Tropicana Race & Sports Book operated by CG ... -

DKNG - Fundamental DD Inside - DKNG

This is an example of fundamental DD that takes place at ‘smart’ money institutions based on my professional experience in IBD, Private Equity & most recently at a HF (mods can message me for proof). Not thoroughly fleshed out b/c you autists have limited attention spans, but a summary. Figured I’d take the time to give back to this community that has provided many lolz, & should be a good measuring stick when evaluating other forms of fundamental DD posted here.
DKNG - DraftKings, Inc.: vertically integrated US mobile betting operator that also provides retail sports betting & back-end betting solutions through SBTech. Think of SBTech as the tech ‘market-maker’ for traditional sports betting, they do all the funny math to set the betting odds & seem to be working on back-end solutions for DKNG Casino
The Big Picture
Only ~2% of the ~$90Bn gambling revenues were placed online which is the lowest in the world where betting online is legal. For example, in other countries online gaming activity represents ~6% - ~52% of total gambling revenues, with ~12% being the average.
Wall Street expects online gaming revenue to be $20Bn-$40Bn within the next 10 years. For this to be achieved, the online gambling market will have to achieve a ~30% penetration rate on total country gaming revenues. There is an expectation that this is could be easily achievable given penetration trends overseas - see page 11 of this:
Other catalysts include increasing adaptation of sports betting in more states. States that have both legal sports betting + online sports betting permitted: NV, NJ, WV, PA, IA. Sports betting permitted but no online: DE, MS, RI, MO, AR. Prior to COVID there was ongoing discussions across many States, especially ones with growing deficits to explore how permitting sports betting could create a fresh avenue of tax dollars. Post COVID there is an expectation that these discussions will be given extra focus as many States will be hungry for incremental tax dollars. Important to note that currently 43/50 States allow DFS, but given the small share DFS has on total Gaming Revenues, it increasingly looks like DKNG is banking on traditional sports betting for a variety of reasons, more later. There are entire articles on Google arguing this catalyst so I’ll end this here.
Digging Deeper
DKNG’s main offerings are Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) products & traditional sports book products to its clients. Long story short, a metric to look for in my opinion (that is curiously not reported by management or remarked on) is the hold % in traditional gaming sector parlance or the ‘rake’ & compare it to the ‘traditional’ gaming products like sports betting & Blackjack.
For DFS: DKNG takes ~15% of the prize pool (note: used to be ~6-11% [2]). Curiously, their main competitor FanDuel also has moved up to a ~15% rake recently. Google searches show the smaller competitors have a rake in the ~13% range.
This ‘rake’ has grown ~2x in 6 years, but it has been a delicate move on behalf of management. Why? B/c the more ‘sophisticated’ DFS players (equal to autistic day traders on Robinhood) have noted this increase & based on some Googling, some have moved down market to the smaller players. As a side note, many live casino games have their rules altered to grow the Hold %. For example, Blackjack games with 6:5 payouts on 21 have materially higher Hold % than the traditional BJ rules that pay out 3:2. Given the findings so far, DKNG may not have much room to materially increase its hold % in DFS games in the near-term from current of 15%. More on this later.
Now why the fuck is this important? This is important b/c the typical sports book (ex-Parlays) have a ~5% hold %/rake. Parlays have up to a ~30% hold (which is why it’s commonly known as the sucker’s bet), & just for reference, the average Blackjack table clocks in 14.5%. What this means: Every dollar put into these games, the “House” or DKNG, will take 15% of your money for DFS games, for sports bets they will be pocketing ~5%, up to ~30% if you’re into parlays, & we’ll just use the standard 14.5% BJ hold for the DraftKings Casino platform.
So why the acquisition of SBTech & a foray into the traditional sports gambling market? As you can see previously, the illegal sports betting market is >30x the size of the current daily fantasy sports market. So it’s clear that the DFS providers including DKNG are foraying into the space to capture this user base & hopefully convert them into games that have a higher hold %, such as DFS/DKNG Casino.
As of May 2020, DKNG has achieved a 30% penetration rate on its ~4mm ‘monetized’ DFS clientele to its Online Sports Book (OSB), from the OSB+DFS clientele, DKNG has converted 50% into its DraftKings Casino platform.
Including non-monetized users, user base totals at 12mm. Based on these unit economics: every 1mm of additional users -> 333k monetized users for DFS -> 100k users for OSB -> 50k users for DraftKings Casino.
Some Numbers – Italicized/Bolded the important
Numbers that represent Risks to Long Thesis
Things to look for when going Long
- Progress of additional States legalizing sports betting – specifically, States with DFS already legalized
- Cost structure evolving to a more fixed mix vs. the mostly variable mix currently as this will be the forward figure that determines profitability
- Increasing User Base (Curr.: 12mm) -> Monetized Base (Curr.: 4mm) -> MUP (1Q’20: 0.7mm)
Share Price Target
Given the cost structure of the company, I’m going to base the price targets around Enterprise Value / Revenues (driven by MUPs & ARPUs).
Bear Case MUP: 5mm -> $20.32 - $45.73
Base Case MUP: 5.5mm -> $22.27 - $50.10
Bull Case MUP: 6mm -> $24.21 - $54.47
These MUPs imply a monetized customer base of 28mm – 33mm. At the high-end, this implies that DKNG monetized customer base will equal MGM’s current total user base.
At yesterday’s close of $43.70, DKNG is trading at 3.5x – 4.5x forward Revenues on an expected >5,000 MUPs.
Share Price drivers / considerations:
- Continued multiple expansion
- MUP Growth exceeding beyond targets
Management Team
Jason Robins, 39 – Co-Founder & CEO. Duke BA, started DraftKings from day 1 in 2011. The 2 other buddies he started the Company with are still at DKNG. Dude navigated the Company through the scandal that rocked them in ’15 & ’16, and was the trailblazer in getting DFS labeled as a non-gambling product that enabled it to open in States without a gaming designation. This shit is the stuff that gets people in history books. His accomplishments make him seem like a very competent guy. Has 3 kids now, and only ~3% economic ownership in DKNG but has 90% of the voting power through his Class B share ownership. Also he actively participates in venture investments, sitting on 10 boards.
His comp plan performance bonus target is pretty murky, but main drivers are EPS growth, revenue growth, then a bunch of margin & return metrics, along with share price returns. Overall, very open-ended & it’s safe to say as long as shit doesn’t hit the fan, he will be eligible for his max payouts year over year. I’m assuming the lawyers tried to encompass everything possible for maximum flexibility to justify him earning his max comp as long as DKNG is still around.
Since he’s got voting control of 90%, I’ll end the specific-person overview here, but want to note that they have a very bloated C-suite. 12 folks at DKNG, 8 folks at SBTech, all with C-suite designations. Whereas their main competitor FanDuel, has 3 guys with a C-suite designations & 1 EVP, but is a sub under a larger ParentCo that has its own management team of ~5 guys.
Looking through glassdoor you can see the biggest complaint among employees giving bad reviews is based on management, all of the specific issues they point out IMO are a result of a top-heavy company. Seems like a good starting point to optimize their cost structure, but given Robins' history of sticking this entire thing through with his co-founders since '11 stuff like this doesn't seem to be a part of his playbook. They’re a public company now though, so it’s going to be interesting to see going forward.
If I were to initiate a position in DKNG, the stock would have to fall to the $35-$37 range for me to be a buyer of the stock, and based on this rough intro analysis I'll be considering Put options if it breaches $50. I would not touch Calls at this level.

[1] Wall Street Research - 6/27/19
[4] Wall Street Research - 5/19/20
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[OC] An insight in the world of football kits - 454 teams that play in the most unusual colors

I would like to start with a humble warning, that this will be a longer than "usual" post. Hopefully, it will compensate with the amount of information you might deem as interesting. :)

After finishing my first journey into the world of colors in football, by counting which teams play in red & black color combination, I decided to pursue my next curiosity:
How many football teams in the world play in unusual colors?
By this, I was thinking of teams which have a “main” color that is rarely used (grey, brown, purple, pink, etc.) or use an uncommon color combination.
Because of this coronavirus madness that is going on, I was able to spend more hours for this project than I planned, so in the end I was able to go into almost every single league in the world. I checked teams from over 400 divisions, of different tiers, from all continents. Although it’s not an official list, I tried to include as many clubs as possible on it.
Now, you're probably asking yourself "How do you measure how rare or how common is in football a color / combination of colors?"
An exact answer is impossible to give, so I started the study using my own experience as a football supporter, finally finding an useful purpose for the thousands of hours spent on watching football games. Therefore, I used a subjective point of view and excluded the color combinations that I, personally, considered to be the most common in football teams, namely:

The selection criteria for the teams were as follows:
  1. The team should have their main kit in colors which are different than the ones enumerated above;
  2. The team must have played or been associated with the colors for several seasons;
  3. The team should be currently active (dissolved clubs were not included).

But enough introduction, let’s jump straight into the list of the most uncommon kit colors in the world of football:

CATEGORY I - Teams with 1 main color

1. Purple (includes purple+white or purple+black) - [73 clubs]
Notable teams: Fiorentina, Anderlecht, Toulouse, Austria Vienna, Real Valladolid.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - CE Carroi (Andorra), SV Austria Salzburg, Austria Klagenfurt (Austria), K Beerschot VA (Belgium), Etar Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), NK Dubrava (Croatia), Daventry Town FC (England), Istres (France), VfL Osnabrück, Erzgebirge Aue (Germany), Ujpest, Békéscsaba 1912, Kecskemet TE (Hungary), ACD Legnano, AS Ostia Mare, Gioiese, Casoria Calcio 1979 (Italy), St. Andrews FC (Malta), FC Argeș, ASU Politehnica Timișoara, ACS Poli Timișoara (Romania), FK Graficar (Serbia), KFC Komarno (Slovakia), NK Maribor (Slovenia), Real Jaen, Alameda de Osuna EF, CD Becerril, Atletico Guadalajara, CD Guadalajara, CD Liendo, CD Santurtzi, CD Palencia, La Baneza (Spain) (Spain), Afjet Afyonspor, Hacettepe, Orduspor (Turkey).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

2. Burgundy (includes burgundy+white, or similar shades: maroon, claret, dark red, wine red) - [74 clubs]
Notable teams: AC Torino, Metz, Sparta Prague, CFR Cluj.
Other teams (by conference):
UEFA (photo gallery here) - FK Sarajevo (Bosnia), Chelmsford City, FC Northampton Town (England), JJK Jyväskylä (Finland), Dynamo Berlin (Germany), AEL Larissa (Greece), UM Selfoss (Iceland), Galway United (Ireland), Reggina, Cittadella, Salernitana, Trapani, Livorno, US Pontedera, Arezzo, Reggio Audace FC, Fano, US Capistrello, AC Morrone, AC Locri, ASD Bovalinese, Borgosesia Calcio, Milano City FC, Union Clodiense Chioggia, USD Breno, Olympia Agnonese, ASD Travestere Calcio, AC Nardo, ASD Citta di Acireale (Italy), FC Džiugas Telšiai (Lithuania), Nardo FK (Norway), CD Fatima, Clube Oriental de Lisboa (Portugal), Rapid Bucharest, Viitorul Ianca (Romania), AC Libertas (San Marino), Heart of Midlothian FC, Stenhousemuir FC (Scotland), NK Triglav Kranj (Slovenia), Independiente de Vallecas, CD Cenicero (Spain), Hatayspor, İnegölspor, Bandirmaspor, Elazigspor (Turkey), Cardiff Metropolitan University FC (Wales).
Rest of the World (photo gallery here):

3. Orange (includes orange+white) - [54 clubs]
--- full photo gallery here ---

4. Pink (includes pink+black) - [7 clubs]

5. Cream - [3 clubs]
Universitario, Universidad Tecnica Cajamarca, Leon de Huanuco (all from Peru).

6. Grey - [5 clubs]

7. Brown (includes brown+white) - [7 clubs]

CATEGORY II - Teams with 2 main colors

1. Green + Red [34 clubs]
Notable teams: Lokomotiv Moscow, Maritimo Funchal
Other teams (full photo galllery here):

2. Green + Blue [16 clubs]
Notable teams: Seattle Sounders
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

3. Blue + Azure (or any other combination of two shades of blue) [28 clubs]
Notable teams: Zenit St. Petersburg, Sydney FC
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

4. Orange + Blue [24 clubs]
Notable teams: Montpellier, Istanbul Bașakșehir
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

5. Orange + Green [5 clubs]

6. Orange + Grey [2 clubs]
AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania), Forge FC (Canada).

7. Orange + Purple [1 club] - FK Armavir (Russia)

8. Purple + Yellow [6 clubs]

9. Claret + Yellow / Amber [4 clubs]

10. Claret + Gold [2 clubs]
Deportes Tolima (Colombia), Stellenbosch FC (South Africa)

11. Claret + Blue [22 clubs]
Notable teams: Aston Villa, Burnley, West Ham United, Trabzonspor
Other teams (full photo gallery here):

12. Claret + Green [1 club] - Ciudad de Plasencia CF (Spain)

13. Pink + Blue [5 clubs]

14. Brown + Blue [1 club] - Al-Kawkab FC (Saudi Arabia)

15. Brown + Yellow [2 clubs]
Trujillanos FC (Venezuela), Ohod Club (Saudi Arabia)

16. Brown + Amber [1 club] - Sutton United (England)

17. Grey + Red [4 clubs]
UEFA - Cremonese (Italy), Pembroke Athleta FC (Malta), Strommen IF (Norway), Club Esportiu Jupiter (Spain).

18. Grey + Blue [2 club]

19. Lime Green + Black [10 clubs]

20. Lime Green + White [1 club] - Pirata FC (Peru)

CATEGORY III - Teams with 3 main colors

1. Blue + Yellow + Red [3 clubs]

2. Blue + Yellow + White [1 club] - CA Bella Vista (Uruguay)

3. Blue + Yellow + Black [1 club] - Real Sport Clube (Portugal)

4. Blue + Green + White [1 club] - St. Louis FC (USA)

5. Blue + Orange + White [2 clubs]

6. Orange + Green + Black [1 club] - Venezia (Italy)

7. Orange + Green + White [1 club] - Deportivo Masaya (Nicaragua)

8. Green + Yellow + Black [1 club] - GKS Jastrzębie (Poland)

9. Green + Yellow + Red [4 clubs]

10. Green + Red + White [13 clubs]
Notable teams: Fluminense
Other teams:

11. Green + Red + Black [11 clubs]

12. Green + Black + White [2 clubs]

13. Green + Burgundy + White [2 clubs]

14. Red + Orange + Black [1 club] - Nagoya Grampus (Japan)

15. Red + Yellow + Black [8 clubs]

16. Claret + Blue + Yellow [1 club] - Madureira EC (Brazil)

17. Pink + Blue + White [1 club] - Yangon United (Myanmar)

Category IV - Teams with 4 main colors

1. Red + Yellow + Green + White [4 clubs]

2. Red + Yellow + Blue + White [1 club] - ASDC Verbania (Italy)

3. Red + Yellow + Blue + Black [1 club] - Coras de Nayarit (Mexico)

Here they are. 454 teams from across the entire the world, from Feroe Island to Papua New Guinea or the 4th Italian league. This should be about it. However, if there are by any chance teams that I might have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and I will add them on the list.
Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!
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ULPT: While playing a table game at a casino, secretly pocket some of your own chips so that when you color out, the pit boss marks you down as losing more money than you actually did, and spending more money gets you more comps. (More casino tips inside)

Keep in mind the dealers do have an idea of how much you actually lost so you can’t go crazy with it. Also if they catch you doing it more than once, they will tell the pit boss about it. It’s not illegal or anything to take your own chips off your stack, but they don’t like people trying to lie about how much they won or lost. When you’re done at the table, ask to color out and the dealer will exchange your chips for higher denomination ones so they’re easier for you to hold/carry. They then call the pit boss over to look at the chips and make sure the dealer exchanged for the right amount. This is when the pit boss sees what you’re walking away with and marks down how much you won or lost.
-When you leave a table, always cash your chips in at the cage before going to another table and then buy in with cash again at the new table so it appears that you are spending more. In the casinos eyes, if you sit down at a new table with chips from another table, then you’re not spending more money, just the same money at a different table. You want it to look like you’re spending a lot. The pit boss keeps track of how much you are buying in for each time you sit down at a table (you always give them your players card when you sit down so they can put the info on your account.)They also keep track of how much you are wagering per hand, but in my opinion it’s not worth it to wager more than you’re comfortable with just to increase your comps. You could end up losing a LOT more money than what the comps will be worth.
I’ve personally done all of these “tips” except the waiting on line one and the sticking my card in slot machines for other people to earn me points. But I have seen other people pull off the waiting in line trick, and I have forgotten my card in a slot machine many times and came back for it to find someone playing with my card still in there getting points for their play. And the using someone else’s card for free parking, the person who owns the high level card was my friend.
Thanks for reading, hope this helps some people out on their next trip to the casino! I’d be happy to answer any questions about casinos or Las Vegas for anybody who’s planning a trip out here. (Disclaimer- I don’t work for a casino I just hang out in them a lot)
Edit: hi everybody, this post has got a lot of attention so I want to add- There are some people commenting who actually work the floor in casinos who disagree with some of the things I’ve written, so, even though I know these things have worked for me, you might want to read those comments before actually trying any of the tips and then decide who you want to take advice from. Thanks for reading!
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Casino Near Me

Casino Near Me
Going to a casino for the first time can be a very exciting experience. We’re not talking about going to the small venue casinos which have dozens of slots, a smoke vibe and a single table with electronic roulette. No, we’re talking about going to a massive casino, spa and resort where you can take advantage of everything the establishment has to offer. You can gamble on the many games these casinos have in stock, but you can also spend days enjoying yourself without spending a single penny on the casino games. In this article we will help you in how to have fun at the casino and simply use your little Casino Near Me.
What to do at a casino?
Well the obvious answer is to gamble. You can easily get lost in the thousands of slot machines which dominate the casino floor, including the progressive jackpots where one lucky spin can easily change your life. If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere head over to the tables. Here you can put your skills to the test against the dealer on the Blackjack tables or chase your lucky number on the roulette wheel. If you hear a commotion on the table floor, don’t worry. It’s just the crowd gathered around the craps table cheering the shooter up. Whatever you chose you are guaranteed to have fun and feel the adrenaline rush from gambling with real money. Learn all the secrets of the casino games at the following websites:
How much money should you bring at a casino?
The biggest mistake you can make when you go to a casino for the first time is to bring all of the money you planned for the trip. Being an unexperienced player you can easily get caught up in the end and excitement up losing your money. Every experienced gambler will tell you to go to the casino only with the money you are prepared to lose. You have to understand that casino games are games of chance where the odds are stacked against you. Every casino game has a certain house edge which works in favor of the house. So when you gamble you have a bigger chance of losing than winning. In order to avoid going home broke bring enough money with you to try a few games and have fun. In order to have fun, just because you’re at the casino it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to gamble. There are many more things you can do during your stay.
What to do at a casino besides gamble?
Modern casinos and resorts know that they have to offer more to visitors beside casino games. If you’re not a gambler you can easily become bored on the casino floor after some time and look for other things to do. If there’s none to offer, you won’t enjoy your stay and the chances are you won’t come back to the casino again. But with modern resorts you will find plenty of things to do without ever stepping on the casino floor. Here’s a list of 9 things you can do when visiting a modern casino.
Enjoy in fine dinning
All players at the casino have to eat sooner or later. Many casinos offer buffets where you can eat for a low price or even get comped in a free meal. But nowadays more and more establishments incorporate high end restaurants in their casinos and employ the services of renowned chefs. This serves to attract new people to the casinos, who primarily come for the fine dining. The chances are that they will also spend some money on the casino games, increasing the overall profit.
Watch the shows
Shows are a big part of casinos today, especially those in Las Vegas. You can often see a popular singer holding a show at some casino on the strip or a casino hosting an event with several celebrities. The shows tend to attract a massive crowd and they are usually sold out weeks in advance. If some of the guests visit the casino floor after the show, again these shows serve to amuse the guest and the casino has a chance to earn some extra profit.
Go to an exhibit
Casinos are one of the last places that you would expect to host an exhibit. But lately more and more casinos are adding exhibits to attract visitors. This is usually the case with casinos owned by native Americans which show their heritage.
Watch other people
No, were not talking about creeping the guests by staring at them from some dark corner. Casinos attract people of all sorts and sometimes is can be fun to simply watch them and analyze how they behave on the casino floor. You can also easily start a conversation and socialize with the guests, since most of them are pretty friendly people.
Casinos are always on the lookout for employees. Massive casinos need a big number of employees to function, starting from the valet parking to the dealers on the tables. If any jobs are available, if you’re interested in taking up a job at the casino you can easily check their website or you can ask around for their HR department and see.
Watch a sports game
Sports betting is a big thing at pretty much all major casinos. Many of them have sports rooms where you can sit down and enjoy watching a game on massive HD monitors or on the video wall. If you like you can also place a bet or you can simply have a few beers and enjoy the game like you would in your favorite sports bar.
Hit the bars
Bars are a must have at all major establishments. Every player wants to take a time out and go to the bar for a few drinks and socialize with other people. At some casinos you can also play slots or video poker while at the bar. Today most reputable casinos also open up high end bars to attract a higher clientele. Many of them also open up Hard Rock Café bars in order to attract millennials.
Go shopping
If you visit a casino with a partner who loves to gamble and it’s simply not your thing, shopping can be a great pastime, especially. You can visit the malls or the many outlet stores which the casino has in place. Some casinos also have brand stores where you can get some discount just for being a guest at the casino.
Enjoy the spa’s
Visiting the spa can be a great way to kick back and relax after a hard day of gambling. Many casino resorts have spa’s where you can spend hours or even days relaxing. This way visiting the casino can become a very nice holiday and you can come back home refreshed and full of energy, ready to get back to your daily chores.
Website -
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Question about C6 Vette trade

Hi! Not sure where to post this, but I live in Virginia and own a 2017 mustang gt california special (light mods, 30k miles). Guy in Las Vegas has an immaculate condition built 2006 Z51 Corvette (70k miles, motor built at 50k). I was looking into the cost of mine, which is roughly 25k and his is roughly 18-19k. I'm torn to ask for money on top because his mods arent supposed to be taken into account even though they wont factor cost realistically. But I should ask. I will be adding his post to this for context to see what you guys think as if you guys think it's a good trade. What should I do? I always wanted a vette and dont need the extra seating. I also have pics and his carfax is clean and plenty of maintinence records, very honest guy as well. Here is his info on the car...
2006 Z51 Daytona Sunset Metallic Corvette C6 6mt 3Lt W/69,500 Miles
The time has come and im looking for another toy, so before that happens this one has to go. 2006 Corvette in DSOM only 1 of 930 made and paint is dam near perfect ( 9/10) along with the custom mint interior ( 10/10). It absolutly needs nothing but a driver and a good home.Car made 750 whp on a very safe 91 tune so there is till alot of room to grow with it. I am located in vegas and will ship car at buyers expence or willing to trade car for a 15+ s550 Mustang GT, or 09+ Cts-v Sedan. Below I will list everything on the car to the bets of my ability even though I may forget a few things: Forced Induction -Satin black ECS Paxton Novi 1500 w/Fresh rebuild -Red Tial Q 52MM BOV -ECS flip/direct drive with cog for accessories. Just had the cog pulley rebuitl with brand new belts. (Prevents belt slip) Fuel/AiMeth -Alky dual nozzle methanol kit (Uses windshield washer reservoir for meth tank) -ECS stage 1 fuel system (boost activated @ 4psi) -ID 850 injectors -Converted to ls3 air flow meter with relocated intake air temp sensor -DPE 2.5 bar map sensor Engine/Valetrain -Innovators West 8 rib, 10% overdrive balancer pinned to crank ( All New Belts) -Custom 4 corners cylinder head steam vent kit -Custom cam ground by Cam Motion 222 238 600 601 117 +2 Patrick G spec 3 bolt upgrade -C5r Timing Chain -Brian Tooley Platinum Spring Kit, Titanium Retainers, Hardened Push Rods -Comp Cams Roller Trunion Kit -ARP Coil/Coil Bracket Bolts -ARP Rod/Main Bolt kit -ARP Crank Bolt -Melling High Volume Oil Pump Cooling - Dewitt’s Aluminum Short Radiator - New waterpump - 160 degree thermostat Exhaust - American Racing 1 7/8" stainless headers - 3" X-pipe - 3" Z06 NPP dual mode exhaust controlled by Dashlogic Transmission - Tick Performance Level 3 T-56 ran with Amsoil Torque Drive - Monster Lt-1 clutch - Z06 updated Clutch master Cylinder Rear - C6Z Rear Diff ran with amsoil severe gear - C5Z Axel shafts Brakes - StopTech Drilled & Slotted Rotor - Stoptech Front and Rear Pads Cosmetics/Wheels - Satin black reproduction cup wheels (stock sizing) Bridgestone Potenza - S-04 Pole Position on front and new Michelin Super Sport 305’s on rear. - Custom painted satin black headlight bezels with gloss trim rings and clear turn signal lenses - Z06 rear spoiler -Custom painted fuel rail covers autographed by the Corvette racing team drivers at the 2007 Lone Star Grand Prix in Houston Texas. On the drivers side in black Sharpie from left to right are the autographs of Johnny O'Connell and Oliver Gavin. On the passenger side in silver Sharpie from left to right are the autographs of Ron Fellows, Olivier Beretta, and Jan Magnussen ( Currently off) - 25% tint on side windows 5% on rear Interior - Full Dashlogic (all gauge info displayed in factory digital information - PLX gen 4 wideband -Custom 2 tone Black Leather and Cashmere Alcantara seat covers with c6 headrest logos and console cover all stiched with paint match stiching -Late model black console without key lock -Lloyds front and cargo mat with c6 logos -Kenwood Touch Screen DDX5902 stereo -ZR1 steering wheel with functioning radio controls -Front and rear cameras (front controlled by steering wheel button) -Beltronics RX65 radar detector with custom mount, Wired to control volume and mute from steering wheel button -25% tint on side windows 5% on rear With all being said I may be forgetting stuff. I haver alot og the paper work on the car and everything done was done on this car prior to me. I flew out to texas and drove it 1k miles home to vegas with not one single issues. Im asking 25k for the car which i think is way more then fair and will include clean car fax, clean title, and a brand new car cover. No test drives unless cash in hand sorry but im eliminating joy riders and people breaking my stuff hahah. Let me know what you think and see if we could work somthing out. I will also accept other trades with cash on top . Thank you for taking the time to read the post ! Happy Hunting!
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Weekend Reader: Two Haralabos Voulgaris Gambling Stories From The Past. (Very long).

[Note to this sub: Here are two gambling stories involving Haralabos Voulgaris. Two things you should know. 1) I originally wrote this for a completely different, anonymous audience and not for all the wonderful "Shoe Fitness Architects", "Pizza Delivery Engineers", Overnight Security Enforcers, and DMV Workers that I've gotten the pleasure of meeting on here during my time on /billsimmons. Instead, it will seem like I'm talking to a room full of strangers, and for the first time. So if you read something that you've already seen me say on this sub, you know the reason. I also sound “different” in this.
2) It's long. You've been warned, I don't want to hear shit about it being so damn long. Think of this as a throwback to the Page 2 days, when you knew a guy was going to take a huge, extended shit because he just printed out Simmons' latest article and ran into the bathroom. You know, the “glory days”.
If you read this on Friday, you can save this for your afternoon work shit. Read it on your phone though, because it's got a short YouTube clip in it that helps tell the story.
If you read it over the weekend, I suggest smoking a bowl beforehand, especially to our Canadian friends up North. Doesn't have to be Top Shelf, just something to buzz you going in.
That's it. Enjoy.
The recent news of the Dallas Mavericks hiring Haralabos Voulgaris as Director of Quantitative Research and Development recently blew my mind. I knew it was Bob's goal to be an NBA GM, and this job isn't quite on the GM level, but I still can't believe he's made it onto a real NBA organization. I still think of him mostly from his early 2000's poker and sports betting days, and I never imagined he'd be able to hold down a real job someday. I didn't think anyone from the gambling world ever could.
I was heavily into sports gambling and poker at the same time as Bob was ascending as a sports gambling force, from the late 80's until well into the 2000's. I didn't know Haralabos well, yet I heard about or saw him all the time. This pretty much describes all relationships in gambling to be honest. But I did make sure to hear all the stories about Haralabos back then, because they always made the gossip rounds and were usually funny.
I'm here to share two of Haralabos' famous gambling stories, to give you a little insight into the man. If you are an Old School gambler, you've already heard them. But they are now 15 years old, and I couldn't find a good telling already on the Internet, so new people might get a kick out of these. Sources are at the bottom of this post.
People need to understand that, back then (early 2000s), Bob was best known for two things: betting the NBA, and being a smart ass trash talker at the poker tables. Bob was a world class needler that people highly resented because he had “Fuck You” kinds of money and he sure lorded that fact over everybody. He found everyone in the gambling world incredibly stupid compared to himself, and wasn't afraid to let people know it. I guess that's not much different than his Twitter in 2018, except he's learned to be more polite about it.
It was amusing being in a poker room with Bob in it, unless you were the focus of his remarks. He did not have any boundaries and was merciless, and really went after people “Micheal Jordan style” with the ferocity of his put-downs. Asked to describe him, I'd say 98% of players back then would call him an “arrogant dickhead” (including me at that time), while 2% would say “really sharp guy who doesn't tolerate fools” (including me now). We would all agree that he could be hilarious.
With that set-up, here are two Haralabos Voulgaris gambling stories that let's you know what he was like back in the early 2000's.
Story #1
My favorite Haralabob story, which long time 2+2ers have already heard about and whose legend has grown over the years, is the infamous Freddy Deeb story. If you know it, you are already nodding your head. But hopefully it's new to you. It's a classic.
Freddy Deeb was a rich business man from Lebanon, but a lot of people thought he was Egyptian (close enough for poker players). “Fast Freddy” was a decent if unspectacular poker player who pre-dated the poker boom. So Freddy was a legit and well known regular even before TV got involved with the game, and parlayed that “real, genuine poker player” label into appearances on TV when the poker boom happened. He had strong credibility.
Freddy is probably most famously remembered for being accused of “Going South” by Johnny Chan on an episode of High Stakes Poker. Freddy handled that accusation in typical Freddy fashion – making a big deal about this small joke insulting his integrity, aggressively confronting everyone about it and challenging them to heads-up poker matches to prove his manhood. The dude could be a hothead. (“Going South”, which was more commonly called “rat-holing”, is when a player sneaks high denomination chips off the table undetected after winning a big pot, so he has no possibility of losing them back in a later big hand. It's a unethical way to play “hit and run” if you win big quickly, without the “running” part being as obvious as picking up and leaving immediately.)
The two things you needed to know about Freddy: 1) He was short. I mean really short, like 5'1” or less. Not to play Freud too much, but you can probably guess that the reason he spent all his time in poker rooms was because of this physical limitation. Poker attracted the social rejects like no other activity in the 1990's, and welcomed the physically and mentally defective in droves. It was a haven almost exclusively for nerds and losers, before TV made it cool for everyone to play No Limit Texas Hold'em, The Cadillac of Gambling Games (so hip!).
2) Stemming from #1, Freddy could have a short temper. If you are jumping straight into a “Napoleon Complex” accusation for Freddy, well, in this case you're the heavy favorite. Freddy was a quiet, nice guy for 90% of the time he played. But Freddy was quick to act like a gangster you didn't want to fuck with if you ever gave him the chance, with that persistent shoulder chip that will never go away. Everyone let him play gangster without comment as long as he still had a bankroll to gamble with.
Here is a YouTube video that illustrates both points perfectly. Watch the whole thing to the end for maximum comedy – it's fucking hilarious:
Here's Freddy acting like a super tough guy, and – in the moment - you can believe it too. Until the camera pulls back and shows the other players at the table, and then you get a height perspective of the whole scene. It's unreal funny at that point. Gus Hansen sitting next to him looks like Yao Ming by comparison.
So when this first HBob story happens, poker is just about to really take off. My guess is that it was around 2003-4, so the hype around poker was growing fast but still not close to the peak yet. The first Season of the World Poker Tour (WPT) had already aired, and it was a cultural phenomenon. Poker players were speculating already that WPT tournament champions were going to be as famous as top professional athletes, and with the same kind of ultra-lucrative sponsorship opportunities and endorsement deals. A very common topic at the table was how much getting to the final table at a televised WPT event was worth in fame, above and beyond any of the listed prize money. Perhaps a few million? It was a crazy time, and being on TV was all anyone cared about back then. Seems a bit silly now.
Freddy had been on TV a few times with some respectable runs in some bigger tournaments. The WPT and ESPN featured him in a few “flavor of the game” clips during their early poker broadcasts, and that seemed like a pretty big deal, especially to Freddy. TV Poker was grooming narratives and trying to create presentable, relatable stars in the poker world and weren't above adding in some artificial flavor to an otherwise unremarkable cast of characters.
Being a legit long time poker player was enough for Freddy to get some screen time – the TV producers could take it from there. I think the narrative was along the lines of how anyone – all ages, ethnicity, shapes and sizes could find a home in the poker world, and Freddy exemplified all that. It all went directly to Freddy's head, and he was not alone during this time.
Anyway, the story goes like this. Haralabos is playing in a very juicy high stakes poker game in a California casino, most likely the Commerce. The game was already full with 9 players, which is the max in most California rooms.
Haralabos himself was very new to poker at this time. He dabbled previously, but only started playing for big stakes in the past year or two because of the huge influx of new poker players, who watched the WPT on television and flooded into casinos, chasing riches. Thus there was easy money to be made. Before then, of course, he was focused on his NBA gambling. He was very near the height of his powers as an NBA sports bettor, and known pretty damn well in the sports betting world, if not the general public yet. Far more people in poker knew about Bob than he knew about them, though. He was just starting to get serious about playing poker. Bob knew about some of the bigger poker names he gambled with betting sports together in the past, but knew almost none of the newly (and artificially) created TV “poker stars” that ESPN / WPT had chosen to promote.
So Freddy walks into the Commerce one day and sees the high stakes poker table, and eyes the line up. Freddy knows this “Main Game” is incredibly juicy, and wants in – immediately. He calls the floorman over and insists they create an extra space at the table for him and for the game to be played 10-handed. 10-handed was actually the common number of players in Las Vegas poker tables at the time, and Freddy was usually based there. Freddy is sort of 'big timing' the floorman, reminding him how much he's played there over the years, how much rake he's given that casino, and how all these new poker players want to play with someone like himself, a big-shot, old school, now famous poker player.
There is nothing that poker players like more than poker room drama (except maybe comped food), so this commotion has drawn the attention of every table within earshot. Everyone near by was focusing on the Main Game with Haralabos in it. Drawn from many accounts, here is a recreation of what happened:
Freddy (accented, slightly broken English)(to Floorman): Johnny, there's no board. Just put me in big blind right now and we can play with ten.
Floorman Johnny: Table's not big enough for ten, Freddy. This isn't Vegas. Our players will object. Everyone wants their space.
Freddy: Just ask then. If there are objections then Freddy will wait. But no one will object! C'mon Johnny, how much action I give to you? Freddy is “action player”. Everyone wants to play with Freddy. They see me, they know “That's Freddy” and they want to play.
[Yes, Freddy was talking about himself in the Third Person. What can I say?]
Floorman Johnny (reluctantly, to Main Game): Guys, Freddy wants to sit and play 10-handed. There is no board an he doesn't want to wait around for nothing. Any objections?
Haralabos (immediately): I object. Who the fuck is this guy? [To Freddy] Buddy, you're not special. What makes you think you control this game? If more people come, then you can start a “Must-Move” game and play in that. Otherwise, wait your fucking turn like everyone else. Ok, buddy? [To Floorman, incredulous] What the fuck?
Freddy (heated at Haralabos): Listen, buddy. Everyone here know Freddy. Floorman. Dealer. Players. All know Freddy, love Freddy. Who the fuck are you? In Vegas, Freddy wants a game, the manager come running to help Freddy! They bring in best table to start new game for Freddy! They get best dealer on break to come deal! They bring in new chips, new cards for Freddy! They bring special chair for Freddy to sit in!
Haralabos: Oh yeah, Freddy? Is it a high chair?
A thunderclap of uproarious laughter rang out from all who were listening in, perhaps fifty people or more, all rubberneckers from other tables drawn in by the drama. There was no denying the spontaneity, no denying the reason, and certainly no denying the focus of who the laughter was directed at. Fast Freddy, all five feet zero inches of him, with the hair-trigger anger and never lacking words, was truly stunned and humiliated into silence. His eyes became squinted and his face was stuck in a wince of pain, his whole head turning as red as a stubborn, two-week old pimple that just wouldn't pop. He rocked back and forth as if recovering from a physical punch, not knowing what to do as a second, smaller wave of laughter began because it was just that funny, and now the story was being instantly re-told.
The few that were present and could actually feel sympathy quickly stifled their laughter, feeling the guilt of knowing the guy just got hit in his most sensitive area in front of a very large audience, and was truly wounded. They were hoping Freddy would finally say something, anything, to show that he wasn't completely crushed inside, that he wasn't as hurt as he seemed. Instead, Freddy walked away silently, his decades of “bluster armor” built protecting his sensitivity about his height laid on the ground, smashed.
Souls are crushed all the time in poker rooms. You think you've seen it all, and you just grow immune. But this one stood out, as almost a warning. You just don't want to get into a verbal war with Haralabob.
There is an addendum to this story.
A year or so later, and strictly by chance, Freddy and Haralabos found themselves at the same table during a big tournament. Neither man had forgotten their previous encounter (how could they?). By this time, poker was being covered in real-time by a fleet of new poker reporters and journalists, and, by all accounts, Haralabos was riding Freddy hard that day, with verbal put-downs and jokes at Freddy's expense non-stop. Freddy tried to play it cool, knowing he was no verbal match for HBob.
Until this happened. There was a Random Guy sitting directly on Freddy's left hand side who was new, didn't know anyone at the table (or their past history with each other) and who politely told Freddy this (recreation):
Random Guy (to Freddy): Hey man. You need to protect your cards better. I can see your hole cards flash sometimes when you look. I saw you had paint last hand. You need to learn to peek without flashing.
Freddy: Buddy, do you know who I am? I'm playing this game since before you were born! I win more money this year than you will have in your whole life! They ask me to write new poker book, that is kind of player I am! Buddy, I'm writing now, next time I see you I bring you a signed copy of my poker book!
Haralabos: Next time you should bring a phone book instead so you can sit on it and see your cards better.
Well, Freddy was playing it cool with HBob until then, but that last comment instantly set him off. Again, by the written accounts of the poker reporters live blogging the event, Freddy shot straight up out of his chair (though you probably couldn't tell...) and challenged HBob to a fist fight, screaming expletives at him and demanding a duel. Haralabob just sat in his chair laughing, saying he didn't want to go outside and fight Freddy because he didn't want to get arrested for child abuse.
Famous poker player Daniel Negreanu witnessed this incident live, and blogged about it at the time. I remember that he thought that Freddy would be a decent favorite in a fight between Freddy and Haralabos. But I have my doubts about that. Negreanu disliked Haralobob personally, like many poker players who ever faced him at that time, because HBob could be so vicious. So he was biased in his fight assessment, IMHO.
HBob was not a figher at all - more of a jester than a knight – but I thought he could always just stiff-arm Freddy by the forehead and then Freddy would be left with that cartoon 'swinging of the arms trying to reach him' thing while HBob could just jab him with his other arm. I would have made Haralabos the -200 favorite.
Story #2
This happened in the early 2000's, during Season 3 of the World Poker Tour, just a year or so after Story #1.
Haralabos had played in one of the WPT's big televised tournaments and made the Final Table. Not only that, but he ultimately came in Second Place, meaning he was going to get a LOT of TV time, which, again, most players thought was worth more than the actual prize money. Poker by now was white hot in America and was bringing so many people instant overnight fame. Players were resorting to obnoxious table antics and hyper displays of “personality” just to get a few seconds of screen time. Everyone was trying to create a “brand”.
Not to belabor the point, but before television made poker cool and respectable, it was filled with 95% scumbags and degenerates with almost no white-collar, working professionals. But TV poker didn't want to portray that sordid image. In the very early days, the WPT actually had a “dress code” for appearing on the televised Final Table, where a sports jacket and collared shirts were required and would be provided for you if you didn't own them yourself (in other words, for everyone).
Even the long time “Old School” gamblers were cleaned up and presented as daring adventurers instead of leather-assed angle-shooters they (we) really were. Known broke degenerates like T.J. Cloutier was turned into worshiped, heroic figures instantly, romanticized by television producers as sharp equity traders who practiced at the table instead of on Wall Street. The reality was that guys like Cloutier were hanging around poker rooms mostly to shamelessly beg recent winners for a buy-in, or even just a meal.
Under this ethos of “cleaning up poker players' images”, players were allowed to manufacture any kind of image they wanted if they were going to be on the WPT TV show. Producers for the WPT would ask each finalist for a biography, but did absolutely no fact or background checking at all intentionally, mostly out of fear of what they might find if they actually did do so. So with all that in mind, here is the official bio for Haralabos that appeared on the WPT website before his televised event, almost certainly written by HBob himself:
"Haralabos Voulgaris is a 29-year-old professional sports bettor from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This poker tyro brings a lot more to his first WPT final table than meets the eye. He is a playwright, holds a degree in philosophy, and his goals reach far beyond the green felt. His plans for the next 5 years include learning to play the piano, to have one of his plays performed on Broadway, and to win a WPT title."
I'm not sure how much of this was an inside joke, how much was just the pressure to appear white-collar in order to attract advertisers (remember, poker players were all thinking about future endorsement deals at this time), and how much of this was HBob's ego run amuck.
BUT COME ON! “Playwright”? Has Haralabos ever gone to a play yet, even in 2018? But that wasn't enough; he wanted to have one of his many, many written plays performed on Broadway very soon, because that's how dedicated he was to this art form! Just remember, this is the guy who widely known throughout the poker world for using his mastery of language to mercilessly torture midgets and other unfortunates at the poker table. Not exactly Tennessee Williams. Add in the piano lessons and the PhD in philosophy (philosophy!), and the fact that the WPT didn't bat an eye in putting this up as his bio, and the unintentional comedy is off the charts.
Haralabos claimed to friends at the time that it was mostly a joke, but as we will now see, he seemed to really care about this false image.
As you probably well know, there is a gap between when the WPT Final Table was played, and when the show based off of it is actually aired. By the time Haralabos' episode was about to air, he was staying as a guest in the house of a former poker pro named Paul Phillips, who only the most dedicated and old players will remember. (Paul Phillips won 2 WPT titles in the very early seasons, took the prize money, and pretty much disappeared from poker, going on to live a “normal” life. One of the few gambling success stories, IMHO).
Well, Paul was a practical joker himself, and he had found a way to hack his DVR and change the description of recorded programs, including Bob's WPT episode. Knowing that Haralabos was coming back soon to watch it, Paul changed the description on the DVR to fuck with him. The original show description was something like this:
“Six new players vie for the title of Champion of the LA Poker Classic Tournament. Players include movie star John Smith, astronaut Mark Hunt, playwright Haralabos Volgaris, undercover international spy Chris Jenkins, the crown prince of Wakanda Jerome Jones, and the inventor of the Internet Joe “Man Tits” Mande.“
Obviously the other names and titles were made up by me, but you get the picture. Anyway, Paul made one small adjustment, knowing Haralabos would see it:
“Six new players vie for the title of Champion of the LA Poker Classic Tournament. Players include movie star John Smith, astronaut Mark Hunt, uptight playwright Haralabos Volgaris, undercover international spy Chris Jenkins, the crown prince of Wakanda Jerome Jones, and the inventor of the Internet Joe “Man Tits” Mande.“
Paul then waited for Haralabos to return so they could watch the episode together, leaving up the modified description of “uptight playwright” on the TV and making sure HBob was in the room alone for a few minutes before starting the show, so he had no choice but to stare at the phony description.
Bob noticed it immediately. According to Paul, HBob started to get really worried, thinking that the show was going to portray him in a terrible light and edit him to look dumb and foolish, just because of that one word “uptight” in the description. Before even starting the show, HBob was already making excuses, telling Paul that he forgot they kept his microphone on at all times, and he said some critical things about the WPT's production crew, and now they were getting their revenge by calling him uptight. He kept bringing up ways he might have acted uptight during the Final Table and was pre-rationalizing them for Paul, who was enjoying it all.
This went on for the first 15 minutes or so of the show, with Haralabos worrying and moaning non-stop about being called “uptight” and wondering how they were going to edit him to look that way, until Paul finally let him off the hook. According to Paul, Haralabos didn't believe it was a practical joke and kept worrying and griping longer, until he saw for himself that it was just a standard WPT show with no unfair editing involved.
I'm not going to put too much on Haralabos for being so worried about his portrayal. Players really did believe that a good edit was the difference between a lucrative endorsement deal with Budweiser or Nike and getting nothing. The sky seemed to be the limit. BUT... the notion that Bob was just playing an inside joke and didn't really care about being known as a “playwright, piano player, and philosopher” didn't quite match up with his defensive and concerned attitude that day.
Source for Story #1: This is a very famous poker story that was talked about amoung players live and on 2+2 (the dominant, high-traffic poker forum back then and perhaps now) a lot when it happened. You can find snippets and references on I'm sure other long time and knowledgeable players will verify hearing a version of this story before.
An account of it was given by Haralabos himself on the podcast “Big Poker Sundays” which he used to co-host with Scott Huff, but has long since disappeared. It was a part of Poker Road Radio, which was run by Barry Greenstein's asshole son before closing. As this story is now close to 15 years old and poker media is on life support, many previous accounts from blogs and recording are now gone, and thus a lot of it had to be reconstructed from memory. Part of the reason I'm re-telling it is because it was gradually being lost in time, and that is a motive to re-tell it now, for a new generation.
Source for Story #2: I got the exact WPT description of Bob's bio from the 2+2 Archive ( The story of the altered DVR description and Paul Phillips came from the memory of Paul's old blog on LiveJournal (“extempore”), which has long been deleted, and from my own correspondence with Paul Phillips at the time (we were pretty good “online friends” before the invention of Social Media. Anyone remember r.g.p. on Usenet?). Again, unfortunately memory had to play a large role.
I by no means want to pretend Haralabos and I were close. I knew about him and tracked him more than most poker players due to my sports betting background, but Bob was just one of a hundred different and strange characters in the gambling world that you'd recognize daily, none of whom you'd want to spend a lot of time with. We had some mutual friends, that's about it.
Both stories were written under the Geneva Convention rules, which explicitly states that all gambling stories worldwide may contain up to 15% of exaggerations in order to make the story more entertaining or dramatic and still be called “truthful”. Like all good gambling stories should be told. But the core elements are as faithful a retelling as I could make it, including the WPT description, and the key dialogue by Bob that was quoted the most at that time. It's the dates and locations I'm least sure about.
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Trip Report 6/4-6/6: Vdara

Got into LAS on a non-stop from my home airport at about 10:30pm. Ordered a Lyft when I was approaching baggage claim and by the time I got to 2M where the rideshare is for terminal one the ride was there.
Arrived at Vdara after a ~18 min ride (normal strip traffic). Staying on a comp, got upgraded (no sandwich) to an Executive Corner Suite which was a nice room with a full sized kitchen and 1.5 baths. Went out to check the Bellagio Conservatory, walk the strip with the people I was with. Conservatory is a rotating floral display that's huge and always interesting with cool displays and fun themes. It's free and always fun to check out, I recommend it if you're in the area.
Ended up at Haute Doggery at the link, ate a Billionaire dog which is delicious as always. On the way back to Vdara stopped at Aria for some green chip BJ. Ended up slightly at about 230am went back for bed.
Up early the next day at 8:00am. By 8:30am we were at Wicked Spoon for their brunch and bottomless drinks. It's 53$ (before tax and tip) for all you can eat and all you can drink miller lite, champagne, bloody marys or house wine. We went with champagne, but they let you switch if you get tired of your choice. There's something about Wicked Spoon servers; they are always so nice, friendly and boy do they give you a lot of booze! They will just bring the whole bottles of champagne to the table so you don't have to constantly ask for refills.
Food is of good quality, Bacchanal is better overall quality wise but for value and booze I think Wicked Spoon wins overall. Stand outs were their bone marrow and roast sirloin which was cooked to a perfect rare. Note: aside from some sushi/sashimi there's no crab/shrimp at this brunch buffet, which is one of my only complaints about the place.
Wicked spoon gets very busy on weekend brunch, so go early unless you're okay with a wait. By the time we left at ~11am the line was probably 150 people long.
After wicked spoon walked back through Aria to place bets on the Kentucky Derby and the NBA playoff games. One of us ended up picking Justify, so that was a fun win. I ended up having a decent amount on the Celtics straight up at +375 (plus another Celtics +9 bet) so I ended up doing well on the day sports betting. Long lines at the sports book even at 11:15am due to the Derby.
After that went to pool at Vdara. Despite being smaller and at prime time, finding chairs was not hard. Staff very nice and came around with free ice waters. Bought some beers at the pool bar and they were not too bad price wise: about 6$ which for a bar at a pool on the strip is pretty dang good.
Went up to the room, changed real quick and then went down to play some more green chip BJ at Aria. Played okay and ended down slightly. Nice dealers and good drink service. Be careful on your table selection though: I saw a 50$ table that only paid 6:5!
After that went back up to the room at Vdara to watch the end of the Cs game and catch a nap. After the nap woke up and got ready. We had tickets to Opium a new Spiegelworld show (the people behind Absinthe) for the 8pm showing at the Cosmo. Got excellent discount codes from so the tickets were only about ~27$ each which is totally worth it. Show was great: It's a small theater and definitively a variety show. Mix of humor, contortionist, singing, drag, dancing, juggling, and more. Is part of a newer wave of smaller, more intimate, more "hipster" shows popping up on the strip like the Great Miss Behave's Gameshow I saw a few months earlier.
After the show took a Lyft downtown. Downtown was INSANELY busy. By far the busiest I've ever seen it. I've been there for the Superbowl, March Madness, etc. and I've never seen downtown like that. Couldn't get a table downtown for BJ it was so busy! Went to Oak and Ivy at the Container park which is an amazing whiskey/cocktail bar I always recommend and the drinks were excellent.
After that took a Lyft back to the strip. Were hungry so ate at Shake Shack at NYNY which is a decent and quick burger. I remember going to the original Shake Shack back in NYC so it was not anything too exotic but a solid burger non the less. I got the Shack Stack which has a cheese-stuffed fried portabello mushroom on top of a burger. Very good.
After that some more green chip BJ at Aria were I ended up slightly up on the session, but down a little on the trip from the previous session in the day. Because of the Cs coming up big though, I ended up quite a bit on the trip.
Went to bed and woke up at 7am and out the door at 7:45am. Had a flight at 9:15am. The last few times I've flown out of Terminal 1 C gates they've had the "everyone is pre-check" policy which ends up taking a bit longer for more me since I already have pre-check and it just makes the line longer. Took about 20 mins to get through security, so timing was no problem for my flight home.
Vdara was very nice and a good location overall but it is a bummer there's not a lot of food options without having to walk.
Vegas is all in on the Vegas Golden Knights and it's cool to see. All hotels/casinos had staff wearing jerseys and all the marquees had messages for the Knights, even casinos that compete with MGM. (MGM is a part owner of the arena they play in)
Downtown is becoming more and more popular. Each time I'm there it's more crowded. I think this is a good thing because hopefully it spurs more development downtown but also a little worrisome because I worry it will bring the bad parts of the strip downtown like increasing prices, worse gambling odds, and pricing out locally owned restaurants and bars.
It's a busy summer so my next trip will not be till August! Thanks for reading!
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CET now running "Comp Drink Monitoring" at all casino & sports book bars
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[Rookie] Early Bowl Game Previews

Now that most of our fantasy seasons are over (or will end this Sunday) it's time to start looking towards next year. What better way to do that than to immerse yourself in some (mostly) meaningless college bowl games? I write freelance covering college and the draft for Reality Sports Online and wanted to share my bowl previews with everybody here on the sub. I try to touch on players with draft potential and interesting storylines where possible. I don't pretend to be an expert on most of these players or teams but hopefully those I do highlight will help you enjoy the upcoming bowls and maybe help with your 2018 draft prep.
The Celebration Bowl, you ask? The Celebration Bowl is a relatively new invention that features the SWAC and MEAC champions. When researching this bowl, I learned that neither conference participates in the FCS playoffs for financial reasons. Their teams often did not compete with other FCS mainstays and traveling for playoff games can cost a lot of money. Instead, the Celebration Bowl lets the best of each conference compete in a centrally located neutral site game to cap off the season. While it’s not one of the FBS bowl games, I decided to preview the game for two reasons: 1) it’s a national broadcast leading into the start of the FBS bowl season and 2) because I wanted to do some research on Grambling RB Martez Carter. Carter is short at 5’9″ but he is solidly built at 205lbs; estimates his speed in the mid 4.40 range. He has three straight 800+ rushing yard seasons, averages 5.7 yards per carry, has four career kick return touchdowns and is a factor in the passing game. In 2016, Carter caught 28 balls for 376 yards; in 2017 he upped that to 30 for 402. He has eight career receiving touchdowns. Based on my limited study, I would throw out Shane Vereen as a reasonable size, speed and production comp. Carter appears to be the type of player who will latch on to an NFL team for his special teams skills and could be an injury away from a role.
North Carolina A&T has a mountain of an offensive tackle named Brandon Parker. He’s 6’8″ and 310lbs. Based on size alone, I would guess he’s at least a third round NFL prospect. I won’t pretend to have a good feel for this game but if nothing else it’ll be a good chance to watch two under the radar draft prospects and a great way to get your football Saturday started early. Prediction: Grambling State
Troy: 52nd scoring offense, 34th passing offense, 85th rushing offense; 11th scoring defense, 69th passing defense, 15th rushing defense
North Texas: 20th scoring offense, 21st passing offense, 53rd rushing offense; 106th scoring defense, 64th passing defense, 107th rushing defense
I’m cautiously optimistic that the first bowl of the season will be an entertaining one. Troy is on a six game winning streak with the closest game being by 8 against bowl-bound Arkansas State. North Texas is coming off a loss to Lane Kiffin’s red hot FAU team but prior to that they had won five straight, including two close wins to bowl-bound Louisiana Tech and Army. North Texas’ 20th ranked scoring offense was previously led by RB Jeffery Wilson (1,215 yards, 16TDs) but he has missed the team’s last two games due to an ankle injury. In his stead, undersized freshman Nick Smith will get the lion’s share of the carries. In the last two without Wilson, Smith went for 178 yards against Rice but just 50 against FAU. Since Troy has a strong rush defense, I’m hoping we get to see Wilson at full strength in the bowl. North Texas QB Mason Fine is just 5’11” and 180lbs but has been prolific with 3,749 yards (9th in the FBS) and 28 TDs.
In the preseason, I called Troy RB Jordan Chunn “the player from the Sun Belt most likely to end up on your fantasy team next Spring.” He underwhelmed this season with just 978 total yards and 10 TDs but he did miss two games due to a leg laceration. A good showing from Chunn would help his draft stock but he should be off your board as a fantasy owner for now.
Put this one one while you eat lunch, flip over to Oregon vs Boise State when it starts and then come back at 4:00 to see if the ending is worth your time. Prediction: Troy
Western Kentucky: 83rd scoring offense, 9th passing offense, 130th rushing offense; 69th scoring defense, 36th passing defense, 77th rushing defense
Georgia State: 119th scoring offense, 31st passing offense, 117th rushing offense; 55th scoring defense, 92nd passing defense, 47th rushing defense
The Hilltoppers struggled through the back half of the season, losing four of their last five. At 5-2, they may have thought they were on their way to repeating their recent history of double digit wins but alas they came crashing back to earth. Georgia State similarly ended on a sour note with two bad losses to Appalachian State (by 21) and Idaho (who finished at 4-8 and is moving down to the FCS next year). Chances are this is going to be a game to miss but the lone bright spot will be Western Kentucky QB Mike White. White is a fringe QB prospect that I introduced to my readers in the offseason. White is a former USF transfer who has prototypical size at 6’4″ and 225lbs. He excelled last season with Taywan Taylor (who was drafted by the Titans) with a 37:7 TD:INT ratio. In 2017, White regressed in ratio (24:7), completion percentage and yards per attempt. His stats are still good enough to warrant a late look in the NFL Draft. Amazingly, Georgia State managed to be bowl eligible despite finishing 119th in scoring offense. Don’t expect this one to be pretty. Prediction: Western Kentucky
Boise State: 36th scoring offense, 44th passing offense, 91st rushing offense; 35th scoring defense, 44th passing defense, 20th rushing defense
Oregon: 18th scoring offense, 97th passing offense, 8th rushing offense; 76th scoring defense, 75th passing defense, 26th rushing defense
The Las Vegas Bowl is the crown jewel of the early bowl games. Sure, Oregon had a disappointing year at 7-5 (and a losing 4-5 record in conference) and just lost head coach Willie Taggart to Florida State but they will still be fun to watch. Oregon’s offense was less potent than in recent memory but still averaged 36.7 points per game. Most of those points were scored by RB Royce Freeman who had 16 rushing TDs. Freeman has 5,621 career rushing yards and 60 rushing TDs. He’s good. I wrote about Freeman in the preseason and in Week 3 – I still love him today. He’s a battering ram at 230+ pounds. My biggest complaint about Freeman this year would be that he did not progress as a pass catcher; he had just 14 receptions compared to 23 and 26 the previous two years. In order to consider him a true three down back I would have loved to see him hit the 30 reception plateau. He has been on fire as of late, finishing the season with six straight games with 122 or more yards. Freeman will face a stiffer test though in Boise’s rush defense. They held six opponents to less than 100 yards, including the nation’s 12th ranked rushing offense in San Diego State and Rashaad Penny. Sophomore QB Justin Herbert will get a lot of attention over the next year or two from NFL scouts. He is very tall at 6’6″ and efficient with the ball (64.7% completion percentage and just 7 INTs in his two season career).
WR Cedrick Wilson is my favorite player on Boise State. He is a former JUCO transfer with 129 receptions, 2,419 yards and 17 TDs in his two years at Boise. He’s 6’3″ and a good blocker which will help get him drafted. Per Pro Football Focus, Wilson has a very high contested catch completion percentage. I have Wilson as my WR15 for 2018 rookie drafts.
This game is a must-watch so be sure not to miss it. I’m torn but will pick against Oregon after the news that Taggart is leaving. Prediction: Boise State
Marshall: 81st scoring offense, 58th passing offense, 104th rushing offense; 17th scoring defense, 47th passing defense, 19th rushing defense
Colorado State: 29th scoring offense, 23rd passing offense, 29th rushing offense; 73rd scoring defense, 96th passing defense, 86th rushing defense
The Thundering Herd and the Rams combined for just two wins in November (one each) so neither is hot at the moment. I’m still looking forward to this one though because it will be a chance to see Colorado State WR Michael Gallup against a decent defense. Gallup improved on a successful 2016 season by finishing 2017 with a 94-1,350-7 line. Those stats helped him finish first in the conference in receptions and receiving yards (he was 3rd and 4th respectively in the FBS overall). Gallup does not have elite measureables (6’1″, 200lbs, 4.50 speed) but has elite production so he’ll be considered at the NFL level and in most fantasy leagues. I watched some of Gallup early in the season against Oregon State and Alabama; both were pretty good games from him but I want to see more from Gallup and would like to re-watch the Alabama tape. Gallup resides in a no-man’s land of draft prospects size-wise. Of the twenty-six similar size/speed combine participants from 2010-2o17, the best comps would be Josh Doctson, Allen Hurns and Robert Woods. If you drafted Gallup in the third round of your rookie draft you’d be happy with that return but chances are he’s going in the second round based on his production.
There’s another draft prospect in this game to keep an eye on: Marshall TE Ryan Yurachek. Yurachek is undersized for a TE; he’s about the same weight and an inch shorter than last year’s vogue undersized TE Evan Engram. And no, please do not take that as a comp to Evan Engram because Yurachek is far from the athlete Engram is. In my early 2018 positional rankings, I included Yurachek because I honestly didn’t have another guy I wanted to include; he was my TE8. He did have 47 receptions and 9 TDs which ranks him 6th and 3rd in the FBS at the position. I would not be surprised to see a position change for Yurachek or to see him lineup off the line of scrimmage as is becoming more common for “move” tight ends.
Having an offensive draft prospect on both sides of the ball makes the New Mexico Bowl a “must-DVR” and a maybe-watch. Prediction: Colorado State
Arkansas State: 15th scoring offense, 6th passing offense, 79th rushing offense; 51st scoring defense, 91st passing defense, 35th rushing defense
Middle Tennessee State: 92nd scoring offense, 45th passing offense, 90th rushing offense; 45th scoring defense, 46th passing defense, 34th rushing defense
If it weren’t for the Cure Bowl, this would be the dud matchup of the day. I am finding myself nonplussed, especially considering MTSU WR Richie James has an injured collarbone and is out for the year. If nothing else, this matchup will be Exhibit A as to why the bowl season needs to contract rather than expand. Arkansas State does have a late round draft prospect in TE Blake Mack and a very good quarterback in junior Justice Hansen. Like Yurachek, Mack is an undersized TE who likely figures to be a possession WR or maybe an H-back in the pros. Mack is 6’3″ and 231lbs with speed in the 4.70 range. Mack’s line in 2017 finished at 46-609-7, landing him in the Top 10 of most stats among TEs. I researched Mack in the preseason for my Sun Belt preview and at that time I said, “He was very versatile, lining up in the slot, on the outside and in the backfield. He was not on the line often and I did not see a single highlight of him blocking (possibly more a feature of what constitutes a highlight, but my gut tells me he doesn’t block much). He has the speed to beat safeties and linebackers in coverage, which he did on a number of plays.” Hansen is a former Oklahoma and JUCO transfer so he’s had a circuitous route to success in the Sun Belt. He is a dual-threat QB who has thrown for 3,635 yards and 34 TDs this season and added six more scores on the ground. Hansen completes a high percentage of his passes (63.7) but has thrown too many INTs (15). He has good size so who knows maybe a good game puts him on the late round radar for 2019.
Despite the injury, Richie James will still get drafted if he comes out. He started his career with 212 receptions, nearly 3,000 yards and 20 TDs combined as a freshman and sophomore. In eight career games against Power 5 opponents (against Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Syracuse, Minnesota and three times against Vanderbilt), James totaled 65 receptions, 849 yards and 5 TDs. That’s a better season, in eight games, than somebody like Clemson WR Deon Cain had this year and he’s in the mix as a Top 10 rookie WR for 2018 fantasy drafts. Unfortunately we won’t see James in this one but you should definitely be paying attention to whether he declares or not for the NFL.
I’m leaning towards the Red Wolves in this one due to the strength of their passing game and their quarterback. Prediction: Arkansas State
Florida Atlantic: 9th scoring offense, 81st passing offense, 6th rushing offense; 44th scoring defense, 93rd passing defense, 67th rushing defense
Akron: 103rd scoring offense, 74th passing offense, 118th rushing offense; 60th scoring defense, 82nd passing defense, 98th rushing defense
I’m not a gambling man, given my horrible record of weekly picks this season that is a good thing, but if I were I would bet big on this one. This game is the lock of all locks this bowl season, in favor of the Owls and Lane Kiffin playing at home in Boca Raton. One caveat: that’s if Kiffin is still on campus. With the coaching carousel still spinning there is no guarantee Kiffin is still in Boca come December 19th. I predict he’ll stay unless Florida State comes calling. In the offseason, I called it a rebuilding year for Kiffin and he has done just that after a surprising 10-3 season. Both Phil Steele and Lindy’s had FAU projected as the 5th place team in C-USA’s East division. Not only did they win the division, and the conference, but they went undefeated (8-0) and finished three games ahead of second place FIU. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention FAU’s sophomore RB Devin Singletary. Singletary’s rushing numbers this season are literally unbelievable: 275 carries, 1,794 yards and 29 TDs. He ranks Top 5 in just about every relevant running back stat in the FBS. The one that impressed me most is the number of carries; 275 carries is good for 5th overall and is twice as much as he handled last season. He’s short at 5’9″ but stout enough at 200lbs (think Ameer Abdullah if he adds a few pounds). Singletary was not on my draft prospect radar previously but luckily I have another season to delve deeper since he’s just a sophomore.
One of the reasons I am so sure that FAU will beat Akron is that Akron’s 7-6 record isn’t even as good as it looks. They have two one-point wins, one three-point win and a win against a 2-9 FCS team. I’ll say one good thing about Akron though, they have a hell of a tackling machine, and a great name, in Ulysees Gilbert III (yes, that is Ulysees not Ulysses). Gilbert is a junior who has two back-to-back 120+ tackle and 4 sack seasons. has him as the 13th ranked OLB for 2019 while has him as 10th in the class. He might not factor in for you IDP players in 2018 but go ahead and impress your friends by dropping some Zips knowledge now.
Bet it all on Boca. Prediction: Florida Atlantic
SMU: 8th scoring offense, 16th passing offense, 45th rushing offense; 113th scoring defense, 121st passing defense, 113th rushing defense
Louisiana Tech: 63rd scoring offense, 64th passing offense, 55th rushing offense; 66th scoring defense, 59th passing defense, 81st rushing defense
By the time you read this preview, there is a very good chance that Chad Morris is no longer SMU’s head coach and is instead at either Arkansas or Tennessee. Don’t these ADs know how difficult it is to write a good bowl preview when you don’t know who the head coach will be? Woe is me, we’ll press on. The biggest draft prospect of this early slate of games is undoubtedly SMU’s WR Courtland Sutton. I am an active member in Reddit’s dynasty fantasy football subreddit called DynastyFF. The sub runs bi-weekly rookie mock drafts and I have been compiling the results for you, dear reader. As of the mock started on 11/29, Sutton was the 1.03 pick and was in a clear tier with Derrius Guice, Nick Chubb and James Washington just behind Saquon Barkley. In that forum, Sutton is the WR1, has been picked as high as 1.02 and has never gone later than 1.05. I have written extensively about Sutton this season so I won’t go into detail here but here’s a short summary: Sutton has elite size, good speed and fantastic body control but has feasted mostly on subpar defenses and saw a reduced role in 2017. SMU has an awful defense and is coming off a poor end to the season (a close win against Tulane kept them from losing their last four games).
Louisiana Tech on the other hand ended with two wins (albeit one against 0-12 UTEP). Aside from Sutton, there is somebody else worth rooting for in this game: Lousiana Tech RB Boston Scott. Scott is a 5’6″, former walk-on, fifth year senior who suffers from a rare muscular disorder. He earned a scholarship last season and has gained over 1,000 total yards and 9 TDs this season as Tech’s primary ball carrier.
I expect this one to be high scoring and surprisingly fun to watch. SMU’s defense and the flux in the program will be factors. Prediction: Louisiana Tech
Temple: 118th scoring offense, 107th passing offense, 116th rushing offense; 83rd scoring defense, 6th passing defense, 126th rushing defense
Florida International: 74th scoring offense, 56th passing offense, 65th rushing offense; 79th scoring defense, 95th passing defense, 79th rushing defense
Butch Davis, much like Lane Kiffin, sought the sunny shores of Florida to rehab his career. Davis also succeeded, although to a lesser degree than Kiffin. FIU finished 8-4 which is just the second time the team has won eight or more since they joined the FBS in 2004. It’s also just the team’s third bowl, although it’s not the most ridiculously named bowl the Golden Panthers will have played in. That ignominious award goes to the 2011 Beef O’Brady’s Bowl (named for a restaurant I predict I will never patronize).
Temple disappointed this year at 6-6 after back-to-back ten win seasons under former coach Matt Rhule. Temple’s QB Logan Marchi battled injuries, inefficiency and turnovers which may account for the downfall. As far as I can tell, neither Temple nor Florida International have any worthwhile offensive NFL draft prospects. Temple’s strong pass defense is led by CB/S Sean Chandler and CB Mike Jones. Jones is a graduate transfer from North Carolina Central University where he totaled 114 tackles and 11 INTs; this year at Temple he had 38 tackles, an INT and 7 passes defended. Chandler had 74 tackles, 2 INTs and 3 passes defended this season. Chandler is the more likely of the two to get drafted: in the preseason, Phil Steele had him as the sixth ranked FS. FIU’s mediocre defense is led by LBs Anthony Wint and Treyvon Williams, both of whom have 180+ tackles each over the last two seasons combined.
Aside from the Cure Bowl, this one has the worst combination of offenses and might prove unwatchable. Prediction: Temple
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I decided to play a real game of Chess

I'am right now inside a cafe typing this while using their free wifi after buying myself green tea. I'm trying to warm myself as much as possible using the heater, blasting it to the max while standing right beneath it.
I know that he's trying to hunt me right now, I know that he's relentless, determined, committed, intelligent and unmerciful. And I know it's only a matter of time before he checks me again, and this time I know it will end the entire game, killing me.
These next series of documents and uploads are for anyone that concerns them in case I die. I just feel like....I need to tell my story to the world, and I understand that this website conceals your identity and marks you as an anonymous user. A website to just share your feelings without anyone knowing who you are. And that's exactly what I'm going to do right now. Let me give you the background information first.
This all started back two and a half years ago, when I was still in college. Back then life looked okay for me. I had good grades, I had a decent part-time job that payed well enough, I had a beautiful girlfriend, I had many close friends, and I still lived with my mom. Things could've been a lot better now that I look back, there were a lot of things that I wished that I've done and not done even before all of this cluster fuck happened. Regret and remorse are the only things that drives me now. You see back then, I got bored easily, I was one of those people that needed to do something constantly in order not to get low-key depression. I've started to undergo this tedious boredom ever since I graduated. This went on for sometime to the point where the boredom I experienced became perpetual. So, I would force myself to look for something that would keep me occupied. I tried to sports at first, I went from soccer, to basketball, all the way to fucking golf. And while all of those activities made me busy for a while, it wasn't something that I would actually be devoted in and spend more time on. So then I moved away from physical interests and moved on to social applications. I started to do Facebook, and it wasn't like I didn't have a Facebook account from the beginning, it was just that I wasn't really active into any social media activities. Back then I personally felt like talking to someone face to face was a lot more interactive than just texting (and in someways I still think it does). So I bet you guys can imagine how difficult it was for me to adapt to the new Internet culture. This whole new transitional period surprised my girlfriend (let's call her Yolanda) as she was so used to my distaste of social media. So you can see the surprise on Yolanda's face when I first texted her.
A little backstory on Yolanda: I first met Yolanda on college campus grounds in my freshmen. She and I were on the college campus tour and we sort of bumped into each other. After a couple of weeks of meeting each other and talking to one another, I decided to ask her out and she said yes. We had three classes together so our relationship had a nice steady flow to it. Yolanda was slightly shorter than me, has jet black hair with jade-emerald eyes. She was the very definition of gorgeous. We went on a lot of dates, meeting in restaurants, watching a lot of movies together, and even played video games from time to time in my place. So you can imagine how she meant the world to me.
I could see why some people would enjoy Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit and all that shit, but all of those things looked the same to me, so of course I grew bored. I was about to trash the whole entire idea of using social media all together when one of my more nerdier friends named Tom introduced me to the Darknet. He told me that the Darknet was "sort of like the underbelly of the Internet." He also told me that there was a lot more hidden controversial and even illegal content in the Darknet. Things like drugs, the Hidden Wiki, unlimited amount forums, guns, and even fucking hitmen. I was immediately intrigued by this new web. I legit imagined a Facebook of leaked videos and confidential government documents, instead of food pics and selfies. Needless to say, I was fucking hooked.
Tom showed me how to download Tor and how to use it, along with other multiple security software that protected me from any other potential snoopers. Tom then taught me the basics of onion routing and how to defend myself from viruses or even hackers. Tom even provided a custom designed restricting extension to prevent any "NSFW content." He said that it was basically safe mode, to hide any extreme shit. He didn't provide much detail about it and just said that not to turn the extension off ever "or it will scar me for life."
For the first month, I was having a blast. Watching and listening and reading all of these crazy shits. Videos of suicides and warfare, leaked documents and hacked webcams. I'll admit, some of them were so disturbing, that it made the Saw franchise look like Teletubbies when compared. But all of these things were something new to look at, something a lot interesting than Tumblr or 9gag. I even tried showing this to Yolanda, but she wouldn't have it.
Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. I was inevitably getting bored again. So, I've done something that I shouldn't have. I was about to commit one of the most serious and stupidest mistakes ever in my god-forsaken life that caused me so much pain and suffering. I turned off the restriction extensions that Tom told me to never turn off, and I went even deeper. This took the word disturbing to a whole new fucking level. Child pornography, massive drug trades, illegal gun marketing, forums of confessed murders and kidnappings with proof, snuff films, crush vids, vintage recovered stories and films. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This stuff could've put someone in prison for fucking life. I started to get a little bit scared and more paranoid around the Darknet and even considered turning some of these stuffs to the authorities. My better self got ahold of me I guess. I did some extra research about the Darknet and it's confiscation records. To my surprise, it was almost empty. Besides some of the biggemajor networks of drug trade and child pornography, there were little to no documentations of any actions of anyone turning in any of the illegal sites to the authorities, much less sites that were shut down.
I asked Tom about this and asked him if I can somehow turn in some of these lunatics anonymously. "Are you fucking insane?" He damn near shouted. "There is no such thing as complete privacy or protection in the Darknet!" "But can't I just-" I started. "NO!" He said firmly. "Fucking forget it man, look-these people, the moderators, the admins, the creators? They're nearly gods when it comes to comps. They know everything about everything. They will do anything in their power to stop you from letting that happen. They can track you down if they want to. They can have the names of every single family members you have. A lot of people had the same idea as you did and they tried to turn them in. I think you can guess what happened to all of them...All of the shit and security software you downloaded will be cracked open like a fucking egg. They will hunt your ass down, don't do it. Look man, I know it's hard to look away and avert your eyes from all this messed up shit. But trust me, it's a lot easier than running away from them."
I became a lot more careful after that talk with Tom. I did additional searches about self-defense in the tech world and booted my defenses by downloading more software. I became a little bit more paranoid and unnerved about the site that I thought was my escape from boredom. I realized how much risk I was putting myself into. Now you'd think that I learned my lesson and stopped browsing the Darknet right? Nope. My stupid ass kept on going, addicted to these new sites that kept on popping up like clockwork. There were always new things to look at. I made actual money than I ever did just by gambling, I made a lot of friends from it as well. I even posted a couple of forums about my perspectives on life and on politics, this introduced me to even more people with similar interests. The things that I used to see as vile and inhumane was slowly becoming more tolerable. My relationship with Yolanda became a bit strained and we went less dates than we normally did. I grew a lot more tried and exhausted after many nights of staying up and gambling and chatting with new friends and even buying a few drugs.
It was the middle of November as the winter season slowly creeping in, and snow was beginning to fall. I remember having a lot of more arguments with my girlfriend at that month about the most dumbest things ever. God, I was such an asshole. I remember that I turned my back on my close friends and even on my own roommate, Jake. I relied and depended on complete strangers for relationship advise and how to have smooth drug contacts. I was chatting with one of my more closer Darknet friends "Kilgore1609" while I was in my dorm and it was a Saturday. We were talking about debunking the algorithm of the computer system that shuffles the cards when we're playing Blackjack. Now, I don't exactly remember the conversation we had, but after hours and hours of digging through scripts and Java manuals, here is the chat box that I had with Kilgore1609. I'll be making some side notes to clarify some stuff up by using []. My username at the time was Clouds_and_Raindrops.
Clouds_and_Raindrops: You're serious?
Kilgore1609: yup, the fuker craked the system of the comp and figured out its pattern and shit like that, won 13 games in a row, guy was a legend
Clouds_and_Raindrops: Holy shit! I'm guessing that Dark Horse changed the algorithm after the incident?
[Dark Horse is the name of a massive online PVP Blackjack gambling site, this was how I made most of my money online]
Kilgore1609: no shit sherlock! they rewrote the entire program, encrypted the entire data boxes so that only the admins can access it when needed,,,speaking of which i heard that u made some nice $$$ playing dh
Clouds_and_Raindrops: It's just immense luck you know? Almost every player I encounter are always hitting.
Kilgore1609: y'noe u can make a gud rep out of dis rgiht/
Clouds_and_Raindrops: I guess...but don't think I will.
Kilgore1609: whadya meen/ u can make some nice pals by making them bit$$$ u noe/
Clouds_and_Raindrops: I mean that I will probably quit Dark Horse after a while...
Kilgore1609: butt u're pretty fuking gud, y quit/ u have a lvl 98 rank!!!!!dat's some hard sht right there,,,
Clouds_and_Raindrops: I get bored really easily, even at the things I'm good at I guess. Like I have to do something constantly in order not to get bored. I've got to find new things to do.
[At this point Kilgore1609 doesn't answer for about three hours]
Clouds_and_Raindrops: Hello?
Kilgore1609: u wnna do something w/ me/
Clouds_and_Raindrops: Like what? Anal?
Kilgore1609: a game dumbfuk
Clouds_and_Raindrops: A game?
Kilgore1609: yeh, it's called Che$$, it's like chess, butt irl,,,
Clouds_and_Raindrops: Huh...what is it exactly?
Kilgore1609: so there's dis compound out in LV, sort of like a abandoned,,,thing or som sht idk, me and couple of other pals gnna hang out there, iz like paintball sort of wiht like arsoft guns and shit, it's cul af dude. lots of other pals gnna play, ucan bring yo pals 2 if ya want.
[LV = Las Vegas]
Clouds_and_Raindrops: That actually sounds like fun. Where in Las Vegas exactly?
Kilgore1609: ere, clik on the link it shows u like teh location and sht: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx say yes on evrything
When I recovered this chat log, the link that Kilgore1609 sent me was automatically destroyed. These are known as "suicide links" when a user clicks on this link, it sends them into locked window and keeps the user there until the transmission is over. I was unaware of suicide links at the time.
What happened next was implanted into my brain so deep that I could recall this particular event in full detail even to this day. I was so drunk into the moment that all of my brain power and my intelligence left me. I didn't realize that the choice that I made was the choice that was going to give me so much pain, guilt, suffering and regret. As soon as I clicked on the link that Kilgore1609 sent me, my laptop screen turned black, pitch black. I was confused for a moment, and then that confusion turned into a moment of disbelief and curiosity as my screen blinked a couple of times with white pixels. Then my laptop displayed a huge message in a big yellow font.
"WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS OFFER THAT THE USER KILGORE1609 HAS SENT YOU?" I didn't know what to do at first. My first instinct was to type in yes just like Kilgore told me to do. Before I could even make up a decision, my laptop suddenly showed the word 'yes' in the screen. Like it was just suddenly there. My computer blinked three times again and then displayed the words: "WLL YOU ACCEPT ALL OUTCOMES, RESULTS, POSS-" I couldn't even finish reading the question, because I saw my laptop automatically input the word yes as an answer. Blink three times. Another question. "WILL YOU-" YES "WILL YOU-" YES "WILL YOU-" YES "WILL-" YES "WILL-" YES "WILL-" YES "W-" YES "W-" YES "V-" YES "V-" YES
This happened at an alarming amount of speed, with every nanosecond passing, my pixels exhibited a question and an answer simultaneously and at an automatic procedure. This happened for quite some time, and despite me pressing down the force quit and shut down keys, it kept on going. The thought of my computer right now being hacked at lighting speed was beyond me now, I had to end this as fast as possible or else every single information about me could be shown in front of the hacker's screen.
I picked up my laptop and teared apart my display screen from my laptop case itself, and then I proceeded to pick up the second limited edition of an AP Calculus textbook and smashed down on my now bare system board. Bits and pieces of plastic flew all over the place, my hard drive, my thermal cooling and palm rest assembly, my fan guard, my modular bay device was all hacked and smashed into pieces. The adrenaline in my veins started to cool down, and for a split, just for a split second I felt relief in my stomach.
It was instantaneously replaced by the feeling of trepidation and dread.
My detached display screen was frozen, and at the center of screen in dark black font was an address I did not recognize, and at the bottom with the same colored font said: WHITE HAS THE FIRST MOVE
submitted by Clouds_and_Raindrops to nosleep [link] [comments]

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    1. Antonio Brown: "Have a safe 4th of July and show up to work tomorrow with the same amount of fingers as the last time they saw you" (4631 points, 298 comments)
    2. Chargers, Bosa agree to 4 year contract (4043 points, 1697 comments)
    3. Source: Colin Kaepernick benched, Blaine Gabbert to start against Falcons (3838 points, 2216 comments)
    4. This is apparently what the Titans send to season ticket holders (3125 points, 746 comments)
    5. In case you wanted to know, Alfred Morris is still driving that 1991 Mazda he bought for $2. (3124 points, 572 comments)
    6. Trevor Siemian will be Broncos' starting quarterback (3103 points, 1043 comments)
    7. Major Upheaval Continues on ESPN NFL Coverage: Cris Carter, Ray Lewis Out; Randy Moss In (3005 points, 1316 comments)
    8. NFL Owner: chance of Raiders moving to Las Vegas "is now 50 percent—and maybe as high as 75." (2855 points, 1300 comments)
    9. Vince Wilfork, all 325 pounds of him, will appear in ESPN The Magazine’s 2016 Body Issue (2842 points, 421 comments)
    10. Jermaine Kearse: "I love my hometown, but I've put in too much hard work to give a discount ... My number one priority is to take care of my family's future, so I will consider all opportunities." (2769 points, 1081 comments)
  2. 66062 points, 29 submissions: rhydon_my_steelix
    1. Cam Newton is the only NFL player with at least five rushing touchdowns in each of the last five seasons. Not the only QB. The only player. (4475 points, 1361 comments)
    2. Wade Phillips on Belichick: my dad said one time, 'Belichick can take his team and beat yours, but could also take your team and beat his.' (3582 points, 1067 comments)
    3. Matt Hasselbeck was drafted 4 years before the Houston Texans were a team. (3271 points, 440 comments)
    4. Schefter: Johnny Manziel's agent has parted ways with him (3242 points, 1642 comments)
    5. Eagles CB Byron Maxwell (6-yr, $64m contract offseason) has been thrown at 19x, allowed 15 comp, 240 yds, 2 TD, 158.3 (perfect) QB rating (3238 points, 1164 comments)
    6. None of the Falcons 2012 draft picks are in the NFL (3194 points, 638 comments)
    7. Dungy: If Calvin Johnson hadn't fumbled a foot from the goal line we would be looking at 4 blown leads by the Seattle defense. Something is missing (3039 points, 1145 comments)
    8. There are now only 11 NFL teams with a winning record, the fewest entering Week 11 since 1990. (2654 points, 1067 comments)
    9. BB on Chandler Jones' usage vs Chiefs: "I can just Xerox you a copy of the game plan, send it over to KC. Might be easier for all of us." (2617 points, 714 comments)
    10. Acee: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just said it appears San Diego will not be able to present a viable plan in time to keep the Chargers. (2339 points, 1733 comments)
  3. 62404 points, 24 submissions: NFL_Mod
    1. Von Miller named Super Bowl MVP for SB50 (4800 points, 1757 comments)
    2. Round 2 - Pick 28: Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) (4747 points, 1418 comments)
    3. Post Game Thread: Green Bay Packers (10-6) at Arizona Cardinals (13-3) (3827 points, 7677 comments)
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    7. Post Game Thread: Seattle Seahawks (10-6) at Minnesota Vikings (11-5) (3112 points, 7325 comments)
    8. Game Thread: Carolina Panthers (15-1) at Denver Broncos (12-4) (1st Quarter) (3085 points, 18011 comments)
    9. Post Game Discussion Thread: Carolina Panthers (15-1) at Denver Broncos (12-4) (2867 points, 12589 comments)
    10. Post Game Thread: New England Patriots (12-4) at Denver Broncos (12-4) (2610 points, 5632 comments)
  4. 60265 points, 25 submissions: Jobbe03
    1. Tom Coughlin has been fired (3720 points, 1869 comments)
    2. Mallet Released (3672 points, 1949 comments)
    3. Justin Tuck has decided to retire (3236 points, 556 comments)
    4. Browns have benched Manziel. Team announces McCown is the starter. (3225 points, 3081 comments)
    5. Tennessee finalizing deal for Eagles RB DeMarco Murray, league sources tell ESPN. Trade expected to be complete for new league year Weds (3195 points, 1501 comments)
    6. Adam Schefter on Twitter: "Cleveland is expected to reach agreement with former Redskins' QB Robert Griffin III today, per team source. Griffin III to be a Brown." (3096 points, 1104 comments)
    7. Steelers have ruled out WR Antonio Brown. (3081 points, 2040 comments)
    8. The Lions are firing offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and offensive line coaches Jeremiah Washburn and Terry Heffernan. (3023 points, 1128 comments)
    9. Peyton Manning has torn plantar fascia in right foot, league sources tell ESPN. Manning was battling plantar fasciitis; worsened. (2981 points, 1744 comments)
    10. Seahawks' safety Kam Chancellor is planning to return to Seattle today (2806 points, 1784 comments)
  5. 48117 points, 19 submissions: Somali_Pir8
    1. Jared Allen is retiring (3970 points, 762 comments)
    2. NFL has pulled Pete Morelli's crew from next Monday's Dallas-Washington game due to errors in the Cardinals-49ers game. (3663 points, 1550 comments)
    3. Los Angeles Rams will be featured on HBO's 'Hard Knocks' (3618 points, 680 comments)
    4. 87 out of 91 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease - From Frontline (3578 points, 1160 comments)
    5. Adam Schefter on Twitter: "And now Drew Rosenhaus officially has terminated Johnny Manziel, making him second agent in two months to fire the talented and troubled QB." (3102 points, 1495 comments)
    6. Former Vikings and Cardinals coach Dennis Green died early this morning after suffering cardiac arrest (3078 points, 559 comments)
    7. Bengals, Broncos, Patriots, Packers, Panthers all unbeaten: Five undefeated teams entering Week 7 will be the most since 1970 Merger. (2654 points, 1328 comments)
    8. 538: The Panthers Are The Worst Team To Ever Start 11-0 (2543 points, 1087 comments)
    9. Johnny Manziel’s 2nd agent this off-season, Drew Rosenhaus, informed Manziel either he gets treatment or he no longer will represent him. (2497 points, 549 comments)
    10. Fred Jackson has agreed on a one-year deal to join the Seahawks (2332 points, 695 comments)
  6. 45651 points, 18 submissions: HaruSoul
    1. Peyton Manning is the only QB to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl multiple times (4185 points, 2639 comments)
    2. Reggie Bush to sue city of St. Louis over injury suffered vs. Rams (3675 points, 747 comments)
    3. Aaron Rodgers has more than 4 times as many career TDs (229) as INTs (57). No other QB in NFL history even has 3 times as many TDs as INTs. (3541 points, 1025 comments)
    4. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the 1st QB in NFL history to start and win against the same opponent (JAX) for 5 different teams. (3335 points, 358 comments)
    5. Brandon Marshall bet Antonio Brown who'll have more yards this season. If he does he gets AB's Rolls Royce, if not AB gets Porche. (3319 points, 867 comments)
    6. KC S Eric Berry, diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in late 2014 and posted All-NFL season in 2015, is PFWA's NFL Comeback Player of the Year (3231 points, 241 comments)
    7. Josh's 5-year, $75M deal with the Redskins includes $50M in guarantees, source said. (2814 points, 2096 comments)
    8. When told Greg Hardy is an available pass rusher, John Harbaugh said, "Greg Hardy? He won't be a Raven, I can tell you that." (2782 points, 1127 comments)
    9. Kirk Cousins and RG3 now each have 23 career interceptions. RG3 has thrown almost 600 more passes. (2596 points, 899 comments)
    10. NFL's Twitter account was hacked. Roger Goodell is working away. (2314 points, 642 comments)
  7. 42793 points, 18 submissions: Chibears85
    1. The New York Jets have been eliminated from playoff contention (3982 points, 1463 comments)
    2. The Buffalo Bills have been eliminated from playoff contention (3503 points, 943 comments)
    3. Round 6 - Pick 180: Minnesota Vikings Select: Moritz Boehringer, WR, GER (3289 points, 884 comments)
    4. Peyton Manning has broken the all time passing yards record (2990 points, 651 comments)
    5. No NFL Team can be eliminated from playoff contention this week making it the longest the NFL has gone without eliminating a team since 2006. (2833 points, 580 comments)
    6. Brett Favre asked Mike McCarthy if he could play the first series in tomorrows preseason game. (2642 points, 564 comments)
    7. Manning when asked if he would retire a Bronco or a Colt, "I'm retiring today as a Univ. of Tennessee graduate who played for the Colts and the Broncos" (2614 points, 496 comments)
    8. Denver could see up to 6 inches of snow during Sunday's Patriots @ Broncos game (2498 points, 669 comments)
    9. Round 6 - Pick 210: Detroit Lions Select: Jimmy Landes, LS, Baylor (2211 points, 285 comments)
    10. The Chicago Bears have been eliminated from playoff contention (2047 points, 528 comments)
  8. 27921 points, 10 submissions: trreeey
    1. The #Browns announce they've waived QB Johnny Manziel. (4491 points, 1703 comments)
    2. Ravens coach John Harbaugh announces QB Joe Flacco has a torn ACL and is out for the season. (4039 points, 1513 comments)
    3. MAJOR changes in Detroit: Lions have fired GM Martin Mayhew and president Tom Lewand, league sources told ESPN. (3622 points, 1384 comments)
    4. Chiefs coach Andy Reid tells reporters that Jamaal Charles is believed to have a torn ACL. (2720 points, 785 comments)
    5. And so it begins in Indy: Colts have fired offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, sources tell @MikeWellsNFL and me. (2715 points, 1017 comments)
    6. Scoopage: #Browns are making the switch to Johnny Manziel as starting QB for rest of the season @NFLonFOX (2631 points, 705 comments)
    7. NFL is suspending Raiders' LB Aldon Smith one year for his role in an Aug. 28 incident, per league source. (2289 points, 803 comments)
    8. Eagles and Fletcher Cox agree to 6-year, $103M extension that includes $63M gtd, per sources. Highest guarantee for a non-QB in NFL history. (2211 points, 1013 comments)
    9. Cowboys Officially Release Brandon Weeden (1629 points, 515 comments)
    10. Broncos announce that they have waived RB Montee Ball (1574 points, 595 comments)
  9. 27721 points, 13 submissions: TheFencingCoach
    1. Marshawn Lynch is headed overseas to teach football, this time in Africa (3270 points, 342 comments)
    2. Jeff Fisher on the Rams' "Color Rush" uniform: "I'm glad it's not baseball, where I have to wear the uniform as well." (3066 points, 760 comments)
    3. Kuechly: "People ask me, "What happened to your defense?" Drew Brees happened to our defense. That's what happened." (2706 points, 1108 comments)
    4. Schefter: Redskins to give out ‘You Like That?!’ rally towels at Sunday’s playoff game (2637 points, 844 comments)
    5. Carson Palmer named PFF's MVP of 2015 (2135 points, 733 comments)
    6. Belichick on firing O-line coach: “Dave’s contract is up” (2021 points, 552 comments)
    7. J.J. Watt says he'll stop playing when he's no longer one of the best in the NFL (1812 points, 525 comments)
    8. [OC] A collection of utterly stupid things anonymous NFL scouts have said (1797 points, 1162 comments)
    9. G Alex Boone says he thought Vikings still had one more year playing outdoors; he was "heartbroken" to learn new stadium opened this year. (1786 points, 608 comments)
    10. Patriots LB Darius Fleming Saves Woman From Burning Car by Kicking Through Her Car Window to Help Her Escape (1779 points, 480 comments)
  10. 26671 points, 12 submissions: PotRoastBoobs
    1. The advice DeMarco Murray gave Ezekiel Elliott: "Be at Jason Witten's side, everywhere he goes, everything he does. Watch, listen, do the same" (3694 points, 764 comments)
    2. Jaguars 1st-round pick Jalen Ramsey has suffered a knee injury, source said. Characterized now as a small meniscus tear. 2nd opinion coming (3110 points, 1019 comments)
    3. LB Sean Weatherspoon was moving and found a lost game check for $138,235 (2868 points, 648 comments)
    4. Eagles have been informed Sam Bradford wants to be traded and he will not be showing up for their off-season program any longer, per source. (2506 points, 1719 comments)
    5. Cowboys' La'el Collins has custom pancake cleats (2074 points, 206 comments)
    6. Redskins TE Jordan Reed is signing a 5-year, $50 million extension, per source. (2049 points, 761 comments)
    7. First shocking preseason cut: Buffalo Bills planning to release RB Karlos Williams, per league source. (1934 points, 409 comments)
    8. [Schefter] After 6 NFL seasons, former Eagles, Giants and Seahawks DB Walter Thurmond is retiring at the age of 28, according to source. (1856 points, 232 comments)
    9. For the first time in recent memory, NFL has notified all 32 teams that no player tested positive at February combine, per league sources. (1846 points, 226 comments)
    10. Lawrence Taylor: Players like J.J. Watt come around once every 20-30 years (1629 points, 411 comments)

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