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UFC Fight Night Sandhagen v Moraes Fight Predictions

I hope every single one of you is having a good week, and if not, I hope it gets better.
This is a chunky card, not too huge but getting there. Some excellent fights but also a whole lot of debuts and a whole lot of new faces which makes predicting kinda difficult. But with that aside, lets get down and dirty.
I'm thinking of adding some more stats, but i've yet to decide what kind of stats. I'm not a numbers guy but I know a lot of you are, so let me know what you're most interested in, in terms of stats.
(c) - Champ
(D) - Debut
FLS - Fight Lose Streak
FWS - Fight Win Streak
NS - No Streak
(#x) - Rank in Division
Lets go!
Tagir Ulanbekov (#1 Russia) (D) (12-1-0, 3 FWS) v Bruno Silva (10-5-2, 2 FLS) - A very interesting debuting fighter coming from Russia, I fully expect some form of fireworks in this fight. Ulanbekov is coming in as a hot prospect, and for very good reasons, he is incredibly fast to work on the ground, if he sees a potential choke or a submission, he goes for it, and it’s not like he’s choking out cans or anything, he’s facing opponents who have 13 wins and 3 losses, people who have a legitimate career in MMA, and that alone makes me think this is the perfect time to debut in the UFC, we need to beef up the Flyweight division, and this is a perfect addition to the roster. Silva is also a profoundly good grappler, with a heavy focus on takedowns and taking control on the ground, it’s unfortunate that in both of his UFC fights, he got absolutely dominated by both Dvorak and Taha. I don’t see Silva getting the upper hand on the ground in this bout. If he manages to land a takedown on Ulanbekov, he needs to keep active or he’s probably going to get caught into a limb lock or an arm triangle because Ulanbekov is a very long and lanky fighter and so it would be easier for him to slip in an arm for a choke or set up a triangle off the back. But i’m no psychic so I really don’t know how this fight will go. I got Ulanbekov on this one though, an incredibly interesting debutant.
Ulanbekov via Sub R1
Women’s Bantamweight
Tracy Cortez (7-1-0, 7 FWS) v Stephanie Egger (D) (5-1-0, 3 FWS) - I don’t really think there’s much going on in this fight. Cortez is a grinder. She doesn’t have the cleanest striking in the game, she might look incredibly wild, but all of that is to set up a takedown or initiate a clinch situation in which she can somewhat easily control her opponent. Cortez is physically very strong and that no doubt helps with her takedown and wrestling. That’s probably going to be her gameplan coming into this fight, get in close with a flurry then initiate a clinch. I don’t expect a finish. Egger is a very new fighter and I haven’t watched a lot of her videos yet, but from what I could see from two years ago, her striking was much like a teenagers bedroom, messy and depressing, it was very slow, and although it did open up her opponent to a takedown, that’s not gonna work in the UFC and I hope she’s refined her striking capabilities since then, i’m sure she has. I have Cortez on this one. I’m not gonna go into specifics into what she’s better at because frankly I have no clue, but in my opinion she’s got this.
Cortez via UD
Giga Chikadze (10-2-0, 5 FWS) v Omar Morales (10-0-0, 10 FWS) - I believe Morales is dropping down to 145 so that will be interesting. Chikadze is a very proficient kickboxer who doesn’t rely on overwhelming his opponent with vicious and wild combos, he is a patient fighter who waits for a perfect opening. He is great defensively but also very choosy, you’ll notice his diversity in targets, he’ll never throw the same thing twice. If there is one thing that i’m sure will land, it’s his kicks, his front kick and leg kicks are accurate and hit with impact. He is a very good kickboxer, plain and simple, and that’s already a big selling point for me. Morales is an undefeated prospect who has proven to use twice in the Octagon that his striking is excellent and can not be underestimated. His methodical movements and feints to read his opponent is imperative to his gameplan and he has such a diverse range of striking, his step in head kick not only covers a huge distance, but it lands, even if its on the glove its enough to back up his opponent and keep them guessing. This is a fun match up. Both fighters are at their prime and frankly i’m not sure who is going to win this one, we have yet to see Morales at Featherweight so already that makes me wonder how drained he will be, if he will be. I’m going with Chikadze on this one. He’s going to open up with strong leg kicks and negate Omars ability to explode and cover huge distances.
Chikadze via UD
Ali AlQaisi (8-4-0, NS) v Tony Kelley (6-2-0, NS) - This is a fun one. AlQaisi is a fairly well rounded fighter who had a very competitive fight against Irwin Rivera. There was a lot of energy and cardio used during this fight, so many explosive moves and not all of them were effective, so it’s very hard to tell where he is on a skill level. He still seems like a developing fighter so there is no doubt still a lot for him to work on, with that said though, he is powerful, his right hand, when it lands, it lands hard, nut Rivera isn’t exactly known for moving away from danger, and i suppose in this case, Kelley isn’t either. Kelley fought a wild and exciting fight against Kamaka earlier this year, it was the first fight of the event and both fighters stepped up to the occasion and made every fight fan tune in. It was a beautiful and violent fight, but it did make me wonder how far Kelley will go in the UFC. His defences aren’t exactly there, he covers up but he doesn’t move, he clashes and somewhat hopes to be the one standing after the end of those exchanges. He is a very fast and wild striker and he is no doubt going to make a solid career in the UFC, but he needs to be patient, especially in this fight where AlQaisi can explode and land some solid takedowns, takedowns which from what I can see, are an issue for Kelley. I should also note that Kelley is moving down a weight class, which means a larger weight cut and potentially a more drained Kelley. If he can safely cut weight and maintain his power and speed, then i’m all for Kelley winning this one. It’s just a difficult fight to predict overall.
Kelley via KO R3
Impa Kasanganay (8-0-0, 8 FWS) v Joaquin Buckley (10-3-0, NS) - Kasanganay has a very interesting stance when he fights, he stays quite low and loads up his punches, so expect him to come out low and looking for an overhand or a left-right hook combo. He doesn’t exactly have much head movement or raise any defenses, he’s more of a pressure fighter, someone who is constantly moving forward, eating shots only to throw them back with extra spice. From what I could see in his fight against Maki Pitolo, he loves his left hook to the head, followed by a straight right to the body, then finishing with a left hook to the head, so his ability to change target mid combo will be troublesome for any opponent because either way, he’s gonna land something, and that’s exactly why he stays so low when he moves around, such explosive and accurate movements. REally my biggest worry with Kasanganay is his absorption rate, the dudes a punch sponge, and in terms of longevity, it ain't the right way to fight, especially against a walking cloud like Buckley. Buckley has a heavy reliance on power and forward momentum. He will hop into range and launch an overhand left, a dangerous move, but as we saw with his fight against Holland, all it takes is one well placed shot and Buckley backs off. I don’t know who is going to win the exchanges coming into this particular fight since both fighters tend to explode in bursts, and with Impas tendency not to move his head, he’s a target waiting to get hit. I can only hope that Impa has implemented some form of head movement drills during his camp or else Buckley will find his mark and shut down Impa. This is an interesting fight simply because I can see it going either way, but I like what I see from Impa.
Kasanganay via KO R3
Rodrigo Nascimento (8-0-0, 8 FWS) v Chris Daukaus (9-3-0, 2 FWS) - Nascimento is a submission artist who has completely shut down Don’tale Mayes, despite being the smaller fighter, it was very clear that Nascimento has worked incredibly hard to master his ground game and his takedown proficiency. What I loved about Nascimento was his attitude, he didn’t back down from the strikes of Mayes, and just stayed in his face. Now, this is heavyweights so its very clear that anyone at heavyweight can strike and has knockout capabilities, but not everyone has the masterful ground game like Nascimento. I’m not saying he’s Werdum levels of great on the ground, but he’s still a huge threat to pretty much any heavyweight that is allergic to any form of ground based fighting. Daukaus from what I can see, has pretty decent striking and great timing, especially with that right hand. He is not technical by any means, but he is also fairly young in terms of experience and knowledge and i’m sure that over time he will improve. I just don’t see Daukaus getting the upper hand here, the threat of the takedown will always be on Daukaus’s mind, and when fighters think one dimensionally like that “I gotta stop the takedown, i can’t get to the floor” they eat knuckles. I feel like Nascimento will overload the senses of Daukaus and end up taking the fight to the ground, maybe even rock him by faking a takedown.
Nascimento via Sub R2
Tom Breese (11-2-0, NS) v KB Bhullar (D) (8-0-0, 8 FWS) - These are some very tall Middleweights. Breese in his early career was a very formidable submission artist, and over time has racked up quite the resume of knockouts as well. In fact his only decision win in the UFC was against Keita Nakamura back in forever ago. Breese has faced some incredibly tough opponents and I truly believe that experience and his level of competition far exceeds that of the newcomer, no disrespect to Bhullar. Breese hasn’t been the most active fighter on the roster, in fact his last win was against Dan Kelly back in 2018. Bhullar is a tall, lanky middleweight who is on a fairly decent undefeated streak, the only thing that makes me mildly disappointed in his record, is the fact the he hasn’t fought the best of the best. Sure, he’s fought experienced fighters, but none on the level of Breese, so I feel like this will be a relatively large step and a challenging one at that. If Sherdog isn’t trippin on something, then I believe he also has a fight scheduled next month for DWCS, so he’s certainly getting his name out there. Bhullar seems fairly well rounded, with a variety of wins on his record, but he’s got quite a challenge ahead of him and I don’t see him winning very easily. Breese is a challenging fighter for anyone and it’s gonna be an interesting, competitive fight. I got Breese on this one.
Breese via KO R2
Main Card
Youssef Zalal (10-2-0, 4 FWS) v Ilia Topuria (D) (8-0-0, 8 FWS) - An interesting start to the main card. Zalal has slowly become a fighter that I have come to respect. He may not have any finishes in the UFC but he always puts on a spectacular performance and always introduces his opponents to the nasty style he has. He is incredibly fluid on the feet, and if you watched his last fight against Barrett a few weeks ago, you’ll know exactly why I love him so much, that spinning back kick in the first round? Cleaner than lemon pledge. Zalal is a perfect example of a striking prodigy that still has years ahead of him to learn and develop and that’s exactly why he’s going to go very far in the UFC. His footwork is impeccable and allows him to subtly switch stance and mask his incoming attacks with just a whole lot of feints and movement. Everything you love about kickboxing or striking based martial arts, you’ll love about Zalal. He has also won all 3 of his UFC fights this year, so I don’t see any slowing down from him. Topuria is on a very strong streak at the moment and by the looks of things is a substantial danger on the ground, 7 submission victories makes it pretty clear to me that he’s most comfortable on the ground and will most likely look to avoid any striking exchanges when fighting Zalal. Now, Topuria is a somewhat late replacement, but that shouldn’t matter too much because it gave both fighters a little over a week to prepare for the upcoming bout, which is much better than the typical covid-cancellations in which its an overnight change where both fighters think “who da fook is that guy”. This is an interesting fight, and i’ve got my eyes on Zalal winning this one, the year 2020 is made for Zalal, and he has certainly proven to us time and time again that he’s the next gen fighter that everyone wants to see.
Zalal via UD
Tom Aspinall (8-2-0, 4 FWS) v Alan Baudot (D) (8-1-0, 2 FWS) - I fucking love this. Aspinall had his octagon debut a few weeks ago and he absolutely blew me away with his outstanding performance against Jake Collier. A knee to the body, followed by a one two combo within the span of 1.5 seconds, this dude isn’t a normal fat blob of a heavyweight that we’re used to seeing. He’s very fast, very powerful, and fucking huge. Now, I don’t want to overhype him because anything can happen and if there’s one thing that I saw that might be an issue for Aspinall, that’s his head movement, he might have too much of a reliance on counters and offensive, and not enough on avoidance and defense. But that’s just a quick ass analysis from a very short fight. Aspinall is someone you simply cannot miss, and that’s not a double entendre. Baudot is a debuting fighter coming from a strong record of 7 knockouts, although some of his opponents raise some sort of a red flag, especially when he fought some can called Yuto Nakajima. Baudot seems to be given a jump start and an easy path to the harder fights, but that’s not gonna fly in the UFC and when you have someone like Aspinall on the other side of the Octagon, you’re going to have to let everything fly loose. I don’t really know what Baudot has to offer that Aspinall hasn’t already seen. Shit i’m just pretty excited to see Aspinall again so soon. Ride this train whilst you can guys.
Aspinall via KO R1
Markus Perez (12-3-0, NS) v Drecis Du Plessis (#1 South Africa) (14-2-0, 2 FWS) - I have no idea what to think of this one. Perez has been semi-active during his UFC career, and with a rough loss against Wellington Turman, it’s hard for me to tell where he is at mentally and physically. His last win way back when Cejudo just fought Dillashaw… Feel old yet? Perez is probably going to be fighting differently, he was a proficient grappler and a wild striker, but perhaps throughout the past year or so he’s calmed down a bit and perhaps found himself a proper style that doesn’t tax on the cardio or is more effective. Now onto the interesting debuting fighter in Du Plessis. Du Plessis has a 100% finish rate and at a young age of 26 he isn’t showing signs of fatigue, he has been a dominant fighter throughout his whole career, 14 finishes, 16 including losses, but all that means is he’s never had a fight go the distance, and I doubt that’ll be the case here. Not exactly a deep dive analysis I know, but I think Du Plessis is going to show us something spectacular.
Du Plessis via KO R2
Ben Rothwell (38-12-0, 2 FWS) v Marcin Tybura (#14) (19-6-0, 2 FWS) - This is gonna be a brawl. Rothwell is one of the most experienced heavyweights in the UFC, he’s up there amongst the likes of Overeem and Aleksei Oleinik. His experience is no doubt a key advantage coming into this fight, but he also has disgusting power. Especially when he aims for the nuts. The Skyscraper lost his soul that day. Rothwell is a powerhouse and whilst he doesn’t necessarily throw volume, he does have excellent timing with his strikes, he’s methodical and waits for the perfect time to land an overhand or a quick little combo. The only way I see him not really succeeding is on the ground, and Tybura is an incredible grappler, speaking of which… Tybura is on a relatively decent streak at the moment, granted it’s against relatively forgotten fighters, but that aside, he’s facing a legend and long standing heavy hitter, and I can say with some confidence that he’s going to be looking to grapple, and grapple a lot, we’ll see some long, drawn out ground game stuff going on, both fighters will probably be exhausted by Round 3, but in my opinion, Tybura will probably get the most advantage coming into this fight, because as I said very early on in this prediction post, every heavyweight can swing and land, but not every heavyweight has excellent wrestling capabilities. Tybura is that rare fighter that has the ability to simply take the fight to the ground. Tybura is I believe an underdog so if you want money, this feels like the safest underdog of the card to bet on. I got Tybura on this one. Feel free to bet on Rothwell because he has stupid power, but Tybura in my opinion has the tools.
Tybura via Sub R2
Co-Main Event
Edson Barboza (20-9-0, 3 FLS) v Makwan Amirkhani (16-4-0, NS) - Does Barboza need any introduction? If you’re new to this sport, then you’re about to watch one of the most insane kick-based strikers in the history of the UFC. The power and speed, and the sheer simplicity of Barboza's kicks still baffle me, how can something so simple look so incredible. It’s like a pizza, all it has is cheese, tomato sauce and maybe pepperoni, but holy hell it looks divine. That’s essentially Barboza’s kicks, it’s hella pizza. Now, unfortunately, Barboza is on a rough losing streak, but they’re also wins in a sense because those fights were absolute bangers and he stood his ground and fought like a champ throughout all three fights. Barboza seems to not do very well on his back pedal and I feel like Amirkhani will make use of that. If Amirkhani throws hands whilst coming forward, that negates the kicks of Barboza completely, you can’t kick and step backwards, you don’t only lose balance, but you also lose significant power, so even if you do land, nothing really big happens. Amirkhani is a very well rounded fighter with a very heavy focus on grappling, there really hasn’t been a fight where he doesn’t take down his opponent and mauls them completely. He isn’t the most active striker but that doesn’t mean he won’t strike. He needs to set up those takedowns somehow, and I know trading with Barboza isn’t a smart idea, but you can be smart about setting up a double leg, heck he could even catch a kick if he’s fast enough, either way, this feels like a traditional grappler v striker bout and it’s a perfect co-main. I don’t know who I have coming into this one. I am a huge, huge Barboza fan and personally I feel like he’s got this.
Barboza via KO R2
Main Event
Marlon Moraes (#3) (23-6-1, NS) v Cory Sandhagen (#4) (12-2-0, NS) - A great main event. Moraes needs no introduction, he has been on the top of the division for a very long time, and for a very good reason. Moraes is a magnificent striker, with sniper-like accuracy and he has such grace when he throws combinations. He also has significant power and he’s dangerous at all ranges, but especially in the clinch… His knees are masterful, it’s clear that it’s his main weapon because his clinch hold is strong enough to land knee, after knee, after knee, without a break. Moraes is a savage, plain and simple. He’s coming into this with some anger though because despite winning against Aldo, Aldo fought for the belt before him, it makes zero sense and it was a controversial decision. Sandhagen was on the receiving end of an incredibly quick submission by Aljamain Sterling, and we didn’t get a chance to see Sandhagens incredibly slick kickboxing. Sandhagen also has a very methodical movement style, a lot of switches that is very fast, and he just constantly changes, always changing his stance, giving his opponent different looks and with a wide variety of attacks, it’s clear that Sandhagen will be a challenge for anyone willing to trade, which is perhaps why Aljamain went to grapple instantly. I don’t know who is actually going to win this one. I’m 51/49 leaning on Moraes simply because of his experience and that clinch game could easily shut down the distance striking of Sandhagen, but on the other hand, Sandhagen will probably stick to a certain range to avoid any attempts at a clinch from Moraes. Sandhagen is coming in at a large physical advantage, with a huge reach advantage that could compliment his kicks and his ability to weave in and out of danger effortlessly. This is a great fight, and a fight like this isn’t easy to predict. Probably an unpopular pick but let’s do this.
Sandhagen via KO R3
Holy shit that's longer than I expected. I forgot to do a word count prior to copy and pasting from my drive.
Anyway, there it is!
I hope that there are no cancellations, because what happens with cancellations post-prediction is that the fight is null and void unfortunately, because there's just not enough time to re-write stuff. I gotta have my days off too ya know.
Anyway, Feel free to start a discussion down below, more than happy for a nice chat :)
If you would like to follow me on twitter, you can find me @Slayer_Tip or if you want, add me on discord and we can have a super friendly chat about all things MMA: Slayertip#7013
Until then, it's been a pleasure writing for you lovely people, take care of yourselves :)
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Flatten the Curve. Part 44. Bill Gates Rumored Doomsday Bunkers. Bill Gates Hoarding. Rockefeller Institute & Unethical Human Experiments. Toxic Dust Storms and Covid-19. It's Hidden in Plain Sight. Wake up.

Part 43 is here
Listen up. Do you have a gnawing feeling that something isn't right? A gut instinct? Is your intuition leaving you in a state of vigilance? Is your spidey sense tingling? Do you feel like the truth is hidden in plain sight, but you can't quite see it?
You're not alone.
So what is the truth and why won't they just tell us? They aren't going to tell us the truth because most of us can't handle the truth. They experiment on live subjects in the past, but suddenly they've seen the light? Suddenly they've found morality and embraced truth and ethical behavior?
The Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study was a controlled study of the effects of malaria on the prisoners of Stateville Penitentiary near Joliet, Illinois, beginning in the 1940s. The study was conducted by the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago in conjunction with the United States Army and the State Department. At the Nuremberg trials, Nazi doctors cited the precedent of the malaria experiments as part of their defense. Link Here
Any day that Nazi Doctors use your experiment as a defense for Nazi medical experiments is not a good day.
Let me show you one other part of the puzzle that you need to read. Let me show you that at some point the money, power, or even the scientific research can detach some individuals from reality.
"A number of years ago, we talked about, 'What if there wasn't clean water? What if there wasn't enough food?" she said on the radio show. "Where might we go? What might we do as a family?' So, I think we should leave those preparations to ourselves." The only thing they did not prepare, however, was the vaccine or a treatment for the virus that would cause a pandemic, though she acknowledged how "lucky" she and her family are to be in a position of privilege when it comes to dealing with COVID-19. "What we mostly talk about now in our home every night is how lucky we are," she continued. "We understand our privilege. When we say our grace at night, what we're thankful for around the table, is that we aren't struggling to put a meal on the table as so many families around the world are." Link Here
Yep. Sure thing Melinda. You guys just sit around the dinner table (like us normal plebs) and talk about how lucky you are to have food. Then you went out and stocked up your basement. Maybe they hoarded all the toilet paper because they're so full of crap they can use TP to wipe their mouths with after they speak. And what a minute, isn’t hoarding food bad? And aren't billionaires just hoarding cash? Different rules for different people, and it makes no difference what they say publicly when it's still just the same crap.
August 7, 2019 | Many of the world's elite, including hedge fund managers, sports stars and tech executives (Bill Gates is rumored to have bunkers at all his properties) have chosen to design their own secret shelters to house their families and staff. Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Company, says 2016 sales for their custom high-end underground bunkers grew 700% compared to 2015, while overall sales have grown 300% since the November US presidential election alone. Link Here
So which basements were you stocking Bill? I'm betting you stocked all of them. But that article really made it sound like you personally went grocery shopping, didn't it?
And there's that year again, 2015. The same year as the Bird Man plauge doctor video, coronavirus and bats possible pandemic discovered, CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing went mainstream, and the Billy Boy pandemic warnings started with a Ted Talk, then the Doomsday Bunkers elite MKultra wealthy segment jumped by 700%.
That's not a good sign.
It's all connected. All of it. We might not know how. Or who's doing what. Or how bad our current ELE events will become, but we need to at least get an outline of the big picture, before the big picture turns into the Main Event.
As far as I'm concerned, there is no possible way our present unexplained mysteries aren't prognosticators of upcoming calamities.
No. Way. At. All.
Let's throw the spotlight back onto our pandemic. It's all plain and simple when you accept the government's and the medical community's word at Face(book) value. Our leaders tell us to Keep Calm and Carry On. Just take two official narrative pills and wait for the vaccine. It's all good. Honestly. Listen. Trust. Obey.
1913 to 1951: Dr. Leo Stanley, chief surgeon at the San Quentin Prison, performed a wide variety of experiments on hundreds of prisoners at San Quentin. Many of the experiments involved testicular implants, where Stanley would take the testicles out of executed prisoners and surgically implant them into living prisoners. In other experiments, he attempted to implant the testicles of rams, goats, and boars into living prisoners. Stanley also performed various eugenics experiments, and forced sterilizations on San Quentin prisoners.[13] Stanley believed that his experiments would rejuvenate old men, control crime (which he believed had biological causes), and prevent the "unfit" from reproducing.
Whelp, at least you could say that Dr. Stanley had the balls to carry out his experiments.
Tuberculosis. Syphilis. Herpes. Influenza. Malaria. The medical society treated us to a rolodex of experiments.
In 1941, at the University of Michigan, virologists Thomas Francis, Jonas Salk and other researchers deliberately infected patients at several Michigan mental institutions with the influenza virus by spraying the virus into their nasal passages.[24] Francis Peyton Rous, based at the Rockefeller Institute and editor of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, wrote the following to Francis regarding the experiments:
It may save you much trouble if you publish your paper... elsewhere than in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. The Journal is under constant scrutiny by the anti-vivisectionists who would not hesitate to play up the fact that you used for your tests human beings of a state institution. That the tests were wholly justified goes without saying.
Wholy justified. Goes without saying. But we would never be so reckless with experiments today, no matter how justified, would we?
NY MAG. March 20
On January 13, less than a week after COVID-19 was identified as the virus behind the outbreak in Wuhan, researchers at Cambridge-based biotech company Moderna proposed a vaccine to fight it. A little over two months later, on Monday morning, a pharmacist in Seattle injected Rebecca Sirull with that vaccine, making her the third person to be injected in a 45-person clinical trial, the first human trial in the country. To rush the vaccine to clinical trial, Moderna skipped animal testing, a somewhat extraordinary measure. Sirull, a healthy 25-year-old editorial coordinator at a research institute, will receive a second injection in a month and have her blood drawn regularly for more than a year. Should the test be successful, the more optimistic estimates suggest that a vaccine could be available in 12 to 18 months. Intelligencer spoke with Sirull about her decision to take part.
Oh. Uhm. OK.
Jill Horowitz stood outside the Quaker Ridge Shopping Center in New Rochelle, N.Y.—an early COVID-19 hotspot—in March, stopping shoppers as they walked into the grocery store. She handed them blue pamphlets soliciting volunteers for a Rockefeller University antibody research study. “I would say, ‘Would you like to help us find a cure?’” says Horowitz, executive director of strategic operations at Rockefeller’s Laboratory of Molecular Immunology. “I didn’t even have to mention coronavirus. This neighborhood was completely subsumed.”
Yessiree ladies and gentlemen, step right up, roll up that sleeve, and get a poke to save all the good folks out there from the pandemic. The one that contaminates surfaces, but now doesn't spread through surfaces. The virus that you don’t need a mask for because a mask will make it worse. The virus you might need a mask for because it wouldn't hurt, but it's not airborne. Put on a darn mask because the virus is airborne. Maybe. But air-conditioning makes COVID-19 worse. So only wear a mask inside. The virus that worsens with pollution, but don't worry about putting on the mask outside. Because if you wear a mask you'll stop the second wave. But there might not be a second wave, it might just be one long continuous wave.
Is anyone else getting the impression that they don't have enough information about the virus to be issuing guidelines yet?
But I'm just being paranoid. I'm sure of it. That was then, and this is now.
Then: In a 1946 to 1948 study in Guatemala, U.S. researchers used prostitutes to infect prison inmates, insane asylum patients, and Guatemalan soldiers with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases in order to test the effectiveness of penicillin in treating the STDs. They later tried infecting people with "direct inoculations made from syphilis bacteria poured into the men's penises and on forearms and faces that were slightly abraded . . . or in a few cases through spinal punctures". Approximately 700 people were infected as part of the study (including orphan children). The study was sponsored by the Public Health Service, the National Institutes of Health, the Pan American Health Sanitary Bureau (now the World Health Organization's Pan American Health Organization) and the Guatemalan government. The team was led by John Charles Cutler, who later participated in the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. Cutler chose to do the study in Guatemala because he would not have been permitted to do it in the United States. In 2010 when the research was revealed, the U.S. officially apologized to Guatemala for the studies. A lawsuit has been launched against Johns Hopkins University, Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Rockefeller Foundation for alleged involvement in the study.
That is so reassuring as we move forward, isn’t it? And don't give me any that was back then we've changed arguments. We haven't changed at all. Proof? Ok. Let's go.
This is a link to an LA Times article that talks about Bill Gates and his AIDS fight in Africa. You go Bill. Get them vaccines out to the people. You're such a good guy! That's what a New Normal article would say. This isn’t a New Normal article. It's scathing in it's judgment. They may not be dying of AIDS, or just living longer with AIDS, but they are dying due to other factors, which should be easily acquirable with the wealth at Bill's disposal to prevent.
But there was one item that caught my eye. It talked about a Paper Mill that was in a country in Africa, that Bill owned a substantial amount of stock in. This company owned paper mills in North America. Those paper mills were environmentally friendly with little emissions. But not the one in the African Country. Nope. Not at all. That one didn't bother with environmentally friendly processes.
The story goes on to discuss how one of Bill's AIDS treatment recipients lived downwind from this plant and how the fumes we're probably killing him. And what were the fumes?
Hydrogen Sulfide. (Read more at Flatten the Curve) - Part 13
Yes seriously. Treating them for AIDS while downwind from Hydrogen Sulfide. I'm not sure about you, but that sounds like a medical experiment to me. Seriously, the guy that wants to stop climate-change by geo-engineering the planet doesn't use his clout to stop the pollution from a paper plant that he owns stock in. OK. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
Yet actually it might. No, seriously, it really might. I've already stated that the virus seems to be activated with environmental toxins. And here we have an ultimate real life laboratory. And what does this real life laboratory research?
Why maybe it researchers Miasma theory? Huh? Yep. Here we go.
The miasma theory is an obsolete medical theory that held that diseases—such as cholera, chlamydia, or the Black Death—were caused by a miasma, a noxious form of "bad air", also known as night air. The theory held that epidemics were caused by miasma, emanating from rotting organic matter.
Rotting organic matter, like at meat plants?
May 7, 2020: | Why Meatpacking Plants Have Become Covid-19 Hot Spots.
June 23, 2020: | Coronavirus: Why have there been so many outbreaks in meat processing plants?
And do you know what else was associated with Miasma Theory? The Bird Man plauge doctor, just like the 2015 "you're all dead" video.
The word miasma comes from ancient Greek and means "pollution". And then we have Covid-19 and pollution.
The idea also gave rise to the name malaria (literally "bad air") through medieval Italian.
Malaria? What? Crazy? Aren't there debunked studies about Malaria drugs working on COVID-19? Nah. Must be fake news. Right? Or fake facts. Or is it fake news reporting fake facts? I'm just so confused.
Does the strangeness end there? Sadly, it doesn't folks. Not at all. Not in this New Normal.
Because Mr. Bill Gates is trying to eradicate tuberculosis.
And, Hydrogen sulfide stimulates Mycobacterium tuberculosis respiration, growth
Back when I looked for information about the pandemic, I noticed something odd, the mortality rate for Covid-19 fluctuated depending on the region. Now I'm not a doctor, but you don’t have to be to read, do you? So I kept looking at the data for similarities. And they were there. Hypoxic or polluted water like lakes or coastlines. Cities with factory polluting emissions. They all led to outbrakes and higher mortality rates.
And then it changed. I saw ourbreak regions with low mortality rates. It didn't make sense, but there had to be a reason. There's always a reason. And as I kept looking at the similarities of low mortality rates something jumped out, a lot of them were still vaccinated for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
But this is crazy talk Greek! You're just looking for dots and finding a way to connect them. It's just a coincidence that Bill Gates is funding AIDS prevention, an article exists that points out a therapy participant is close to a source of hydrogen sulfide emissions from a company that Billy has stock investments in, and that Billy also has a program to eradicate tuberculosis. Stop seeing patterns where they don't exist. You're freaking people out.
Crap. Perhaps you're right. Maybe I am freaking people out. But let me show you something else. It's something that I noticed about a month after this pandemic was shutting us down. And it didn't make any sense to me at the time. Ready? | BCG vaccine protection from severe coronavirus disease 2019 COVID-19.
BCG? What's that? | Preliminary study suggests tuberculosis vaccine may be limiting COVID-19 deaths.
And then the studies started backing it up. Even betteworse, they linked it to Hydrogen Sulfide, endogenous not exogenous, but Hydrogen Sulfide is the same no matter if you breathe it in or produce it biologically.
So, yeah. Let's dig.
Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide stimulates Mycobacterium Tuberculosis respiration, growth, and pathogenesis.
In mammals, H2S elicits a biphasic, concentration-dependent mitochondrial response14, which can be cytotoxic or cytoprotective. For example, at high concentrations H2S reversibly inhibits cytochrome c oxidase (Complex IV)15–17. In contrast, at low concentrations H2S can serve as bioenergetic fuel to stimulate mitochondrial respiration without uncoupling of respiration. Link here
At high concentrations Hydrogen Sulfide can be cytotoxic and reversibly inhibit cytochrome c oxidase. We've followed the White Rabbit and now we're digging. Can't stop now. Won't stop now.
Defects involving genetic mutations altering cytochrome c oxidase (COX) functionality or structure can result in severe, often fatal metabolic disorders.
Disorders involving dysfunctional COX assembly via gene mutations include Leigh syndrome, cardiomyopathy, leukodystrophy, anemia, and sensorineural deafness**.Link here.
Anemia? Like, the Momento movie? Do I have amnesia now and I have to live my life backwards?
Hold on, don't freak out. You don't have amnesia. Self inflicted amnesia induced systemically via behaviorally manipulated echo chambers introduced systemically through social media electronic pathways? Possibly. But this is anemia, and that's another story.
Current management of COVID-19 is based on the premise that respiratory failure is the leading cause of fatalities (Zhou et al., 2020). Nevertheless, mounting evidence points to drastic systemic events taking place that contribute to accelerated COVID-19 pathogenesis. The “cytokine storm” is a notion that is reportedly hailed as the hallmark of the COVID-19 hyper-inflammatory state (Mehta et al., 2020). Consecutive studies linked COVID-19 related hyper-inflammation to systemic events including hypercoagulability, oxidative stress and altered iron metabolism. Mehta et al., 2020, Phua et al., 2020
Hyperinflammatory and altered iron metabolism. Following? Good.
Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) has been regarded as an infective-inflammatory disease, which affects mainly lungs. More recently, a multi-organ involvement has been highlighted, with different pathways of injury. A hemoglobinopathy, hypoxia and cell iron overload might have a possible additional role. Scientific literature has pointed out two potential pathophysiological mechanisms: i) severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV- 2) interaction with hemoglobin molecule, through CD147, CD26 and other receptors located on erythrocyte and/or blood cell precursors; ii) hepcidin-mimetic action of a viral spike protein, inducing ferroportin blockage. Link Here.
Hypoxia? Where have I heard that before?
A dangerous symptom of the coronavirus that can cause a patient to fall unconscious or even die is known as hypoxia — when the body’s tissues do not receive enough oxygen. Dr. Richard Levitan, an emergency doctor working in New York City, wrote for the New York Times at the end of April that he has seen COVID-19 patients with “alarmingly low” oxygen levels, but no shortness of breath. He describes this as “silent hypoxia”. These patients had oxygen saturation levels as low as 50 per cent when normal levels are usually at 94 to 100 per cent at sea level, Levitan explained. These patients had oxygen saturation levels as low as 50 per cent when normal levels are usually at 94 to 100 per cent at sea level, Levitan explained.
Low oxygen levels. Dysregulates immune system. Are your They Live sunglasses on? Are plugged into the Matrix or hacking the Matrix? | Hydrogen sulfide stimulates Mycobacterium tuberculosis respiration + growth.
Tuberculosis (TB) is responsible for millions of deaths each year and several billion people are latently infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Mtb modulates host factors, such as endogenous gaseous signalling molecules, to persist in humans for decades. H2S has diverse biological functions, including modulation of immunity and cellular respiration. However, the role of H2S in TB is unclear. We found that mice deficient in H2S production are more resistant to Mtb infection than WT mice. Upon infection, Mtb increases host H2S, which suppresses central carbon metabolism and increases inflammation. Distribution of H2S-producing enzymes in human TB lungs showed that H2S is produced at the site of infection. These findings identify glycolysis and H2S-producing enzymes as targets for TB host-directed therapies.
Don't Freak Out like LeChic, but I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Dorothy.
Speaking of Kansas, do you remember the dust storm as the tornado blew in and swept Dorthy to Oz?
The “Godzilla” Saharan dust cloud over the US, explained:
Dust clouds originate in the Sahara, the largest desert in the world outside the poles, and the Sahel, just south of the Sahara. Much of the dust originates in the Bodélé Depression in Chad, an ancient dry lake bed at the threshold of the Sahara and the Sahel. There, convective storms in the early summer whip the dry ground and loft particles of silica, iron, and phosphorous as high as 20,000 feet into the sky. Link Here
And then we have this:
Residents wear face masks to protect themselves from the Saharan dust clouds covering Dakar, Senegal. N95 masks and even surgical masks can help protect people from getting sick from the dust. Breathing dust can trigger problems like asthma attacks and worsen conditions like heart disease. But particles from natural sources can pose some unique threats. “Desert soil can also be contaminated with bacteria and fungal spores or with toxic heavy metal,” Achakulwisut said. “For example, in the US Southwest, dust episodes there have been linked to outbreaks of Valley Fever and arsenic poisoning.” Link Here
Contaminated with bacteria. Guaranteed Anaerobic bacteria. And it carries along metallic compounds. Like this:
**A 2001 study in Limnology and Oceanography suggested that the seasonal windfalls of iron-rich Saharan dust become a banquet for red tides, blooms of algae that spill into the ocean like dye, deplete it of oxygen, and release toxins. Dust clouds can also host unwelcome stowaways. Jun 24, 2020 Link Here.
Red tides. Blooms of algae. Or rather perhaps, Cyanobacteria blooms? All in a dust storm. Maybe we should start wearing masks, right? Don't want to breathe in toxic dust, do we?
But Snake Park is no paradise. For decades the residents have lived with the mine, which they say blows clouds of dust into their homes. Now Snake Park, formally known as Doornkop, is in the sub-district with the highest number of Covid-19 infections in Gauteng. Last week, Gauteng Premier David Makhura linked “cluster outbreaks” on mines, and people moving between them and where they live, to the Covid-19 infections in the western part of Soweto. In 2017, the Bench Marks Foundation, a nonprofit that monitors multinational corporations, released the results of a survey of household health in four mine-affected areas in Soweto. Mine tailings contain heavy metals and chemicals and cause various illnesses, including mental health issues and Down’s Syndrome. The report found that more than two thirds of the respondents in Snake Park complained about respiratory problems, including persistent coughs, sinus issues, asthma and tuberculosis. This year, the August dust storms in Snake Park will coincide with the expected peak of Covid-19 infections in Gauteng.
“We can’t breathe well. This mine is very dangerous. It’s toxic,” Phongoma says, adjusting his bright blue mask. Looking at the mine dump, now glistening in the afternoon sun, he adds: “It’s a bomb. It’s a nuclear weapon — and with this Covid-19 thing, it’s going to explode.” Link Here
Stranger and stranger, isn’t it? So strange that I would venture to say, Stranger Things haven't happened. You might want to read Flatten the Curve Part 39, and what I wrote about Turkmenistan and wearing masks for toxic dust. Link Here
So where are we now? Knowwhere or nowhere? Are you a nobody or a knowbody? Is this picture that I'm painting connecting enough dots for everyone? Does anticipating mass riots in protest of the upcoming environmental collapse, and the wars for natural resources along with it, make the centralization of the economy plus the mass surveillance system make more sense? The masks and facial detection AI improvements? Does ID2020, another Billy Boy project make more sense? The upcoming robotic automation of the workforce? The curtailing of civil rights? Heck, what about the Bill Gates endorsement of impossible meats and the sudden push to vegetarianism? Remember the meat plant shutdowns? Rotting organic matter and Hydrogen Sulfide?
Please remember, Hydrogen Sulfide outgassing is pretty consistent across past Extinction Level Events. Does this mean that all hope is lost? Puhlease. Hope flows abundant. We shut Pandora's Box before hope could escape, remember?
Let me leave you with one final thought. Words matter. Look them up. They know what's happening. They know all of this. The words they use hide it in plain sight.
I've written about Bill's fortuitous investment strategy. How he seemed to hit all the right stocks as the pandemic and environmental collapse strikes. It's mostly hidden in shell companies after shell companies, but it has to start somewhere. And it does. He owns Cascade Investment L.L.C. Link Here
Which: Oct. 22, 2014 · A subsidiary of Cascade Investments LLC, which oversees the Gates fortune, is buying thousands of acres of land in north Florida. Link Here
And what does Cascade mean? Let's look?
cascade (n.)
"a fall or flow of water over a cliff, a waterfall," 1640s, from French cascade (17c.), from Italian cascata "waterfall," from cascare "to fall," from Vulgar Latin casicare, frequentative of Latin casum, casus, past participle of cadere "to fall" (from PIE root kad- "to fall"). cascade (n.) a succession of stages or operations or processes or units;
To prepare. To fall. Interesting choice for a name.
Meteor showers occur when the earth bowls through a dense stream of debris left in the wake of a comet, asteroid, or other space-borne object. Depending on where you look, you may encounter fewer meteors, however. Viewers in the Northern Hemisphere will see shooting stars emanate from the shower’s “radiant” point in the southern sky, meaning the best meteors with the longest tails will be most readily visible in the east and west. A much more spectacular meteor shower — among the year’s most prolific — will pepper the skies with a spattering of bright shooting stars and “fireballs” come mid-August. The Perseid meteor shower peaks the night of Tuesday, Aug. 11. Dozens of shooting stars could be visible beneath a clear sky every hour. Perseid meteors zip across the sky at 37 miles per second. Their diaphanous tails can appear white, orange, yellow, pink, turquoise and even violet, lingering in the sky for a few seconds. The rainbow spectrum of colors come from the combustion of magnesium, sodium and iron. Link Here
Pepper the skies with fireballs. Fall from the skies.
Comet 67P's rotten-egg smell comes from hydrogen sulfide, and the horse-stable odor comes from ammonia. These scents are blended with the fainter almond smell of hydrogen cyanide, the vinegarlike odor of sulphur dioxide and the sweet-smelling scent of carbon disulphide, researchers said. Link Here
Hnmm. It definitely sounds like Bill was getting ahead of the curve before we started to Flatten the Curve, by being a good student and getting prepared before the hoarders bought up all the toilet paper for the upcoming SHTF event.
Wouldn't you agree? Are these all coincidence, or should we pay more attention?
They want us to Keep Calm and Carry On. When do people tell you to remain calm? When you start to panic. So do you really think they would tell us the truth and deal with panicking masses? Or do you think they would hide it?
Hide it in plain sight?
Keep your head up and eyes open. Talk soon.
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Brazilian Big12 series, Episode 9/12: Santos

Previous episodes: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians
In this series I will present each of the 12 Brazilian teams that together compose the "Big 12". My point is to make them more knowledgeable to you, since each one of these teams have their share of the Brazil national team success and of Brazilian club football accomplishments as a whole. I'll try to be as smooth, efficient and non-boring as I can. If the feedback is positive, I'll keep bringing more to this series. So ok, let's do this!
Method: I'll present the teams in a chronological order, from the oldest foundation (Flamengo-1895) to the latest one (São Paulo-1930). The order will be: Flamengo, Vasco, Fluminense, Grêmio, Botafogo, Atlético Mineiro, Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Palmeiras, Cruzeiro, São Paulo. How many of these have you heard of?
Extra clubs: Due to a high number of requests, I'll also present 3 teams who don't belong to the Big12, but are also considered big clubs in Brazil: Bahia, Athletico Paranaense and Coritiba. Welcome to the club!
Geographical reference: Before we start, I'd like to ask something very simple from you. I want you to keep in mind that these 12 teams are spread in 4 different States in Brazil. The club's State name is written below, next to the club's name. It has a direct link to Google Maps, so that you can check it out to make this experience more accurate.

Episode 9/12: Santos (State: São Paulo), founded in 1912

State rivals: São Paulo, Palmeiras, Corinthians

Stadium: Vila Belmiro

Mascot: Whale

Major achievements: 2 Intercontinental Cup (1962, 1963), 3 Copa Libertadores (1962, 1963, 2011), 8 Brazilian Leagues (1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 2002, 2004), 1 Copa do Brasil (2010)

State League titles: 22 (Against Corinthians' 30, Palmeiras' 23, São Paulo's 21)

The Football Kingdom
There's an urban legend that says that a lightning never strikes the same place twice. But apparently this legend doesn't apply to the physics of Santos, a humble and small port city on the coast of São Paulo. There, a young kid named Pelé, would come up to become football's greatest legend, a man that could stop a war with his foot, a man that transcended all sports combined. In that same city of Santos - with a probable electromagnetic sequel caused by the lightning of Pelé - were raised the raw talents of the princes Robinho and Neymar. Curiously enough, Marta, the Queen of Football, and Falcão, the King of Futsal, also stepped foot and left a legacy at Santos, the football kingdom of the world. Let the story begin!
The early years and the 100-goal team at 1929 São Paulo State League
Santos was founded in 1912, but only on the late 1920s the team would become a threat to the State League teams from the state capital, São Paulo. Indeed, in 1927, the team led by Araken Patusca and Feitiço scored 100 goals in 16 matches, an average of 6,25 goals/match, a world record in official competitions until today. However, they lost the title in the last round to Palmeiras. These two players would make history in Santos: Feitiço scored 214 goals and is the Santos 5th top goalscorer of all time, while Araken Patusca scored 184, and is the 7th.
In 1935, Santos would win their first State League title, after beating Corinthians 2-0.
The Pelé Era: the greatest team in the world, the team that stopped a war in Africa, Os Santásticos
Before Pelé arrived, Santos had recently won the 1955 and 1956 State Leagues, with a great team led by Brazil NT forwards Del Vecchio, Pepe, Pagão, Jair, and the midfielder Zito.
After Pelé left, Santos had added 25 more trophies to their cabinet: 2 Intercontinental Cups, 2 Copa Libertadores, 6 Brazilian Leagues, 10 State Leagues, 3 Rio-São Paulo Tournament, 1 Supercopa Sudamericana and 1 Recopa Intercontinental.
During Pelé's time in the 1960s, Santos scored around 3000 goals, with more than 1000 scored by the king, in both official competitions (643 goals) and friendlies (448 goals) for Santos. Actually, counting only teams from Europe big6, Pelé scored 103 goals in those high-level friendlies, as you can see here. If we count all European clubs and National Teams, Pelé scored 163 goals. He also scored 87 goals against 1st division Brazilian teams, 116 goals against South American teams and National Teams, 44 goals against African/Asian/Central American National Teams, totalizing 410 goals in high-level friendlies - all data details here. At that time, friendlies were highly hyped, and there were more Europeans attending friendlies vs. Santos than attending their own national leagues matches - attendance data here.
League 1960s League att. average Friendlies vs Santos att. average
England 29.180 34.800 (10 matches)
Spain ??? 48.100 (9 matches)
Italy 21.056 39.620 (33 matches)
Germany 24.160 31.700 (15 matches)
Portugal ??? 34.000 (3 matches)
France 8.400 32.300 (8 matches)
Overall 20.700 36.750 (78 matches)
Pelé arrived at Santos in 1956, at the age of 15. In that same year arrived the right-wing Dorval, aged 21. In 1958 arrived the centre-forward Coutinho, aged 14, and in 1960 the attacking midfielder, Mengálvio, aged 20. They all joined the left-wing Pepe, at Santos since 1954, to form the famous quintet that dominated the world: Dorval, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pelé and Pepe.
Player Apps Goals Brazil NT Caps Goals World Cup titles
Dorval (1956-67) 612 198 7 - -
Mengálvio (1960-68) 371 28 14 1 1 (1962)
Coutinho (1958-68) 457 368 15 6 1 (1962)
Pelé (1956-74) 1116 1091 92 77 3 (1958, 1962, 1970)
Pepe (1954-69) 750 405 40 22 2 (1958, 1962)
But everything started in the 1957 São Paulo State League, when Pelé was topscorer with 36 goals, at the age of 16. There wasn't a National League until 1959, due to Brazil's huge size and weak infrastructure, so the players would shine in the State Leagues, which lasted the entire year. Pelé, at 17, broke the São Paulo State League record (until today), scoring 58 goals in 38 matches, in 1958 - which brought him to the Brazil NT and to the 1958 World Cup. After winning it, him and Santos started travelling in exhibition tours to make cash and challenge the best teams around the world in "friendly" matches.
In 1959, Santos took part in the 1st Brazilian League edition, qualifying as São Paulo State League champions. However, they lost the final to Bahia (2-3, 2-0, 1-3).
As Santos lost the 1959 São Paulo State League finals to Palmeiras, they didn't qualify to the 1960 Brazilian League.
However, they won the 1960 São Paulo State League and qualified to the 1961 Brazilian League. From 1961 to 1965, Santos won 5 consecutive Brazilian Leagues, a record until today. However, Santos would always enter in the semi-finals and only play 4-5 matches to be crowned champions - this rule would only be modified from the 1967 Brazilian League.
Year Champion Runner-up Results
1961 Brazilian League Santos Bahia 1-1, 5-1
1962 Brazilian League Santos Botafogo 4-3, 1-3, 5-0
1963 Brazilian League Santos Bahia 6-0, 2-0
1964 Brazilian League Santos Flamengo 4-1, 0-0
1965 Brazilian League Santos Vasco 5-1, 1-0
Highlights to the 1962 final between Santos and Botafogo, which had 11 players from the 1962 World Cup won by Brazil: Gylmar, Mauro, Zito, Mengálvio, Coutinho, Pelé, Pepe (Santos), Nilton Santos, Garrincha, Amarildo, Zagallo (Botafogo). Santos won the decisive match 5-0 at the Maracanã, with this goal from Pelé.
In 1962, Santos also participated in their first Copa Libertadores, qualified as the 1961 Brazilian League champions. Santos topped their group stage against Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) (9-1, 1-1) and Municipal (Bolivia) (6-1, 4-3). In the semis against Universidad Católica (Chile), Santos tied 1-1 away, and won 1-0 at home. The final would be against Peñarol (Uruguay). Santos won the first leg 2-1 in Uruguay, with two goals from Coutinho, in a great comeback. In the 2nd leg in Brazil, a crazy story: after a big and violent confusion, the match was restarted and Peñarol scored the third goal at '51 (2-3). Santos only needed a tie and scored it at '67, the match ended 3-3 and Santos celebrated the title. However, the referee wrote down in the match report that the match was over at '51 - he was scared to really end it, so he kept the match going until the end, but it wasn't counting for him, so he (and CONMEBOL) declared Peñarol the winners. This forced a third match, in neutral Argentina, which Santos dominated and won 3-0, with two goals from Pelé and one own goal from Peñarol. Santos were for the first time, and the first Brazilian team, crowned South American champions.
This title qualified Santos to the 1962 Intercontinental Cup, against the European champions, Benfica. The 1st leg at the Maracanã ended 3-2 for Santos, with 2 goals from Pelé and one from Coutinho. Before the 2nd match in Lisbon, Benfica announced that they were selling tickets for the third match, certain that they would win at home. However, Pelé destroyed the match with a splendid hat-trick, an assist, nutmegs and dribbling past the entire Benfica defense to score one of his goals. The match ended 5-2 before a crowd of 73.000 portuguese fans, and Pelé proved once again he was still football's king, as he and Santos were crowned club world champions for the first time. Highlights of the match here (4mn56 video).
The next year, in 1963, Santos would once again win the Copa Libertadores. Being the current champions, they entered in the semi-final stage against the legendary Botafogo of Garrincha, Didi and Nilton Santos. The 1st leg ended 1-1, with Pelé scoring a tie at '90. The 2nd match at the Maracanã ended 4-0 to Santos, with Pelé scoring the first goal, also the second goal from a header, and the third from a penalty kick. Lima scored the fourth, with an assist from Pepe. Santos were once again qualified to the Copa Libertadores final.
They would meet Boca Juniors, from Argentina. In the 1st leg at the Maracanã, Santos opened 3-0 with two goals from Coutinho - notably this one - and one from Lima. Boca, however, scored twice with Sanfilippo and the match ended 3-2.
The atmosphere at La Bombonera for the 2nd leg was intense. 50.000 Argentine kept singing "Pelé hijo de puta, macaquitos del Brasil" (Pelé son of a b., little monkeys from Brazil). Then Boca opened the score at '46 with Sanfilippo. However, 4 minutes later, Pelé assisted Coutinho to score the tie. Later, Pelé mocked the Boca team by playing with the ball at Boca's GK hand. And at '82, Pelé scored the winning goal and celebrated with euphory and anger: Santos were back-to-back Copa Libertadores champions.
Santos were once again qualified to the Intercontinental Cup, and would face Milan. Santos lost the 1st leg 2-4, at San Siro, in Milan. In the 2nd leg at the Maracanã, Milan went to half-time winning 2-0. A heavy rain began and the pitch became a mud. Santos, without Pelé, counted on Pepe's free-kick to score their first goal. Almir and Lima scored Santos second and third goals, at '54 and '65. Pepe, again from a free-kick, scored the fourth at '68, forcing a third match.
In the third and final match, at the Maracanã again, Maldini committed a penalty and was sent off. Still without Pelé, Dalmo scored the 1-0 winning goal, crowning Santos once again club world champions.
Santos wouldn't win the Copa Libertadores again in the 1960s. They reached the semis in 1964 and 1965, and refused to play it in 1966, 1967 and 1969 - not only it was financially unattractive, but also too violent and with tendencious refereeing. So Santos prefered to travel around the globe and make cash to pay their expensive team.
The "Santos Globetrotters", would tour the world and smash whoever and wherever. 7-1 Internazionale, 5-0 Roma, 6-2 Napoli, 3-0 Lazio, 5-1 Lecce, 5-1 Barcelona, 6-0 Hamburg, 9-1 TSV München 1860, 6-3 Wolfsburg, 5-2 Eintracht Frankfurt, 4-2 Hertha Berlin, 6-4 Fortuna Düsseldorf, 5-0 Arminia Bielefield, 6-3 Benfica, 4-2 Sheffield Wednesday, 4-2 Newcastle, 5-3 Reims, 6-1 Racing, 6-2 Lyon, 3-0 Toulouse, 3-0 Feyenoord, 5-0 Enschede, 3-0 Peñarol, 8-3 Racing (Argentina), 4-0 Independiente, 4-1 Boca Juniors, 4-0 River Plate...
In official competitions, Pelé's Santos played 6 matches against Europeans, with 5W-1L:
Competition Result Goals
1962 Intercontinental Cup Santos 3-2 Benfica Pelé (2x), Santana (2x), Coutinho
1962 Intercontinental Cup Santos 5-2 Benfica Pelé (3x), Eusébio, Coutinho, Pepe, Santana
1963 Intercontinental Cup Santos 2-4 Milan Pelé (2x), Amarildo (2x), Trapattoni, Mora
1963 Intercontinental Cup Santos 4-2 Milan Pepe (2x), Mazzola, Almir, Lima, Mora
1963 Intercontinental Cup Santos 1-0 Milan Dalmo
1968 Recopa Intercontinental Santos 1-0 Internazionale Toninho Guerreiro
However, Santos wasn't invincible, and Palmeiras stopped them from winning 12 consecutive State Leagues (1958-69), by beating Santos in 1959, 1963 and 1966.
1969: the year that Santos stopped a war in Africa and that Pelé scored his 1000th goal
On the 4th February 1969, Pelé's Santos stopped an ongoing war in Nigeria. The civil war had been going on in the Biafra region since March 1967, and it lasted until January 1970, with the separatists' defeat. 2 million people died in the conflict.
There was a global effort trying to stop the violent repression of the Nigerian government against the Biafras. Artists like Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, authorities like the Pope Paul VI and the United Nations tried do contain the conflict, without success.
But Santos did. As the team was touring in Africa, they were invited by the Nigerian government to play in Benin. A first and only cease-fire was declared so Santos could move from the hotel to the stadium and then back to the hotel. Santos won the match 2-1, and left the country the next day, as the war restarted as soon as they were gone, lasting 11 more months.
On the 19th November 1969, Pelé scored his 1000th goal, against Vasco, the team he supported as a child, at the Maracanã. Journalists from all over the world had been following Santos matches, waiting for the 1000th goal to happen, which he did on his 912th career match.
By the end of the decade, Santos team had changed, but was still strong, notably counting with the right-back Carlos Alberto Torres, the midfielder Clodoaldo and the forwards Edu and Toninho Guerreiro, all of them champions in the 1970 World Cup, except for the latter. They notably won the 1968 Brazilian League, the 1968 Supercopa Sudamericana and the 1968 Recopa Intercontinental.
My personal favorite goal of this era is this one by Toninho Guerreiro, after a rainbow flick assist by Kaneko, in 1968.
The Pelé Era last title was the São Paulo State League title of 1973. Pelé left in October 1974, having scored 1091 goals in 1116 matches for Santos.
1978-1984: the Meninos da Vila (Vila Boys) and the last title before the drought
In 1978, a new term was coined to the players produced by Santos youth system, or just young players that were bought: the Meninos da Vila (Vila Boys), that won the 1978 State League. The 1st generation counted with Juary, João Paulo, Pita, Nilton Batata and Ailton Lira.
Meninos da Vila Apps Goals
Juary 229 101
João Paulo 412 103
Pita 408 55
Nilton Batata 249 36
Ailton Lira 182 37
In the 1980s, Santos built a good team that reached the final of the 1983 Brazilian League, and won the 1984 State League - Santos last title before the drought.
1984-2002: 18-year title drought
In this period, Santos reached the 1995 Brazilian League final - led by the idol Giovanni -, as well as the 2000 State League final. Santos won the 1997 Rio-São Paulo Tournament and the 1998 Copa Conmebol, but they were minor trophies and didn't count as the end of the drought, that would last until 2002.
Nevertheless, Santos became the first team in the world to score 10.000 goals - the record took place in January 1998, with a goal scored by Jorginho.
In December 2000, Santos was elected by FIFA the Club of the Century in South America, and placed 5th in the world, behind Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern and Barcelona.
2002: Diego & Robinho and the 2nd Meninos da Vila generation
In the last season of the Brazilian League with knock-out stages (round-robin were introduced in 2003), Santos were broken and bet once again on their own DNA: youth system and offensive football. Led by 17-year-old Diego and 18-year-old Robinho, and with great young players Maurinho (24), Alex (20), Renato (23) and Elano (21), as well as great experienced players like Fábio Costa (25), Léo (27) and Alberto (27), Santos qualified on the 8th and last spot to the quarter-finals - after an exciting 1st stage, even leading the league at some point, but dropping a lot in quality towards the end.
In the knock-out stage, Santos won 5 of the 6 matches before becoming champions. In the quarter-finals, against the scary São Paulo of Kaká and Luís Fabiano, Santos won both legs: 3-1 at home and then a 2-1 comeback away, with Diego scoring twice, one of them the winning goal on the 2nd leg.
In the semi-finals, Santos defeated Grêmio 3-0 at home, with a great show from Robinho, who got Grêmio's CB sent off and then scored this great goal. Alberto scored twice, notably this backheel one. In the 2nd leg, a 0-1 defeat was enough to put Santos in the league final.
The final would be against Parreira's Corinthians. In the first leg, Diego brilliantly assisted Alberto to open the score, and then Robinho at '88 also brilliantly assissted Renato to close the 2-0 score.
The final 2nd leg was monumental. Corinthians needed to win by a 2-goal difference to be the champions. It started badly for Santos, with Diego leaving injured with less than five minutes. But at '35, Robinho produced one of the most iconic moves of the football world in 2002, the 8 Pedaladas (8 Stepovers), after which he suffered a penalty, which he himself converted into a goal dedicated to Diego. Corinthians now needed 3 goals, and at '75 they scored the first, then at '84 they scored the second. Total fear in Santos supporters. But 4 minutes later at '88, the heir of the king, the prince Robinho carried the ball from the midfield until the right side of the box to assist Elano in Santos second goal. But it wasn't over yet, and at '92, him again, the prince Robinho left two Corinthians' CB completely lost in a quick body turnaround to assist Léo to score the 3rd and winning goal. The perfect match was over, Santos won 3-2, and were crowned Brazilian League champions. Highlights to Santos goalkeeper Fabio Costa who had this absurd performance (2mn33s video) and to Santos coach Emerson Leão, the man who chose to bet in these young players.
2003-2004: the show must go on
In 2003, Santos, Diego and Robinho were the Brazilian trend. They kept their high-level football with the addition of Ricardo Oliveira in the attack, and finished 2nd in the Copa Libertadores - losing to Boca Juniors - and 2nd in the Brazilian League - dominated by Cruzeiro.
In 2004, Santos won the Brazilian League again, their 8th and most recent Brazilian League title. With the departures of Renato, Diego and Ricardo Oliveira to Europe, Santos brought Ricardinho and Deivid from Middlesbrough and Bordeaux, and the international coach Luxemburgo from Cruzeiro.
It worked greatly, and led by Robinho and Elano, they won the league on the 46th and last round, after beating Vasco 2-1. It was a very dramatic league in all possible ways, and against everything and everyone, Santos were once again Brazilian Champions.
Meninos da Vila Apps (Santos) Goals (Santos) Clubs in Europe
Diego 133 38 Porto, Werder Bremen, Atlético Madrid
Robinho 253 111 Real Madrid, Milan, Man. City
Elano 322 68 Shakhtar, Man. City
Renato 424 33 Sevilla
Alex 103 20 Chelsea, Milan, PSG
2009-2013: Neymar & Ganso, the 3rd Meninos da Vila generation
After the 2004 team was dismantled, Santos won two State League titles in 2006 and 2007, besides finishing 2nd in the 2007 Brazilian League and reaching the semi-finals in the 2007 Copa Libertadores, led by international star Zé Roberto.
In March 2009, Neymar made his debut at the age of 17. With midfielder Ganso (aged 19), they finished 2nd in the State League, losing to Ronaldo Nazário's Corinthians.
In 2010, the Cirque du Soleil Santos show began. With the addition of Robinho (on a 6-month loan from Man. City) to the front line, the team reached a historical mark of 111 goals in 34 matches on the title campaigns of the 2010 State League and 2010 Copa do Brasil. Overall in the year, Santos scored 176 goals, and Neymar 42 goals. The team played for fun and brilliant goals were a constant, notably: Robinho's backheel goal against Rogério Ceni's São Paulo, Ganso finesse assist to Robinho against Grêmio, Neymar's little-stop penalty goal against Ceni's São Paulo, Ganso's lob against Monte Azul, Robinho's lob against Bragantino, Ganso's backheel assist to Neymar's goal against Santo André, Alex Sandro's goal against Cruzeiro, Wesley's goal against Grêmio, Ganso long distance goal against Grêmio, Neymar dribbling past the whole Santo André defense goal, Neymar's assist to André against São Paulo, and obviously, Robinho air backheel assist to Neymar against Santo André.
However, the epic 2010 team only lasted 6 months: Wesley, André and Robinho left to Europe, and Ganso got severely injured. With the team dismantled, they ended on the 8th position in the league.
2011 Copa Libertadores: the third continental dream title
Santos started the season with the 2011 State League title, beating Corinthians in the final (0-0, 2-1).
Santos also counted with the return of Elano for the 2011 Copa Libertadores, but the team started badly: 2 draws and 1 loss, so Santos needed to win all the next 3 matches to advance. And they did, without much problems: 3-2 Colo-Colo (Chile), 2-1 Cerro Porteño (Paraguay) and 3-1 Táchira (Venezuela). Highlights to Neymar's dribbling-goal against Colo-Colo and Danilo's long-distance goal against Cerro Porteño.
In the round of 16, Santos met América (Mexico) and beat them 1-0 at home in the 1st leg. The 2nd leg, in Mexico, was a 0-0 tie, with goalkeeper Rafael Cabral having an exceptional match.
In the quarter-finals, against Once Caldas (Colombia), Santos had no problem beating them 1-0 in Colombia, and then tying 1-1 at home, with this great goal from Neymar.
In the semi-finals, Santos beat Cerro Porteño 1-0 at home, with this great assist from Neymar to Edu Dracena, and had a restful 2nd leg after opening 2-0 and leaving Paraguay with a 3-3 tie and qualified to the finals.
In the big final against Peñarol, Santos left the 1st leg with a 0-0 tie in Uruguay, with Peñarol having this goal bravely disallowed at '85. In the final 2nd leg, Santos pressured Peñarol at home, until Neymar opened the score at '46 with a brilliant shot, after a fine backheel-play by Ganso and ball-conducting by Arouca. At '68, Danilo scored one more, but Santos centre-back Durval scored an own goal at '79. On the last minute, Neymar almost scored the third, but the ball hit the post. At '93, the match ended, and after 48 years, Santos were the Copa Libertadores Champions, for the third time in their history.
Neymar was the MVP and second topscorer with 6 goals, at the age of 19. He was also elected the 2011 Brazilian League MVP, but Santos finished on the 10th place.
With this title, Santos qualified to the 2011 Club World Cup in Japan. They beat Kashiwa Reysol 3-1 in the semi-final, with this splendid goal from Neymar. However, they were completely dominated by Messi's Barcelona in the final, losing it 0-4.
In 2012, Santos had another great year, led by Neymar, Ganso and Elano. They started the season with the 2012 State League title, beating Guarani in the final (3-0, 4-2). They also reached the 2012 Copa Libertadores semi-finals, but got eliminated by Corinthians.
They also won the 2012 Recopa Sudamericana and finished 8th on the league.
Meninos da Vila Apps (Santos) Goals (Santos) Clubs in Europe
Neymar 230 138 Barcelona, PSG
Ganso 162 36 Sevilla, Amiens
André 94 41 Sporting
Rafael Cabral 190 - Napoli, Reading
Danilo 80 10 Porto, Real Madrid, Man. City, Juventus
Wesley 63 10 Werder Bremen
Since the Neymar & Ganso Era ended in 2013, Santos has won 2 State League titles (2015, 2016), finished 2nd in the Brazilian League twice (2016, 2019) and in the Copa do Brasil once (2015), as well as revealing Rodrygo in 2018.
Santos represents the essence of Brazilian football DNA, which is offensive and beautiful football, a philosophy which made their youth system one of the most respected in the world. You can watch here some rare Pelé highlights, here some 2002-2005 Robinho's and here some 2009-2013 Neymar's.
Santos is one of the 3 Brazilian teams that has never been relegated.
To this day, Santos has a fanbase of 6 million supporters, and a stadium attendance average of 10.300, as of 2019.
If you have any questions about Brazilian football, feel free to join us at futebol, where you'll be very welcomed!
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01/07/2020 - Premier League - Everton vs Leicester City - Match thread.

01/07/2020 - Premier League - Everton vs Leicester City - Match thread.
The Toffees host the Foxes at Goodison Park.

United Kingdom - Sky Sports Main Event - 6:00pm
Australia - Optus Sport - 3:00am (Thursday)
Brazil - ESPN - 2:00pm
Canada - DAZN - 12:00pm
Egypt - beIN Sport - 7:00pm
Hong Kong - NOW TV/NOW E - 6:00pm
New Zealand - Spark Sport - 5:00am (Thursday)
South Africa - Super Sport - 7:00pm
Thailand - True Sport - 00:00am (Thursday)
United States - NBC Sports GOLD - 1:00pm

Betting Odds (taken at 8:57am 01/07/2020 William Hill)
Everton v Leicester
Home 31/20
Draw 11/5
Away 15/8

Leicester Premier League Form after restart:
Everton Premier League Form after restart:
Form vs Everton Premier League 2019/20:
2 - 1 (Win at home)
Form vs Everton EFL Cup 2019/20:
2 - 2 (Draw away - Victory after penalties)

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Top Ten Greatest Male Players in Challenge History - No. 4 - C.T. Tamburello

Honorable Mentions - Abram, Dan S., Jamie, Mike M., Theo V., Turbo, Wes
No. 10 - Alton Williams (Real World: Las Vegas)
No. 9 - Mark Long (Road Rules: USA - The First Adventure)
No. 8 - Darrell Taylor (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
No. 7 - Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-Treme)
No. 6 - Kenny Santucci (Fresh Meat)
No. 5 - Evan Starkman (Fresh Meat)
No. 4 - C.T. Tamburello (Real World: Paris)
C.T. carrying the Johnny Bananas backpack is the greatest highlight ever recorded in Challenge history.
Before the backpack moment, we hadn’t seen C.T. in three years. He was rumored to be forever banned after almost killing Adam King on the Duel II. On Cutthroat, when T.J. announced the heavy hitters twist and C.T. came walking out the dark, challenge fans all around the world were not prepared for what they were about to witness. C.T. was finally let out of his cage and Johnny Bananas became absolute prey.
If there were ever to be a logo for the Challenge, a visual image of the C.T.-Bananas backpack moment would be it. Picture this: Replace the Jerry West silhouette in the red and blue NBA logo with a white silhouette of C.T. mid power-walk and Bananas in the back of him imitating a backpack. Then, replace “NBA” with “MTV”. Now, you got your MTV Challenge logo. C.T. being at the front and center of a hypothetical challenge sports logo makes perfect sense considering C.T.’s athletic performances changed the landscape of the Challenge from a regular game show to the series becoming known as America’s Fifth Sport.
C.T. is the Peyton Manning of the Challenge.
Peyton Manning is the greatest regular-season quarterback in the history of the NFL. C.T. is the greatest regular-season competitor in the history of the Challenge.
Peyton Manning only has two Superbowls (and won his second one in his final season in the NFL, while being a shell of his former self). C.T. has three championships (and won his final one while being in his worst physical shape ever).
Both, Peyton Manning and C.T.’s regular-season career numbers lead you to believe that they should have had twice as much championships than what they currently have. However, their own blunders (C.T.’s boneheaded mistakes and gassing out right before the finish line on the Exes 2 final = Peyton’s choking) throughout their careers hold them back from reaching extreme success in the post-season.
To continue this comparison, Johnny Bananas is Tom Brady (6 championships). C.T. is the more natural athlete and talented challenger between him and Bananas, but Bananas has had the better legacy (Peyton’s the more talented QB between him and Brady, but Brady accomplished a greater legacy).
C.T. has seven of the greatest regular season competitive performances that didn’t result in championships.
The Inferno: In C.T.’s rookie debut, the higher end competition consisted of Abram, Darrell, Mike Mizanin, Shane and Timmy. C.T. won 4 life shields. C.T. led all the males in life shields and actually won more life shields than the higher end competition as one whole collective (Darrell, Mike Mizanin, and Timmy each won one life shield, totaling up to 3). C.T. was the best performer of the season as a rookie. He made the final challenge, but his Real World team lost to Road Rules in a close race.
Inferno II: C.T. was the life shield king. He racked up 6 life shields this season in one of the most competitive male casts to ever be assembled in Challenge history. C.T. led the season in life shields again, Landon came in 2nd with four, Mike in 3rd with three, and Derrick came in 4th with two. C.T. made the final, but he and the final remaining Bad Asses got blown out the water in a triathlon.
The Duel: C.T. won three missions and landed in the top 2 seven times. In C.T.’s third season, he was the second best competitor behind Evan, who won six missions (but half of them were due to having the superior partner in Jodi in comparison to C.T. having Diem). Despite being a top 2 performer, C.T. got disqualified against Brad in the final male duel and didn’t make it into the post-season.
Gauntlet III: C.T. was co-captain of one of the most dominant regular season teams ever, the G3 Veterans. C.T. was either the best or second best athlete on the team (along with Evan, the other team captain). C.T.’s performance in Piñata Pit (which I delve into later) proved what a freak of nature of a competitor C.T. was.
Rivals: C.T. managed to win two missions and landed in the top three overall six times with an average partner (Adam). Rivals C.T. was the scariest. The whole season was based around J.E.K. and friends trying to take him out, because he was such a force to be reckoned with. C.T. lost right before the final because of Adam’s performance in the T-Bone elimination.
Exes: C.T. and Diem won two out of eight missions, only second to Bananas and Camila’s three. C.T. and Diem made the final, but got second place. C.T. and Diem had the lead the whole final, but C.T. collapsed moments before the finish line.
Dirty Thirty: C.T. was competing in his 11th season and still putting up the best scoring numbers in one of the toughest male casts ever assembled. C.T. won 6 missions. That’s the most out of all males on Dirty Thirty (Not a single other player won 5, Hunter won 4, Nelson and Leroy won 3, and the rest have 2 or less). C.T. made the final on D30, but got third place because his gas tank can’t keep up with the other two finalists.
C.T.’s ATG Physical Strength, Aggression, and Athleticism is the most lethal combination in Challenge history.
If the Challenge were to ever have a Madden-esque video game, C.T.’s player rating regarding his athleticism and strength would look something like: STR: 99. SPE: 99. AGI: 99. A prime C.T. was a cheat code. The Bananas Backpack moment attests to this. Below are some other missions and eliminations where C.T.’s strength and athleticism proved to us he was of a different breed.
In Piñata Pit (G3), players from both teams had to jump in a mud pit, retrieve a ball, and return it to the starting line. The mission was played in rounds. Each round, there were fewer balls than there were players. Players were getting eliminated round-by-round. The game of Piñata Pit came down to the two best players on each team, Veteran C.T. and Rookie Derek McCray. You’re probably reading this wondering who Derek McCray is. I don’t blame you. Let me give you some background information on him. The moment Derek M. first stepped into the Challenge, he was immediately viewed as a competition threat, even with no performance log to back for it. Derek M. came into the Gauntlet 3 with instant respect, based off the fact that he had been recruited by more than 200 colleges for his football talent. Considering Piñata Pit contained all the aspects of a game of football: running, tackling, stripping a ball away from an opponent, and taking it to the end zone, the average betting man would’ve bet on Derek to score and win it for the Rookies. Challenge fans, however, knew to bet differently. When the final round went underway, Derek reached the ball first, but C.T. was inches behind Derek as he gained possession of the ball. C.T. then proceeded to slam him to the ground effortlessly and Derek literally yelped as he was getting manhandled. C.T, with what looks like half an effort, popped the ball out of Derek’s arms and took it back to the end zone to win it for the Veterans. In Piñata Pit, C.T. basically took the manhood out of a Division 1 athlete.
In the T-Bone elimination (Rivals), C.T.’s “Choo! Choo!” train almost killed Johnny and Tyler. It’s the biggest near death experience in Challenge history. I have a theory: We haven’t seen C.T. in a physical combat elimination ever since for good reason. I’m positive that’s a calculated decision by the Challenge Gods, not one that’s left up to chance.
C.T. faced off against Leroy in Wrecking Wall (FA), an elimination where both players had to punch through a 30-foot dry wall to make holes to climb up until they were able to reach the bell at the top. First player to ring the bell won. Leroy is an elimination beast; he’s won 8 career eliminations because of his physical strength and athleticism alone. He was no match for C.T. though. Anyone who watched the Duel 2, knows C.T.’s punching power is nothing to be played with. His punching power knocked out a whole wall on that season.
In the Flying Leap mission (Duel), players, one at a time, had to jump back and forth from one end of a platform to another that was suspended from a crane 20 feet above water. Numerous flags were hanging from poles located on both sides of the platform. Players had to grab as many flags as possible within a three-minute time limit; Whoever collected the most flags won. C.T. won Flying Leap with flying colors. He was the only male to not land on his body when jumping or not use any running momentum to assist his jumping sequences. C.T. instead showed us his athletic prowess, by setting his feet, loading his hips, exploding and jumping across, landing on his feet every time. Everyone on the sidelines watched in awe. C.T. made it look like a walk in the park.
C.T.’s All-Time Great Intelligence.
C.T. is the perfect two-way player. He not only has the brawn, but he has the brain as well. His long history of solving puzzles makes him an ATG intelligent male player. Below are some of C.T.’s greatest moments in which he had to put his brain to work.
C.T. eliminated Evan in Ascender (Duel), an elimination game in which players had to climb up a rope, pull a handle at the top of the rope, to release a basket containing puzzle pieces. The players then had to climb back down the rope to assemble a tiling puzzle similar to a tangram. C.T versus Evan was the second last male elimination on the original Duel. Up to that point, Evan was the clear #1 best competitor of the season and C.T. was the second. The two best players were going mano a mano. Evan got raddled under the stage lights (got caught trying to cheat), and the brain of the cold blooded killer, C.T. solved the tangram with ease.
In the Rivals 2 final, C.T. completed the puzzle checkpoint in a flash that Johnny/Frank fell behind in. Upon seeing the puzzle, C.T. straightaway figured it out because the puzzle was one that he played when he was hungover at a breakfast country club.
In the Final Redemption Challenge on D30, players had to read a code that provided a combination to a lock that contained puzzle pieces. The first two players to retrieve and complete their puzzle would return to the game, while the rest were eliminated. C.T.’s competition in this challenge was Dario, Jordan, Leroy, and Bananas. C.T. was the first male to successfully figure out the code and complete his puzzle, and re-entered the game as a result.
C.T. eliminated Darrell in Knot So Fast (Invasion). It was the last champions elimination of the season. The grandest stage of them all was set and the two all-time great champions had to rely on their strategical intelligence to win this one. Darrell put up a good fighting effort in trying to undo C.T.’s knot, but it looked like a physically impossible task. It actually was. According to Darrell on Challenge Mania, C.T.’s knots were so tight that production had to cut them off with machetes after the elimination was over. C.T. broke the Knot So Fast elimination. That’s how intelligent C.T.’s strategy was. The elimination win versus Darrell gave C.T. a spot in the finals, where he faced off against underdogs Cory and Nelson, who were fifteen years younger and in the athletic prime of their lives. In the final challenge, C.T. still managed to acquire his second season win and proved to the rest of the Challenge world that the underdogs were no match for the champion of champions.
C.T. has the All-Time Greatest Eating Abilities.
Eating is such an important trait to have in the challenge. It’s often identified as the most difficult portion of the final challenge each season. Players hate it. We’ve actually seen players quit in the final before because they couldn’t stomach eating disgusting things. We’ve seen C.T. devour all types of disgusting things without looking fazed in the slightest, that makes you question whether or not he has taste buds.
Remember the pickled fish soup in the Rivals 2 final? C.T. drank his like he was chugging a beer, while everyone around him was vomiting all over the place. Wes couldn’t bother to even taste his drink, so C.T. chugged it down for him.
In the Exes 2 final, C.T. ate the deer head and sheep blood as if it was everyday dinner. When he finished his plate, C.T. decided to go for seconds and helped Diem finish up her plate as well.
C.T.’s eating abilities are inhumane. Not only is C.T. known for downing disgusting foods in final challenges as if it were nothing, but he’s also known for winning regular season competitions where you had to eat a ridiculous amount of food (Toss Your Cookies v. Shane, eating the entire birthday cake on Race to the Altar in Exes).
C.T.’s first championship and third championships (Rivals II and WOTWII) were social-political clinics.
C.T. played his first eight seasons without winning the big one. It wasn’t until Rivals II, his ninth season, where he finally got his first challenge gold medal. As usual, C.T. crushed it on the field, but off the field, in the Challenge house, he played one of the best political-social games I had ever seen. On Rivals II, the opposite sex had control over the votes on male elimination days. C.T. was wooing all the girls, and they thought they were going to be apart of the next love big story on the Challenge. C.T. was never voted in because at least one player within four of the female teams had a fling with C.T. or were falling heads over heel for him on Rivals 2 (Anastasia, Cooke, Diem, and Nany).
On War of the Worlds II, C.T. was a member of the U.K. Team. He was apart of Cara’s Cult/The Royal Family. The physical shape C.T. was in this season was his worst ever, so him not ever being considered for elimination by his own team is mind blogging. C.T.’s social game was on a whole another level this season. My favorite C.T. moment on WOTWII is when he turncoats on Cara’s Cult right before the final and saves Tori from elimination to strengthen U.K.’s team for the final. C.T.’s political-social finesse on WOTWII rightfully earned him his third championship.
C.T.’s social-political skill, in general, deserves more recognition. Every time I hear people talk about C.T.’s eliteness, people only bring up the competition juggernaut and not the social-political mightiness he’s established over the course of his sixteen season career.
C.T. has only done three less seasons than Johnny Bananas, but he’s been in 11 less eliminations. Other than the first Rivals, I don’t recall there being a time where he wasn’t at the top of social structures. He has a whole catalogue of seasons where he was either pulling strings from the top or aligning with the biggest playmakers that were ones doing the pulling (i.e: Inferno 2 – CT was in a four person alliance with Derrick/Brad/Darrell where there duties were to not nominate each other in the inferno selections; The Duel – CT/Evan/Derrick/Brad each were paired with the best athletic girls and controlled the chain selections; Exes 2 – in an alliance with Mark/Robin, Johnny/Camila, and DunbaPaula that ran the game till the very end).
C.T. made history twice on Invasion and War of the Worlds II.
C.T. won his second championship 22 seasons after his rookie season. He debuted on the original Inferno, which took place in 2004, and won Invasion of the Champions in 2017. That’s a span of 13 years. C.T.’s Invasion win broke the previous record of the longest span between a rookie debut and championship win, that was held by Johnny Bananas. J.B. won his sixth championship 16 seasons after his rookie season. He debuted on the original Duel, which aired in 2006, and won Rivals 3 in 2016 (a 10 year span).
C.T.’s new breaking record was broken again by none other than C.T, just a few seasons later. C.T. won War of the Worlds 2, which took place 27 seasons after the Inferno, and 15 years later.
C.T.’s Overall Assessment.
If you read up until this point, I’m guessing a lot of you probably refuse to agree with my opinion of C.T. being the fourth greatest male challenger ever. Here’s my argument: C.T. is the greatest Challenge talent ever, but he doesn’t have the greatest legacy. Like mentioned earlier, he’s the Peyton Manning of the Challenge and I don’t consider Peyton Manning the #1 G.O.A.T. of Football (Jerry Rice, Jim Brown, and Tom Brady fit that bill better). In my eyes, Bananas, Jordan, and Landon are those three guys. The combination of their talent, winning percentage, and accomplishments fair just slightly better than C.T’s.
C.T. has just three championships in a sixteen season career. The rest of my top three have won just as much in a lot lesser time (Jordan, Landon) or doubled his wins in the same type of lengthy career (Bananas). C.T.’s temper and poor decision making tossed three years of his absolute prime down the drain (Inferno III, Gauntlet III, Duel II) and his inability to perform in the clutch tossed another year (Exes). That’s five seasons where the ultimate competitor, C.T., missed out on championships.
On the Inferno III, C.T. is cast on the Bad Asses; He was the best player on the cast, but he gets sent home the first night in South Africa because he punches Davis. C.T. would’ve been a lock for the final this season, he threw another potential championship out the window.
In the Gauntlet 3 final challenge, Big Easy cost C.T. and all the other final remaining veterans a championship win. You’re probably confused as to how this is C.T.’s fault, but he actually had a major hand in letting Big Easy ride to the final. If you go back to the first gauntlet deliberation where Johnny got sent in against Evan, Johnny plead to the rest of the Veteran males that Big Easy should have to go in, because he was going to lose them a final. C.T., who was the leader of the team, didn’t buy into Johnny’s plea; He had personal dislike towards Johnny and his reason for not throwing Big Easy in was because he loved partying with him. What’s the logic in that? C.T., the whole season was preaching about “trimming the fat” (getting rid of the girls on their team) and never worrying about Easy once was a horrific example of how to play a winning game. Prime C.T. was always finding a way to be the author of his own demise.
On the Duel 2, C.T. went into cannibalism mode. C.T. would’ve legitimately smashed Adam’s head and ate Adam’s head if it wasn’t for like thirty cast and production crew members successfully capturing him (and then tranquilizing him and putting him in his cage). There’s no guaranteeing C.T. would’ve won the D2, since the top crop of males this season was stacked. But this is an absolute peak C.T. we’re talking about, who’s in contention for the best men’s competitor all-time, so a championship victory is never out of the question.
In the Exes final, C.T./Diem lead the whole way until the final run up the mountain. Right before the finish line, C.T.’s tank ran out of gas (mirroring Peyton’s ability to choke in the playoffs) and he delayed winning his first championship for even longer.
C.T.’s competitive abilities (ATG physical strength, aggression, athleticism, intelligence, and eating) and his championship success in his career’s second half are sufficient enough to get him into the Challenge Mount Rushmore, but the four seasons he tossed down the drain in the first half of his career are a little too detrimental to have him in the top trinity. I think about it like this: Would I consider drafting Prime C.T. (Inferno - Free Agents) as my first pick when constructing a team in an-all time draft? Nope. He, was easily #1 in terms of competitive talent, but he was a complete hothead with bad decision making and only won one championship in ten seasons. Would I consider drafting Dadbod C.T. (Invasion - Total Madness) number one? Not at all. He’s won two championships in six seasons, with a phenomenal social-political game, but his competitive abilities are half of what they were before. Every version of C.T. comes with a small albatross that keeps him from having top three legacy.
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Copper Stranded Wire Market Size and Share 2020 Covid-19 Impact Analysis by Sales Revenue, Future Demands, Growth Factors and Drivers, Emerging Trends, Competitive Landscape and Forecast to 2025

Copper Stranded Wire Market Size and Share 2020 Covid-19 Impact Analysis by Sales Revenue, Future Demands, Growth Factors and Drivers, Emerging Trends, Competitive Landscape and Forecast to 2025
Global “Copper Stranded Wire Market research report is an overview of the global market with a prime focus on factors affecting the market growth. It also provides an all-encompassing analysis of the key competitors with their strategies and the business landscape. The report is a comprehensive analysis containing key information on Copper Stranded Wire market share, major segments, and regional analysis. Report studies key growth factors, recent developments, latest trends, market size estimates, and projections for the future.
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Global Copper Stranded Wire Market Scope:
  • Global Copper Stranded Wire market size will increase to Million USD by 2025, from Million USD in 2018, at a CAGR of during the forecast period. In this study, 2018 has been considered as the base year and 2019 to 2025 as the forecast period to estimate the market size for Copper Stranded Wire.
The report mainly studies the Copper Stranded Wire market size, recent trends and development status, as well as investment opportunities, market dynamics (such as driving factors, restraining factors), and industry news (like mergers, acquisitions, and investments). Technological innovation and advancement will further optimize the performance of the product, making it more widely used in downstream applications. Moreover, Porter's Five Forces Analysis (potential entrants, suppliers, substitutes, buyers, industry competitors) provides crucial information for knowing the Copper Stranded Wire market.
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The major players in the market include:
  • Prysmian Group
  • Nexans
  • General Cable
  • Southwire
  • SKB Group
  • FESE
  • Superior Essex
  • Poly Cab
  • Alfanar
  • Service Wire
  • Owl Wire & Cable
  • Pewc
  • Sarkuysan
  • ADC
  • Alan Wire
The report identifies various key manufacturers of the market. It helps the reader understand the strategies and collaborations that players are focusing on combat competition in the market. The comprehensive report provides a significant microscopic look at the market. The reader can identify the footprints of the manufacturers by knowing about the global revenue of manufacturers, the global price of manufacturers, and production by manufacturers during the forecast period of 2015 to 2019.
On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into:
  • Solid Copper Stranded Wire
  • Soft Copper Stranded Wire
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On the basis of the end users/applications, this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate for each application, including:
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Others
Some of the key questions answered in this report:
  • What will the market growth rate, growth momentum or acceleration market carries during the forecast period?
  • Which are the key factors driving the Copper Stranded Wire market?
  • What was the size of the emerging Copper Stranded Wire market by value in 2019?
  • What will be the size of the emerging Copper Stranded Wire market in 2026?
  • Which region is expected to hold the highest market share in the Copper Stranded Wire market?
  • What trends, challenges and barriers will impact the development and sizing of the Global Copper Stranded Wire market?
  • What are the sales volume, revenue, and price analysis of top manufacturers of the Copper Stranded Wire market?
  • What are the Copper Stranded Wire market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global Copper Stranded Wire Industry?
The study objectives of the Copper Stranded Wire market are:
  • To analyze and research the global Copper Stranded Wire capacity, production, value, consumption, status and forecast;
  • To focus on the key Copper Stranded Wire manufacturers and study the capacity, production, value, market share and development plans in next few years.
  • To focuses on the global key manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the market competition landscape, SWOT analysis.
  • To define, describe, and forecast the market by type, application and region.
  • To analyze the global and key region's market potential and advantage, opportunity, and challenge, restraints and risks.
  • To identify significant trends and factors driving or inhibiting market growth.
  • To analyze the opportunities in the market for stakeholders by identifying the high growth segments.
  • To strategically analyze each submarket with respect to individual growth trend and their contribution to the market.
  • To analyze competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, and acquisitions in the market.
  • To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their growth strategies.
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Years considered for this report:
  • History Year: 2014-2018
  • Base Year: 2018
  • Estimated Year: 2019
  • Copper Stranded Wire Market Forecast Year 2019 to 2025
With tables and figures helping analyses worldwide Global Copper Stranded Wire market trends, this research provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.
Some Points from TOC:
1 Study Coverage 1.1 Copper Stranded Wire Product 1.2 Key Market Segments in This Study 1.3 Key Manufacturers Covered 1.4 Market by Type 1.4.1 Global Copper Stranded Wire Market Size Growth Rate by Type 1.4.2 Type 1 1.4.3 Type 2 1.4.4 Type 3 1.4.5 Others 1.5 Market by Application 1.5.1 Global Copper Stranded Wire Market Size Growth Rate by Application 1.5.2 Application 1 1.5.3 Application 2 1.6 Study Objectives 1.7 Years Considered
2 Executive Summary 2.1 Global Copper Stranded Wire Market Size 2.1.1 Global Copper Stranded Wire Revenue 2014-2025 2.1.2 Global Copper Stranded Wire Production 2014-2025 2.2 Copper Stranded Wire Market Growth Rate (CAGR) 2019-2025 2.3 Analysis of Competitive Landscape 2.3.1 Manufacturers Market Concentration Ratio (CR5 and HHI) 2.3.2 Key Copper Stranded Wire Manufacturers Copper Stranded Wire Manufacturing Base Distribution, Headquarters Manufacturers Copper Stranded Wire Product Offered Date of Manufacturers Enter into Copper Stranded Wire Market 2.4 Key Trends for Copper Stranded Wire Markets & Products
3 Market Size by Manufacturers 3.1 Copper Stranded Wire Production by Manufacturers 3.1.1 Copper Stranded Wire Production by Manufacturers 3.1.2 Copper Stranded Wire Production Market Share by Manufacturers 3.2 Copper Stranded Wire Revenue by Manufacturers 3.2.1 Copper Stranded Wire Revenue by Manufacturers (2014-2019) 3.2.2 Copper Stranded Wire Revenue Share by Manufacturers (2014-2019) 3.3 Copper Stranded Wire Price by Manufacturers 3.4 Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion Plans
4 Copper Stranded Wire Production by Regions 5 Copper Stranded Wire Consumption by Regions 5.1 Global Copper Stranded Wire Consumption by Regions 5.2 North America 5.3 Europe 5.4 Asia Pacific 5.5 Central & South America 5.6 Middle East and Africa
6 Market Size by Type 7 Market Size by Application
8 Manufacturers Profiles 8.1 Company Profile 1 8.1.1 Company Profile 1 Company Details 8.1.2 Company Overview 8.1.3 Company Profile 1 Copper Stranded Wire Production Revenue and Gross Margin (2014-2019) 8.1.4 Company Profile 1 Copper Stranded Wire Product Description 8.1.5 Company Profile 1 Recent Development
8.2 Company Profile 2 8.2.1 Company Profile 2 Company Details 8.2.2 Company Overview 8.2.3 Company Profile 2 Copper Stranded Wire Production Revenue and Gross Margin (2014-2019) 8.2.4 Company Profile 2 Copper Stranded Wire Product Description 8.2.5 Company Profile 2 Recent Development
8.3 Company Profile 2 8.3.1 Company Profile 2 Company Details 8.3.2 Company Overview 8.3.3 Company Profile 2 Copper Stranded Wire Production Revenue and Gross Margin (2014-2019) 8.3.4 Company Profile 2 Copper Stranded Wire Product Description 8.3.5 Company Profile 2 Recent Development …………………………………………… 11 Value Chain and Sales Channels Analysis 11.1 Value Chain Analysis 11.2 Sales Channels Analysis 11.2.1 Copper Stranded Wire Sales Channels 11.2.2 Copper Stranded Wire Distributors 11.3 Copper Stranded Wire Customers
12 Market Opportunities & Challenges, Risks and Influences Factors Analysis 12.1 Market Opportunities and Drivers 12.2 Market Challenges 12.3 Market Risks/Restraints
13 Key Findings in the Global Copper Stranded Wire Study Continue……………..
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Alliance Chapter 4

Wow this post is late! The semester started back up, and the fun surrounding that delayed things a little.... I tried to address some of the comments I got about the Lappa, please let me know how I did! Y'all always have such cool perspectives and it gives me ideas for future nonsense....

This is the worst idea you’ve ever had.
Well, technically it wasn’t my idea. Seaman O’Rourke came up with it, and then the diplomats got all excited about it, and then I approved it.
Which was a terrible idea.
At least no one had been killed or maimed yet?
Murphy’s law, the moment I had that thought a pair of players went crashing into a bulkhead. The ball shot out of the winded Z’lask’s grip and into Kahuanui’s waiting arms, who in turn was flattened by a charging Z’lask, who fumbled and enabled O’Rourke to steal, turn, and shoot.
Flyball. The noble sport. The zero-g, full-contact pastime of choice on all ships in the black. Some of the younger sailors, with all the judgement skills exercised by eighteen-year-olds in a bunch, had challenged the crew of the Courage of Z’raa to a friendly match. Once I had explained that flyball was not, as the highly-offended Z’lask originally thought, the human equivalent of a mock-war, and that therefore my guys’ invitation was not a challenge to their honor but a gesture of friendship, the Z’lask were only too eager to play.
I’m not sure how many gestures of friendship this alliance can stand.
I darted a glance at Commander First Rank Zeran H’laath, our new sister ship’s captain, who was watching the game in a state of high puzzlement. The idea of “offsides” was a very foreign concept to the Z’lask, as it turned out, a fact I was plotting to use to claim that the game ended in a tie, since I was fairly certain this alliance also could not stand one side losing.
Yay diplomacy!
The Z’lask keeper blocked O’Rourke’s shot with his tail and winged the ball back into play. It disappeared into a knot of viciously grappling humans and Z’lask, as a vindictive O’Rourke flew past to slam into the Z’lask keeper. Ramirez, who I had voluntold into refereeing, was studiously looking the other way.
Definitely the worst idea you’ve ever had.
Somehow, the game ended without any major injuries, and the two teams accepted the pronouncement of a tie with a reasonable imitation of sportsmanship. As far as I was concerned, this rendezvous was going fantastic.
The diplomats, however, were fretting. They were convinced that unless the two crews became best of friends during the three days allotted for the purpose, we would spontaneously decide to slaughter one another on arrival at the Council. In an attempt to avoid such poor optics, we were supposed to be playing flyball, listening to music, and having nuanced discussions about one another’s history. Which actually was, to a certain extent, more or less happening.
The sharing music point, as I predicted, was going the best. The green-eyed Z’lask had been correct when he said that the Z’lask got the same things out of our music as we did, and they were turning out to have as broad a range of individual tastes as humans. I supposed the cliché about music being the language that transcended languages was holding true. Funny how much of diplomacy seemed to be clichéd: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If you want peace be prepared for war. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
“Captain,” H’laath had snuck up on me, looking down on me in both senses of the word. He really seemed to be one of those Z’lask who was having a lot of trouble with the idea of “shamed” not being a human category. He was standing as far away from me as he could, and angling his body backward, as though he thought he was going to catch it. It was minorly hilarious. I smothered a smirk and looked politely interested. “Our crews seem to be getting along.” He didn’t look entirely convinced that that was a good thing.
“Yes, they do,” I said, in my diplomatic voice. “This is going to be a significant adjustment, it’s good to see that they’re approaching it so eagerly.”
And they actually are. Thousands of years of adherence to the Code had made the Z’lask starved for novelty, and their curiosity about even the most mundane aspects of human culture had…endeared them to the crew. It made it feel unique, interesting, exciting, just to be human. More people than not were engaging with our former enemies, and more people that not seemed to be willing to attempt a wary sort of friendliness. I was sure we were going to have problems with the “not” portion of the population eventually, but I was holding out hope that what good manners couldn’t accomplish, fear of a new cold war might.
The Lappa had gotten a little pushier in the Council about reining in our acceptance to the wider galaxy, and the UN was starting to think they’d found their next external threat against which to unify the squabbling nations of humanity.
“Mm.” The Z’lask, with their clacking language, could make a sound of doubting ambivalence more cutting than duratitanium. And H’laath managed to somehow put distaste into his as well. “I wonder if the Lappa shall feel that way.”
So he’s thinking about them too. I didn’t know how the Z’lask felt about the Lappa’s attempts to ostracize us, it would be useful to find out.
“I didn’t know they made judgments based on emotions,” I said. “I thought they did everything logically.”
If you want the right answer, say the wrong one.
H’laath flicked his tongue, a gesture that just fell on the right side of being impatient. “They are…inexperienced when it comes to the human idea of diplomacy. They are frightened—they are confronting the unknown and for the first time their instruments tell them nothing, their theories are unable to guide them. They do not know what to do.” H’laath flicked his tongue again, this time in their equivalent of an eye roll. “They act like hatchlings.”
“Why would they be afraid of us?” I was genuinely confused, they’re supposed to be vastly our technological superiors. And if they’re so logical, shouldn’t they long since have learned to coexist with drastically different species? There was no shortage of odd inclinations in the galaxy, I would have thought that before now they’d have encountered a species so different as to be mystifying.
H’laath’s eyes brightened to resemble amber warning lights. “It is my personal belief, and that of many others in the Fleet, that the Lappa have gone soft, become used to peace. They have no Code to keep them strong, to remind them that even if no enemies present themselves, honor demands constant readiness.”
God these guys are weird.
“Without a Code to demand they test themselves, several generations have gone by wherein no Lappa was forced to endure insecurity. When confronted with the specter of it now, they have lost their heads.” He curled his tail in a gesture I’d never seen before, but had read indicated disdain. “We never considered them worthy allies, their unconcern for honor disqualified them from that distinction. However, their disgraceful recent behavior has made High Command determined not to attempt to appease them.” And he swept his tail to the side as though brushing away something unpleasant and unsubstantial.
Martinez and Adams were now attempting to teach a few Z’lask to dance. It was true that dancing could be a beautiful showcase of grace and athleticism, a wonderful expression of human art. That was not true of this particular group of dancers.
“I have been meaning to ask you something,” H’laath snapped again. “Are you familiar with the Z’lask conception of the status of those who become prisoners of war?”
You’re a direct son of a bitch.
“I am.” I made eye contact and smiled with my teeth showing. It took five one-thousands before the jaundice-eyed moron looked away.
And the record for staring contests with lizards stays perfect!
That was not the way to think right now. I took a breath. “I recognize that this must very difficult for you, the Code rarely demands such quick, drastic changes. But I see that your crew is adapting admirably.” I nodded at a pair of young Z’lask who were attempting to imitate Martinez’s moves, to general hilarity.
H’laath looked consummately unconvinced.
“Look,” I said, resigning myself. “I’m not here to try to change your mind. I’m here to transport these diplomats to the Council, and to represent my species well while I do it. Like you said, the Lappa are thinking of making themselves a threat. Therefore, my first priority is the completion of my mission, followed closely by doing it in such a manner that the Lappa become convinced that the Human-Z’lask alliance would be an unsuitable adversary. Somewhere way down the list is worrying about—and I say this with great respect, Commander—what you think of me. Think whatever you damn well please, as long as you don’t let it interfere with our mission.”
H’laath’s eyes got even brighter, and he drew himself up so I had to tilt my head back to maintain eye contact. I smiled at him again.
I had counted to seven-one-thousand when he suddenly flung his tail above his head, then brought it slicing down to ring against the deck plating so loudly people turned to look.
“Very well, I think we shall get along nicely.” His eyes went back to a conversational shine.
“Huh?” I said.
Damn it, damn it, you said it again!
H’laath looked…relaxed? “During the war, I escorted convoys. I had the opportunity to observe the tactics of human stealth ships, of a variety of nations, hunting both singly and in packs. They frequently employed tricks that the Code deemed dishonorable, but that nevertheless exacted a heavy toll. I thought of these devices as merely the cunning of beasts, before I observed the lengths to which humans would go to assist other vessels in distress, and before I heard reports of human warships taking aboard shipwrecked Z’lask. The revelation of your Geneva Conventions cemented for me and for many a new conception of your species: as our equals in honor, if not in technology or civility.”
H’laath paused to pull a face.
“And yet, you were still different from us in every possible way. So different, that I doubted those differences could truly exist. The Code said you were our brothers, so how could you be so dissimilar? Surely it must be an act, another human silliness of deception like you so loved to employ.” H’laath’s eyes were flickering, a sign of agitation.
“I considered chief among these ‘deceptions’ to be your insistence that you did not recognize shame. I had no idea what purpose such a charade might serve, I was not interested in taxing myself to attempt to divine it. So I was quite surprised when I learned that it was no falsehood that you had been a prisoner. A shamed in command would be unthinkable even to a lunatic—no Z’lask could endure such a fate, and return still able to assume responsibility for the lives of others.”
H’laath paused again to shudder theatrically, and I began fantasizing about smacking him.
“But, evidently, for humans, it is possible.” He wiggled his tail, like he was trying to dislodge ants.
“I believe that this phenomenon is due to your development. It was deprived of a Code, so you became capable of many actions which a Z’lask could never even contemplate. Often this results in criminal behavior. But, here we see a useful example of something uniquely human. Therefore, it shall not trouble me. It is simply another thing which makes you human, like your dull hide or, with great respect, your disgusting teeth.”
“How in the galaxy are our teeth disgusting?” I was indignant. My parents paid for two rounds of braces, I wanted a damn good explanation of why my teeth were “disgusting.”
H’laath flipped his tail. “They are far too large for your mouths. They overlap one another grotesquely. And the fact that as hatchlings you lose them and then grow a second set is—is gruesome.”
“What in…you people shed your whole skins.” I said, outraged. “Under what rational system of judgement is losing teeth more disgusting that losing your entire damn skin.”
“The time of shedding is a time of spiritual renewal, coinciding with the trees’ shedding of their leaves.” H’laath responded, with great dignity. “One strips away the trials and transgressions of the previous year, and emerges pure and strengthened for the coming year.”
I flashed a big winning smile. H’laath flinched.
“Disgusting teeth for the win,” I said happily. H’laath flexed his jaw, probably grinding his stubby little not-teeth.
“What in Z’aa’s name are they doing,” he asked irritably to change the subject, pointing a claw at Martinez’s knot of admirers and imitators.
“The individual in the center is dancing,” I explained. “Moving to music. Everyone else is attempting to copy his steps, or making up their own.”
“Are…are they supposed to look as though they have been afflicted with disorders of the nervous system?” H’laath actually appeared faintly alarmed. I stifled a laugh with great difficulty.
“Er…not really, but…dancing can be difficult for beginners, with a little practice they should look…much more coordinated.” I managed to deliver that with a straight face.
H’laath nodded slowly, imitating the human gesture, while still looking extremely unconvinced, but at least he didn’t look unhappy anymore. For not the first and probably not the last time, I gave up trying to understand what the fuck was going on inside the Z’lask’s heads.
A pair of very perky diplomats came up, inquired how we were getting along. A further area of common ground appeared to be our mutual low tolerance for overeager diplomats. Once the pair had departed H’laath turned back to me, his warning-light eyes beady again.
“What have you been told of the Lappa’s grievances?”
I decided to like H’laath—he didn’t fuck around.
“I’ve been told they find humanity’s execution of scientific development unacceptable,” I said carefully. I’d already heard his rather strong opinions on their foreign policy, so I imagined that he felt even more strongly about whatever perceived wrongs motivated them.
H’laath clicked shortly, soaking more derision into one sound than most people could muster in paragraphs. “That is true. But it is deeper than that. They believe that your ‘unacceptable’ actions stem from an unacceptable nature; that you are innately and inherently uncivilized. Therefore, whether you want to or not, whether you are taught to or not, you will always behave like animals.” H’laath’s yellow eyes glowed evilly.
Is he actually angry on our behalf?
“One of their representatives, a Shar Diplomat, has even issued a challenge, for someone to produce ‘just one example of human nature causing anything other than bloodshed.’ They are beginning to add structure and specifics to their generalized, philosophical arguments. They are alleging that many of humanity’s past crimes, or actions, or technological developments, were crimes not merely against other humans but against the order of the galaxy, and therefore against every member of the galactic community. As yet, their arguments have been met with the ridicule they deserve, but the High Command worries that, with their influence, the Lappa could win over a species or two, and begin to make life difficult for us.”
“You said technological developments?” I was very confused, that was an illogical level of fear to have, and they shouldn’t fear our tech, theirs was so superior….
“They’re not scared, they’re jealous.” I realized. H’laath’s eyes flashed like radiation warnings. “I don’t know anything about their history, but I’m willing to bet anything both of us can do, we did faster. I think they’re jealous. They’re trying to cast everything about us, even what we claim to be ‘good,’ as wrong in execution or origin if not in outcome, and contaminate everything we do. This isn’t just about fearing a result, this is also about being jealous of an ability.”
H’laath was flicking his tail, slowly from side to side, like a cat considering whether to pounce.
“Perhaps you should answer Mr. Diplomat’s challenge,” he said slowly. “I certainly would be interested to know what you have to say for humanity on that point.”
I opened my mouth, intending to object, to plead that I was much too busy, but before I could the proverbial stroke of inspiration struck me a nasty blow.
“It looks like the diplomats are ready for this little gathering to end,” I noted, watching our crews start to separate. “I’ll think about it this evening. If I get something written up, I’ll send it over.”
H’laath eyed me. “I await your response to Mr. Diplomat’s charges.” With that he rounded up his crew and returned to his ship.
I found myself writing my reply in my head as I set Lt. Levy to supervising the cleanup of hangar B, which had endured a flyball game, and cargo bay #2, which had endured interspecies diplomacy. By the time I got back to my cabin, my fingers were itching. I sat down at my desk, snatched my datascanner, and started typing.
To Shar Diplomat,
I am writing in response to your challenge to present “just one example of human nature causing anything other than bloodshed.” I decided to take your proposal one step further, and attempt to find a facet of human nature, in this case the innate refusal to accept that “this is just the way things are,” improving human society. Here is my submission to you:
“The Thirty-third World Health Assembly, on this the eighth day of May 1980;
Having considered the development and results of the global programme on smallpox eradication initiated by WHO in 1958 and intensified since 1967;
I felt it necessary to include all three statements, and to call your attention to the fact that when they were made, the First Cold War was still quite icy, with the potential to turn quite hot.
It should be self-evident, Mr. Diplomat, that the impact of humanity is determined by the individuals exercising their humanity. You cannot hold up a person or a party or even a nation and declare “they were evil, so too is their race” any more than you could use such an example to claim us a species of saints. For all your logic and your lauded ability to follow where your data leads you, you seem utterly unable to grasp the principle of self-determination. At risk of giving offense, I shall presume to attempt to further explain it to you.
It is true that individuals are shaped by their surroundings. It is true that psychology is based upon physiology, and that there are certain stimuli which are irresistible. It is true that some human beings, by reason of insanity, coercion, or other such exceptional circumstances, are deemed to not be in control of their actions. However, this is—as stated—exceptional, and not true of the vast bulk of humanity. From this fact proceeds human morality.
Under our morality, it is more important to be right than to be logical. Herein lies the difference between our two species. We will have to somehow construct a bridge over this divide, somehow explain why it is that that which is logical may not always be right.
Our foundational legal documents, upon which all other systems hang, recognize that while humans themselves are sacred, nothing made by them is. Therefore, a human being has value, has rights, has responsibilities above the mortal creations of logic or laws. It is for this reason that “human rights” are not declared to proceed from a government, but from, as it was once quaintly put, “nature and nature’s God.”
Therefore, while it may be logical that the entire world shares guilt for one man’s crime, he nevertheless must answer for it. He took an action, and he must be responsible for his actions. This, then, is on display in the war crimes tribunal at The Hague: the sorting out of facts, the assignation of culpability, the rendering of judgment. It is holding human beings responsible for their actions. It therefore transcends, in certain respects, logic. It therefore will not appear wholly logical, because it is not. It therefore will irk the Lappa, who recognize no higher force than logic.
We, however, wish to submit to you that this…deficiency of logic will not make us intolerable neighbors. You argued that our inability to apply logic meant that we were not in control of our actions—that we would behave irrationally, and that such irrationality would take the form of crimes, destruction, and violence which beggared your imaginations. As I have stated, the project of human civilization, and the very recognition of the concept of humanity, contradict this conclusion. To be sure, our institutions are not perfect, but this is no different from any other species in the galaxy.
Therefore, you need have no fear of us. Human beings are responsible for their actions.
If you still find interaction with us to be uncomfortable, we will accommodate you. We would not dream of causing undue distress to another species. If, however, you choose to disregard our human rights, we will not appease you. We have far too much experience with the consequences of appeasement to permit it to be our policy. You, too, may wish to familiarize yourself with those consequences, and the innovations, as you would term them, that were created to overcome them.
I do not point to our history as a threat, as it is so often assumed, but as data, as information for you to study. Insanity is often defined by humans as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I imagine that the Lappa would concur with this assessment, and would agree that to view the outcome of an experiment, and then believe that running that same experiment would somehow yield different results, would be insane.
Surely a race as enlightened and successful as yours can adapt itself to the accommodation of a species that bears no ill will toward you, even though it is alien to you.
Yours very sincerely,
Capt. Charlotte Sorensen, USN
I sat back. That was probably a little strong. I should definitely edit it down a little before sending it to H’laath, but it was a good enough start.
I wanted the Lappa to see that we, as a species, were not a threat, either to their existence or to their self-perception. Their project would always be research, and while many humans would share that conviction, passion, and devotion, the species as a whole would not. The Lappa would always be able to claim it as their distinction; humanity had a different pursuit. I hoped I could indicate it, communicate it, make it apparent enough to the Lappa so that they could do the mental gymnastics to see us not as competitors, but as participants in a different event, who might demonstrate some similarities in skill but who sought a different goal.
I was suddenly furious.
We’d already fought one war, already wasted hundreds of millions of lives and ruined hundreds of millions more. So fucking much had been destroyed, lost, sacrificed to repel the Z’lask. All because the High Command made a stupid decision.
And now the Lappa, the supposed most intelligent race in the Council, were falling head over heels to do the exact same stupid, stupid thing.
Was there any way we could induce the Lappa to see that? Was there any way that what I had to contribute to that discourse could be a meaningful contribution? I’d done it before, but I’d had help….
Oh, fuck.
There was precisely one Z’lask I could think of who might be able to assist with changing the minds of an entire species. I’d just hoped never to have to talk to him again.
What are you, afraid?
I was always afraid. I just never let it stop me.

Hee hee hee, guess who will be back! What did y'all think? And who REALLY won the flyball game? Y'all stay safe out there!
submitted by PuzzleheadedCharge4 to HFY [link] [comments]

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