Horse Racing Bets
You have two classifications of wagers to browse when you wager on the horses: straight wagers and intriguing wagers. For a learner, I prescribe staying with straight wagers. They're basic and modest. You essentially pick one stallion to come in to start with, second, or third. The base wager at most tracks for a straight wager is just $2.
Fascinating wagers permit you to make various wagers on numerous steeds in a solitary wager. Colorful wagers are by and large substantially more hard to win than straight wagers, require a propelled level of ability and information in stallion picking, and are more costly. Be that as it may, the adjustments on fascinating wagers are much more noteworthy than straight ones.
Straight Wagers
Keep in mind with a straight wager, you just wager on one steed.
WIN– You're wagering that your steed will come in the lead position. In the event that your steed completes in to begin with, you get the chance to gather.
PLACE– When you wager on your steed to "place," you're wagering that he will come in first OR second. In the event that your steed completes in first or second, you get the opportunity to gather. Payout for a put down wager is not exactly a win wager, however you do have the security of having the capacity to trade out if your steed completes in the main two spots.
SHOW– You're wagering that your steed will come in the first place, second, OR third. Since you're supporting your wagers, you have a higher possibility of winning, yet the payout for a show wager is considerably not exactly a win or place wager.
Over THE BOARD– When you wager no matter how you look at it, you're wagering your stallion to win, place, AND appear. A no matter how you look at it wager is what's known as a "combo straight wager" since it's three distinctive wagers (win, place, AND appear) in one. Since it's three wagers in one, a no matter how you look at it wager is more costly than a basic win/place/show wager. For instance, a $2 no matter how you look at it wager will cost you $6, in light of the fact that you're making three $2 wagers. In the event that your stallion comes in to start with, you get the win, place, and show cash. On the off chance that your steed completes second, you get place and show cash. In the event that your steed comes in third, you simply get the show cash. No matter how you look at it wagers aren't normally a decent wager since they're costly and have less benefit potential.
WIN/PLACE, PLACE/SHOW– Similar to a no matter how you look at it wager in that you're making various straight wagers in a solitary wager. In a win/put down wager, you're wagering your stallion to win AND place. On the off chance that he wins, you gather both the win and place cash. On the off chance that he completes second, you gather only the spot cash. In a spot/show wager, you're wagering that your stallion will place and appear. In the event that your steed completes second, you gather the spot and show cash; on the off chance that he completes third, you simply get the show cash. Since you're putting different wagers on your steed in a solitary wager, a win/place and place/show is more costly. A $2 win/put down wager will cost you $4 on the grounds that you're wagering $2 that your steed wins and $2 that your stallion places.

Colorful Wagers

Colorful wagers permit you to wager on different stallions in a solitary wager, permitting you to expand your benefit potential. Be that as it may, as I said above, they're much harder to win than straight wagers, can get costly in case you're not watchful, and require substantially more aptitude in crippling stallions. Don't hesitate to explore different avenues regarding some fascinating wagers after you've done a couple of straight wagers.
EXACTA– You're wagering on two stallions to come in first and second in a definite request. For instance, on the off chance that you put a $2 exacta on stallions 3 and 5, you can just gather if horse #3 comes in first and steed #5 comes in second. Exacta wagers are famous among gifted steed handicappers in light of the fact that the result can be extremely lucrative. You can likewise "box" your exacta wager which implies your two steeds can come in any request in the main two spots regardless you win. Boxing an exacta costs twice as much as a straight exacta wager. So a $2 box exacta on steeds 3 and 5 will cost you $4.
QUINELLA– With a quinella wager, you're wagering on two stallions to come in first and second in any request. For whatever length of time that your two stallions complete in the main two spots, you win. So in the event that you put down a $2 quinella wager on stallions 1 and 6, you can gather if horse #1 and horse #6 come in first and second in any request. You may believe, "What's the contrast between a quinella and a case exacta? Both let you win if your two stallions come in first or second." The enormous distinction is expense: a $2 quinella wager costs $2 while a $2 box exacta wager will cost you $4. Why might somebody pay more for a case exacta in the event that it's basically the same wager as a quinella? The payout for a container exacta is by and large more than a quinella wager, that is the reason.
TRIFECTA– You wager that three steeds will complete in to begin with, second, and third in a definite request. On the off chance that you put down a $2 trifecta wager on 1-5-7, you can just gather if horse #1 comes in the first place, horse #5 comes in second, and stallion #7 comes in third. You can likewise box your trifecta wager so you can win if your three steeds come in the first place, second, and third in any request. Boxing a trifecta will altogether expand the expense of your wager in light of the fact that there are numerous blends. So a $2 box trifecta wager will really cost you $12 or a $1 trifecta boxed will cost you $6.
SUPERFECTA– You wager that four stallions will complete, in the first place, second, third, and fourth in a careful request. Likewise with exactas and trifectas, you can box a superfecta at an extra cost. The base wager is regularly 10-pennies, which makes it additionally speaking to numerous individuals.
I'm not going to get into "keying" steeds with these intriguing wagers. That is a tiny bit excessively progressed for our motivations here. Fundamentally, keying stallions permits you to minimize your wager, while expanding your payout in the event that you pick your steeds right. It's something that I'd investigate once you get happy with incapacitating steeds with extraordinary wagers.
What to Say to the Teller When You Place Your Bet
Okay, so you recognize what sort of wager you're going to make. Presently it's an ideal opportunity to put down your wager.
In case you're at the circuit in individual, I prescribe just utilizing human tellers. The programmed tellers have huge lines, and you hazard being closed out of a race since some country person is making various wagers and doesn't know how to work the PC. There's additionally the danger that you'll mess up your wager since you punched the wrong catch. The human tellers are quick, exact, and benevolent.
Have your cash prepared in your grasp. Things move quick at the counter, particularly a couple of minutes before post. You would prefer not to
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Hong Kong Racing at Sha Tin Today, Jan 9th.

Good days racing today, some bets and ratings for the class 3 and better races.
Race 4 http://i.imgur.com/YonE2QD.png
Win bet on SKYMAN. Big watch on equal tp rater Beauty Masterl formerly Backstab in Aus, raced well vs Otouto back in Aus, trialed well. However at the odds I think Skyman is the better bet.
Race 7 http://i.imgur.com/5Fv4ONS.png
Win bet on AMAZING KIDS. Two horse race but Amazing kids actually rated well on top of the odds on fav Fabulous One so looks a good bet.
Race 8 http://i.imgur.com/0WJzefh.png
Each way bet on NORTHERN FALLS. Rates equal on top with Jun Huo but going ew with the longer odds runner. $15 with sports bet at the moment. Also going to try a small box trifecta of 1,7,9,14 in what looks an open race.
Race 9 http://i.imgur.com/TOPvro4.png
Eachway on Hard Ball Get. Up in class but rates equal on top with Bullish Smart and the fav Run Forrest, at the longest odds of the 3 happy to have an ew on HBG, also trying a box quinella of with the three of them (1,7,11).
Race 10 http://i.imgur.com/z9XsLEb.png
Win bet on APOLLOS CHOICE. Rates just on top of 3 others so will also have a small box trifecta of 3,4,7,8.
Good Luck if you are playing, be sure to follow the action at the HKJC website if you can not watch it live where you are.
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Dummies Guide to Horse Racing: What is a QUINELLA? Learning Horse Racing Handicapping : Bet Types - YouTube Horse Betting - How to Bet Horses - Exactas - YouTube Betting 101 - Exacta Box HORSE RACING**HOW TO BET AN EXACTA, TRIFECTA AND SUPERFECTA BOX!”

To calculate the cost of a Quinella box, you multiply the number of horses in the box by the number of horses in the box minus one. For example, a $2 Quinella box 3,4,5 would cost (3 * 2) = $6 and include the combinations 3-4, 4-3, 3-5, 5-3, 4-5 and 5-4. Below are the costs associated with $2 Quinella boxes in fields of up to 10 horses. $2 ... Quinella Box Cost Calculation: ( (Number of horses x (Number of horses – 1) ) / 2 ) x Cost per Combination. A 3 horse Quinella Box means there are 3 possible finishing combinations. Your bet will cost $6, $2 per combination. 3 horse cost = ( (3 horses x (3 horses -1)) / 2) x $2 = $6 4 horse cost = ( (4 horses x (4 horses -1)) / 2) x $2 = $12 Quinella. In the Quinella, you must pick the horses that finish first and second. Either one can be first and the other one second. This bet functions exactly the same as the "Exacta Box".Although the Quinella has the same function as the "Exacta Box" the payoff can vary substantially. Quinella Box. The popular quinella box wager takes things off in a little more of an intricate area. As a player, you choose more than two horses and pay more to bet each possible top-two combination. For instance, if you place this bet: $2 quinella box on horses 1-6-10. This bet is now a $2 quinella on 1-6, a $2 bet on 1-10 and a third on 6-10 ... For the three-horse wager, you’ll calculate 3 times 2 for a $6 bet. But if you want to hedge your Quinella bets on the always-dangerous “Hey Moe!”, you could add a fourth horse into the Quiniela Box bet, though this would cost you 4 times 3 for a $12 bet.

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Dummies Guide to Horse Racing: What is a QUINELLA?

#superfectas #horseracing #bettingonhorses #handicapping #horseracingtips #horseracingbetting #horseracingterms Do you want to learn how to successfully bet ... In this video, I will review different types of bets such as win, exacta, pick 3, etc My $0.99 eBook: https://www.amazon.com/Learning-How-Handicap-Horse-Race... How to Place a Quinella Bet - Duration: ... TAB 567 views. 0:26. Horse Betting 101: Inside Tips from a Pro Handicapper - Off Duty - Duration: ... How To Bet On Horse Races - The Exact Box System ... Mobile Betting 101 - Quinella and Exacta bet types - Duration: 2:07. MobileBettingComAu 737 views. 2:07. How To Bet On Horse Races - The Exact Box System - Duration: 1:58. Jacob Mesmer 11,727 ... Watch Nick break down one of the most popular horse racing bets, the exacta. With just days until the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby check out Nick's Ve...