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The Zoo I worked at has strange rules and guidelines. Someone died on my first day.

The interview is where it all started
The interview was not what I expected
I woke up in a daze.
I was surrounded by familiar things. My pillows, my blanket, my bed. I was back in my room.
I fished around in my pocket for my phone, surprised to see that it was there. I checked the clock and saw that it was 4:42 PM on Sunday. I had a bunch of unread text messages from Halley and other people, and an email from the Zoo. Halley's messages consisted of wanting to meet up to talk about starting off on the right foot and making sure that I had no worries. I sent her a few times that we could schedule for this week and then opened up the email.
Hello Chester,
Congratulations on succeeding in your interview! It is with the utmost pleasure that I welcome you to our team here at the [redacted] Zoo. I know that you must have a ton of questions on your mind and many other concerns that you wish to have addressed, but you will get the chance to do so tomorrow. I also want apologize for the unnecessary list of pointers I sent out in the initial email. I understand your interviewer let you know why I did what I did. That aside, please be here 2 hours before your shift begins so that I may relay the necessary set of rules you must follow while you work here. But now, here are some actual things you must keep note of before every shift you work:
1) Always be at work 30 minutes before your shift begins. We follow the adage "If you're on time, you're late".
2) Put your uniform on after you park in the parking lot. We will know if you are wearing it before you do.
3) Park in a spot marked "Visitors". Do not park in a colored spot.
4) If anyone asks you where you work, let them know that you are working for the Veterinarian Clinic down the street. If anyone outside of the Zoo finds out you are working here, there is no way to save them.
6) Each employee has a different schedule. You might run into other employees while you are working, but if you do, you are NOT to interact with them in anyway whatsoever, aside from looking at them, unless told otherwise.
There are more rules, but they must be read in person, for privacy reasons, thus will be given to you when you arrive for work. Please be here 2 hours before your shift starts so these extra rules may be explained to you.
Vicky S. - VP of [redacted] Zoo
These weren't as daunting as the previous ones, the fake ones. The only thing that bothers me is having to sport a mask during my entire shift. I've always hated wearing masks ever since I was young. I've been an actor of many plays while I was in high school and college before I dropped out, yet every single one of the roles was of a character that had a non human face, like an animal, a monster, or an inanimate object. The recognition that I so desperately desired flickered out much faster than I had hoped. But it wasn't like I had a choice in the matter.
I spent the rest of the day doing menial tasks like cleaning my room, buying groceries, and eating dinner. I read a few pages of a book and then fell asleep.
My screaming in the bathroom jolted me awake.
I couldn't believe what I was looking at.
There was a gaping hole in my chest. I fell to the tile flooring, hitting my elbow against the counter on the way down. My mind raced back to Durant tearing through my chest with his disgusting teeth, holding out my heart, mumbling some words to me. I didn't even bother showering or eating breakfast.
Throwing on some light clothing, I neatly folded my uniform as I got into the driver's seat. I began to sweat. This feeling -- getting into my car, following the baffling directions all the way to the Zoo, parking in the correct spot, going to the interview room -- stalled me from starting the engine. From what I remember, the only way into the Zoo was the entrance by the receptionist office. I was not planning to go into that building again, but I wanted to see how Jello was doing. After all, she's the only human voice I had heard in the past week.
When I arrived in the parking lot, I noticed the Zoo looked more serene than when I first came. Visitors were streaming in as the Zoo had only opened up an hour prior. After parking in a vacant visitors spot, I made my way over to the receptionist office. Jello was standing by the double doors, waving her hand at the mothers, fathers, and children walking by her. She saw me about to do the same and instantly tensed up. Her eyes bulged as she made the "cut it out" gesture against her throat.
You are NOT to interact with them in anyway whatsoever.
I shifted my motion to join the entering crowd. The map showed me that the employee area was situated in a small, shack-like building to the far right of the entrance. I ambled towards it, keeping my head down to make sure that any familiar faces didn't recognize me.
The inside was pitch black. I instinctively reached for something resembling a light switch, but came up empty. I slowly moved forward, keeping my palms out to feel for any arbitrary walls. Eventually, I walked into something large and broad-set. It felt rigid, jarring, and cold. I felt circular bulges on its surface, probably spanning throughout. I stopped as I felt something resembling a snout.
"Just what on Earth are you doing, Chester?"
I retracted so quickly that I fell back a few steps.
"Yes. Welcome. How was the drive here? Any trouble parking?"
"No, none at all. Is the light going to turn on or..."
"Soon. I see you have become less fearful of speaking in my presence. Hopefully that changes soon."
I could sense him smiling.
"Are we waiting on someone?"
"That we are. For Vicky."
I was finally going to meet the Vice President of the Zoo, the lady that was second in command. I wondered what type of woman she could be. Or maybe she's another monster, like Durant? Either way, I was becoming more and more enthusiastic.
The light instantly blazed a bright white flash, before settling down into a soft, yellow glow. The sound of doors opening behind me caused me to turn around to see who was approaching.
A woman wearing a heavy grey, red, and black mask began walking towards Durant and I at a brisk pace. She was gripping onto a padfolio with her right hand, her left arm moving without restraint. Her gaze shifted back and forth between Durant and I as she came to a halt. She raised her hand outwards. I grabbed it and shook firmly.
"It's...It's nice to meet you Vicky."
"The pleasure is all mine, Chester! I am glad that you made it here safely and no punishment needs to be dealt out. After all, you almost did interact with Jello out there."
"I apologize for that. I have studied these rules over and over and over on the way here. They are ingrained into my memory as of now."
"Good! I'm very happy to hear that." She looked behind me, seemingly turning her attention to Durant.
"Durant, I must suggest that you make your way back to your enclosure. I had the tunnels cleaned out so that you make it there without interruptions from the visitors."
Durant smiled at her with closed eyes.
"Thank you, Vicky."
He looked at me.
"Good luck with everything Chester. I will be rooting for you." He snickered and jumped into an open hole a few yards away from him.
"Let's go somewhere a little more comfortable to discuss things shall we?"
I followed Vicky into a small room attached to the disheveled shack. This room looked liked it was out of futuristic movie where humans came to augment their bodies and have experiments performed on them. The tiled flooring, the marble wall, the concrete ceiling. It was all splashed with a blinding white. The only thing different was the desk and the chair in the middle.
"Take a seat please."
I sat down, watching Vicky as she poured two cups of water from the water filter in the back. She handed me a cup as she sat down.
"Let's get right to it shall we?"
She handed me a manila folder that read "Case Files of the Animals of the [redacted] Zoo" along with another one marked "Employee Sensitive Guidelines - Ed. Chester".
"Do you want me to read these right now?"
"Why else would we be here, Chester?" She gave me the same menacing smile as Jello. I shuddered a little.
I opened up the Employee Sensitive Guidelines folder and pulled out the manuscript that rested comfortably inside. The paper was old, but not so old that it was stained or ripped. Here's what it read:
This is a list of guidelines meant for your eyes only. Some rules will be similar to all employees, but a few will be different. Keep this list on you at all times in case you forget anything.
1) Your shift starts at 12:00 PM sharp and ends at 8:32 PM. You may stay after your shift ends for up to 10 minutes, but any more time past that and you are on your own. No animal or employee, besides me, should know how long your shift is.
2) Never go into the "Feed Distribution Compound" between 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Its best that you don't ask why. Any other time frame is okay, but you should only go there if your tasks permit you to.
3) Do not traverse into the Wolf's or the Chimpanzees' enclosure between 5:23 PM and 7:01 PM. These times seem random, but they are not.
4) Your code name is Hazard. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE, calls you by your real name, do not respond to them.
5) Your mask resembles that of a gas mask worn by those who deal with chemical paraphernalia. You must wear this mask at ALL times, especially in front of the animals and other employees, aside from myself, Jello, and your one or two interviewers who already know your face. General rule of thumb is to ALWAYS keep it on.
6) If an occasion arises where you must interact with another employee, such as a cooperative challenge, you must only address your partner by their code names. You will know which code names to use based on their masks. Here are the 10 code names you must know:
Freeze, Singe, Rain, Shadow, Angel, Demon, Hound, Desert, Sting, and Princess.
Again, if you hear your real name, do NOT respond.
7) If an animal enters your mind and asks a question, answer truthfully. If they command you to do something, do not do it without asking for permission to take their command.
8) You will have a challenge once every two weeks, starting today.
9) This is the most important rule. It is of the utmost importance that you follow this rule and that you do your best to stay vigilant when it takes effect. No matter what, without exception, someone will die every two weeks at the Zoo. Whether it be a visitor or an employee, someone will perish. Your task is to acquire their heart once they do. It's every man for themselves in that case. Failure to capture a heart marks a tally in your demerits. Once you reach 15 demerits, your existence will be terminated. No questions asked.
I look up at Vicky with a face of disdain. She was holding out a gas mask colored in lime green, yellow, and crimson. I grabbed it from her and put it on. The first thing I noticed was how clear my sight was through the mask. Every detail I could make out in my line of sight was as vivid and accurate as when I didn't have the mask on. I tried breathing in it. The filtered air felt fresh.
"The mask is fashioned to act as a second face, as if it doesn't even exist when it's put on. Your air is filtered through the valve in the front. The latches are simple to loosen up, so you shouldn't have problems getting it off. And you might not be able to check through your peripherals, but at least you shouldn't have any panic attacks for your claustrophobia."
"You did your research."
"I have to know all of my employees like a book, Hazard."
Being addressed by my code name felt odd.
"Do I read this one now then?" Vicky snatched the folder away before I could move my hand to it. She shook her head violently.
"On your first day, we won't have you doing any basic Zoo Specialist tasks."
I was confused. What else was I supposed to do then?
"As you know from your rules, Hazard, you have a challenge today. Lucky you. Most of the employees had to wait at least a week before they had their first one. This is a... rare case. Do you have any questions about it?"
I had just one.
"What's the challenge?"
She stood up.
"You're going to have to see for yourself. Follow me."
She led me to an area way behind the Zoo sealed off by a large metal gate, decked with motion sensors, cameras, and portable turrets. If we were close to Nevada, I would have thought we were entering Area 51.
Vicky punched in a long number into the giant keypad by the gate. It opened, emanating a creepy creaking noise, which sounded like someone with long fingernails scratching a chalkboard. She walked in, motioning to me to follow her.
Once we took a few strides in, she pointed towards another gate, but this one much more archaic.
"Go inside. Your challenge will begin in there."
I slid the old gate as far left as I could. What I was standing in was a barren wasteland. There was no sign of vegetation or life anywhere, until I averted my gaze to the middle of the field.
Ten people wearing masks stood in a row, their arms behind their backs, right arm clutching left wrist. Their legs were a little more than shoulder width apart, their chests high. Each one of them wore a Zoo uniform, freshly pressed and tight against their bodies. A voice tore my concentration apart.
"Hazard. Walk up and stand next to Freeze." It sounded like Durant.
I did as he said. I stood next to the large man known as Freeze. His mask was a fusion of light blue and dark blue swirls that coated the majority of it, with miniature icicles rimming the outside. It generated a noticeable icy breeze that pumped out in small bursts. His hair was dyed ice blue to match his identity. He stared back at me, but made no note of my presence. Eventually, we both turned back towards the front.
"Everyone, welcome Hazard to the team."
In unison, they all screamed "Hello Hazard. Welcome to the [redacted] Zoo."
"Wonderful. I bet all of you are wondering why you are here. Anyone want to take a guess?"
No one said a word. Durant sighed.
"As you know, here at the Zoo, we believe that efficiency and effectiveness is key. But in order for that to be possible, we must keep a small force of well trained and skills humans. That's why you 11 were chosen. Even though manpower is a must, we cannot continue to grow as we are now, or else chaos is an inevitability."
He kept pacing around back and forth. Durant looked like his jovial self like when he was interviewing me, but I could sense something sinister lingering in the air. Something was about to happen, and I didn't know if I was prepared for it. He continued his speech, all while looking down at the rocky surface.
"That being said, we must keep our numbers low. And by low, I mean 10 and under. And currently, we have 11 employees."
He stopped and faced towards us. At almost the speed of light, he was right in our faces. His jaw had extended beyond reality, beyond all reason. It stretched out from one end of the line to the other, where I was standing, forcing us to stare down the abyss. However, none of the other ten even flinched or moved the slightest of muscles. On the contrary, I felt like I was about to break completely. However, my heartless chest pressured my nerves to calm down. I wanted to cry, but no tears would flow out. I wanted to be afraid, but my body wouldn't react to such a pitiful emotion. I had to accept that this was how things were now.
I faced up to Durant's terrifying form. My composure gradually tightened, my breaths steadying. I was in full control. Eventually, he became a normal, talking crocodile again.
"Other than Hazard here, all of you are spectacular. You have grown so much in your tenure here at the Zoo. However..." Durant made his way towards me, putting his hand on my shoulder and ushering me aside.
"One of you must die."
Pincer broke through the metal gate behind us and circled around everyone like a vulture. I cannot even describe how horrific he looked. Corpses upon corpses covered his humongous body. His wings were terribly burly and almost nauseating to look at. Blood and acid dripped from every pore in his torso.
Durant handed me a hat filled with slips of paper.
"Here is your challenge Hazard. Pick a name out of this hat."
My hand felt numb as it swirled around. It was made of the softest felt I had ever touched. The inside was a deep shade of grape with a few yellow and red accented lines making the outline of a ring. The papers felt warm. I counted with my fingers how many there were. Ten. Exactly ten. Even though I knew I was about to get someone killed, the only thing I felt was complete apathy. I pulled out a slip of paper and let it rest between my fingers.
Durant grabbed it, but I held on tight. His eyes flamed up with a hint of anger.
"Let go. Now."
I loosened my grip, almost launching my arm out its socket as he ripped the paper away. He unfolded it and smiled. His smile elongated until it looked like his mouth would start hurting.
"You picked well, Hazard."
He started walking back towards Pincer before stopping and turning back towards me. The ten employees shifted their heads to watch.
"Do you want to see who it is?"
I don't know why I did it, but I nodded.
The note read "Princess".
"Do you want to tell them who's code name is written on here?"
Again, I nodded.
"Go ahead. Yell it at the top of your lungs."
The word Princess echoed through the air, followed by a deadly silence. A small gust of wind blew softly across the field, causing me to shiver slightly. Nine of the ten stood still, but I could sense the relief by way of their posture. Only one person was completely distraught. They were jittery with their movements, going back and forth between clutching their wrist, crossing their arms, and shuffling their feet.
And then, they sprinted. They sprinted hard and fast towards the old gate. But that did nothing for them. Pincer made it to their location and scooped them up in his talons. The employee struggled hard, screaming and kicking in the air to try and set themselves free, but it was hopeless. Pincer settled down back in front of all of the employees and tossed his meal up into the air. And then, the mask came off.
It was Halley.
But I wasn't focused on her.
I was focused on her heart.
The second challenge changed me
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My Picks For Saturday At Saratoga August 25, 2018.

I will post my picks for Travers day, with a slight adjustment of how I have been posting them. Today, I will attempt to set up where the contenders are going to be and hopefully this will give you insight on how I set up the races and what leads me to betting the horses I like best.
Race 1: Maiden Special Weight--- 2 YOs--- 6 Furlongs--- Purse $85,000:
3)Classy John, 4)Lucid Dream, and 6)Starting Point looks like likely pace setters in here. The 1)Greyes Creek, 2)Mischievous Bird, and 7)Strong Union should be a few lengths back tracking the front runners.
5)Puttheglassdown will most likely trail early as he showed no speed in his first start.
I believe the 3)Classy John will win the pace battle and be the one to catch in the stretch. 6)Starting Point will give chase into the stretch but then I look for the 1)Greyes Creek and 2)Mischievous Bird to close in and challenge. 7)Strong Union has the bloodlines to compete against this field but I like Lukas better when I think his horse can get the lead and I see that as not likely against the 3) especially. 6)Puttheglassdown will be making a late run and will have a chance to secure second if others move into a hot pace too early(like his first start).
My Picks are WP 3)Classy John, Ex Box 2-3, Tri Box 2,3,5. M/L Odds on Horses I like: 3)8-1, 2)9-2, 5)2-1.
Race 2: Allowance--- 3 YOs & Up---- Restricted To New York Breds--- N/W 1 other than maiden, claiming or starter or Which Have Never Won 2 Races--- 1 1/16 Miles Turf-- Purse $77,000.
1)Carthon, 3)Blame The Thief, 5)Collective Effort, 7)Mango M, 11)Stormy Justin and 12)Siggie will all vie for the early lead or tuck just behind the front runners, but all looks like they will need the lead to perform their best.
2)New Jersey John, 4)Way Early, 9)Shiraz and 10)Appealing Briefs will try to track the pace around 6-7 lengths back.
6)Ides Of Arch, and 8)Six Sided Bling will trail early around a dozen or so lengths off the pace.
My Picks: WP 4)Way Early, Ex Box 4-8, Tri Box 4-6-8. Way Early is simply the class of this field, but both late runners are bred to move up on grass. 6) Ides Of Arch sire is Arch from the Roberto sire line and his broodmare sire Chester House was a G1 stakes winner in England and a 1/2 brother to Empire Maker. 8)Six Sided Bling has a dirt sprinting sire line but his broodmare sire Comic Strip won his last 5 of his 10 lifetime wins on grass and he hails from the Roberto sire line, also. The sire of Six Sided Bling's 2nd dam, Manzotti, was a G2 stakes winner on grass, also. Most of my bets on grass races always follows the bloodlines. M/L Odds: 4)8-5, 8)30-1, 6)12-1.
Race 3: Allowance---3 YOs & Up--- N/W 1 Other Than Maiden, Claiming, Starter Or State Bred Allowance---- 6 1/2 Furlongs--- Purse $87,000.
1)Tommy T, 4)Souper Catch, 7)Cerretalto, and 8)Silver Dust will vie for the early lead.
3)Honorable Treasure and 5)Soutache will be just behind the early leaders
2)Fixedincomelarry and 6)Hollywood Star will try to make a late run in the stretch.
My Picks: WP 8)Silver Dust, Ex Box 2-8, Tri Box 2,3,8. M/L Odds: 8)7-2, 2)20-1), 3)10-1.
Race 4: Maiden Special Weight--- 2 YOs--- 1 1/16 Miles Turf--- Purse $85,000.
This is a 2 YO race so it will be difficult to sort out running styles as many have not raced. 1)Honey Won't, 2)Skychief, 6)Forty Under, 7)Social Paranoia, 9)Moon Colony and 10)Coast all have bloodlines that did their best on the front end and most will go for the lead in this race.
3)Digital Footprint and 8) Americano will be several lengths back of the last of the front runners and will get first jump on the late runners.
4)Salvator Mundi and 5)Rock On Kitten will trail early but will be flying in the stretch.
My Picks: WP 5)Rock On Kitten, Ex Box 5-8, Tri Box 3-5-8, Super Box 3-4-5-8. M/L Odds: 5)8-1, 8)12-1, 4)10-1, 3)2-1.
5th Race: Allowance O/C $62,500--- 3 YOs & Up--- Which Have Not Won Twice Other Than Maiden, Claiming, Starter Or State Bred Allowance Or Which Have Never Won 3 Races Or Claiming Price $62,500--- 1 3/16 Miles Turf--- Purse $92,000.
2)Bird's Eye View, 6)Markitoff, 7)Scholar Athlete and 11)St Louie should decide between them who will set the pace.
1)Tathqeef, 3)Makarios, 4)Red Knight, and 5)Classic Covey should hang around in the second tier for a while.
8)Vigilante and 10)Mr Maybe should be at the back early.
My Picks: WP 5)Classic Covey, Ex Box 3-5, Tri Box 1-3-5. M/L Odds: 5)4-1, 3)15-1, 1)8-1.
Race 6: H. Allen Jerkens Stakes(G1)--- 3 YOs--- 7 Furlongs--- Purse $500,000.
1)Promises Fulfilled, 2)Telekinesis, and 6)Gidu will battle for the lead early.
3)Engaged, 5)Seven Trumpets, and 9)Funny Duck will track the pace a few lengths further back than normal as it will be hot.
4)Givemeaminit, 7)Still Having Fun, and 8)Firenze Fire will try to make a late run.
My Picks: WP 9)Funny Duck, Ex Box 2-9, Tri Box 2-4-9, Super Box 2-4-6-9. M/L Odds: 9)30-1, 2)20-1, 6)10-1, 4)30-1.
EDIT: I decided to replace Engage and will add 2)Telekinesis to my exacta box, tri box, and super box. The more I look at his pedigree makes me like him even more. And the fact he ran faster in his maiden win than the favorite did in his and on a track that is slightly slower makes him to hard for me to ignore. Might as well go bombs away as it looks like that type of race!
Race 7: Personal Ensign Stakes(G1)---- 3 YOs & Up Fillies & Mares--- 1 1/8 Miles--- Purse $700,000.
2)She Takes Heart and 5)Farrell will set the pace.
1)Abel Talsman, 4)Wow Cat and 6)Elate will be tracking close behind.
3)Fuhriously Kiss will be last by quite a few lengths.
My Picks: Ex Box 4-6, Tri Box 1-4-6, Super Key 1-4-6 with 1-4-6 with 1-4-6 With 3. M/L Odds: 4)4-1, 6)7-5, 1)6-5, 3)20-1.
Race 8: Ballerina Stakes(G1)--- 3 YOs & Up Fillies & Mares--- 7 Furlongs--- Purse $500,000.
5)Finley'sluckycharm, 6)Lewis Bay and 7)Marley's Freedom looks like the early pace setters in here.
1)Tequilita, 2)Ivy Bell, 3)Still There and 9)Highway Star will stalk from fairly close behind.
4)Cairenn and 8)Union Strike will be waiting several lengths back ready to pounce if pace gets too hot.
My Picks: WP 3)Still There, Ex Box 3-8, Tri Box 1-3-8, Super Box 1-3-5-8. M/L Odds: 3)12-1, 6)3-1, 8)15-1, 1)20-1. EDIT: 9) Highway Star has been scratched. Therefore, I will move the 8)Union Strike into my Exacta box, move the 1)Tequilita into my tri box and add 6) Lewis Bay in my super box.
Race 9: Forego Stakes(G1)---- 3 YOs & Up---- 7 Furlongs---- Purse $600,000.
1)Limousine Liberal, 4)Heartwood, 6)C Z Rocket, and 8)City Of Light will battle it out to decide who sets the pace.
5)No Dozing & 7) Warrior's Club will be close behind working out a stalking trip.
2)Awesome Slew and 3) Whitmore will take a position near the back and try to make a late run.
My Picks: WP 6)C Z Rocket, Ex Box 2-6, Tri Box 2-5-6. M/L Odds: 6)9-2, 2)10-1, 5)12-1.
Race 10: Sword Dancer Stakes(G1)--- 3 YOs & Up---- 1 1/2 Miles Turf--- Purse $1,000,000.
1)Glorious Empire, 2)Spring Quality, 3)Fun Quality, 4)Hi Happy and 7)Seahenge will sort out who will set the pace.
6)Bigger Picture, 7) Channel Maker and 9)Revved Up will try to get a big jump on the late runners in here as they will be flying in the stretch.
5)Highland Sky and 10)Sadlers Joy will enjoy a view of seeing them all until it is time to roll.
My Picks: WP 10)Sadler's Joy, Ex Box 5-10, Tri Box 5-9-10, Super Box 5,7,9,10. M/L Odds: 10)7-2, 5)12-1, 9)15-1, 7)5-1.
Race 11: Travers Stakes(G1)---- 3 YOs--- 1 1/4 Miles--- Purse $1,250,000.
1)Trigger Warning, 2)Wonder Gadot, 6)Meistermind, and 8)Mendelssohn will battle for the lead.
4)Bravazo, 7) King Zachary, 9)Good Magic, 10)Tenfold and 11)Catholic Boy will track the early pace and try to make their move at the right time.
3)Gronkowski, and 5)Vino Russo will try to pick them up late.
My Picks: WP 8)Mendelssohn, Ex Box 3-8, Tri Box 3-8-9, Super Box 3-7-8-9. M/L Odds: 8)12-1, 3)4-1, 9)2-1, 7)15-1.

EDIT: After taking another look and realizing there is very little front running speed in here, I decided to move 8)Mendelssohn into my WP wager and drop 3)Gronkowski into the second choice spot. Trigger Warning is the only one he has to put away and that horse set the pace on the speed favoring Indiana Downs dirt track and still got caught at 1 1/16 mile. Now he has another 3/8 to travel. Wonder Gadot is more of a stalkegrinder and will do her best when she has something to run(or grind at) and Meistermind looks overmatched.

12th Race: Ballston Spa Stakes(G2)--- 3 YOs & Up Fillies & Mares--- 1 1/16 Miles Turf--- Purse $400,000.
4)Hawksmoor & 5)Quidura will battle for the early lead.
1)A Raving Beauty & 3)Proctor's Ledge will be a few lengths back tracking the pace.
2)Indian Blessing & Off Limits will make their best moves late.
My Picks: WP 2)Indian Blessing, Ex Box 2-4, Tri Box 2-4-6. M/L Odds: 2)12-1, 4)6-1, 6)3-1.
Race 13: Maiden Claiming $40,000--- 3 YOs & Up--- One Mile Turf--- Purse $45,000.
1)Lucky Leo, 3)Proximate To Power, 6)Rough Justice, and 9)Victor Lounge are most likely the ones to contest the early pace.
2)Wisely, 5)Azzedine, 7)End Of An Era, 10)Uncle Larry and 12)Bay Hill looks most likely to be ones tracking the pace.
4)A I Initiative, 8)Local Edition, & 11)Spring On Curlin will be the ones to try to pick them up in the stretch.
My Picks: WP 1)Lucky Leo, Ex Box 1-5, Tri Box 1-5-10, Super Box 1-3-5-10. M/L Odds: 1)20-1, 5)2-1, 10)8-1, 3)15-1.
This is how I set up every race and then I decide if I want to bet any. It is also the main reason that I come up with a lot of longshot winners, because instead of using times as the deciding factor, I have used running lines and my ability to recognize whether a horse is in form or not. I started doing this shortly after realizing that speed figures are misleading and often inaccurate. They will never be able to tell you a horse has peaked and you can expect an off race or even more. But running lines can, at least for me. Enjoy & good luck!!
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19th June 2019 (Royal Ascot Wednesday)

14:30 Queen Mary - Kimari @ 6.50
Wesley Ward obviously has an out-standing record with his two-year-olds at Ascot, so it’s a surprise to see one as highly thought of as this available at nice enough odds. She was very impressive LTO, despite missing the break, slamming a horse who went on to win next time out and doing it in a very good time. I couldn’t have a strong opinion on this one, though.

15:05 Queen’s Vase - Norway @ 4.00
Norway has long-looked like a potential St Leger type, so he should be winning this on his way to the Doncaster classic as Kew Gardens did last year. He ran a fine enough race in the Derby when ridden too prominently, and before that again ran well on seasonal re-appearance at Chester, both times looking a bit one-paced and as though he would benefit from the step up in trip. He won the Zetlands Stakes as a two-year-old, the same race Kew Gardens won, and looks to bring in a similar profile.

15:40 Prince of Wales’s - Crystal Ocean @ 5.50
I’ve spent the past couple of days flip-flopping between Sea of Class and Crystal Ocean, and ultimately I’ve ended up on Crystal Ocean. I would not put anyone off Crystal Ocean as an each way bet - he looks as big a scumbag each way bet as you’re likely to find at Ascot this week - but I've gone win only. Though I think he’s better over a little bit further and perhaps on faster ground, he’ll be trained to the minute for this by the Royal Ascot master. His performance in the King George was monstrous, only just pipped by the horse who won this last year, and it’s a testament to his constitution and ability that he has managed to come back from that. He's a high class colt who has less questions to answer than the others, and looks a little over-priced. Sea of Class, I think, might just be the best horse in training based on her performance in the Arc. She made up a stunning amount of ground, in a race that wasn’t ran at anything more than an even pace, so you can significantly upgrade her performance that day. There is a concern about her coming into this without a run, on soft ground, and she is clearly going to be trained for bigger targets down the line. If she had a prep run, I think she would win.

16:20 Duke Of Cambridge - Veracious @ 10.00
Veracious has ran some good races, especially at this track last season when third behind Alpha Centauri. That was her seasonal reappearance and not much was expected of her, but she ran a good race and then followed it up when third in the Nassau Stakes at Goodwood, before winning a Group 3 readily. She’s trained by a master who gradually brings out improvement from his older horses, and she’s bred by Frankel who’s progeny seem to run exceptionally well at Ascot. Her form this season has been a bit patchy, but her run LTO was much more like it and she should come forward again from that.

17:00 Hunt Cup - King’s Field @ 21.00 (find a big each way mega-place offer)
It’s hard to be too bullish in a race like this, on ground like this, but King’s Field looks to have been set up nicely for this after a good prep run LTO in a Listed race. He picked up a knock in Dubai which cut his time out there short, but that run should put him bang on for this. His best form is over a mile, and though he hasn’t ran on soft ground yet, Irish horses tend to be much better at handling these conditions and he’s by Kodiac who’s progeny handle soft ground fine. Four-year-olds tend to run well in this race as they have the improving profile required, and he could run well at a nice price.
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Floyds Selections for 13/09/2019

Bank: 112.87 Points staked: 7
Chester Race 4 15:30 DRAGONS TAIL 0.5 e/w 13
Doncaster Race 1 14:10 FARZEEN 0.5 e/w 6
Doncaster Race 2 14:40 THEGLASGOWWARRIOR 0.5 e/w 6.5
Doncaster Race 4 15:45 A'ALI 1 Point Win 2.2
Doncaster Race 5 16:20 VISINARI 1 Point Win 3
Sandown Race 6 17:05 KITCARINA 0.5 e/w 6
Salisbury Race 6 19:10 HAZM 0.5 e/w 6

*Please keep in mind the odds I am posting are recorded just before I post on twitter. On Reddit, I post the selections when I have time so the odds might be different.
The fastest way to get my bets is from twitter and telegram. links below
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 07/26/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


That's all we have time for today, many thanks for joining us. We'll be back here from 7am tomorrow with the latest done deals, news and rumours.
See you then!


Get the latest transfer updates from Sky Sports News.


Sky sources understand Jefferson Lerma has handed in a transfer request at Levante after a significant bid from Bournemouth was rejected.
Sources close to the deal tell us the player is disappointed he is being denied the opportunity to fulfil his ambition of playing in the Premier League


Ajax midfielder Frankie De Jong is getting tired of being linked to Barcelona, and says he does not find the rumours "nice" anymore.
“I’m an Ajax player so I can’t say too much about it at the moment,” De Jong told Voetbal International. “Of course there is interest, everyone knows that, but I am an Ajax player, as I say.
“In the beginning the transfer rumours are nice, but gradually I think I don’t need this anymore, they can write what they want. That’s not me and it’s not that I think ‘ah, that’s nice’.”


Arsenal transfer target Steven Nzonzi is reportedly attracting interest from Barcelona, according to Mundo Deportivo.
The Gunners have reportedly been put off his £35m valuation and Barca see Nzonzi as a more viable option than Paris Saint-Germain’s Adrien Rabiot.


Everton have lost 3-0 to Blackburn in their pre-season friendly, with new signing Richarlison getting minutes under his belt but no goals yet.


Real Madrid are planning to offer Keylor Navas a new contract, reports La Nacion.
Navas, who has been Madrid’s first-choice goalkeeper in each of the past three seasons, could drop down the goalkeeping pecking order at the Bernabeu this term if the European champions bring in Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea.
However, it appears as though Madrid are still keen for the Costa Rica international to continue at the club, with La Nacion reporting that they are set to present him with a two-year contract renewal offer which would tie him to the La Liga giants until 2022.


New Barcelona signing Malcom has been presented by the club, with the player saying: "I am really happy to be here, it's a dream, playing at Barça is a great challenge and I hope to make the fans happy."


Richarlison is on for his Everton debut in their pre-season friendly with Blackburn. They currently trail Rovers 2-0.


Sky Sports News understands former Manchester City midfielder Albert Rusnak will snub a number of offers to return to European football, and instead sign an improved contract to stay in the MLS with Real Salt Lake.
Rusnak hinted last month that he was expecting to leave America in this window, with Sparta Prague among the clubs interested in him, but it now looks like he will be staying put, with Salt Lake offering him a new deal until 2021.


Chelsea’s young midfielder Kasey Palmer is joining Blackburn Rovers on a short-term loan deal until Christmas, Sky Sports News has learned.
The deal won’t be completed until after the weekend. Palmer spent the second half of last season on loan at Derby County, and earlier this month it looked like he was bound for Pride Park again to join up with Chelsea legend Frank Lampard.
But the 21-year-old will instead head to the North West for four months, once the paperwork is completed on Monday.


Gillingham are holding a Q&A; evening, and manager Steve Lovell has been chatting about transfer activity.


AC Milan defender Leonardo Bonucci wants to return to former club Juventus this summer, says Milan's new sporting director Leonardo.
He explained: "I've met with a range of clubs, including Juventus. The desire (to talk to Juve) came from him, so if the conditions are right, we'll try to make it happen."


Unai Emery believes Aaron Ramsey is going to stay at Arsenal despite speculation surrounding his future.
"Football changes every day. It's not easy. For that, I am thinking the match today first, then training tomorrow, then the match Saturday, with an important player here," the manager said.
"Aaron is an important player for us, and the contract is one thing for the club and the player. For me, I want him to stay with us, to work with us, to give the team the big performance.
"I think he is going to stay here with us."


Cristiano Ronaldo will start his Serie A career with Juventus at Chievo.
The Portugal forward became Juve's club record signing last month when he joined from Real Madrid for £99.2m.
And Thursday's announcement of the opening round of Italian top flight fixtures sees him head to the Stadio Bentegodi for the champions' first match of the 2018/19 campaign, on the weekend of August 18-19.


Cardiff City have received enquiries for Lee Tomlin, Anthony Pilkington and Omar Bogle, but Neil Warnock has revealed the players may not leave until the last day of the window.
"We've had one or two enquiries, that will all come up I would imagine and liven up in the next three weeks," he told Wales Online.
"Especially when I announce my squad on the 9th (of August), the Football League have got another two or three weeks so I think a lot of them will be waiting until deadline as always."


Everton are playing in a pre-season friendly at Blackburn tonight, and new signing Richarlison is among the substitutes.


PSG are unwilling to sell Adrien Rabiot this summer, reports L’Equipe.
Rabiot, who is attracting interest from Barcelona and Juventus, is out of contract next year and PSG want to hand him a new deal. Even though he is inside the final 12 months of his deal, PSG are not contemplating cashing in on him this year.


Ernesto Valverde has identified Dani Parejo as his next target, according to Sport.
The Valencia playmaker has been linked with a move to Barcelona before, but now the Catalans' interest in the 29-year-old is coming to a head.


New Manchester United signing Fred has joined up with his team-mates for their pre-season tour of the USA.


Jeff Reine-Adelaide has joined Ligue 1 side Angers from Arsenal in a permanent deal, following a loan spell with the club earlier this year. The 20-year-old signed for the Gunners in July 2015 from Ligue 2 side Racing Club Lens. He made eight first team appearances over three seasons.



Get the latest from the Sky Sports News Transfer Centre.


Goalkeeper Matz Sels has completed a permanent move to French side Strasbourg from Newcastle.
The 26-year-old joins the Ligue 1 outfit for an undisclosed fee after a two-year spell at St. James’ Park.


Kurtis Guthrie has signed for Stevenage, subject to EFL registration.
The striker was signed by Colchester from Forest Green Rovers in July 2016 and scored 13 goals across 49 appearances for the U’s.


Leeds are interested in Middlesbrough striker Patrick Bamford, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.
New manager Marco Bielsa wants a striker for his squad, and Leeds have also been linked to Derby forward Matej Vydra.


Captain James Chester is ready to snub Stoke and hand Aston Villa a further boost by staying at the club.
The defender is keen to help Villa return to the Premier League, Press Association Sport understands.
Stoke have made an offer, reportedly worth up to £10m, for the Wales international but he would prefer to remain at Villa Park.


Everton have reportedly joined the race for Roma midfielder Maxime Gonalons, according to the Liverpool Echo.
Crystal Palace are also said to be tracking the Frenchman.


Mainz 05 Sporting Director Rouven Schroder has confirmed they’ve agreed a deal in principle to sell striker Yoshinori Muto to Newcastle.
The German club have said the transfer has been agreed subject to a few formalities and the player gaining a work permit. Muto is on his way to Tyneside from Tokyo.
It’s our understanding the fee is £9.5m.


Juventus will sell Man City transfer target Miralem Pjanic this summer, but only if they receive the same amount they paid to sign Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, according to Calciomercato.
The Bianconeri view the Bosnian as good as Ronaldo and want at least £89m for him.



Barcelona are interested in out-of-favour Liverpool 'keeper Simon Mignolet, according to Marca.
The arrival of Alisson at Anfield has pushed Mignolet further down the pecking order, and Barca want a potential replacement for Jasper Cillessen.


Edinson Cavani is Real Madrid's new number one target after Chelsea demanded the Spanish giants pay £178m for Eden Hazard, according to AS.
Robert Lewandowski is also no longer a serious target for Real.


For those of you just joining us - firstly where have you been? - but here is a quick roundup of where we stand with some of the day's main transfer stories...


St Johnstone have announced the signing of 'keeper Conor Mitchell on a season-long loan from Burnley.
The Northern Ireland U21 international trained with the Saints squad towards the end of last week before boss Tommy Wright moved to capture the 22-year-old to add to his goalkeeping options which include Zander Clark and Mark Hurst.


Everton midfielder Davy Klaassen’s move to Bundesliga side Werder Bremen is close to completion, according to Sky sources.
The former Ajax captain failed to nail down a regular starting place at Goodison Park and is on the brink of making the move to Germany.
Klaassen won’t be involved at Blackburn Rovers tonight.


Sky Sports Fantasy Footballhas priced up potential Premier League transfer targets, rating Nabil Fekir and Gonzalo Higuain as the most valuable potential additions.
With just two weeks until the revised transfer deadline date of August 9, business looks set to crank up as Premier League sides prepare for the new campaign.
Arsenal, Liverpool and West Ham have made moves early but while Manchester United reportedly have domestic targets in Toby Alderweireld and Harry Maguire, plenty of further additions are expected from abroad.
Based on the most likely major deals according to Sky Bet's transfer odds, here are five big names expected to arrive and the Sky Sports Fantasy Football valuations you may just want to make a note of...


Oldham have announced the signing of Leicester 'keeper Daniel Iversen on a season-long loan deal.
The 21-year-old Dane, who will wear the number one shirt during the loan spell, has been on trial with the Latics and featured in pre-season friendlies against Nottingham Forest and Girona.
Iversen joined Leicester from Esbjerg in January 2016, going into the club’s development squad. He has not made a first-team appearance for the Foxes.


Man Utd have approached Leicester over the sale of their England centre-back Harry Maguire, SSN understands.
However, with a fortnight of the summer transfer window remaining, it looks like Jose Mourinho will have a battle on his hands, with Leicester adamant their star defender is staying at the King Power Stadium.
We understand United value the player, who starred in England's summer World Cup campaign, at around £65m.
Maguire is due to return from holiday in the next few days and is understood to be keen to make the move to Old Trafford.


Here are the latest transfer rumours from our friends at Football Whispers...





OK for those of you just joining us - firstly where have you been? - but here is a quick roundup of where we stand with some of the day's main transfer stories...


Sparta Rotterdam defender Kenneth Dougall will undergo a medical at Barnsley on Thursday ahead of proposed move to Oakwell, according to Sky sources.


Watford are standing by a complaint against Everton over an allegation of an illegal approach to former manager Marco Silva.
The clubs entered a mediation process at the request of the Premier League that involved club officials and their respective legal teams, but no conclusion was reached.
The sale of Richarlison to Everton had prompted reports a resolution had been found between the two clubs, but Watford say they have been "compelled" to reiterate the disciplinary process is still ongoing.


Chelsea have told Milan they will have to pay up to £62m for Alvaro Morata after initial negotiations got underway on Wednesday.
Sky Italy believe Milan’s new sporting director, Leonardo, had a series of phone conversations yesterday about a potential transfer, with the player reportedly keen on a return to Italy.
However, the two clubs remain poles apart on their valuations of the player, prompting Milan to retain their interest in bringing Gonzalo Higuain or Radamel Falcao to San Siro.
The 25-year old striker joined Chelsea last summer from Real Madrid for an initial £57m, with the job of replacing Diego Costa.


Newcastle have completed the signing of defender Fabian Schar from Deportivo La Coruna on a three-year deal.


Simon Moore has signed a new contract at Sheffield United, ending speculation of a move to West Brom.
The Baggies held discussions with the Blades over signing the 28-year old 'keeper as back-up to Sam Johnstone.
Moore has signed a new three year-deal, keeping him at Bramall Lane until the summer of 2021.
The player joined United from Cardiff for an undisclosed fee in August 2016 and has made a total of 64 appearances for United.


Chelsea are keeping tabs on Lazio midfielder Sergei Milinkovic-Savic, says the Independent.
However, the Blues face competition from Man Utd and Real Madrid, although the Serbian would prefer a move to Stamford Bridge.


Newcastle and Fulham remain apart over their valuation of Aleksandar Mitrovic.
The Serb striker is back training on Tyneside after returning from an expended holiday following the World Cup.


Jose Mourinho is urging Man Utd's executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to tie up a deal for Harry Maguire, according to reports in the Sun.
However, Leicester may demand £60m for the England international defender.


Newcastle are closing in on Deportivo La Coruna defender Fabian Schar after activating a £3m release clause in his contract, according to Sky sources.
The Swiss international is due on Tyneside on Wednesday and will undergo a medical with the club.
Newcastle are looking to replace Chancel Mbemba, who they sold to Porto for £7m earlier this month.
The Magpies have been tracking Schar, who won three Swiss titles with Basel, for some time.
The 26-year-old left Basel to join Hoffenheim in 2015 where he made 30 appearances before joining Deportivo last year.


Newcastle have agreed a deal with Mainz to sign striker Yoshinori Muto for £9.5m, according to Sky sources.
The 25-year-old Japanese striker is currently on a flight from Tokyo to Newcastle after they agreed a fee with Mainz, with the move subject to the player gaining a work permit.
Muto played for Japan in the World Cup in Russia.


David Silva admits his latest contract at Man City will probably be his last at the club but says he wouldn't join a Premier League rival.
Silva signed a one-year contract extension at City last season to keep him at the club until 2020.
"When I finish my contract with Manchester City I will be 34 years old, at that time I will probably want to do something different," he said.
"I don't know yet but I won't play for another club in England.
"People always love me in England, it's been eight years - very successful years, and the football we've played has been very attractive. English people love that type of football - those type of games. And that's why I'm so happy here."


Derby have completed a deal to sign 23-year-old striker Jack Marriott from Peterborough.
Sky Sports News understands Derby will make an initial payment of £3m, with significant add-ons that could see the fee rise to £5m.


CSKA Moscow midfielder Aleksandr Golovin has agreed to join Monaco, despite being heavily linked with Chelsea this summer.
The 22-year-old, who starred for Russia at the World Cup, is expected to sign a five-year contract with the Ligue 1 club and Sky Sports Newsunderstands the move could be completed in the next few days.


Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino has admitted there are currently "many rumours around the team" as the club continue to be linked with possible moves for Palace forward Wilfried Zaha and Villa midfielder Jack Grealish.
"There are many rumours around the team," Pochettino said after Spurs beat Roma 4-1 International Champions Cup in San Diego on Wednesday.
"I cannot talk and I don't want to talk because I think we need to be focused on trying to work hard and get in the best form for the first game of the season."


Sven Goran Eriksson has agreed a deal in principle to take over as head coach of Iraq, according to Sky sources.
The Swede held positive talks with Iraqi FA officials in Istanbul last week.
Eriksson’s representative Saif Rubie says he has a couple of other options and will make his final decision in the next week.


Jose Mourinho has confirmed Matteo Darmian can leave Man Utd if a suitable bid comes in for him this summer.
Full-back Darmian has been linked with a return to Italy with either Inter Milan, Juventus or Napoli.
"Matteo wants to leave and I think when a player wants to leave, if the right offer arrives you have to try to be human and let the player follow his instinct but not at any price," he said after watching his side beat Milan on penalties on Wednesday night.
"And, until now, the offers we got for Matteo are not even close to being accepted."


Crystal Palace have made an £8.9m offer for Roma midfielder Maxime Gonalons, according to Sky Italy.
The 29-year-old is a defensive midfielder who has eight caps for France.
Palace need midfield reinforcements following the departure of Yohan Cabaye.


Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho says Liverpool have to win something next season after their heavy summer of spending.
"Maybe this season finally you demand that they win," he said after watching his side beat Milan on penalties on Wednesday night.
"You, I think, you have to be fair and now you have to demand and say the team with investments, who are making investments that they started making last season, not just this season, last season.
"That you made in January, that you make now, that will probably be the record of the Premier League this season, I don't see another team getting close to that level of investment, a team that was a finalist in the Champions League, you have to say you are a big candidate.
"You have to win."


Watford are interested in Mexico international defender Diego Reyes, according to Sky sources.
However, no formal offer has been made for the player so far.
Reyes is a free agent after he ran down his contract at Porto.
Newcastle and West Ham are two of a number of Premier League clubs who have also made an offer for the centre back.


Mauricio Pochettino refused to discuss the future of Fernando Llorente after the Spanish striker scored twice in Spurs' 4-1 International Champions Cup win over Roma in San Diego.
Llorente is widely understood to be up for sale this summer after failing to make a big enough impression following his move from Swansea at the start of last season.
"I'm not going to talk about individual situations because if I'm going to talk now about someone I need to talk about everyone," he said.
"I am focusing on trying to work hard, trying to provide the team and every single player with the best tools to improve. Of course I'm happy when the striker scores and finds the net."


Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho says he has no problems with Anthony Martial leaving the club's pre-season tour to attend the birth of his first child.
Some reports in the press today had claimed Mourinho wanted the Frenchman out of the club due to his decision to leave the US.
"I found out that Martial was going to Paris when he told me," Mourinho said after watching his side beat Milan on penalties on Wednesday night. "Was two or three days ago.
"When it is personal reasons, everyone analyses that the way they think is the correct way and when a man is going to be a father in this case, it's the second time he is going to be a father, and he decides is very important for him to go, nobody has the right to stop him to go."


Manchester United have made contact with the representatives of Ante Rebic, reports the Mail.
The Eintracht Frankfurt winger starred for Croatia at the recent World Cup in Russia, where his country were runners-up to France.


Chelsea have completed the signing of 38-year old former England goalkeeper Rob Green on a one-year deal.
Green, who was released by Huddersfield at the end of last season, is likely to be third-choice keeper behind Thibaut Courtois and Willy Caballero at Stamford Bridge.


New Liverpool signing Xherdan Shaqiri believes his critics are "totally wrong" about him.


Real Madrid have agreed terms with Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, but Spurs No 1 Hugo Lloris is also a target, says the Mail.
The European champions are believed to be after a new 'keeper for the upcoming season.


Here are the latest transfer rumours from our friends at Football Whispers...


Right, let's kick things off this morning with a quick roundup of some of the biggest stories making today's back pages...
  • Real have agreed terms with Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois, but Spurs stopper Hugo Lloris is also a target (Mail)
  • Jose Mourinho is urging Man Utd's executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to tie up a deal for Harry Maguire - even though Leicester may demand £60m for the defender (Sun)
  • Liverpool and Everton have made offers for Croatia defender Domagoj Vida, according to the player's agent (Express)
  • Jack Wilshere turned down an £8m signing-on fee and Champions League football at Fenerbahce in order to join West Ham (Star)
  • Marcos Rojo is fearing for his United future after Jose Mourinho made signing a centre half a priority this summer (Telegraph)
  • West Brom are the latest club to register interest in the Liverpool winger Sheyi Ojo as they bid to make an immediate return to the Premier League next season (Guardian)


Hi everyone and welcome to today's Transfer Centre as we bring you all the news, updates and gossip from around the world, so strap in tight and make sure you do not go anywhere...!
Join the discussion on Discord. I am a bot. Found any errors? Contact /Football Mods
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Tipster Club: Sat 10th June 17 - Tips

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Good luck and have fun!
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"My Eve Story"

edit: yes there's a lot of formatting edits I need to do, I'll be working on them now. Read this if you want good editing:
tl;dr: I can't really give you a tldr because this is the story of my whole Eve Experience up to 12/31/16. But the net result is my high school best friend of over 10 years is now my mortal enemy because of this game. He taught me a lot of what I know, and didn't like it when I actually started to surpass him. So now he's obsessed with destroying me and my friends and everything we know and have... Thanks for reading my Eve story.
"My Eve Story"
"How I lost My Best Friend" or “Age of Judgement”
By Haile Korhal
What follows is my Eve experience and my own little piece of space drama that could only exist in this wonderful world of Eve and, while not being wholly confined to it, was pushed along by it. It can be said, and I realize it now, that this would have come to pass eventually with or without Eve, but Eve was a great catalyst because of the environment Eve pushes onto its player base.
I have lost more than just ships and assets. This is Eve, we always lose things. But so long as we pick ourselves back up, we haven’t “lost” at all. We learn, we have fun, entertainment is had, and the game moves. But I’ve lost something much more. I’ve lost my best friend of over a decade and that is the hardest thing I’ve had to learn to live with.
No, this isn’t a story designed to damn any one individual. Nor is a story complaining about life or game mechanics. Nor is it a cry for help or B4R or anything. It is just simply “My Story.” A collection of events, chronicled as a stream of consciousness. There will be massive jumps in time where I was either not present or nothing ‘really happened.’ I’m not going to include every single fight, every single kill (you can check zkillboard if you’re interested in my horrible adventures through isk explosions both good and bad). But it will contain every major event that I believe helped us grow into what we are today.
Anyway, Who am I?
A little background on me first. I am Haile Korhal in game, known as Korhal outside of game, although my friends (and enemies) call me Bishop. I am currently the CEO of the Professional Amateurs corporation, and no I was not its founder (we’ll get to that much later). We’re a small group of people who have been with one another for several years dating back through alliances and different pieces of space and beyond. We’re a small space family and that is what has kept us together through thick and thin, through eviction after eviction, betrayal and AWOX and more.
I run a side business called Egregious Spreadsheets on the forums where I build and modify spreadsheets for people. But more importantly I run our little gaming community, where we have less than 20 people who have ‘lived’ together through the worst shit storms. When someone has a divorce, their parent dies, they get unbelievably sick, they experience massive financial hardship, (or I get sent to the ER on NYE, ugh!) whatever… We’re a space family, and we play this game together. We care about one another above all else. And at this point, we face a threat from someone who was an integral part of our little community. So, without further ado…
Here’s my story
I started playing this game a very long time ago, 5/23/2011 (wow). It was too much for me, I was too young, so I never made it past the 14 day trial/tutorial. Flash forward a while longer to adult life, I get involved in the game after following it for forever. Within a month I get my High School best friend of 10 years to play, Job Valador, and a month later his brother (and my other best friend) CptBipto joined up. They transferred to my school in Sophomore year and we’ve literally been together ever since (until now, but more on that later).
We played around, we lost a lot, and we learned a lot. We had a great time making noob mistakes. I introduced them to mining, although that didn’t last long. CptBipto mined in a Rokh first chance he got. I raced towards a barge and Job made it to industrials. We had our own little money making operation. I eventually lost a Hulk in Low-Sec before I really knew what it was. I ended up losing an Orca as well to war targets before I knew how wars worked (high sec war dec’ing people). I learned though, so there’s that.
“Med Hold Sir!”
Eventually I enlisted in the United States Air Force and I went off to basic training. I was planning on being gone for a maximum of 4ish months so my friends would make sure things didn’t go tango uniform. Back then we were all limited to 24 hour skill queues and no one wanted to stop playing, so we all decided to write to one another while I was gone to keep informed about big wars and important things happening in game. Those letters were great.
Well, I fell apart once I got there. I broke my femur, my tibia, my hand, and my shoulder (yeah, BMT was rough on me. Everyone claims Air Force BMT is the wimpiest of them all, but it’s still fucking military training), all on my left side. Then several months later I came down with hyperhidrosis (trench foot) in both of my feet and couldn’t walk. Needless to say, it took me something like 51 weeks to graduate from BASIC Military Training. Then I went to Technical Training and the rest is unimportant.
But while I was away my friends made friends of their own, joined a corporation, flew with them, and learned how the game worked in ways I can still only dream of to this day. They ended up leaving that mining corporation due to poor leadership and a massive failscade, took their friends from it and created a corporation, they made me CEO and sent me a letter. I still remember the day I got my letter, sitting in medical hold, a pair of crutches at my side, reading the headline “You’re now the proud owner of a High Security Research Station!” My only thought was “Umm… What?”
Eventually I made it to Technical Training after finally graduating from AFBMT. My parents bought me an Alienware Laptop, I was ecstatic (true they used half of my money but hey, it was neat!). I got involved, I learned the guy’s names, we flew together. We recruited a bit. We pvp’d some, but mostly I kept to mining because that was all I really knew how to do. It didn’t end up lasting too long because we made a bet with someone which essentially boiled down to “If you can convince our best in game friend (from Hawaii) to leave us and join you, we’ll all come.” And as luck would have it, all it took was them asking him, and a day later we were all in their corporation. It was still pretty fun though while it lasted. I learned a lot of how corporation management worked from an in game mechanics perspective.
Down the Rabbit Hole
This corporation was Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces, a wormhole group owned by this guy named Alex. We’d always wanted to get into wormholes but we were all such newbean scrublords that we didn’t know the first thing. So, this was not a bad way to get started. So we packed our things, moved in, and set up shop in their wormhole.
Our whole group merged with them because of the bet. Well we quickly realized the environment we joined was unbelievably toxic, the leader at the time made his fortune in Eve by selling plex by the truckload, bought expensive toys and lost them all the time because he didn’t know how to fly them. He would then blame everyone for not doing the same (spending their real world money to buy expensive ships to save his shit fit Phoenixes and such). He would berate and belittle us on comms because we were poor, he would make fun of us for making simple mistakes and then gode us for days and days afterwards. He really was my first experience in this game to just how horrible some people can be through the veil of anonymity. It was an eye opening experience to tell you the least.
So one day after a serious bit of shit storming and abuse in TeamSpeak the rest of the corporation had a secret meeting after he logged off and decided they wanted to get rid of him. Apparently talks had been in progress for many months even before we joined, and even his “real world friends” were on our side because they said he was completely out of control. Everyone had agreed that he really needed to be brought down a peg. It was partly “we’ve finally outgrown him” and “we just can’t handle his abuse anymore.” Now, you might say “Then just leave.” Well not a lot of new people really know that is actually an option. Look at all the posts popping up on Reddit talking about null-sec corp-leaders abusing their members, making them click on ads in their browsers to stay in the corporation, pay upwards 40% ratting taxes, and so on. Need I continue? Anyway...
We didn’t have to do a lot of ground work really, we brought in a couple of towers, set up another corporation with an alt, and within 48 hours we had taken everything that wasn’t nailed down including his bling phoenix he was so proud of (this was before the Phoenix had been rebalanced, and was complete and utter garbage in every respect of the word no matter how many dozens of billions you fit on it). He was so sour he all but quit the game, as far as I know. To this day he’s still sour, so I hear. If you check his Biography in Eve it reads like a soap opera and we were the enemy who was his brothers. As if, he treated us like dirt and he got what was coming to him. My total involvement in the coup was to move an Itty V (before the Itty rebalance) of my stuff and some of CptBipto’s stuff from one tower to another. They then hauled out billions in Alex’s old crap, I think they blew up his tower with his phoenix. It was an enlightening moment of growth.
Well from there we did what all wormhole corps do. We pvp’d, and we pve’d. We made money, and we lost money. CptBipto tried to steal someone’s carrier in CVA by bumping into the shield (he had no hope, but he was bumping into it anyway because the tower’s guns were all offline). CVA logged in, saw him, asked him what he was doing, and he said “Trying to steal this carrier. Wanna help?” Needless to say he got set red and now we’re all red because of him. There was another incident where he did actually manage to steal someone’s carrier, although I cannot quite remember what happened to it. I think it died in glorious hellfire on the Tama gate. But I have no proof or memory because I wasn’t there.
He was also a great shit talker and a firm believer in the term “Gif Warfare.” He’d spray into local and send rude mails and harass miners and mission runners alike. He’d gank occasionally and run around causing trouble in null-sec. He really enjoyed pissing people off. His no care attitude was very well known, and he made enemies faster than he made dead skin cells. But, he was our brothebest friend/content creator, so we followed him into one thing after another. Oh well, it’s more content I suppose. See, all of this constantly showed me that content was just content, and that the game was really just a game.
Still, no matter what he was, he was a great person to be around. He would buy plex to generate cash to buy expensive ships and blow them up with everyone (a critical difference between he and Alex was CptBipto didn’t really mention it, he wouldn’t yell at you for bringing a T1 ship, he wouldn’t eject all your stuff from the POS and blow it up because it was in the Doctrine, he just wanted everyone to have money so we all could have fun). He would give people ships and ISK and even funded someone’s account for a couple of months on a number of occasions because he truly was a good guy. Good at heart. He just had an outwardly “fuck everyone” personality, but deep down he cared. He’d bitch you out in front of everyone, and then in a few days you’d find an expensive ship sitting in your hangar. No note, but you know for a fact it was him, you just couldn’t prove it and he’d deny it until he turned blue in the face. So we were pretty loyal to him.
Darker Horizons
Afterwards we joined up with one of CptBipto’s newest friends in Eve and now all of our irl friend, Mal, CEO of Dark Horizons Logistics and Intelligence. He ran a pvp group in a C3 Pulsar lovingly named Pen Island. We had lots of fun there and learned a lot, except for me. I sort of lost interest in Eve for the next year or so (partly due to Alex’s constant bitching and the coup) and just followed CptBipto and Job around because that is what I wanted to do. I had too much going on in real life to really bother with Eve all that much. Every day I’d hear from CptBipto “Man Bishop, you should have been in Eve last night we did some stupid stuff and everyone died but it was a blast!” To be honest I grew a little tired of hearing it every day, but to this day I miss it. I truly do. His stories and exploits were a mastery in creative uncertainty and it’s something I’ll never hear again.
By now we loved wormhole space and could never get the same feeling or experience anywhere else. Needless to say, once wormhole life gets its teeth into you, it’ll never let go and you’ll always go back to it. We were suckered into joining an alliance and were promptly AWOX’d by their leader. Their executor said, shortly after setting up his own tower there, that we were shooting blues and expelled us. He tried to evict us and failed. Mal was a very good FC and had a lot of strength, so we kept him out and kept our home. We won the day and all was merry.
We made Meat Slab’s (I can’t remember how to spell his name) life miserable for a little while, following him around, blowing him up, etc. Mal was a mercenary and can hold a grudge like you’ve never seen. I’d hate to be on his bad side, and I truly hope that we’re still friends even after everything that has happened (more on this later still).
The next bit is a bit hazy because I was very AFK with being on orders at the time, but we moved out from Pen Island and everyone sort of broke apart to do their own thing for a little while. Some people went to some big C5 farming group (which Hard Knocks ‘didn’t evict’ recently, just roughed them up a bit). I followed CptBipto, and was told to train into a Moros. Well while training for the Moros they kicked me for activity, about a week away from completion. I shrugged and didn’t care all that much because CptBipto and Mal left eventually because it was too boring. They didn’t like being farmers and their alliance policies were dumb.
High Class Ambitions
So we moved into a C5 Black Hole and we named it Toby. Job Valador sat in the hole for months waiting for us to get ready. He would log in everyday, activate his micro-warp drive, and double click on Toby’s Brown Eye. Our bookmark got pretty far, because we continued the “Pilgrimage to Toby” for several years, leaving a trail of potato chips as far as the grid would render.
Eventually we moved in, set up shop, moved in carriers and dreads, started running sites, grew a lot, absorbed several smaller corporations, created an alliance (Shadows Edge), and in general had a shitload of fun. We did a lot of pvp and a lot of farming, lots of money was made and a lot of money was lost. In general it was just what wormhole life was supposed to be, fast paced, dangerous, and fun as fuck.
I flew with them occasionally as a Moros pilot (see, my skills weren’t wasted after all!). I didn’t really know how to play the game anymore (as it changes so fast) and it was around now where life started to slow down due to yet more injuries and getting a civilian job and moving states and such. In all actuality, the very first ship I learned how to pilot really well in this game was a Moros. Talk about learning how to play Eve from the top down. I still struggle with cruisers and cannot even sit in a frigate without it exploding instantly. I watch Rhiload videos religiously because A) They’re funny as hell. And B) I find them educational. I also watch a lot of Wingspan, Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks, and Honourable Third Party videos because they’re very well edited and exciting.
The First Fall of Toby
Flash forward a bit more, we recruit a few new people to the corporation who turned out to be Lazerhawks’ spies, so we thought. I don’t really know what happened, because about a week after we recruited them Lazerhawks had seeded us, were burning down our towers left and right, and more. True or not, nearly everyone part of the group at that time believed without a doubt that they were unequivocally spies. Apparently there was proof floating around (none of which I have), IP addresses were traced by someone, they got banned from our TeamSpeak… It got really nasty towards the end. As Terry Pratchett said in The Truth “A lie can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on.”
During one fateful encounter they managed to destroy our Capital ship Hangar without destroying the POS. I remember warping into the bubble (the shield was still up and fully online, not reinforced or anything) and seeing the large structure laying over on its side, destroyed. All of our capital ships gone (several dozen billion ISK, mine included). From there it was Mad Maxx and a shit storm every single day. We were evacuating from Toby everything we could, the whole time Lazerhawks were in our chain, chasing us down, blowing our stuff up. At this point we didn’t really know about our spy, but we started suspecting we had a spy, but we didn’t have any proof (just yet). Honestly the evac was a shitload of fun, we were losing everything and still having fun, that’s the crazy thing about wormhole space, about this whole game really. I don’t hold any ill will towards Lazerhawks, they like burning out the little man and that’s their content, so bravo to them. It was a great siege.
Long story short we lost Toby, but left about 20 seeds in there vowing one day to return. Everyone separated, and went their own ways. CptBipto said “Well, it was sort of orchestrated.” When we were talking about our eviction later. He said he had grown absolutely sick and tired of the alliance, alliance leader, and several of the other corporations, and rather than trying to do all the nasty work himself of burning out all of our friends (who were more interested in playing Archeage at the time and only played Eve if we were actively in a site running capital escalations [definition carebear 101]); so he had another acquaintance join us and provide intel to Lazerhawks. Them being them, they more than willingly obliged the request and burned us out, taking several capital ships from us, many billions in assets, and destroying who knows how much more. Whether any of this is true or not, who knows. CptBipto does like to talk shit a lot, and he lies so fucking much, but occasionally it’s the truth so you cannot disbelieve anything he says until you’ve got hard evidence.
Fancy Pants
Well CptBipto went off to join RAPE [FIL0] with a few of the other guys. I followed them because I believed in CptBipto and trusted him and, well, he was Captain Content and my best friend. We loved him, there’s a reason we had been friends for so long. We used to play board games together in school, and we played tanks and shit on school computers during class. I even helped him become proctor for a teacher that didn’t have a class that hour, just so he could spend that hour of school with me and his brother having fun year round.
Well that corporation didn’t work. I vehemently despised the RAPE [FIL0] culture and their leader (Chester FancyPants I think, or something like that), and I quit very quickly. CptBipto was chastised because his friends were leaving. More of us split apart and we lost contact with some of our friends who to this day are MIA (they finally won Eve I believe). Then a few of us got together again and joined ROC. in nullsec. That was fun for a few months, I felt like I was accomplishing something until I realized that nothing in nullsec mattered if you weren’t in a big alliance. ROC. were just Triumvirate pets and got shit on by them and several other local gangs of folks. We could never make money because we were dying every single day. The CTAs we went to were captained by the biggest cock sucker known to man (made Alex look like an ostrich fart), although I don’t know his name.
Apparently our corporation, Eye of the Deceiver, got awoxed by a top level director, got kicked out of the alliance, and we were all forced to evac. Thankfully I left a week before it all happened so I didn’t lose anything there either. It was fun while it lasted, and taught me some valuable lessons in big fleet fights, how boring null-sec is, and how terrible it is to be a line member, or a pawn in some greater war. Anyway, I was well out of it and ready to do my own thing for the first time in my Eve experience.
The Professional Amateurs Corporation
So I went alone for a while and did some incursions. I really liked the Warp To Me community, made some friends there, learned a lot about PVE fleet mechanics, and made some money too. Just enough money to have a nest egg.
A few months into this (I think anyway) is when CptBipto got together with our long time British friend Fenzic, and the three of us founded the Professional Amateurs together, CptBipto as the CEO. Apparently the name comes from a pvp engagement we had a long time ago with a friend from another group who said something akin to “Damn, ya’ll really are professional amateurs aren’t you?” He probably meant it as a light insult funny jab, but it stuck.
CptBipto found some of his old friends, convinced them to leave their corp and bring some more folks, and he invited Nyalana. He instantly gave him director rights and told everyone he (CptBipto) was joining the Marine corps. While he was gearing up, he and I sat down for several, several hours and hashed out how he wanted the corporation to run while he was gone. He told me we needed to grow a bit, we needed to get a lot of capitals into Toby, we needed to put down infrastructure, and we needed to have fun.
So we put down some rules into a Google Doc, turned out to be about 23 pages (I’ve always been a little wordy and pretty good at writing policies). He outlined the different Director roles he wanted, and the jobs each would do. Nyalana, Job Valador, Fenzic, and I were the initial Directors, and we each had very different jobs. And this part is important, our ‘Corporate Resource Document’ at the time named ‘Corporate Manifesto’ was ratified by all parties, except Nyalana who refused to sit down and chat for an hour about important stuff.
Well, while CptBipto was away Nyalana became a mess. I don’t know if it was some real life trouble he was going through or what (I knew he was in the Army and he hated it, would always come on comms and complain about life there in the barracks). He would only log into Eve just long enough to ‘yolo!’ battleships into a hostile hole, getting everyone killed multiple times. He would get onto comms just long enough to be angry or mad.
A few times he would show up and be coherent, and he’d help get some things set up, but then he’d disappear for weeks on end without contact and reappear only to yolo more battleships into certain death. The directorate agreed that this wasn’t very becoming of a director, as he wasn’t doing anything to help keep the corporation running. Moving fuel in once every now and then shouting at people didn’t sound like good leadership behaviour to us.
Nyalana’s Betrayal
While we were trying to talk to him about being more active, and actually trying to get him to sign the corporate manifesto, he lost his shit in comms. He threatened to kick out several of our most senior members, he refused to actually do his recruiting job (as many applicants ended up just pulling their apps because of how long it took him to get to them), and eventually he even started talking mutiny. Nyalana had completely lost faith in CptBipto and started spreading rumors and dissent.
Nyalana started saying things like “Why are we following the orders of someone who doesn’t even play the game anymore?” And such like. And when more of our old friends came back, people CptBipto had previously told us had a golden ticket through recruitment, Nyalana put his foot down and said “No.” He openly disobeyed his CEO and sent corp-mails to the entire corporation spreading drama around. The directorate tried to push back but we were powerless, he had just as much authority as we did. The final straw was when he started sending angry toxic corp mails to everyone filled with lies and venom.
We wanted nothing to do with that, so the rest of the Directorate got together and hashed out a plan. We wrote up a long corp mail telling everyone that Nyalana had decided to step down for his own reasons, and that he’d be staying with us and doing good work and that once his real life cooled off he’d be welcomed back to Directorship. We had essentially given him a way out of the mess he made so he could save face and not lose any of the respect he had started to damage. He dug a hole that CptBipto would bury him in, and we gave him a reasonable way out. Instead, he threw vomit at the corp and tried to steal anything he could get his grubby little hands on.
Thankfully we had the presence of mind to strip his Director rights and instead he just cleared out the one corp hangar he had access to. Several members lost their assets, but we replaced them out of corporate funds.
So even longer story short, way too late, Nyalana turned out to be an AWOXing backstabbing little bitch and he burnt every bridge he could trying to take things with him. Well he was now gone and we were recovering. We lost a few more members because of his vile and poison, but we recovered. He fled to Mal, filled him with lies (we suspect) and we’re not afraid Mal might not like us. Which makes sense, if you’re told by one of your corp-mates “These guys are assholes” even when they used to be your friends, you tend to believe them. And if not, it lays a seed in the back of your mind that slowly grows into an opinion.
Compliments from Russia
The most notable thing that happened while we were living in Toby (and I’m pretty sure this happened before Nyalana betrayed us, he was just nowhere to be found and probably doesn’t even know about this) was our encounter with Inner Hell. They lived in a C6>C5 at the time (maybe still do?) and were scary active and we knew who they were because we made it our job to be well aware of all the “big scary groups” in wormhole space.
We were just derping around one day when a new signature pops up. Not thinking of much, we grab a boat and start scanning. About 30 seconds later one of our members shouts into TeamSpeak “Dreadnought!” followed by “Proteus, Proteus, Proteus, Proteus, Tengu, Legion, Legion…” the list went on and on. Oh fuck, everyone to the dormitories to reship. Before we could even respond local started exploding with Russians shouting (in broken English) “You is baby licker” and “rock fuckers!” and “cry babies!” We translated some of it that was posted in Russian, and it wasn’t any better through Google Translate.
Essentially, Inner Hell rolled a Naglfar (and immediately warped it off and logged it out) and a fleet of T3s and T2 ships (about 20 or so I believe). At this point, our corporation was about a dozen characters strong. But we did the only thing we could. Our FC said “They’re here to burn us out. This is what they do. If we don’t fight, we die.” So we grabbed our most expensive ships, mine was a Stratios as I hadn’t yet gotten a Moros, and we went to our staging POS. It was the most kitchen sink fleet you’d ever seen. I think it had a pair of guardians, a pair of stratios, and a couple of Ruptures and a Deimos. We only had 5 people online at the time (Nyala and his friends being offline for a few weeks at the time) and a few of us had alts, so we maybe had 7 ships total.
We warped to their wormhole and their bait sabre was sitting there waiting. We came out of warp, it popped a bubble, and then the overview exploded in T3s. The fight didn’t last long, we nearly killed the sabre but it jumped back through the hole. We put a sizeable dent in one of the proteus, but we were dropping like flies under the combined fire of a T3 blob at the size of our entire corporation. The last two ships to go down were the Guardians but once their alpha hit, they died almost instantly. It was a miserable defeat, we lost 7 of our pods (and to this day our Scanning Chief is mad because it’s the only corporate corpse he doesn’t have). Interestingly enough, only 12 of them made it on the killmails.
One of our ships made it out when it was called time to extract, it was a flaming Rupture with 50% structure. They shouted in local “bring it back!” And without even thinking about asking us for permission our pilot warped back there and got himself podded by the group (we would have told him to go, they had earned it). Apparently they had fun, I can imagine it in my head, a lot of russian shouting, laughing, vodka sloshing through the air, folks smashing together singing. They cried out into local “you got all the balls” and other such compliments. Compliments... From Russians? We felt pretty good after that. We never found their Naglfar, but we hope it got out later. Needless to say, CptBipto’s teachings he imparted to us through the years had come back and saved our home.
The Second Fall of Toby
Then several weeks later Hard Knocks showed up in a fleet of dreads and started shooting us. One of our members was our primary site runner and did so without any capitals and Hard Knocks found that offensive and said "This isn't how you run sites." As they blapped his fleet of VNIs with their 7 dreads and 2 carriers, obviously an appropriate amount of force. Had they waited a week he would have brought in his carriers. They killed and podded his fleet and proceeded to reinforce our towers. So we did the only thing we could, we manned the POS guns and started shooting back. We caused them to have to swap reps at one point, but after that it was hopeless. We just didn’t have the firepower. We had 1 Moros, 1 unfit Naglfar (brought in the day before), 2 carriers trapped in low-sec, and a half dozen battleships. Sadly, because of Nyalana’s betrayal we had dropped from 12 members to 8.
Hard Knocks cried out in local “If you cannot fight 7 dreads and 2 carriers you don’t belong in High Class” and “CptBipto did this to you” and “How much is your home worth to you? We’ll be willing to leave for the right amount of money.” We didn’t have the dozens of billions they were going to ask for, so we didn’t respond. We just fought back best we could.
When they finally started reinforcing our last tower, “The Kitten Komplex”, their FC started a convo with me and tried to ransom me. I tried to make a reference to The Kingdom of Heaven, right before the city of Jerusalem got attacked where one guy said “What is Jerusalem worth to you?” and the other guy said “Nothing” and walked away, but then stopped, held up his hands, and said “Everything.” Sadly the guy who was talking with me was either foreign or uncultured, and didn’t get the reference, so we just went comm silent.
CptBipto taught us that we should never bend the knee. We would never kiss the ring. We would never pay ransom, and we would play hard ball. We’ll fight overwhelming odds if there’s even a sliver of a chance, and we’ll deny our enemies the thrill of the kill if we can. They’re out to ruin our game, so we’ll ruin theirs. We then spent the next 24 hours self destructing our ships because they had at least 12 people in our hole, battleships, heavy interdictors, regular interdictors, a minmatar control tower, 7 dreads, 2 carriers, and a whole host of bubbles and transport ships. They camped our towers the whole time with Vindicators and more, they bubblefucked all of our towers, it was the end.
Obviously we couldn’t do anything, having so few people and assets. So, we lost Toby. Hard Knocks stole everything we couldn’t destroy. We left Toby and swore never to return. We were too small to “play with the big boys” according to “the big boys” and after having been burnt out twice because “well you can’t do anything to stop us, so we’re not going to stop” we were done living in High Class space. I spent most of the corp wallet reimbursing everyone’s losses except my own, I lost about 24b in assets and I reimbursed about 18b in assets (at about 50% because, well, we weren’t made of money and the wallet emptied).
Remnant of our Shattered Past
We found a new home, Remnant. I built us a great business plan, we started recruiting, our numbers swelled and doubled and then tripled. We got a recruiting team going, we started teaching new-bros how to Eve, we recovered a few more of our old friends, and we started licking our wounds from the Second Fall of Toby. We lost a LOT of money, and were really hurting. But this new business plan was going to help, but first we needed to secure Remnant. We put down infrastructure, we removed the old lost and forgotten stuff, we built defenses and we made strategic home defense plans. We practiced a lot while we were bored.
Eventually, CptBipto graduated Basic Training. I had told him while we were still in school, “If you ever graduate BMT, I’ll be there for you.” And sure as shit, several years later he does, and I was there. I bought a $1,000 USD plane ticket to fly out there for less than 48 hours, and then I flew back home. All because he was my best friend and I knew how it felt to not have anyone show up for your graduation (because I was alone after I graduated BMT. When your MTI dismisses you, you go to Parade Rest, and you’re to not move until someone touches you. My instructor ended up coming up and touching me because everyone else had left). Of course his whole family was there, Job as well. It was great fun.
He nearly threw me into the ocean, which is really funny because I’m afraid of water and cannot swim. >.< The water was very cold, very salty, and the kelp was awful. There was trash all over and sand got everywhere. The seals were loud as hell and the seagulls were shitting in massive plops. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of the ocean from a bystander. I grew up in Kansas, as far from the ocean as possible; so I stayed far away from the water. The family was in the waves, CptBipto stood at the water’s edge, a twig of Marine Corps refined steel muscle standing at 6’7. He slowly turned around and our eyes locked, and I knew right then it was all over. I’m only 5’5, and made of Air Force brain power… We’re not really well known for our physical prowess. Needless to say, I got webbed, scrammed, and podded in the blink of an eye. Corpse left floating in the ocean.
While we were out and about we talked about the events of Eve. We discussed the second fall of Toby and how Hard Knocks stole everything he gave to the corporation, my new business plan on how we’re going to recover, the new members we had gotten, Nyalana’s betrayal, and more. I showed him all of the chat logs, all of the corp mails, and all of the evidence we had against Nyalana, and he agreed that we had done the right thing.
He talked to Nyalana that night, and we all laughed and laughed as Nyalana tried desperately to rebuild his bridge with CptBipto. He tried lying to him about what all happened, he tried to paint a picture that we had all gone insane and were stealing things from everyone, which none of it could be validated because he was the only person who stole anything. He had no logs, no one to back him up, nothing. But CptBipto’s final words stood out over all, leaving Nyalana in the dust “Last orders stand, and Bishop knows what that means.” And I do, it’s a military thing.
Flash forward a couple of weeks. We’re playing around, we’re showing him Remnant, he loves the defenses we’ve put up. He really likes our Astrahus, and the moat we put around it. He loves all the Deathstars and all the Dickstars we put around several of the moons. He loves the business plan we’ve put together because it’ll generate so much income to replace the income we lost from Toby, so we can continue to do stupid fun stuff like dropping carriers on Tama gate (which he’s done before if you remember from above), or roaming through low-sec in Police Skin stuff shouting into local “woop woop police!” and flying Interbus Moros’ through low-sec shouting “Rescue Whale is here!” and more.
The next bit is contained in a comment below, please check the link to the Google Doc at the top to see an unbroken version of this piece of literature
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These are my picks so far for Saratoga 08-07-17. Will Add The Other Races If I See Something That May Be Useful!

I will give you my thoughts on Monday's Saratoga race card. However, most of these races are filled with horses that lacks serious abilities. These races are hard to hit but can pay good if you are lucky enough to connect. I will probably pass on a lot of these, but may bet a couple that I believe I have the best chance to hit.
1st Race: 6)Rossie Val(6-1)will be my pick to win. He won a maiden claiming race for a claiming price of $25,000. His next start he was entered in a $16000 claiming race for N/W of 2 lifetime. At first it looks like he was dropping in class, but actually this was a big jump in class. Any time you go from racing against non winners in their life to running against winners, you are essentially rising in class. This horse is entered in same class as his last, indicating the trainer was satisfied he is moving in the right direction. 7)Open Bar(6-1) is my pick to run second. This horse ran close in this class 2 races back and for some reason the trainer decided to try him on turf and raised him up 3-4 class levels. His breeding suggest he will like turf but it was the wrong time when the horse was sitting on a win in this class last out. He could easily win this race if he did not lose any conditioning in his last. 3)Caniform(2-1) will be my pick for third. He was making up ground in 7 furlongs and cut back slightly today to 6 1/2 furlongs. His breeding, however, suggests he would enjoy a little more ground and also possibly a switch to grass. He has a much better turf pedigree than my 2nd pick, especially on his dam side. Ex Box 6-7, Tri Box 3-6-7.
2nd race: My pick for the 2nd race is 12)Emerald Quality(5-1). her sire is Quality Road who won the Florida Derby as a 3 YO. Her broodmare sire is A.P. Indy but more important is her 3rd dam Dahlia. Dahlia was a top race horse in the late 1970's and shipped to several countries to compete in their top races, often facing colts and beating them. She went on to be a top broodmare. Englehart, a trainer that always makes anyone pay when you overlook his horses, is the trainer and she is nearing a top effort. 3)Bitterroot(30-1) will be my pick for 2nd for no other reason than her breeding. Her sire is Not For Love who trace back thru Numbered Account on his dam side. Numbered Account traces back to La Troienne's best producing daughter Baby League, who can be found in Seattle Slew's dam family twice in his fifth generation. As if that was not enough, Number Account's son Polish Numbers appears in Bitterroot's dam family along with distance influence Lemon Drop Kid and Alleged's(winner of two L' Arc Del Triomphe in France)full sister appears as Bitterroot 3rd dam. As I am typing this, I now realize she is a must bet to win and place. You do not get many opportunities to bet breeding as strong as this and win or lose, I will take a shot. 11)Forever Rising (8-1) will be my pick for third. I always felt Ghostzapper would be a good turf sire as his 1/2 brother City Zip has proven, but he has yet to reach that level. Her broodmare sire, Purge, was a runner that did not impress me but with Snow Chief also showing up in her dam family, I can see her coming along late. Snow Chief was the beaten Ky Derby favorite in 1986 but came back in the Preakness and galloped to victory with a slightly slower pace. WP 3, Ex Box 3-12, Tri Box 3-11-12.
Race 3: Five horse field, five good trainers, No Value, so I will move on.
Race 4: I like the 4)Fastlanefrontman(12-1) to win. This is his first start this year, but his trainer, Dutrow is known for having them ready to run. His sire Jersey Town was a G1 winning sprinter and he is a son of Speightstown. Jersey Town's dam, Jersey Girl, was also a G1 winner. His broodmare sire, Bertrando, was distance speed and a G1 winner during his racing career. Add in Pirate's Bounty who was a top sire in California for many years and you have a horse that is capable of winning stakes with a little racing experience. My pick to finish second is 5)River Deep(6-1). His sire is Arch and his broodmare sire is Conagree who ran 3rd in the 2001 Ky Derby behind Monarchos. He proved to be a better runner at middle distances and is a G1 winner including taking two runnings of the G1 Cigar Mile. 1)Borsa Vento(7-2). He is a son of Uncle Mo and it is only a matter of time before his breeding shows up. His broodmare sire, Crafty Prospector, was G1 place but did not win a stakes in his racing career though he won 7 out of 10 lifetime starts. He, like his sire Mr Prospector, more than made up for their shortcomings on the track by siring many high quality stakes winners. WP 4, Ex Box 4-5, Tri Box 1-4-5.
Race 5: I like the 7)Motown Sound(8-1) to win. His sire Unbridled's Song is a top sire and his broodmare sire Skywalker won the 1986 G1 BC Classic beating Turkoman, U.S. Champion Older Horse in 1986. Motown Sound was claimed 2 starts ago and given to a son of legendary trainer Laz Barrera Jr to train. His first start with Barrera III, he was tried on turf after a huge class rise and he finished 8th. Now back to the only surface he has won on and at a distance he should like, I have to bet him to WP. I will use 3)Swivel(8-1) as my 2nd pick, mostly because he looks like the only other one in here that may enjoy this distance. Both his sire Tiznow and his broodmare sire A.P. Indy were G1 winners at this distance and further. 6)Fleetway will be my pick for third. His better days may still be ahead on him and he has the breeding to go this far. However, the only time has run decent has been on grass or poly tracks. WP 7, Ex Box 3-7, Tri Box 3-7-8.
Race 6: I like the 1)Ultimateenticement(12-1) to win. His first start was at GG where he ran 2nd on a synthetic track and his owner decided to ship him east and put him with a NY base trainer, probably because he thinks he has himself a good horse. His sire is Drosselmeyer won won the Belmont S as a 3 YO and then 1 1/2 years later won the BC Classic. His broodmare sire is Unbridled's Song, a champion 2 YO who won the BC Juvenile and was the beaten favorite in the next year's Ky Derby to Grindstone. Four good works since his first start also points to a horse that is ready to run. 3)Unbridled Charge(6-1) will be my second choice. His sire is Take Charge Indy, a 1/2 brother to 2013 Champion 3 YO Will Take Charge, was also a G1 SW. Unbridled Charge's broodmare sire was Unbridled who won the 1990 Ky Derby & BC Classic and whose sire line has dominated American breeding since he burst onto the scene. American Pharoah, the last U.S. TC winner descends from Unbridled sire line. Actually, Unbridled Charge's dam(Blue Sky High) is a full sister to Lady Liberty, the dam of 2013 Ky Derby winner Orb. 5)Banker's Island(20-1) is my third choice. His sire Shackleford set the pace in the 2011 Ky Derby before fading to 4th behind Animal Kingdom and then returned in the Preakness for a near wire to wire triumph. His broodmare sire Peaks and Valleys was a G1 winner whose longest distance he won at was 1 1/8 mile. But his pedigree is loaded top and bottom with sprinters, a few who stretch their speed to 1 1/16 mile. WP 1, Ex Box 1-3, Tri Box 1-3-5.
Race 9: My pick to win is 1)Words Of Love(20-1). She has one uninspiring start but her sire Arouse is an unraced son of two time BC Turf Mile winner Lure but successfully carried his speed up to 1 3/16 miles in G1 competition. Her broodmare sire is Desert King, a son of Danehill, won the G1 Irish 2000 Guineas at 1 mile and Irish Derby at 1 1/2 miles in 1997 before running second to 1996 BC Turf 1-2 finishers and stablemates Pilsudski and Singspiel in back to back G1 races in England and Ireland. Jonathan Sheppard, known for his steeplechase runners, trains and will score at huge odds when overlooked. 3)Photographer(8-1) will be my choice for 2nd. After two sprints on turf where she showed little, her trainer Proctor decided to try stretching her out. Her sire War Front sires a lot of good sprinting turf runners but her broodmare sire Chester House was a son of Mr Prospector out of distance loving dam Toussaud. Toussaud is better known in the U.S. as dam of Empire Maker, one of her 5 graded stakes winning sons. 10)Tiz R Bella(8-1) will be my third choice. Her sire Tizway won his only G1 races in his last two starts in his 19th and 20th races in the G1 Metropolitan H and G1 Whitney S. after failing in his first 5 attempts. His problem was his broodmare sire Dayjur, a champion sprinter in Europe who would not run a lick past six furlongs. But Tiz R Bella broodmare sire is Sky Mesa, a son of Pulpit and a Storm Cat daughter. However the sire(Stage Director)of her third dam, is a full brother to Reviewer, the sire of Ruffian. WP 1, Ex box 1-3, Tri Box 1-3-10.
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Tipster Club: Sat 10th June 17 - Sign Ups

Results so far can be viewed here.
Good luck and have fun!
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Tips for figuring out who is best bred to get the distance using your own research(instead of relying on misleading information.

For all of you who wants to use breeding to ensure the horse you like can get the distance, I have a few tips for you that will help you decide. I have always used breeding along with handicapping to get to the right horse. But I also knew that occasionally I was missing something in each horse's breeding that was causing me to miss exactas, trifectas, and even a few winners. I now know exactly what I was missing but it took me six months of research to find out. I still will not hit every race nor do I expect to. But it helps immensely on spreading money out on horses that really do not stand a chance unless the true contenders run into trouble, which happens almost every year to someone but not all usually. Just trying to make you aware of the possibility. And while jockeys often play a big role on the outcome of the race, they nor the trainer can make the horse go farther than the horse's breeding says it can go without a extremely slow pace(48 seconds or more in a G1) or an field that totally collapses(faster than a 45 half mile)which has only happen once in Ky. Derby history(Baffert instructed his jockey to keep Point Given 4 or 5 lengths off what turned out to be a 44.80 half and a 1:09.20 six furlongs which he admitted to after the race) The winner was Monarchos at 10-1 and Invisible Ink at 50-1 ran second and Baffert's other horse(Congaree)ran 3rd @ 6-1(I Believe his odds were). I myself had Monarchos, Congaree, and Point Given boxed on ex and tri and I had Congaree bet to WP. I knew Invisible Ink would be closing late but thought he would be to far back to impact the race. Todd Pletcher trained him and it was one of the few times one of his horse has hit the board in the derby.
Tips on what to look for: 1) I have always given the sire more credit for siring a distance runner that I should have. It is more often that a horse's dam will be the deciding factor in any horse's breeding. This is the piece of information I have spent six months trying to figure out: Example is from Tapit's pedigree:
A.P. Indy is a son of 2 TC winners and he himself won both the Belmont S @ 1 1/2 miles and the BC Classic @ 1 1/4 mile. He is the sire of Pulpit, so that part of Tapit pedigree is good. Pulpit's dam was a sprinter to a mile at max. Her dam was Mr Prospector. The next 3 of his dams also were sprinters/milers. Pulpit won the Blue Grass S and then finished a even fourth in the 1997 Ky. Derby behind Silver Charm as the favorite. He moved up at the top of the stretch to challenge but then flatten out. WHAT HAPPEN!!! At about the 1/8 pole Pulpit had reached his distance limit and simply flatten out.
Pulpit was then bred to Unbridled who won the Ky Derby & BC Classic. DISTANCE RIGHT?? Well, not exactly. Unbridled's max distance was 1 1/4 mile as he too flatten out in the Belmont Stakes @ 1 1/2 mile in his only try past 1 1/4 mile. But then he also was bred to female sprinter family. Tapit's second dam is a daughter of Nijinsky II who is still the last winner of England's TC in 1970. However, Nijinsky II best sons and daughters were sprinters on the dirt and the few distance horses he sired were strictly turf runners, like him. This particular daughter was the dam of Rubiano, a son of Fappiano also but was Champion Sprinter in the U.S. in 1992 and his limit was 7 furlongs.
You should now start to realize just how important the dam is in the pedigree of horses. Will Tapit sire a horse capable of going a mile and 1/4 up. You can be assured he will when he is bred to a stamina type dam. Lani is bred to go 1 1/2 mile without a doubt because his first two dams are daughters of the two best sires in the world today(Sunday Silence & Sadler's Wells(sire of 323 SW and all want at least 1 1/4 miles). However, Lani is American bred and sold as a yearling to Japan and which is hard to believe in his trainer or jockey even though they both top the leader board in Japan. Mohaymen, on the other hand, is on the cutting edge of the distance(1 1/4 mile) but has one of the better trainer around.
2). Known sires that will need help to obtain the distance are:
---Raise A Native---his dam side is inbred to Domino, high speed distance runner in his time(late 1800's) but now his sire line is in most of the champion sprinters and also quarter horses in the world today.
---Mr Prospector--While I know most of you will disagree, if you check the facts, you will begin to realize that Mr. Prospector has never sired a 1 1/4 mile horse without some solid help from the dam family. He puts a lot of heart into his foals but their top distance is 1 and 1/8 mile, except for in the mud or off tracks. Then he is superior mudder that is impossible to catch unless there are others who love mud. His broodmare sire Nashua's foals also moved way up in mud.
---Tapit--For the reason above...
----Uncle Mo---His sire Indian Charlie probably should have won the 1998 Ky Derby but was passed by stable mate Real Quiet turning for home after he had to sit behind a fast pace and faded grudgingly and just held on for third. He, like Tapit, will need help or in his case a slow pace to get that extra 1/8 that has costed so many a sure victory. Also like Tapit, it is only a matter of time before someone breeds the right mare to him. This year, I personally do not believe Nyquist got enough help on his dam side but close, but several others Uncle Mo's did without a doubt. If you believe Mo Tom can get through the log jam that always occurs in the derby without trouble, then he will definitely be a live horse, mainly because his trainer will have him sharp and ready.
---Nijinsky II----For the reasons I mention above.
---War Front---This son of Danzig was very speedy but never won past 7 furlongs. He has Rubiano as a broodmare sire but the rest of dam side is solid. But he will need help from another stamina dam, like most horses today.
---Storm Cat---He only raced at 2 YO and his last race was nailed at wire @ 1 1/16 mile in a valiant effort. However, he sired hundreds of horses that best distances was 7F to a mile with the exception of one and that is Giant's Causeway, whose broodmare sire, Rahy, was from the Blushing Groom sire line, a major distance sire in Europe for many, many years.
---Seeking The Gold---A son of Mr. Prospector with a solid female family that did win the Super Derby @ 1 1/4 mile and also ran second to Alysheba in BC Classic(on a wet track that he loved). But he also was a once beaten 3rd favorite in the Ky Derby behind Winning Colors when he ran ninth without a challenge. As a sire, he sired several that top at 1 1/8 mile but had a couple go 1 1/2 on turf in Europe but their dams loved distance turf.
---Twirling Candy is fairly new to the breeding ranks and will have an impact on distance races after he matures as a stallion. His dam side of his breeding is from some of horse racing top families. His broodmare sire, Chester House is a half brother to Empire Maker and they both loved distance while racing. However, Chester House sired only 2 crops before he died(I believe of cancer)and this was one of his few daughters that Europeans opted to sell. But right now he could, like most, use a little bit of help from the dams he is bred to.
---Bold Ruler was a racehorse with a heart that is rarely seen in horse racing today but was more common in the late 1800's and early 1900's. However, despite most experts opinions of his dam, she did not win past 7 furlongs while racing but her sire was a grandson of Fair Play, the sire of Man O' War, who between those two alone, were sires of 7 Belmont Stakes winners and 1 TC winner(War Admiral). Fair Play also sired Man O' War's 3/4 sister, Mlle Dazie, who dominated the fillies division the same years Man O' War was terrorizing the colt division. She can be found in Nashua broodmare sire family. Bold Ruler inherited all his real speed from Nasrullah.
----Nasrullah also was a classy race horse with a big heart and he won at 1 1/4 mile at 3 but was always considered by his breeders to be a sprinter. However, with some stamina help from dams, he went on to sire Bold Ruler(see above), Nashua(Broodmare sire 2nd dam was 3/4 sister to Man O' War), Never Bend(dam from Teddy line), etc. But he would also become the grand sire of Blushing Groom(dam from St Simon line), Mill Reef(dam a daughter of Princequillo)and many more.
Remember, it can take only one sprint type dam to make any horse's pedigree to produce horses not able to get distance of their sires or vice versa. But the closer she is to the sire(in the pedigree) the more likely she will have a profound effect on his offsprings. Many, like me for years, thought all I needed was the sire to hit distance races but I now realized how wrong that philosophy actually was. I do believe it will take you a little getting used to but I know if you follow this, your opportunities for serious profits will explode. Good day and I wish all the best of luck.
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Sports News -

You join us at The Friedril City Memorial Racecourse for the 33rd Bi-Annual Martel Wincarnis Fortified Wine 25 Furlong Classic, sponsored by Magnum Fortified Wines - Magnum, for your health!
Punters and spectators have been gathering all morning as the anticipation builds towards the 12.15 Flat Race, where last years champion 'Delicate Chester', ridden this year by jockey Parslow Aquaveet, is set to run for his third title in a row.
In the meantime we move to the 10.20 Sprint Cup which is about to start, lets look at the betting odds:
Ruby Cheesecloth 2-1 (Favourite)
Spiney Clotheshorse 5-2 Bar
Albert Einsteins 20 Hotels 6-1
Alabama Polecat 8-1
Sexual Cyclone 10-1
Shilolas Antimatter Mockingbird 15-1
Tetanus Tuesday 25-1
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Emma Spencer: York Dante Meeting, Day 1 tips Funny On The Line clip - Frank from Sligo reveals a little more than he should. Derby Trials  Weekend Betting Tips Mamlook, winner of 2010 Chester Cup Funny On The Line clip - Matt Chapman reacts to Tim's story.

The tips, betting odds, racecards and results from Chester racecourse, including archived race results from previous meetings. ... Today’s Chester Odds and Tips. ... Other key races are the Totepool City Plate and Chester Stakes which is part of the Totesport Summer Festival in August. There is a draw advantage with runners wanting to be ... Race information for race 4 at Chester - ENG on 11/09/2020. Detailed form and uptodate odds for you to place your bets. Chester racecard & betting odds from William Hill. Free Racing Post spotlight & verdict on all horse racing. Bet on horse racing, AFL, rugby and other events with Sportsbet. Join Australia's Favourite Online Betting and Entertainment Website. A high draw at Chester is a major disadvantage, even in middle-distance races, and particularly so in large fields. Nestled on the edge of Chester’s city walls lies Chester Racecourse, known as the Roodee.

[index] [65447] [14997] [3779] [22244] [2010] [35602] [8793] [31170] [61803] [33082]

Emma Spencer: York Dante Meeting, Day 1 tips

888sport racing ambassador Emma Spencer gives her selections from York on May 14, 2014 _____ Get best odds price boosts and thousa... At The Races 31,320 views. 4:42. 2018 Investec Derby ... Kentucky Derby 2019 Preview I Odds, Contenders and Favorites ... Chester Festival Review ... Rod Harrington gives us tonights betting odds for the William Hill World Darts Championship - Round 1, Day 2. Click Here to Place a bet with the Tournament Sponsors 'William Hill' We're not sure that this is entirely legal. Matt Chapman takes a call from Frank in Sligo, who reveals a little more than he probably should about what he gets up to on a weekend. Hit subscribe ... Horse Racing Ireland 167,213 views. ... Create Killer Horse Racing Betting Systems - Duration: 1:17:11. Matt Bisogno 61,017 views. 1:17:11. How to bet at Chester Racecourse - TIP - Duration: ...